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The PitStop.

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Well hi there ladies n’ gents, it’s me, IronPen.


So, you’re all probably wondering where has the PitStop gone?


Well to you, I say fret not. For I have come bearing an answer for this question.


As some of you may remember, I spent a total of 3 weeks in a hospital, and while I could go into details, I won’t, as it’s pretty much just a sobstory and you didn’t come here for that.


SO! The PitStop!


Well, if you’ve been to the CT Mines, you’ll have noticed that ;O! The PitStop vanished! As it appears the sign has been re-routed to a new mining location, one that can be continuosly refilled and fulfill the communities requirements in regards to resources like Iron and coal.


Sadly, this means that... Until further notice, our PitStop is closed. I’m sorry, I really am, this came out of nowhere and frankly I should have dressed it sooner, but it appears that the PitStop won’t be returning.


I’d like to thank every single person who posted a review. It made my day when I was refilling the PitStop to read new reviews and words of encouragement, or the silly shitposts that some people would place. It motivated me to keep on doing what I was doing, as I felt that there were people who were appreciating it.


It was a silly idea, and from the moment it started I always had a sneaking suspicion that someone with a bad sense of humor would come and destroy it all, but watching as people came and left, respecting the items and only taking what they needed (Albeit, with a few exceptions) and not damaging the place was simply amazing.


And I want you all to know, whether it was the hours i spent grinding wood for charcoal, or mining cobble for pickaxes, I can say that I 100% enjoyed every moment of it.


So thank you, for visiting my Lil’ PitStop.


And I hope that one day, sometime soon, I might find a newer, better way to help contribute to the Community.


Since this post is getting too emotional (For me at least, because I sure as hell am gonna miss that thing) I’m going to go ahead and finish it off.


Bye for now!


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bruh sound effect what

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