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The new orcish Huntsgoth

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[!] An orc on the hunt for the Great Votar

The Uzg seemed quiet, it has been for various days. Skygod mishaps had made the lands hard to traverse, and had halted many an orcish warband from pillaging. Nontheless, the orks stood firm, and upon the bellow of a warhorn, many came on a whim. They gathered ‘round the youthful orcish Rex, and awaited loyally his words to strike their ears.


“Many of lat’s have grown to gruk Namyra’Lur as a capable agh bub’hosh hunter, despite her twiggy blood. They have klomped for uz, worked for uz, agh bled for uz in many occasions. Howevah: Today we congratulate dem, for hard work payz off! Namyra has won da Great Votar, and iz now da new orkish huntsgoth. Ang-Gijak ishi! Ang Gund Griizh!”


The plaza erupted into shouts of celebrations, and with this the Rex decided to add another announcement in celebratory fashion,

“Da prohibition was an insult to Krug, bruddas. Mi will nub apologize for mi aktions in removin’ lat’s from lat’s grogg, but wi will make amends by givin’ it back! Drink, party! Da prohibition is broken, we am ztill in da game!”


And drink they did, for many hours in celebration. Brawls erupted in the tavern, and only time and other skygod shenanigans ended the party. It was a good day for the orcs of Krugmar.


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