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☽ The Lunar Domain of Asimu’lei ☾

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 The Lunar Domain of Asimu’lei

A Settlement Guide





“A traveller gets lost in the forest of whispers; an unexpected helping hand is there to help and welcome them”



The Lunar Domain of Asimu’lei is the home of the Mali’ker, though it is open to the other descendants. Asimu’lei is a peaceful town focused on commerce, harmony and progress. This blooming town can be  found near the druidic grove, in the south-eastern region of Arcas (762 / 55 / -130), being a mere five minutes walk from Cloud Temple. To reach, just follow the signs for the southern road from Cloud Temple, follow for Sutica until you’ll see a sign on the left that will guide you to the blessed moon glade, Asimu’lei.




Points of interest

The “Adont’Haelun clinic



TheAdont’Haelun clinic of Asimu’lei is a safe, comfortable structure where the sick or wounded can visit to receive treatments through practical and medicinal means. The clinic itself sports three floors for the benefit of saving lives, tending the sick and injured, and furthering the citizens. 




The “Twilight Trade Square”



The “Twilight Trade Square” of Asimu’lei  is proof of the town harmony and independence. While harboring trades with other towns and nations, this corner is filled with interesting and unusual goodies. 
The upper floor hosts a magnificent terrace, allowing a better view of the town and its greenery scenery.

If you wish to open a stall in the trade square, please contact a steward.



The “Dante’celia” Tavern



The “Dante'celia” Tavern or the “Shooting Star” is usually filled with bustling sounds of chattering and clacking of wine bottles. Rest your weary bones in the bar, with our fine selection of wines and other original beverages. Our meals are always fresh and prepared by our amazing bartenders and barmaids. The menu offers a wide selection of dishes, from appetizers to desserts. 

Be sure to check the menu during our festivities, to get hold of seasonal treats and drinks.

Take some time to relax and visit the second floor of the tavern, where bards and other artists usually perform and tell their latest song or epic tale. What to perform for our public? Feel like you want to tell your latest adventure? Just ask our lovely barmaid for a spot on the performer’s stage.




The “Ilum’indor” Library



The “Ilum’Indor” library or the “Shimmering Tome” stands as a candle light in the darkness of ignorance.
Over the course of years, original and non books have been gathered and organized. Art is a dear form of expression for our ashen kin, so the library not only protects and holds ancient books but even paintings, sculptures and musical pieces.
Knowledge is a blessing and we stand for its thriving. 
If you wish to join the library, ask directly to our amazing librarian.




The housing district



The housing districts presents itself with elegance and architectural beauty. A set of six buildings, housing 3 apartments each.

Cozy, breath-taking view and comfortability are the key features of our apartments.

As we progress, more apartments and families mansion will be made, to accommodate our citizens the best way available.

Our stewards will be more than pleased to help you choose your apartment. 

Within the housing district there are areas to express your own religious belief. The main cult of the town is the ancestors but every citizen is free to worship their own belief  in private areas.




“Diraar’ker” : the guardians



Diraar’ker is our military and guarding organization. With the goal of protecting our haven from external threats, they will act as internal guards to ensure safety and justice within our walls. Lead by the Minister of Ocrar, they are the defenders of peace and rightfulness. Any crime and infraction of laws should be reported to the nearest Diraar’ker guard immediately.

If you wish to enlist and protect our kin, find the nearest Diraar’ker guard and they will help you through the enlistment process.




The “Vallel’ame” forest



The “Vallel’ame” or the “Azure Forest is peculiar forest located near the town borders. The arboreal crown of these trees is of cerulean color, quite mesmerizing to the view. The more you look at it, the more the leafs appear to be made of glass. A true wonder of nature, a sacred place for some...




The “Vihai’ame” forest



The “Vihai’ame” or the “Whispering Forest” is the huge woodland before Asimulei. Its name comes from tales of travellers that says to have heard lot of whispering coming from inside the woods. Some say fairies, other ghosts, other justify this phenomenon as the wind passing through these peculiar woods.
The forest has been checked and deemed safe, yet this mystery remains.





Asimilian Government

The Asimilian government is composed of many organs. First of all, the Lunar Sage, a guidance for the settlement. Then we have the “Council of many arts” with the ministers regulating their own ministries and fields of competence. And last but not least, the Lye debaters, the lifeline of the town, the citizens. Through debating sessions, they are be able to vote and express their desires and decisions, for a better future. Everyone  is subject to the Ker’tir or the “Night Law” , a constitution-like document that regulates the everyday life and justice within the asimilian borders.



Need some guidance? Ask our stewards!

Tigergiri#0744 / Mr.LordVoop#3803 / LordYuki#3274 / Josey#5073

Peak time: 3 Pm EST / 9 PM Gmt+1
US – EU timezones

A huge thanks to everyone that helped and continues to help with this project.

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