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Soul Stone Plugin Guide

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Greetings traveller and welcome to the Soul Stone plugin guide.
Are you tired of walking all the way from your town to cloud temple and back? Long distances walking bore you to death?

we got a solution - soulstones!

What are soulstones? Soul stones are a plugin system that allows you to teleport between “points of interest” (Settlements and Nation).

Let’s go through the commands and their functionality!

First of all, summon your soulstone. This little gem allows you to teleport and link yourself to these “points of interest”.


/ss claim to summon your personal Soulstone.




...but what are and how do they look these “point of interests”? They are commonly called “Soul Pillars”. They usually look like 3 stacked blocks, one over the other. They can be made of different materials, from redstone to emeralds. These Soul Pillars will act as checkpoints, allowing you to teleport directly to a soul pillar if you are linked with it.



How do you link with the Soul Pillar and save the location? Press shift + right click to rotate through the available slots of your soulstone. Once you have found a free one, use this command:


/ss bind [slot number]


This will add the Soul Pillar to your list, making it available as a destination for you teleportation

In case you want to remove your saved pillar from a slot, you can always run the command:


/ss release [slot number]


Using your soul stone is simple, check the available location through shift + right click, then choose and initiate the teleport with right click. It will take a few seconds to load until you’ll be teleported away. Your soul stone then will go on cooldown until you’ll be able to use it again.




What if i want to build a soul pillar and manage it? As discussed before, the soul pillar can be “built” with 3 blocks of redstone before it needs to be activated. To activate it, you’ll need a book first, called “Soulweaving Tome, Vol I” (Sold at cloud temple).
Once your redstone pillar is placed, then it’s time to transform it into an actual functioning pillar.


/ss imbue pillar [Name of the pillar]


Congratulations, now you have a working soulstone pillar!


Now it’s time to manage your pillar

Want to know more about your pillar? /ss study (while looking at it)

This will give you the location of the pillar and who is linked to it


Want to remove a player that linked themselves to your pillar? /ss Banish [Player Name] 


Upgrading your pillar? /ss gold


Want to unbind yourself from the soul pillar you built? /ss revoke 


Other commands:


/ss block allows you to deny the use of the soulstone to the players around you. (Use with common sense)
/ss Brings up the plugin commands in-game


Safe travelling and have a wonderful day!

Guide by LordYuki

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