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From the Desk of the High Preceptor : Baldin Ironside and his 30 Theses

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From the Desk of the High Preceptor : Baldin Ironside


Earlier this stone week the temple to the Brathmordakin in Kal’Evraal, the capital of the Under-Realms of Urguan, was defiled. Nailed to the entrance was an essay written by Baldin Ironside. He outlined what he believed to be the failings of the current iteration of da Kirkja Dverga and its leader the High Preceptor, myself, and then a list of what he believes are the core tenants of the faith in the Brathmordakin, and the leadership of that faith. Many have been led to believe that I have disagreed with all of these tenants, which is absolutely false. I have supported a vast majority of these ideas, and am insulted that they would be laid out in this way to push the idea that I would ever question such essential ideas such as the supremacy of the Brathmordakin over false gods, the importance of Yemekar, and many more. May Ogradhad give us all his blessing as we seek to understand the truth of this debacle, and may everyone who read this look past their initial bias, and not dishonor Ogradhad by blindly believing the first thing we are told.




First I should like to outline the context of Baldin’s words. It was several stone months ago that I spoke frequently in the old tavern about the Brathmordakin and wished to ensure my preaching was correct, so I reached out to Baldin, then Frostbeard, to join so I may surround myself with scholars who I could learn about the Brathmordakin from. It was then and always has been my philosophy that you should question things in order to better understand them, something I applied to the faith as well as other aspects of life. This philosophy is based off of what I believe to be the greatest wisdom that the grace of Ogradhad has revealed to me: that the greatest knowledge is in knowing how little you know. Because of this I made a habit of questioning established ideas in order to purify inconsistencies and help purge heresies. 


One such heresy that I am proud to have assisted Baldin in eliminating from the public opinion is that of half-bred damnation, that those who are the victims of interbreeding parents are damned and to be slaughtered. Although I would agree the act itself of interbreeding and those who partake in it are inherently sinful and a heresy, I would NOT say that those who are if anything the victims, the children who cannot truly and perfectly fit in either culture of their parents, should be slaughtered. When Hekkaes “Anvilaxe” Goldhand proposed the idea of hald-bred damnation to me as one of the founding ideas of his resurrection of ar Yemarin Anaros, a past iteration of the clergy based heavily although not uniquely in Kaz’Ulrah, I was quick to strike it down. This was not out of a lust for power, but a lust for Truth. I did not want the most sacred name of the Brathmordakin to be used to encourage slaughter sons of Urguan, and in truth I do not believe that Hekkaes wanted it. I engaged in discussion with Hekkaes, and he decided to abandon the venture. It was during this time that I was appointed the successor to Baldin by himself. It seemed to me proof, then, that it was Ogradhad’s will to question established ideas to ensure their validity and purity throughout the ages.


Later into my administration, I began to feel that the system of hierarchy within da Kirkja Dverga was flawed, as many of the Preceptos were silent and lazy. I began to write up a draft for a new organization of da Kirkja Dverga, based around the idea that Preceptors should be active leaders of the faith and orders dedicated to it, not people who reach a certain point in their career then step down. An exception to this rule was made for the High Remembrancer, who would always be recognized as a Preceptor as they are a significant leader of dwarven cultural values, and that further exceptions would be made with other crucial dwarven cultural institutions. The Preceptors would then be removed and given an opportunity to earn their positions back. This was met with agreement and approval of two of the three sitting Preceptors at the time, Thorin Treebeard and Kazrin Starbreaker. Baldin, now Ironside, however, was adamant and against it. He felt that Preceptors shouldn’t have to be leaders of the faith but simply the recognized wise scholars of the clergy, however, after years of discussion, Baldin Ironside gave his approval, and I began to write up the official document. In the process of officially and publicly making the reforms, Baldin Ironside resigned, as can be seen in an attached copy of his letter here. 


