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The Renelian Moon Festival

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Moon Festival



The Renelian Fairgrounds at Dawn


To our Golden and Onyx brethren and sisters, and our esteemed allies.



We stand at the dawn of a new era, an era of Dark Elven unity. We, the Kingdom of Renelia-Gladewynn will not enter such an era without proper celebration. The Renelian Council does invite the members of the Concordat, Elven Tripartite and AIS to enjoy this moment of celebration with us. During the moon festival, visitors will be able to partake in a variety of activities, with food and drinks a plenty for all to enjoy.


We shall open up various stalls for traders from all across Arcas to sell their wares, if they so please. If you wish to obtain one of the stalls located at our festival grounds, seek contact with Leilatha Devione.


Celebrations shall begin at the festival grounds, found north of New Magara’lin, at the end of the path leading out of the city.



OOC: the festival will take play on Sunday the 12th around 5PM EST, right after the coronation. If you wish to obtain a stall, message @Kiiwi

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