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Community Team Update - November 2019

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Hello again!


Things have been changing fast in the community team! This past month, not only have we implemented appeals, but we’ve also begun pushing forward with community advocacy in the form of reports, where we collect feedback from the community and pass it on to those who can help, which will be touched on later! Things are continuing to go under restructure, with our focus groups getting an overhaul soon as well. More on that below!





This month, we saw a total of 219 apps handled, with 129 new players welcomed onto LOTC. 


This is a tiny increase from last month - 13 more applications handled. Like last month, nearly 3/4ths of applications are accepted, leaving only around 1/4th denied, though this number has gone down a bit since last month. However, we are aiming to improve this with additional resources and more effective communication with the applicants. 


Accepted/Denied Ratios





Race Specific Data





New Player Guidance






Application Team Data





Other Team Data






Quota King/Queen


This month’s application king goes to… MeteorTurkey! Having handled nearly 50 applications, Meteor has done loads and definitely earned quota king! 





Followed behind by TwistedFries and Armajesty!




+ LotsOfMuffins became the Community Administrator

+ puffables became a Community Manager

+ KaleyKitty became a Community Manager

+ Armajesty became a Community Manager

+ WonkVibes joined the Community Team

+ Nozgoth joined the Community Team

+ fieselena joined the Community Team
+ LordYuki joined the Community Team


- Aurea stepped down from the Community Team

- SoulReapingWolf stepped down from the Community Team

- TarreBear stepped down from the Community Team

- Tahmas stepped down from the Community Team

- Ivorey stepped down from the Community Team

- CTMamaJade stepped down from Community Manager

- WestCarolina stepped down from the Community Team

- B3LLE stepped down from the Community Team

- 1_Language_1 stepped down from the Community Team

- chaosgamer_ stepped down from the Community Team
- _CringE stepped down from the Community Team

- eGirlVibes stepped down from the Community Team



WIKI - KaleyKitty

The wiki focus group has been undergoing a massive restructure. However, for the course of November, we primarily went worked on redoing the front page. One of our amazing content creators, @reko, is currently working on creating an updated map with every nation on it to place on the front page, and the entire layout has been redone to be easier to navigate. Our goal for this month is to begin updating lore pages as well as creating a report system, so players may report incorrect/inappropriate pages. 



Following the changes within focus groups, the Community Event’s group has been working especially hard in order to plan, run and overall host exciting events that the community can partake in.


Near the end of October a meeting was held in order to discuss the future of Community Events, and as such we were excited to bring the following event: Chase the Turkey. An event in which players were challenged to hunt down a Community Team Member wearing a turkey costume and pugsy them in order to gain tokens that they were then able to exchange on Thanksgiving! Surprisingly, this was the only event that was held this month. November’s lack of events was all in preparation for December - in which we have a total of four events planned. These events include The Advent Calendar Scavenger Hunt, Creative Cafe, Secret Krugmas and Battle of the Arts. These events are here to spread tons of holiday cheer to our players, and we’re happy to receive any questions or feedback! If you have ideas for any future events that you would like to see or have any questions you need answered you are welcome to reach out to me on discord at armajesty#5043. We hope to you, the community, at our following events!


TUTORIALS- puffables

This month, though the guides project is coming to a close, we have been working on slowly building up and creating the Tutorial Island.


And, as per the form we sent out for you all to suggest - a theme has been chosen:

A tropical, pirate island!


We thank you all for your brilliant suggestions, upon which we discussed and voted to conclude in a final pick. So far, we've been working through making the prompts for the NPC guides; soon, we should be 100% on those and move onto the main creation and decoration of the island itself, before bringing it all together. 


Regarding the guides project, due to team consensus, we have decided to end it. The guides that we currently have and are working upon will be completed, however new guides will not be picked up.


This is to enable you guys, the community, to take initiative! These guides should be players helping players, things that you do because you want to; interesting guides, with character and flair. So, all who love making guides, I encourage you - write away! 



This past month, the team took on the task of creating reports, where we reach out to the community for feedback either requested by other staff teams / nation leaders or by finding topics in server feedback or in discussions that we notice between players. When a topic is picked, a team member, either alone or in a group, reaches out to a range of players and interviews them, gathering their feedback on the topic. The feedback is then sent on to whoever can make a difference. For example, if a feedback report is created based on conflict rules, it’d be sent to the moderation team. 


CT Members: MeteorTurkey

Topic: Banditry

Sent to: Silverstatik

  • Discussed the overall experiences of being banditted, discussed the possibility of CRP being better incorporated into banditing as well as potential solutions.


CT Members: TwistedFries

Topic: PVP - PVE - RP balance

Sent to: Llir - Was told not much could be done at the moment. 