(( https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/187866-letter-of-resignation/?tab=comments#comment-1749196 ))


Time went by, members of da Kirkja Dverga came and went. During this time, I engaged in many debates and discussions with Baldin and other members of da Kirkja Dverga. One of which being that of the term Aengul-Daemon being used in description of the Brathmordakin. Me and Baldin discussed for long, others piping in their ideas as we went along, and many ancient records from centuries past were brought up to question if the term was ever intended to describe the Brathmordakin. I had asserted that the term was a yrrok one, and improper to use to describe the Brathmordakin, who should be described as the Brathmordakin and the Brathmordakin only. Baldin Ironside disagreed strongly, and began to condemn my inquisitive nature, claiming that my actions would lead to the failure of da Kirkja Dverga. However, with my persistent search for Truth I found an ancient record in the libraries of Arcas, a transcription of writings of Kazraden Starbreaker, one of the founding scholars of the Brathmordakin, supporting my point that the Brathmordakin were not always considered Aengul-Daemons, and opening the question as to why we should consider them Aengul-Daemons. Once again, I saw proof that inquisition was a holy gift from Ogradhad, and that it allowed for the purity of ideas by weeding out ideas that have a weak ideological foundation, and for those ideas which when questioned are still true are strengthened, their every mystery explored and thoroughly understood.


(( https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/65724-~~~-the-hudinmenthalvalir-~~~/ ))


Hopefully anyone who has read the above would understand my philosophy, and understand that when I question something I do not completely deem the idea void and null, I only am beginning a process to better understand the idea. Inquisition, I see, is a holy and righteous thing, done out of a desire to strengthen faith, not to stir doubt. This does not, however, mean doubt everything, but try to better understand why things are what they are. If there is no answer to a question, it is always better to side with tradition. Through this process, I feel the foundational beliefs of the faith of the Brathmordakin can be discerned, and heresy purged. 


Baldin Ironside not a stone week ago invited me to a mountain peak in the Hefrumm to witness a lesson on what he referred to as divination. I was fascinated by it, since it seemed an interesting way to discern the will of the Brathmordakin, by understanding how they impact the world. When I arrived, Baldin Ironside had set up a campfire. He tossed a rock into it, it broke into six pieces. Then Baldin Ironside took six small engraved stones from a bag, with strange symbols that supposedly meant various things, and tossed them on the ground. Supposedly, we would interpret the will of the Brathmordakin based on the meanings of these symbols. He called them ancient runes.  I, naturally, inquired about the symbols and their origin. Baldin Ironside, in his great wisdom and patience, swore myself out, calling me a ***** for doubting him and his process. This stirred a great deal of many thoughts into me at once, and I was bewildered, at a loss of words even. The lesson ended, and I did not have the time to ask him about it in private since I had to attend a Council meeting in Urguan to help ensure a peace between Mynebor and Urguan.


In the council, after I had my proposal amended and accepted, I had a great deal of time to ponder the events that had let up to Baldin Ironside’s sudden outrage and burst of anger. In the days leading up to it, Baldin Ironside had begun to call himself the Chosen of Belka, something I advised against strongly as it could lead to one assuming they know the will of the Brathmordakin absolutely, something nobody should claim. He came to this conclusion based on the regrowth of his right arm, and the partial restoration of his youth, notable in the recoloration of his beard. Baldin Ironside is young again, and I had wondered if he was correct, that perhaps Belka had given him his youth back as a thanks for his service, for his bringing of unity to the dwarven faith, for his sacrifices he has made throughout his life for the Brathmordakin.


The reason that Baldin Ironside had lost this youth so early in the first place was due to his practice of dark magic, a secret he revealed, albeit foolishly, while me and him were hunting for dark mages in Llyria. Baldin Ironside was a practitioner of mysticism, and that is what had drained his youth for so long. It is also what he had used to power a spectral arm before. The fact that Baldin Ironside had turned to dark magic to replace his arm has disturbed me greatly, and the fact that he had studied the power to intervene in the processes of Dungrimm and speak to spirits is borderline heresy. The only thing that has stopped me from coming out with this information before is the belief that Baldin Ironside did all this in an effort to honor the Brathmordakin, to aid in his search of other dark mages who would praise the dark god Khorvad and his servants for their power. I respected Baldin Ironside greatly at the time, and he did not ever speak of it outside of that stone week, so I looked to forget it and focus on his positive aspects. Looking back now, I fear if it was another force that Baldin had earned the favor of, not Belka.


