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The Fursaan Al-Saqr's Customs

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Fursaan Al-Saqr Customs


Warriors of Unknown pasts, their skill determined, everlasting, and always growing.

The Fursaan Al-Saqr, a Knighthood of brave men willing to lay down their life for Imam Rashidun, The Sheikh, His family, and his Sheikhdom. Discipline unquestionable, loyalty unscratched. With this custom have been set, to remain the best in discipline and professionalism.




“The Honor”

These elite knights have garnered the weapons that remain forever their pride and symbol: the Shamshir, the Bow, the Spear, the Dagger, the Mace, the Axe, the Halberd, and many more. Their respect to their weapons which they must master with the flame of their heart, and the care of their weapons taken in almost a daily basis to clean, polish, sharpen and repair would be done religiously and with precision.



“The Appreciation”

Their uniform always cleaned, respected, and perfect to the qualifications to the worthiness of their order, their Janissary cap, shall be their dignity and honor and commitment, always kept and treated as if it was their own child. Their uniform always cleaned, tailored, repaired, and refined to its peak - this is the way of the Fursaan Al-Saqr.



“The Prominent”

When they meet with a high official, noble head, or leader, the respect given in a fist of the right hand to the chest and a dip of the head slightly dipping their bodies, with their left hand behind their backs in a fist, giving the respective title of the person, and the respect to the person they would be given a Zaeim. For the Sheikh and religious leaders and the honoring of Allah and their order they will give a HU. An example “Sheikh, HU!” “Ameen Zaeim”



“The Brotherhood”

When addressing members of their order, one should speak the name of their comrade and their rank, giving them a hand to the heart, and a slight dip of the head. To the Janissary Captain and Amir, they would perform the Al-Bariz. An example of the Al-Akhua is “Hassan Alwafid” “Hassan Muharib” “Hassan Ghullam” or “Hassan Janissary”


“The Attention”

When addressing or announcing the coming of an important, one would begin to shout - for an example: “Allah Allah! Ya Rabbi Allah! Make way for his Sheikh Ibraheem Kharadeen, Allah Allah, Ya Rabbi Allah.” the men would line up and do the Al-Bariz, keeping their head down until ordered to go to ease.



“The Useful”

The action of a Salute is quite simple, yet passionate. The Salute, also known as the Affirming, is when you make a fist with your right hand, and extend it, slamming it to your chest, as you turn your head to the right shoulder down, giving your loudest “HU!” This is to affirm your belief and to pay respect to whomever you salute. Often done at once together in a group, this is one of the best of honors to partake  in Fursaan Al-Saqr.



“The Commitment”

The Commitment, an honor like no other, the protection of his holiness the Sheikh himself and his family. Often a task for two, carrying weapons at the ready, these men would lay down their life for the soul purpose of honor and martyrdom. Guarding the Sheikh wherever he goes, often staying with him even when he rests, Fursaan Al-Saqr are stationed ready to lay down their lives for him.



“The Humbled”

Payment Ceremony - During the time of payment, The Fursaan Al-Saqr would line up in rows with their hands clasped together in front of them. “Allah Allah! Ya Rabbi Allah! Allah bless this day, Allah bless our sheikh and sheikhdom, Allah make our eyes wise, Allah make our hearts brave, Allah give us strength, Allah humble us, AMEEN!” can be heard as they approached, In which the response is given of a HU! A Ghullam would be assigned with making rock candy as payment was received. Should the payment be sufficient, one would be blessed with this delicious treat and it would be distributed.

*line up in rows. Hands folded in front. Prayer. Make Rock candy.*



“The Song.”

The singing of Nashuds, The Fursaan AL-Saqr would gather at night around a fire, and sing with one another, of nashuds, past glories, and stories of the companions of Faiz Radiya Allahu anhu. Often hookah is shared as well as meat and honeyed milk. Some may sharpen their swords, and sometimes the Fursaan Al-Saqr would dance a Qalasheen Dabke.



“The Soup Cook”

Every army has their men of steel, the veterans and non-commissioned men with the experience and firm resolve that inspires their men and passes on vital lessons to new recruits. The Janissaries are no exception - except their traditions are slightly unorthodox. The head of a unit is known as Al-Shorbaji, and carries a ceremonial soup ladle as a sign of their rank and the brotherhood of men who live, eat, fight and die together, though they serve no food themselves. This is to symbolize humility before the Sheikh, and devotion to providing for one’s soldiers - and also the unspoken rule that a Fursaan Al-Saqr should be capable of destroying their enemies with anything at hand - even a comically oversized ladle.



“The Education”

A Farfolk saying goes, “to make different the  fighting man and the thinking man is to have one’s fighting done by fools and its thinking done by cowards.” In the finest Qalasheen traditions of the warrior-scholar, the Fursaan Al-Saqr are expected to be trained to write their stories on the pages of history with the pen and the sword. Administration skills, religion, history, etiquette, literature, horse-riding, archery, wrestling, and even music and poetry are included in the training of a Fursaan Al-Saqr.



“The Trial”

A Fursaan Al-Saqr is not born, they are forged. Just as all mortals are equal before Allah, all can become an elite Fursaan Al-Saqr - but they must first prove themselves worthy, and strive for perfection. It is a road of hardship, one which the Fursaan Al-Saqr view as an honourable tradition. Hours spent standing in freezing water, days of fasting, brutal physical training and years of grueling, humbling labour on farms and other menial work in service to the Qalasheen people and great Mumineen families builds a sense of purpose, humility, strength, and identity that defines the Fursaan Al-Saqr. Unlike some Knightly orders, they are not just given a fancy uniform for being of noble birth - they earn the right to enshrine themselves in such glory.





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Abdullah “The Defender” nods in approval “Inshallah. This young Kharadeen seems to have potential after all” he’d say

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Fatima nodded in approval as she watched the Fursaan Al-Saqr march past. Among them were some of her children, and her husband... with their discipline, and their strength, she had no doubt they would be able to face the harshness of the world. With their brotherhood, and their wisedom, she had no doubt they would not waver.


“Haiya a'lall falah... and may we ever pray for peace, but be ready for war.”

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Arth would march among his fellow Fursaan Al-Saqr, thinking of all the events , both good and bad, that brought him to this moment. “look Mr.Khalid” He’d whisper to himself “I wont let you down.”

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Adam Ibn Bashar Kharadeen would smile when seeing his fellow comrades during training What an honor it will be to fight alongside with you, and what a day it will be to become a shahid with you. Allah Ya Rabbi bless these men and our nation with our future campaigns and battles... for indeed we fight for ALLAH! and to him we owe dominion.” picking up a shield to aid in polishing and repairing the already broken equipment used within an hour.....

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