  • Focused on the discussion of whether or not PVP interrupts or aids in roleplay, players acknowledge that while there are places for PVP, there are also times it is inappropriate.  Talk of potential solutions also occurred: adding more mechanical elements to magic, set more specific regulations for PVP.


CT Members: LotsOfMuffins

Topic: Toxicity, opting-out, lack of FTB enforcement, precedent-setting

Sent to: Moderators


  • Older players (after events with Pun) expressed that they felt uncomfortable on the server and afraid of interacting with children. Some possible solutions deriving from this include an opt-out system that gives players a chance to opt-out of situations that make them uncomfortable, enforcing the FTB rules, you shouldn’t have to go along with something even if it isn't graphic.


CT Members: Olroxx

Topic: Lore Games

Sent to: Killmatronix


  • A general consensus from the players states that while lore games was a great idea, it was extremely poorly executed. To improve these players believe that Lore Games should be more openly spoken about.


CT Members: Aurea

Topic: Inclusivity in RP, RP opportunities

Sent to: N/A


  • The players discussed inclusivity in areas such as descendant races, magic, goons, and many more. Allowed members to understand that some of our players feel excluded, and this should be remedied in any way possible.


CT Members: eGirlVibes

Topic: Mining World

Sent to: N/A


  • Players explained that the mining world is poorly managed and would prefer for it to be reset periodically. This is something they view as a simple task, especially for the mine located within the heart of Cloud Temple.


CT Members: LotsOfMuffins

Topic: Wars, conflicts, and war chats: doxxing - the community team

Sent to: Silverstatik


  • Player's discussed that PVP guidelines needed to be clarified, the main problem being the 3-person raid rule. They also talked about how all staff teams need to be more interactive with the community and that more places for feedback would be nice. 


CT Members: LotsOfMuffins

Topic: Staff bias, conflict rules, and banditry, staff and player communication, lack of admin communication

Sent: Silverstatik


  • The community talked about war chats needing to be more closely moderated as well as moderation being more present and not putting things on the back burner. They also discussed the need for doxxing to be more defined and that there is a strong lack of admin communication. 


CT Members: SoulReapingWolf

Topic: Nexus, Professions, and working inside the square in a Minecraft world

Sent to: N/A


  • Focusses essentially on the need for a profession system since it can add more RP opportunities and make the economy n LotC have more value. 


CT Members: puffables

Topic: Opinions on the integration of new players

Sent: Community Team


  • Players worry that there is favoritism and bias when being guided by monks since multi-racial settlements hardly hard any new players come to them. They discussed that some improvements could be made, including; encouraging new players to be informed and asking new players what roleplay they want to be in and be guided based on that - not solely on their race. 


CT Members: WestCarolina

Topic: Tier 1 charters, Fast travel, & Professions

Sent to: N/A


Tier 1 Charters 

  • Tier 1 charters need banks so that they can progress economically to level up to a Tier 2, etc. 

  • Tier 1 charters should be allowed to request roads so that they can have equal access to activity, in order to grow as well.

Fast Travel

  • Not all charters with activity due to location 

  • The map is too large 

  • How to avoid complications with banditry; implement system similar to CT boarders — check note section for more specifics 


  • Make professions less difficult to upgrade — too much grinding happened, that was the main issue

  • Currently everyone no matter what the profession can get any block, food, tool they need and it takes away from the roleplay experience

  • Mina has no point in this sense, it is somewhat inflated

  • Food expiration would help give use to farmers, peasants, merchants and the such 

    • Expired food can be consumed, gives more of a purpose to medics for example when players get sick


CT Members: WestCarolina

Topic: Player toxicity, OOC targeting, staff responsibility

Sent to: N/A


Player Toxicity 

  • Players believe that there is too much leeway given with players being extremely disrespectful amongst each other. They explain that staff has turned a blind eye to leaders who tend to cause this toxicity, and are not being punished for their actions.

OOC Targeting 

  • Specifically, during times of war, there is an increase in player OOC targeting. 

Staff Responsibility 

  • Staff needs to step in more in terms of OOC targeting and player toxicity. It is under-reported.


CT Members: Jenny_Bobbs

Topic: Removal of birds / private messaging.

Sent to:

  • Players believe that adding a better plugin for sending birds, couriers, and aviary will add for a more realistic experience and disallow the metagaming. 


CT Members: LotsOfMuffins

Topic: Monk guidance, quest board system, new player retention

Sent to: LotsOfMuffins


  • Monk guidance should be broadened and the OOC aspect should be removed to allow for better immersion. Nation Leaders feel that there is no communication between them and the community teak and that the Wiki needs to be improved drastically. 