Worse yet, however, was yet to come. Baldin Ironside approached me when I was a priest under him, and told me to meet him in private in the caves. While there, he told me an idea he had for bringing yrrommar into the faith. I have always been more open to yrrommar joining the faith, although I was adamantly against altering the core ideas of dwarven culture to better suit the yrromar, and let only those who were willing to live as a dwed does join us. Baldin Ironside, however, had different ideas. He told me his plan for introducing new lesser gods for the faith, collectively referred to as the Thrummavos. They were lesser beings that he fabricated to better mold other cultures with dwarven values. One was Noril, a Daemon who was chaotic and meant to appeal to the orkos with their bloodlust. Of the Wood Elves there was Nysea, the protector of the forests and the power in charge of the druidic aspects. There were other beings but these are the only two we discussed in person, and I cannot locate in my notes the names of others. These beings, mind you, do not exist, and I was quick to take note of such when he showed me his writings. He asked me what I thought, and I told him I could never support such a concept as adding gods to the dwarven faith if I could not explain their existence. Baldin Ironside was determined to the idea for a couple stone weeks, but eventually became preoccupied with other ordeals, and the idea was forgotten. But ever since then I was more critical and weary of Baldin Ironside, as one does not lightly forget a scholar who would purposely deceive the populace. I assumed then that he did not have any foul intentions, and thus is why I extended the mercy of Belka and did not hold it against him, although I would not forget it either.


A few stone days ago I confronted Baldin Ironside in the temple and had a discussion with him. He began to accuse me of making the clergy a personality cult when I pointed out his inconsistencies and asked him to stop practicing this divination until he laid a proper foundation for it. I became a bit annoyed, and raised my voice when I told him that he should not attempt to create new methods with no basis for interpreting the will of the Brathmordakin. People entered the temple curious as to the comotion, and I asked Baldin to make an oath to the Brathmordakin that he would not claim to interpret the will of the Brathmordakin through divination and not claim to be the Chosen of Belka. He was not forced, however. Baldin Ironside had the choice to walk away at all times. I never had asked anybody to draw weapons, and even told people to put away weapons. Despite this, Baldin Ironside claims I had forced him to swear an oath in a grudge, thus lying and defaming on the most sacred book of dwarfdom.


Baldin Ironside’s Preamble


Though claiming to be a religious leader that wants to understand the meanings behind the religion of the dwarves, the High Preceptor has imposed during his leadership a number of dogmas that stop any argument that he does not agree with for personal reasons.”

Name one dogma, Baldin Ironside, that I have ever instated to stop those who disagree with me on personal issues. Do you mean my requesting for you to stop your divination which you have made up and have no basis for? That is not a personal reason, that is a theological reason. 


“He has also removed all Preceptors but his fellow clan member; the wise Kazrin Starbreaker. This removal of all representation of Mountain and forest dwarves decent has put the clergy at risk of becoming a dogmatic institution of Cave Dwarf ideals and beliefs.”

This is a lie, outright. Firstly, I did not remove the Preceptors Thorin Treebeard and Baldin Ironside against their will. As I discussed earlier, Baldin Ironside resigned from his position before my reforms were even made official. I offered him the position back and gave him ideas for orders and things he could do to gain it, but he was not interested. Baldin Ironside is not a Preceptor of his own accord, not because I forced him. Thorin Treebeard, during the reform writing process, asked to be removed as Preceptor, and demoted all the way to Initiate, so that he could re-earn the position, feeling he had failed the clergy in his inactivity. The only Preceptor who remained then was Kazrin Starbreaker, not because he was of my clan, but because part of the reforms was to guarantee the High Remembrancer a position on the Preceptor Council, since they led an order that has religious and cultural significance. Baldin Ironside, Thorin Treebeard, and Kazrin Starbreaker all agreed to these terms after discussion. None of it was me acting without restraint to secure my power, but a unanimous decision to encourage leaders within da Kirkja Dverga. As for the assertion that I removed all representation of Mountain and Forest dwarves, that’s completely preposterous. There are numerous mountain dwarves within the clergy and in close contact with it, and three forest dwarves working within the clergy. Although I wish there were more forest dwarves, it is difficult to encourage a great number of them due to their smaller demographic in regard to Urguan’s larger population, although I will cede I could be making a more active approach to recruiting their kin, and will strive to do so in the future. But the assertion that I am intentionally leaving out other groups of dwarves is slander and outright manipulative.


“As of late the High Preceptor Norli has shown a lack of understanding of the faith and a weak  sense of leadership.”

In what way? Was it my delving into the most ancient records on the history of our faith to verify a fallacy that others have wrongly believed for years, and that you stubbornly refused to accept as any other way? Is it by expanding the clergy’s activities to incorporate spirituality with more aspects of dwarven culture? Or perhaps this is your way of complaint since I have expressed disagreement with your views on the faith before.


