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Votar! Search for the Orcish Huntsgoth

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[x] The Axios Huntsgoth in their prime.


Gather ‘round, gather round mi bruddas!”

The morning in the Uzg broke early that day. All sorts of flora and fauna sprouted from the city. Plants grew off the side of the Goi and rabbits dared venture into the streets; it was as if the spirit of nature had taken hold of the city’s walls. The Rex sneered at such; it had been a while since orks hung up trophies outside their blargs and hunters ventured into the mesa.


Da goi peeps rather busy, does it nub? Da absence of a Huntsgoth in our ranks have made them brave, and mi, Rex Skalp’Raguk, have merely heard of such great hunts agh boons from da wilderness, with nubth’n to show for it. For dis reazon mi announce a year of votar!


Decorate lat’s blargs with da trophies lat’s have gathered, agh da ork with da most fruitful boons will be announced as da HUNTSGOTH. Nagijak Urukim, may da best ork win!




Orcs, the great hunt is upon us again. It’s an eventline where you go out, rp hunting something with a group, then decorate your house with rp items and/or signs. 

How about rewards, I hear you ask. Well, this time around the reward will the the title of Huntsgoth itself, a seatplace on the Wargoth council, a bloodsteel spear rp item, and the Boomerang above. Next week Sunday I will make my rounds around the Goi, and see who has the most amount of trophies around their house. The most amount of trophies will be chosen as the victor. Those of you who do not have a house yet are encouraged to get one. 


If you do kill something, whether it be a great elk or a simple elf; reply with this:

IGN of those involved:
RP name:

What you hunted:

Screenshot of kill:


May the best hunter win.


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Nob'Rot Bogsniffer a dark green-skin midget-goblin jumps up and down on the spot, bow held high and beady red eyes shining with pure joy as he screeches. 

"Votar, Votar! For da hunt!"

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Namyra’Lur takes a deep breath and opens her eyes to look over the wilds surrounding the Goi. Votar would be proud in these next coming days.


IGN of those involved: npoos, Clayphish
RP name: Namyra’lur

What you hunted: Lion

Screenshot of kill: image.thumb.png.6cab9aaefe2c7d203ced6fc7e2080dd8.png


IGN of those involved: MC_Breadstick, Nestro_Miner, Clayphish
RP name: Namyra’lur

What you hunted: A man with antlers in his turban

Screenshot of kill: (Not sure if this counts, but Namyra taught a little girl to hunt with a practice crossbow. Nice rp either way)



IGN of those involved: MC_Breadstick, Clayphish, Nestro_Miner, SiredFo, Ragnineorak, AZJaguar, adamc2000, ibraheem2000
RP name: Namyra’lur

What you hunted: Cockatrice

Screenshot of kill: (Screenshots wouldn’t paste. PM’ing them to Rex or anyone who asks for them)

Edited by Clayphish

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