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{⚔️} The Silvervein Clan {⚔️}

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(If you want to see this before the horror of LotC Forum formating, please refer to following google document; https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OxM_fHkNQzFNgkuKXvjvQox3cH32lVuqD2BIyN3Wn5o/edit?usp=sharing)

The Silvervein Clan

“Hear the Call of Dungrimms Hall”




The Silvervein Clan Crest, 1754



Table of Contents

I History

II Traditions

III Clothing

IV General Appearance

V General Personality Traits

VI Notable Silvervein

VII Relics

VIII Clan Holds

IX Clan Members

X Recruitment





It is a well-known myth the founding of the Silvervein clan, not only among its members but also other dweds and even as far as other races, however, it is not often facts of life survive the onslaught of time. as such I wish to explain the events in detail so that future generations of the clan will know the truth that transpired.


It all began with the Frostbeard clan, the grandchild of the great Gorum Frostbeard had a child, Edel. the father's name was Throri Frostbeard. the Frostbeard clan had long attempted to break free from the Grand Kingdom of Urguan and with the successful establishment of Kaz’ulrah their goal was realized. however not all Frostbeards were happy and Throri took his children and left the clan and founded the Stonemace clan in Urguan. Edel at the time was in the mountains of Jornheim reflecting on his life, and he was enraged finding his children and brothers and sisters gone with his traitorous father.


Edel Frostbeard would hunt down Throri and demand a duel of honor, where he and Throri fought, it looked like Throri would win, but laying on his son he’d attempt and take a knife cutting Edel’s face open. this was his mistake as Edel would throw off his father and quickly defeat him in combat. taking pity on his father Edel would leave the arena to later learn his cowardice father had kept the clan and his children in Urguan. this was also the time where Edel and his siblings learned that Throri, their father had attempted to sleep with and rape their sister Thelma.


Edel would take claim to the title of Clanfather, and after a vote was held before the king of Kaz’ulrah Verthaik II and other prominent Dwarves Edel was Elected Clan Father of the Stonemace clan. his first action was to be to reunite the clan with the Frostbeard clan. However, the high king of Kaz’ulrah decided that Edel can keep the clan, and so he did. He  changed the clan completely, and named it the Silvervein Clan, as their honor was as pure as the silver veins in the mountains


The young clan would begin a kinship with their brother clan of Frostbeards, together they would conduct hunts for servants, and after Edel witnessed the brutal eating of his Halfling Translator he was determined to put all halflings under his protection, by enslaving them. the haflings resisted and managed to drive off the Silvervein and Frostbeard forces with the help of powerful druids.


The Silvervein clan then began establishing its culture: Trials, Sigil, Oaths, Most of the culture was made, designed, thought, and implemented by Norkai Silvervein, but the Frostborn trial is after the old splinter of the Frostbeards, and many dwed would join the clan through its completion. It was also around this time the hunt for the traitor Throri would ramp up, with his capture several times, however, he was still protected by the Urguan Legion he managed to trap Edel’s Daughter, Tesel Silvervein in the gatehouse of Kal’Omith the Urguan capital, where he with a crossbow attempted to kill her, the young lass managed to survive with her shield and an Irongut named Bolgnir came to save her. 


Shortly after Throri attempted to fool the clan that he’d surrender but instead he ran and gathered the Legions of Urguan under the command of Frerir Irongrinder who would attack the unarmed Silverveins this would lead to a grudge being placed upon Frerir Irongrinder who in order to lift the Grudge would challenge Edel to a duel of Combat, which Edel would win. this would be the start of the war of the Beards as king Zharerir Irongrinder would break his oath to hand over the traitor Throri to the Silverveins for trial against his crimes.


During this war, the Silverveins would famously fool Zahrer to settle his grudge and pay them huge amounts of money to stay loyal to Kaz’Ulrah, by swearing an oath worded in such a way that it confused the king. But dark clouds would brew for the Silverveins, their trusted Forstbeard allies would turn on them and Edel’s uncle Hamnil would convince many Silverveins to return to their Frostbeard roots.


This along with the great drinking would destroy the clan, most of the clan was either Frostbeards or had drunk themselves to death those who remained called themselves Mugbeard, lead under Thalrim Silvervein. but by chance, the traitors who left for the Frostbeard clan realized the Tretury of Hamnil and asked Edel to once again lead them. Edel accepted and went to his uncle to ask formally to become a vassal clan under him but Hamnil refused. Determined not to let his kin down Edel secured their place as vessels of the Blackaxe clan, where the Silverveins proved themselves during the war of the Beards and was rewarded in becoming a clan once more. and for the first time in the Silverveins history, they had their own clan hall as well.


When the Silverveins were reformed they went into the Blue Silver Concordat with the Stormfist clan, making them a permanent part of the clan the clan fathers of the Stomfists would become Elders and the clan would be known as the Stormvein bloodline. Shortly after the joining, Boreas Silvervein decides to implement the Casts system, the most unique thing about Silverveins until Dwarger decided to get rid of the system many years later. Edel would soon think of it as a mistake, as the intensity between Frostbeards and Silverveins would grow. Edel in an attempt to calm things down would step down as Clan Father and let Boreas lead the clan. After several attempts to broker peace with the Frostbeards and the Silverveins being forced to throw out the Frostbeards from their clan hall as well as several brawls, a total Clan war would begin.


