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CT Farming Equipment PSA!

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Hi-de-ho there friends! It’s me, Ironpen! Back at it again with another update on the CT Farm!


If you don’t know me, quick update, I’m the guy who puts bone meal and stone hoes in the chests in the CT Farm!


So, if you haven’t visited the Cloud Temple farm recently, you’ll be... not pleased to hear that the permissions have been locked off! Meaning we can no longer break or place blocks within the farming area, even the wheat! With the only way for you to actually farm the wheat is:

  1. Buy a 19 Mina wood hoe from a store which is supposed to be 10.
  2. Head all the way to the resource pits, and either mine some wood or stone to create a hoe
  3. Don’t farm.


Also; because of the farm being locked off; the ice that’s been placed is starting to kill the crops, meaning the only way you can grow crops is by using the bonemeal. I may be wrong about this, but judging by the fact that nothing’s growing and the dirt has gone from dark brown to light brown seems to prove my suspicions. 


So... seeing as the farm has quite literally been locked away from players, it still doesn’t change my job: HOWEVER, the person who was making the “Cloud Temple Farm 2.0” decided to take the original double chest of bonemeal, and replace it with a single chest.

This is a problem, as a single chest can’t compensate for the player base’s needs. Bonemeal is burnt through pretty quickly, and usually whenever I’d stop to do my daily refills, the entire chest had been cleared out by then.


Because of this; I’ve decided to start refilling the double chest BELOW the single chest labeled bonemeal, as it’s the only double chest in the farming area. 


So next time; whenever you see the message that says that the CT Farming equipment has been refilled but can’t find the bonemeal, remember that it’s the double chest UNDER the chest labeled “Bonemeal” Not the bonemeal chest itself.


The chest labeled “hoes” will still be filled with stone hoes as per usual, but again; the chest labeled “Bonemeal” will NOT.


I’m going to try and bring this up at the community meeting; but hopefully this will all be sorted out soon enough! 😄


Mining PitStop Update:


I’d like to remind you all that the PitStop is a community area; meaning that locking the furnaces or chests is a no-go. This update is specifically for the person/peoples who decided it’d be okay to lock the two corner furnaces without saying anything. I’m going to try and work on getting them unlocked in the meantime.


P.S – 

I have a surprise for you all! An early Christmas present which will be coming in 3 days time. So stay tuned!!!


Have a great day/night wherever you are!



Edit: The ice is either melting or being removed in the CT Farm; so now the crops can grow again 😄

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Do /cpublic on all of the chests and furnaces. @AlaSol

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You have farmed!

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