CT Members: Armajesty, Aurea, and LotsOfMuffins

Topic: Roleplay on LOTC

Sent to: Telanir


  • It was pointed out that there are numerous cliques in roleplay, but this is something natural and hard to change. People so far believe roleplay is okay on LOTC, with very few exceptions.




This past month, our team handled our first ban appeals, taking over entirely. So far, it’s been a success, and I’m excited to see it continue to go well. In addition, we’ve been creating reports, as shown above. These reports are going to continue each month, with the actions being taken as a result being showcased in our future updates. 


This December, however, we’re shifting our core duties from applications, monk guidance, and focus groups to applications, guidance, focus groups, ban appeals, and community advocacy, adding on two new core duties. Additionally, the team is taking a new approach with the additional core duties, moving away from being solely-focused on new players but rather on the player base as a whole. 


Last Month’s Goals:

  1. Playerbase Engagement / Feedback

In terms of player engagement/feedback, our reports have just begun to scratch the surface. Our team has been hard at work gathering feedback and advocating for the player base, but we’ve just started. This report system is not perfect and needs quite a bit of refinement. If you have any thoughts on how we can work on more effectively gathering feedback from the community, please leave a comment below!


  1. Nation and/or Steward Communication

Nation and/or steward communication is slowly being worked on. This started by making it easier for nation and charter leaders to see incoming players, to better assist them in ensuring new players find a home, though it continues with our upcoming guidance overhaul. Last month, I reached out to nation leaders concerning their thoughts on the current guidance system and what we could do to improve it, and that feedback is currently being addressed and turned into a new system by the Community Team. 


  1. Open Attitudes, Losing the ‘Backseat Moderation’

The Community Team is moving away from the idea of ‘backseat moderation’, instead focusing on helping and being a voice for the players. 


This Month’s Goals:

  1. Playerbase Engagement / Feedback

Although this began last month with reports, this continues with what we do with reports and how we improve the current feedback system. 


  1. Finalizing a New Structure

With all the recent changes, it’s important to accompany those changes with a different structure. This structure will include shifting the managers’ roles to facilitators by providing more opportunities for members to take initiative and lead projects of their own, an overhaul of each focus group, what it works on, and how it runs, and clearer expectations.


  1. Guidance Overhaul

Last month, we gathered feedback on the current monk guidance system. This month, we are going to begin production on a refined guidance system, making it more helpful and less interfering. 







Overall, we’ve got lots of big things coming this month, so I encourage you guys to give us some feedback on how we’re doing currently and what you think of the direction we’re going in! I encourage you guys to drop a comment below or reach out to myself, one of the Community Managers, or a Community Team Member. All of us are here for you, the community, so please do let us know how you’re doing but also any concerns, suggestions, comments you have about anything relating to the server, and we will do our best to address them. If you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading, and have a lovely day!



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Fascinating, I’m proud of the work you’re doing and I’m glad we chose you for Community Admin. I’m especially excited to see if the community advocacy initiative can really take off and players can get those juicy one-on-ones to share their thoughts on those subjects rather than open-ended your view’s (still useful but they serve a different purpose). It’s a lot more personable to sit down in VC and really talk about subjects in a way you can’t convey over text.


As for tutorials! I said it before and I’ll say it again. It’s about time we recognize that the best written guides are those that come from the heart and soul of this server: our community.


Thanks Muffins and good luck this next month. o/



Edit: Since Soul threw shade above I should open up some transparency here and say that I removed a majority of the CT before Muffins came on. She did the courtesy of giving you an out though, shrug.

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UPDATE: Jenny_Bobbs guided a new player to Aegrothond, but it didn’t show up in the data! Thanks, @Jenny_Bobbs for being outstanding as usual, and apologizes it didn’t show up!

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Cheers to new changes and how good our wiki is gonna look after I'm done with it. 😉

"The measure of intelligence is the ability to change" - Albert Einstein


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Amazing work and hopefully I’ll be able to help out more in the future!

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4 hours ago, SoulReapingWolf said:

For a team that is supposed to present a transparent and honest communication between players and staff, it’s sad to see this misinformation.

Removed is a scary word

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11 hours ago, Telanir said:

Edit: Since Soul threw shade above I should open up some transparency here and say that I removed a majority of the CT before Muffins came on. She did the courtesy of giving you an out though, shrug.

Well... if we’re really going to be transparent here, only three were removed. And the rest all left. I wouldn’t say that’s a majority. 

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2 hours ago, LadyCarolina said:

Well... if we’re really going to be transparent here, only three were removed. And the rest all left. I wouldn’t say that’s a majority. 


7 were removed.

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