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Of the Sinful Onyx Sanctum - The Clergy Grudge

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High Preceptor Norli Starbreaker makes his way to the most carefully watched chamber within Urguan, where both Remembrancers and their guards vigilantly stalk that most sacred book in Dwarfdom, the Dwarven Book of Grudges. Following him are the two Preceptors, who had both given their approval on what was to be done. He approaches the book, and carefully grabs the quill pen, looking once more to Preceptor Baldin, his second in command, Herald of Yemekar, and then to his mentor and friend, Preceptor Thorin Treebeard, as if to give one last chance to discuss. A brief moment passes, but no words are said. The leader of Da Kirkja Dverga turns his head back to that most hallowed book, and puts down the pen to the paper to make known the sins of the Onyx Sanctum and its leadership.





Dark Elves of the Onyx Sanctum.

Dak’ir Des’Nox and Daichia Jusmia.



Desecration of Dwarven Ruins.

Release of Monsters in Dwarven Lands.

Refusal to negotiate or discuss with Dwarven Leaders.

Mockery of the Brathmordakin by worshipping false gods in Dwarven Lands.



Capture of Dak’ir Des’Nox and Daichia Jusmia to be tried before the the Court of Urguan or da Kirkja Dverga.

Tribute offered to the Brathmordakin and submission to the true gods of the Under-Realm.


High Preceptor Norli Starbreaker put the pen down, and turned to the Preceptors. Again, nothing was said, and a mutual understanding was held between the three. But there was not time to dwell on the situation, much work was to be done, and the three made their way out of the hall of that most sacred book, and towards the tavern. Norli led the clergy-leaders into a private room where he wrote down a public statement from the Preceptor-Council to be pinned to every bulletin board in dwarven lands and further. 


“As both the ever vigilant and the dull have both heard, not long ago a group of dark elves took to creating a home for themselves within the cavern networks of the Dwarven Under-Realm. Urguan had sent a diplomat to discuss the relationship of the dwedmar and the people of the Onyx Sanctum, for that is what this forsaken hold the dark elves inhabit is known by, for of course it is the righteous duty of the dwedmar to ensure that the lands of our ancestors and dead kinsmen is not inhabited by dishonorable folk. Since then, the people of the Onyx Sanctum have desecrated dwarven ruins and burial grounds, released monsters into our caverns, and arguably the most heinous crime, worshipped false gods in the lands of the true gods of the Brathmordakin.


Both Clan Starbreaker and Clan Irongrinder already have made grudges against the sinful perpetrators of these crimes, as well as a continuation of the infamous Holy War of the Cha Cha Slide against evil led by the Legion of Mercy, which da Kirkja Dverga shall give its full support and deem legitimate.


As the protector and main body in charge of dwed culture, da Kirkja Dverga, is taking even further action to bring honor back to the lands that have been tainted where once the Onyx Sanctum stood, who’s people now flee rather than diplomacy or face consequences for their crimes. The Dwarven ruins and burial grounds that the dark elves had desecrated will be refurbished and our ancestor’s land honored. The monsters that the dark elves had let loose upon the caverns will be hunted down and purged. Any heresies or false beliefs found in the lands of the dwarves will be eradicated. Those who brought forth such chaos in our lands will be tried in court of Urguan law or by Preceptor Council. These promises we make to the Brathmordakin, and as They as our witness shall we make honorable the lands made sinful by the Onyx Sanctum. Narvak oz da Brathmordakin”


Norli Starbreaker

High Preceptor eron da Kirkja Dverga


Baldin Ironside

Preceptor eron da Kirkja Dverga

Herald of Yemekar

Ironside Patriarch


Thorin Treebeard

Preceptor eron da Kirkja Dverga

Treebeard Clan-Father

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Hekkaes thinks to himselfOne group does a mistake, all attentiun needen’ groups make a grudge.

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