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[Slave] Snelf For Auction!

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-=Speed Wagon Trading .Inc=-


[!]As you traveled down the roads heading towards Morsgrad you came up against a loud crowd, as you came closer you realize that what your seeing, is a slave auction.

Name: Ryia Von Savoia

Race: Snow Elf

Age: 79 (looks 19)

Description: A beautiful elfess with blonde/white hair. She has a stern look on her face, she is about the height of 5’8 with a slim build, yet a bit muscular. She can cook clean and do all type of shores.




Starting Price: 600 minae Buy out price: 1200 minae


  • Every Bid must go up by at least 50 minae
  • Every bid must be serious
  • Slave will be given after price is paid

Slaver’s Mc name: HeartOfTheHawk




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imma buy every slave in the world, so the world aint go no more slaves

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