“Out of love for the Brathmordakin, the truth,  and from desire to elucidate it; I Baldin Ironside former High Preceptor of Da Kirkja Dverga make the following statements. Charged as we are by Yemekar.”

And I say to you, Baldin Ironside, that I, the sitting High Preceptor Norli Starbreaker have been blessed truly by Belka, for I have been given a great capacity for mercy. I have looked past your faults and borderline heresy for long out of respect for you as my predecessor, but no longer. Now Belka has gifted me with a new blessing, that of great divinely inspired passion, and it is with great passion that I will defend the Truth of the Brathmordakin, da Kirkja Dverga, and my own name and dignity, all of which you have dishonored and slandered through your lies and manipulation. You have clearly and intentionally outlined these assertions in a way to imply I have broken them, those of them that are true. I will make it clear beyond a doubt that I hold no heretical and selfish stances in the next section.


Baldin Ironside’s 30 Theses


1. The Brathmordakin are divine and above all others and Yemekar the maker is above them.

I agree.


2. Yemekar told Urguan to create the Dwarven Clergy to allow all the dwarves to follow a code of ethics and routine that would allow them to reach Khaz'A'Dentrumm and be bidded on by the Brathmordakin.

This is not correct, Urguan was not the founder of the clergy. For the sake of mythology, storytelling, increasing national identity and instilling morals into beardlings, I can understand this idea’s roots, however it is not founded in fact, but a desire to pretend that the beliefs of the clergy are absolute and can absolutely never be questioned, something that you accuse me of trying to purport.


3. Khaz'A'Dentrumm is located on the moon and Dungrimm is its Lord.

This is correct, although it is good to emphasize the importance of all of the Brathmordakin in the bidding process.


4. The Beard is a holy gift from Yemekar and shaving it or damaging it is heresy.

Agreed, the beard is sacred, and to remove one's beard is a dishonor to the Brathmordakin.


5. Cutting the beard of an individual is heresy.

I personally dislike this form of punishment, although I do understand how it came about. It is done by dwarves who wish to punish people who they feel are such a disgrace to dwarfdom that they should not be considered a dwarf anymore, so they shave off the very symbol of the dwarves. I would not say it is a heresy as much as it is a shame to the Brathmordakin, however, if we are to argue semantics.


6. Killing a heretic is not heresy.

Once again, a slight semantics issue on the term ‘heresy’, but I assume you mean to say it is not bad to kill heretics. This is something I have thought about for a long time. I have come to the conclusion that it is sometimes necessary to kill unrepentant heretics who stubbornly deny and dishonor the Brathmordakin, but I feel a vast majority of the time inquisition and re-education is a more honorable method of dealing with heretics. To surmise, I feel it is something that can be avoided but can be necessary, but in truth I cannot say with anything near certainty how the Brathmordakin view killing of heretics, but sometimes the faith must be protected with extreme means, and if a dwarf would seek to undermine the faith of the Brathmordakin and refuse to repent than I would agree it would become necessary to end their heresy.


7. The Dwarven race is the holy race created and chosen by Yemekar, killing another dwarf with intent and not out of self defense is heresy.

I cannot help but feel this contradicts your feelings about killing heretics, but I would holy agree the dwarves are the chosen people of Yemekar, and can write an entirely separate essay regarding the subject and why that is, and of course I am against the murder of dwarves.


8. The Dwarven race has been chosen by Yemekar to fulfill Yemekar’s Balance denying such truth is heresy.

It is bad theological scholarship to claim such a thing. Any scholar who would bother themself with minimal research would know the idea of Yemekar’s Balance is a philosophical concept regarding the world and Yemekar’s design of it. It is not the core belief of the faith and should not be treated as such, and should not be deemed unchallengeable. Both scholars of da Kirkja Dverga and ar Yemarin Anaros would agree with such.


9. The dwarven race has had many religious leaders and Paragons, destroying their legacy is heresy.

The dwarves do not choose the Paragons, the Brathmordakin do. Disagreeing with Paragons and previous religious leaders is not a heresy under any circumstance, and were we to make this the law of the faith we would see our faith crumble, as established religious leaders would have unchecked power and can simply call anyone who ‘destroys their legacy’ a heretic. I wonder, Baldin Ironside, if you intend this, as you are an established religious leader.


