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Underlena, The Bowels of Man

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*Whispers spread among the criminal underworld of a new bastion of lawlessness, a sanctuary for the destitute and forgotten. Underlena is welcome to all.*



A Repulsive History


       Following the passing of the Gustavian Zoning Initiative of 1737, Mayor Gustav Mane began his construction of the expansive sewer system under the streets of Helena. Although the city had allocated plenty of resources, manpower was low. The Mayor took it upon himself to construct the sewers. Over the course of three years he dug tunnels and drains throughout the city, alone he worked but not for long. It was a long night in the year 1740 where Gustav met Ratchelle, a rat spawning from a great lineage of royalty among rats hailing from Ves. Gustav felt accepted amongst the rats under the sewers and saw himself in their struggles. In his work in the sewers it was said that Gustav went mad, was it that his only company was that of rats, or perhaps the toxic waste that flowed through the canals and sewers of the Helena. Before long it was said that he snapped, Gustav abandoned his role as mayor and had not been seen for years to come.


    A decade later Gustav emerged from the sewers, donning the name of Ratmane, he had not only created a home for himself in the sewers, but a family as well. Gustav would sometimes travel to the surface and observe the citizens of Helena, much had changed. He saw the people turn their noses up at the poor and downtrodden, petty criminals disgraced from the city, he saw a need to address these lost souls and give them a home of their own, where they could feel safe from the empire. After years of keeping only the company of rats, Gustav decided to open his dwelling to the surface to those he deems unacceptable and unwelcome by the surface above. On the year 1753 Gustav Ratmane founded.. Underlena, the City Beneath.





Toxic Lakeside Living

In Underlena those who gain entry are welcome to purchase a lovely home safe from the authorities above. Whether it is a stash house or a hideout while you let the heat die down on a recent job these small rooms are open for both short term rentals and long term leases.

  • Flat, rent controlled rates.
  • Lovely views of Gambino Lake
  • Convenient access to shops and the tavern.
  • Anonymous housing, so you can live safe and secure.




Hovels and Hideouts for the Residents of Underlena


A Bustlin’ “Legal” Economy

Underlena allows all types of entrepreneurs, whether you work in stolen goods, or offer your strength or stealth for higher, Underlena is a safe space to sell your goods and services. Without taxation!

  • Offering stalls to sell black market and stolen goods
  • The Drain Pipe offers cheap drinks and unregulated gambling
  • The Underlena Board gives a space to advertise your “legal” goods or services.
  • Office spaces available for those white collar criminals.




The Drain Pipe tavern and Casino, with shop stalls on the right.


Life in the Sewers

Life in Underlena is a peaceful existence, free of authority. There are some considerations to keep in mind when considering moving.

  • Residents of this grotto prefer their business remain their business, so don’t ask too many questions and keep quiet on the surface.
  • The Lake is toxic, enter at your own risk. ((If you were to fall in said lake you must roll 1-100, this is a work in progress on the details))
    • 1-60 will just require a hot bath and intense scrubbing
    • 61-80 Slime Infection - 1-3 days of stomach sickness (vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration) will dissipate in a couple days or immediately with proper medication.
    • 81-95 Severe Slime Infection - 4-6 days of stomach sickness and temporary blindness, seek medical attention immediately.
    • 91-95 -In addition to the infection, an amputation may be required if a limb had a cut or wound to stop the spread. 
    • 96-98 - Rat Flu - Bed ridden for two weeks, severe twitching and organ failure
    • 99-100 - Rat Madness - If one were to fall in lake multiple times with rolls of 99 or higher you succumb to the famed Rat Sickness 
  • Rats frequent Underlena and the rest of the sewers, they are not to be harmed as is the primary law set by Gustav.




((The purpose of Underlena is to create not only an interesting space for roleplay but also as a space to foster villany RP that everyone can enjoy. Traditional “Bandit” RP is not what we are looking for but if you are able to expand on that and create situations that are fun for everyone involved that is what we are looking for.

We are looking for 

  • Someone to run the tavern/gambling hall, it is relatively finished but needs cleaning up on the interior
  • 2-4 Shops to open selling goods that could only be found in the underworld
  • Anyone looking to try some fun and interesting villany RP.



Apply below! (Why applications? The applications serve more as a reason to see if you have what we are looking for, you can use an existing character or create a new one, either way the application will just lead to an RP interaction where you are “recruited” and brought down there either way.)




Character Name:

Profession: (From Loan Shark to a Hitman for hire)

Short Bio:


 ((Post Below or Message me

, Contact Basket#4977 with any questions.))








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IGN: TryaxReck 

Discord: TryaxReck#5305

Character Name: Vozhd Phlogiston

Profession: Rebel

Short Bio:  I’ve been roleplaying on the server for about a month now, and in that time i’ve gotten bounties that rival that of kings. Who knew bombing stuff constantly got you into hot water with the authorities? Either way, I think a place to lie low and do business would be fantastic RP for me, especially considering I cant frequent many places nowadays due to my actions. 

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Ratchelle squeaks as she scurries along beside her master.

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IGN: Racc00nPete

Discord: RaccoonPete#5406

Character Name: Dirty Dan

Profession: Hobo

Short Bio: Dirty Dan is a dirty, smelly, homeless man who occasionally partakes in “legal” activities. Need I say more?

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IGN: Mavromino

Discord: Mavromino#4630

Character Name: Kendrick

Profession: “Shoe Shiner”

Short Bio: The oldest brother of a group of triplets and what he loses in a lack of education he makes up for with an accent where you can understand about 10% of what he says.

Edited by Mavromino

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IGN: Arcasio

Discord: Arcasio#5584

Character name: Kalius Denovan

Proffesion: Cultist

Short bio: Kalius is a rat living in the sewer, always ready to do the job, whatever it is. He is also a member of the Beet cult, ennemy of the canonism. He also has many other names, whichever is the real one no one knows. Stealing, killing, dealing in illegal items, breaking laws, he will do anything for coin. Literally, name it. He’ll do it. Unless it’s easier to just kill you and take your coins.

Edited by Arcasio

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IGN: UgBrainHurty

Discord: Snow#7181

Character Name: Cooper

Profession: Shoe shiner alongside a group of triplets, professional dealer of [redacted] items.

Short Bio: A young malnourished street urchin rat – oft darped in torn, stenching of otherwordly creatures garbs. Conversing in a accent probably uncomprehendable to most.

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IGN: LtBepis

Discord: LtBepis#5604

Character Name: Hildred

Profession: Shoe shiner and metal hat salesman

Short Bio: Part of the street-rat trio, Hildred is an malnourished urchin. His skills include: shoe shining, burglary, woodworking and annoying people into handing over their coin.

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The Duke Helena kicks a rat which had scurried out in front of him while walking Merchant Street.


”The accursed pests are on the rise again.”

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IGN: Aidoro

Discord: Aidoro#0946

Character Name: Julian

Profession: (From Loan Shark to a Hitman for hire) Hitman / Thief idk

Short Bio: A small boy, able to sneak into small places and get into wherever you may need!

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IGN: ItzDragoon

Discord: DragoonNuts#3613

Character Name: Lüga “The Scarred”

Profession: Slavery

Short Bio: Lüga is an uruk who has only known pain, commonly seen wearing and using the bones of his slain family members for many things. Lüga seeks to avenge his family through the business that killed them, slavery.


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Character Name:Alucard Gray


Short Bio:He’s a Young man that works with a group of Criminals,He used to be known for Hunting Ologs,He’s mostly in the sewers always waiting for someone to hire him

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