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Brandybrook Winter Party!

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[!] Personal invitations are sent to every burrow in Brandybrook, to Blaze and her family in Sutica, to the Druidic halflings, etc.

Winter Party!


~Winter in Brandybrook~

The halfling spirit o’ partying has continued for quite some time! Nay matter how much Knox’s anger of biggun conflict stifles travel, us wee folks will always be one to party right here at home! Let us celebrate these cold winter times with a party worth writing about!



~Gift Giving!


~Berry Pickin’ Contest!

~Knoxist Prayer!

~Anything else we care to think of!


Date & Location

T’is party will take place close ter the skygod holidays! Towards the end o’ the Elven Week, o’ course! 

((3 PM EST, Saturday the 21st of December))

T’a party will take place in Brandybrook, home o’ t’a wee! Our village is close to Aegrothond if you don’t already know where it is!


Be there or be a mushy sweetberry!

-Pervinca Driftwood, halfling o’ Brandybrook!

[!] The invitation ends with the official seal of Brandybrook!



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((jumper forced me to comment pls help he’s holding me hostage...))


Anne reads the letter that arrived at her burrow with a slight smile, wondering if she could decorate her office for the season!

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Rosemary Gaia would have her invitation (that I hope she got) read out loud to her. She’d then wonder to herself just what kinds of gifts she could get for people.

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