10. The Dwarven race has been gifted the art of Golemancy by the Brathmordakin. 

11. The Dwarven race has been gifted the art of Runesmithing by the Brathmordakin.



12. The Dwarven race has been gifted the art of divination by the Brathmordakin, and all dwarves are able to use it.

Divination? I have not heard about this until a stone week ago where Baldin Ironside made up his own process and denied anyone to ask questions about it, you cannot just claim that it is a core and essential belief of our faith in the Brathmordakin. This is perhaps one of the most absurd of the 30 theses Baldin Ironside has put forward, the clear purpose of it is to give validity to his ideas, and trick people into thinking they are established and sacred. Woe to Baldin Ironside, who would purposely lie and manipulate the dwarves to fulfill his agenda.


13. The Brathmordakin allowed the clergy to have a leader so he/she could balance the religious beliefs and cultures of the different subraces, ignoring this and allowing only the supremacy of one is heretical.

I would agree completely, although something tells me Baldin Ironside would wish to accuse me of doing such. I would have the dwarves know that there are far more mountain dwarves and forest dwarves in da Kirkja Dverga than there are cavern dwarves. It has been Baldin Ironside who has wished to shove mountain dwarven ideas, or even more accurately his very specific view of mountain dwarven ideas, on all dwarves. 


14. The faith depends on knowledge and the correct practice of prayer, ritual, and sacrifice, not on dogma established by the leader of the clergy.

I would agree.The correct practice of honoring the Brathmordakin however can be discussed by the clergy and all of its members, including the High Preceptor. If we were to refuse to question or discuss it, then we could easily fall to grave heresy. Baldin Ironside alludes to this idea that I am forcing dogma on the people, which is simply incorrect. Anyone who would have a religious discussion with me would know I am incredibly open to new ideas and wishing to hear them. It is Baldin Ironside who in my early days of leading the clergy encouraged me to ignore old religious leaders that disagreed with us, and when Hekkaes Goldhand brought up his disagreements he discouraged the idea of open debate, not wanting to give Hekkaes Goldhand a platform. I agreed with it then, and have regretted it deeply, for I feel a more open discussion would have not created the divide between the clergy and certain clans, and Hekkaes would have eventually come to agree with me after talking.


15. That the leader of the clergy tries to centralise the leadership of the clergy into their own clan should be an issue to all dwarves.

This is one of Baldin Ironside’s points that makes it clear he is targeting and accusing me. I find it frankly insulting how blatantly wrong it is. The system I designed for reformation clearly tries to decentralize the leadership of the clergy into orders of duties to a specific god of the Brathmordakin, rather than having all the clergy’s duties be under my exact decision. As for allegations of favoring the Starbreakers, another lie. Kazrin Starbreaker is only a Preceptor because he is the High Remembrancer, as all the Preceptors, including Baldin Ironside, agreed on. He is given the rank of Preceptor out of respect for the organization of the Remembrancers, a valuable order dedicated to Ogradhad and the culture of the dwarves, and that it deserves to have representation in da Kirkja Dverga.


16. That the leader of the clergy attempts to impose dogma upon the dwarves is heresy.

Also just a blatant lie, when have I ever rode up to the Hefrumm and torn down their Tree of Anbella? When have I put a tax on all shrines not done in the exact way that I want? When have I ever forced my personal beliefs on other dwarves? If he suggests that me having a conversation with another religious leader, himself, where I assert something contrary to him is imposing dogma on the dwarven population, then I suppose I have. I apologize to the sons of Urguan who I have wronged so deeply by… talking to scholars about scholarly topics.


17. The faith is a source of social order that unites different clans with different cultures.

I would agree completely.


18. The Brathmordakin have the ability to manifest themselves in the physical world and take different forms.

Although such things do not happen often in the physical world, I would agree that it is absolutely within the ability of the Brathmordakin to do such, although I doubt their desire to do so.


19. The Brathmordakin are able to bless individuals.

I would agree completely.


20. Khorvad is the fallen Brathmordakin claiming he does not exist and/or that he is not something the dwarven race should fight against is heresy.

