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Issued from The Office of the Blessed Diarchy

The 11th of the First Seed, 1738




Ayliana Maehr’tehral has long served the Silver State as Okarir’akaln, tending successfully to economy and trade in a Motherland making advancements. It was in the wake of weak, disorganised leadership of the ‘ata which came before her in which Ayliana Maehr’tehral took the reins. With decisiveness and persistence, results were quickly rendered. A new district was constructed and put to use, a system of taxation for lessers, everything serving the purpose of furthering and developing a new, prosperous market for the Blessed Citizenry to revel in. It is therefore, with heavy heart, that I received Ayliana Maehr’tehral’s resignation. Let her name be remembered for her great service.


Evelon Telperion has since her early youth served the Blessed Citizenry, tending to the land and resources of the Motherland. Despite our many endeavours undertaken and completed, our storages remain as abundant as ever. The Silver State of Haelun’or is wealthy, now to become even more wealthy. Evelon Telperion will move from Okarir’nor to Okarir’akaln.


Valenar Laraethryn has not resided in the Motherland for long, though at this point is far from foreign to any of us. His work to bring the Paladin of Xan closer to the Silver State has saved countless of lives and aided us in our struggle versus the seemingly eternal dark beyond. It is only right, and time, that Valenar Laraethyrn is summoned to seat the Silver Council and there be enabled to raise the Motherland to heights previously never seen. Unwavering devotion to Motherland the Blessed Diarchy, Valenar Laraethryn is expected to serve as Okarir’nor.


Both are, as previously stated, expected to come before the Blessed Diarchy to reaffirm adherence in our guidance and our ancient creeds. 




The Silver Council of The Silver State of Haelun’or

as of 1738


Maheral: Iaria Elervathar [[Halsi]]

Sohaer: Dimaethor Elervathar [[Haelunor]]
Okarir'mali: Azorella Elibar’acal [[Okarir_mali]]
Okarir’maehr: Rinaedith Seregon [[Rhuyne]]
Okarir'san: Silir Uradir [[Ixli]]
Okarir'tir: Alaion Miravaris [[Puffables]]
Okarir'tayna: Uppori Visaj [[Droppu]]
Okarir'akaln: Evelon Telperion [[Rwk0]]

Okarir’nor: Valenar Laraethryn [[MinemanBad]]

Okarir’hiylun: Nelgauth Maehr’tehral [[Parion]]




maehr’sae hiylun’ehya



On behalf of the Blessed Diarchy,




Dimaethor Elervathar

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"Waht is Okarir and shiet, why dem oldheads gotta use fancy unintelligible names within the old cult an' shiet mayne, I ain't gettin dis, man dey on some bullshiet." Dixie said as he camped the forest to Mike while they ate ants from an anthill.

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