I would agree completely, although there’s an interesting story as to why Baldin Ironside has included this. I brought up to him the point that many early writings of the Brathmordakin faith have excluded his mention, and I mentioned to Baldin that there could be a couple reasons for this. I said it was most likely that they frowned upon even saying his name, although I entertained the idea a moment that perhaps early scholars did not know of his existence. He took this wildly out of proportion it seems, and now has taken to claiming I think he doesn’t exist or shouldn’t be needed to worry about, or at least is clearly trying to allude to such an accusation. This is, mind you reader, an absolute lie, I have never said that Khorvad does not exist.


21. The King or Queen of the Dwarves has been elected democratically by the dwarven race and hence has been chosen by Yemekar to rule as the combined will of the dwarves is surely also the will of the Brathmordakin.

Absolutely not! If the will of the Brathmordakin can be said to be equal to that of the majority of dwarves, the will of the masses, then our entire culture would crumble. Dwarves are not perfect, and even as a whole can often make mistakes. There have been many corrupt and evil kings among the dwarves, to assert that the Brathmordakin has favor with someone who has the popular vote of the dwarves would be to say the Ironborn kings and kinslaying kings are those who have the favor of the Brathmordakin, which is an absolutely absurd idea.


22. The spouse of the King or Queen of the Dwarves has no authority to rule, unless it is as Regent because of the absence of the spouse.

What? This has nothing to do with the faith, and is completely out of left field. I would advise any dwarf to not grace the fleeting thought of a child with any more words.


23. No individual dwarf can know without doubt the will of the Brathmordakin even if he/she is the leader of the clergy or any other organization.

I absolutely agree, and find it quite humorous that you begin your list of theses by hypocritically asserting “as charged by Yemekar:”, doing the very thing you condemn later. My entire philosophy is based around self doubt and thorough discussion before decision, it is in fact Baldin Ironside who has taken to claiming the will of the Brathmordakin with certainty.


24. That the leadership of the clergy attempts to act as a king is blasphemy against Yemekar and an insult to the position.

I don’t. A King runs a nation, I run a temple. A King leads the dwarves, I teach and preach to the dwarves. I have nothing more to say, because there is nothing more to say on such a baseless accusation meant only to slander my name.


25. Anbella and Belka communicate through nature with the forest dwarves, assuming this is false or heresy is heresy onto itself as it ignores the culture and tradition of the forest folk.

I believe that all the Brathmordakin often speak to all the dwarves through their domains. Surely a smith feels the inspiration of Yemekar as he works his art. I do not deny this at all. What I do deny is the strange process of divination that Baldin had done, as it was not based on nature, but making a strange set of circumstances to give himself religious authority again. If there are other means of divination, I do not wish to consider them void without reason, but Baldin Ironside’s divination is nothing more than the mad ramblings of a dwarf who has lost the power he so clearly craves.


26. Ignoring the fact that Dungrimm and Grimdugan have blessed the mountain dwarves with prowess in battle and thirst for glory and gold in war is blasphemy and an insult to all those that fought for the dwarven race.

I have not done this. The only thing I can think can even be related to this is discourage common thievery and brutality that is like the culture of the ork more than it is that of the dwed, and I will stand by that. This does not mean using might and greed is wrong, but these gifts are to be used honorably. The greatest example of honorable fighters with a very non-cavern dwarf culture can be found in the Irehearts, a clan that I have always respected for their loyalty to the Brathmordakin and history of making great leaders and Paragons.


27. Ongradhad and Armakak have blessed the cave dwarves with a keen mind for trade and scholarship, assuming this is false is  blasphemy and an insult to the most respected scholars of the dwarven race



28. Dwarf Druids worship the aspect of Anbella, believing this is false is heresy towards Anbella and blasphemy against our paragons.

Dwarven druids do not worship Anbella as an aspect, they view the aspects as spirits beneath her, or so I have been informed by them. I don’t know why you would assert this if it is untrue.


29. All clans should be allowed to deal with their dead as their customs dictate, trying to stop them from doing so is a n act of heresy.

I would agree. There is an order dedicated to Dungrimm in the works, involving the maintenance of the tombs, and one of the key ideas is working with clans to do their burial rights, only offering assistance, never imposing.


30. Interrupting the funeral of a dwarf for petty rivalries is blasphemy.

I would absolutely agree, although blasphemy is perhaps not the right word. I would even go so far as to say those who would do this are to be punished and admonished for their grave actions.


A Final Word


Some may say that this is a disproportionately aggressive response to what one meant to be only rules of the faith, but that is incorrect. If Baldin Ironside had meant these to be rules of the faith, he would have included far more. What Baldin Ironside did is purposely portray me as betraying these ideas, many of which are false in foundation. He has purposely attempted to make a divide between the subraces of the dwarves and cause not just a faithful but cultural schism in Urguan. He has purposely created a narrative that myself and the cave dwarves are working to undermine mountain and forest dwarf culture, when I have done nothing of the sorts. He labels me as close minded and imposing when I have been nothing but open minded and accepting whilst he has insisted on forcing his ideas on myself and all dwarfdom.


The only correct accusation is that da Kirkja Dverga has had a falling out of sorts with many clans. I have decided action must be taken to fix this, and will call a meeting soon with all clan leaders soon to ensure that more perspectives are considered in declaring the doctrine of da Kirkja Dverga. Please, for those clans who perceive strife between us, I would wish nothing more than to heal any wounds, and I apologize for any that I have caused. Look out for another letter soon regarding the subject.


Let us take a look at the actions of Baldin Ironside within the last stone month. He has become adamant and arrogant of his ways, he has refused the position of Preceptor, he has severed ties of his clan with the clergy, he has begun calling himself the Chosen of Belka, he has made up a ritual with no basis in order to interpret the will of the Brathmordakin outside of the clergy with himself at its center, he has a history of practicing dark magic, a history of theological inconsistency and borderline heresy, has made plans in the past to reinvent the faith with no basis, and now he has come forward with what he claims to be charged by Yemekar the core ideas of the faith that must be adhered to whilst throwing accusations at myself. It is clear to me as it should be to anyone Baldin’s intentions: to cause a schism in the clergy and reinstate himself as the dominant religious figure since I would not strictly adhere to his interpretation of the Brathmordakin. This is not a dwed hero fighting passionately for reform; this is a cold and calculated move to reassert himself, and it is a disgrace to the Brathmordakin and to da Kirkja Dverga that Baldin Ironside has dragged us into a political argument.


Baldin Ironside, you have lied and deceived the public in your actions, and as the world shall see I will not respond lightly. You are to take down your 30 theses yourself, as they are imperfect and flawed in the manners I have described. You are to apologize to the dwarven people for lies and manipulation. You are to take the Slayer oath to the Brathmordakin to redeem yourself for your great injustice against the dwarven people. You are to rescind your false grudge and make pure again that most sacred book of dwarfdom. Dwarves of Urguan, may Ogradhad bless you with an ability to read, so that you may see the absurdity and hypocrisy of Baldin Ironside as I have highlighted in my letter and decide with the full story. But equally importantly, you are to show him mercy of Belka should you realize that he is wrong, for I do not believe Baldin Ironside intentionally undermines dwarven culture and dishonors the Brathmordakin, and he should be shown mercy.


Narvok oz Brathmordakin



Norli Starbreaker, High Preceptor eron da Kirkja Dverga

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[!] Baldin reads through the writtings, when he sees Norli has not understood the reason why the thesis are a thing he tosses the reading into the fire place. “Why must ye be so blind lad...”

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Ivär Goldhand did not read it all.

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Just now, ✗ ≬ ≬ ♏αɟεoℓog ≬ ≬ ✗ said:

[!] Baldin reads through the writtings, when he sees Norli has not understood the reason why the thesis are a thing he tosses the reading into the fire place. “Why must ye be so blind lad...”

“Nae way ye read it already lad.”

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Vergil wanted an argument not a novel.

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1 minute ago, A_New_Noob said:

“Nae way ye read it already lad.”

“a’ read ennough...Now get tha feck out ef mi ‘ome ye creep.” Baldin waves at Norli to leave his room.

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Kazrin ponders the great magic of forum communication.

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Thorin Treebeards Is trapped in a Sky God place but agrees with the ideas proposed by the high Preceptor. Ideas that have been discussed with the priests and agreed by them. He will also format his reply accordingly once he has access to a magic sky box and not a magic sky mobile box.

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"No mo' hoigh preceptor! No mo powe for te clerge! Feck ye ye wont get me tax!!!!!"



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A young cave Dwed reads the document, reading slowly to properly know what every argument means “Oi think taht Norli Be Roight, Baldin be false is evereh sense of teh word! Narvok Oz Brathmordakin! Narvok Oz Urgaun!” the young Dwed would say to himself in the library

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