Boreas would be found murdered in the Frostbeard clan hall, with Hamnil being the prime suspect, after him Thalrim would be elected as clan-father but he would be murdered by Hamnil shortly after who claimed Thalrim was an undead. This awful deed would be made shortly after the wedding of King Verthaik and no punishment would be cast upon Hamnil for the crime. Seven more Silverveins were be found dead around Kaz’ulrah and the clan in desperation elected the legendary miner Glenn Silvervein as Clanfather. Glenn managed to make peace with the Frostbeard clan. and lead the Silverveins into a golden age before leading them over from Axios to Atlas.



Upon ariving to atlas, under the rule of Glenn Silvervein, Silverveins were treated honorfully, until, one day, Glenn was lost in the mines. That very day, Edel was elected clanfather of the Silvervein clan once more, and begun leading the Silverveins in military operations and growing their presence in the kingdom, hostilities would begin to form again between Frostbeards and Silverveins and upon the death of Verthaik the second, Hamnil Frostbeard would be elected king of Kaz'ulrah, due to their grudge against Hamnil and his attacks on the Silvervein clan where the Frostbeards would attempt murder on Edel Silvervein. At the year of 1649 Edel and Grilthram Grandaxe would decide to leave the dying city of Kal'Tarak, as they implemented the Darus Krom and became an Confederation of Clans they renamed the Kingdom of Kaz'ulrah into the Confederation of Two hammers, denounced Hamnil as a false king and moved the Capital to Karak'a'Azgaryum Later, the Cottonwoods, under the rule of Boldrumir Cottonwood had also joined the Confederation Of hammers.

Kaz'ulrah, and the orcs of Krugmar have raided the confederation multiple times, and hadn't won any of the raids. Edel had decided to step down as clan father, and Gimli "The Young" Silvervein, was elected as new clan father. Gimli took care of some business out of  the confederation, and was gone for two years. In that meantime, he made Thumril Silvervein a temporary clan father (Thumril wasn’t chose in a legitimate vote, hence why he isn’t in the clan fathers list). Few stone days later, Edel has disappeared into the blizzard. When Gimli returned, he decided to rename the clan to the Emberbanes, and to change all of the clans traditions. This act, has angered many of Edel's children, who decided to stay with their Silvervein name, Merek for example. Due to the constant raids from Kaz'ulrah, The Emberbanes and Hammerforges have decided to unite into one clan, the Grandaxes, and rejoin Kaz'Ulrah.


Years later, upon Edel's returning, he reformed the Silvervein clan, and his eldest son, Dwarger would leave the Grandaxes, and join him. Edel then decides to step down as clan father, and Varrick Silvervein, bringer of the Nastrada bloodline, was chosen to be the new clan father. Some years pass, and Zokhamli "The Expander" was chosen to be the new clan father, under Zokhamli's rule, and with Dwarger's help, the clan has grown bigger than ever before, and has entered their second golden age. Many hostilities were still held upon the Silvervein, and Zokhamli had managed to fix almost most of them. Zokhamli also decided to cancel the Blue-Silver Concordat, because of the Stormfists clan fathers wish. Then Zokhamli decides to travel, and step down as clan father, and Dwarger "Saviour" Silvervein is chosen to be the new clan father, and under his rule, Silverveins have kept growing, and were half of the Kaz'Ulrah vanguard. Dwarger then decides all casts need a reformation: To the warrior cast, Rangers were added. To the scholar cast, Alchemists, and the Remembrances were added. To the worker cast, Smiths, builders and miners  were added. During the Ord rebelion, the Silvervein clan was rather neutral, but more on Kaz'ulrahs side. When the war was basically over, even before it started, Dwarger was chosen to be the high marshal of Kaz'ulrah, and was the first Silvervein council member.


At the date of 11th of Sun’s Smile, 1680, Dwarger had decided to put an end to all of the old rivalries with the Cottonwood clan, and with the help of the Cottonwood Chief: Bjor “Sagurtits” Cottonwood, they formed the Silver-Wood Alliance. An alliance which stopped and past problems, and will stop any problems in the future. During his time as clan father, Dwarger decided to build a Silvervein Village, and name it Kal’Thry. It was built at the edge of Garronds vale, and was planned by Zurghamli and Buernoc. At 1683, Edel Silvervein, in elections that shocked most of the dweds of Kaz’ulrah,  was chosen to be Kaz’Ulrah’s High king, making him the first, and at the time of writing the only Silvervein King to ever be. Three stone days later he was denounced by the former queen of Kaz’ulrah, and in a vote he was impeached with only clan Goldhand disagreeing to the impeachment and voting against it. The reasoning behind Korallon’s decision, is that Edel got kidnapped and shaved by the humans of the Orenian Empire. Even the Silvervein clan, under Dwarger has voted for the impeachment, Dwarger never stated the reasoning behind his decision. 


At the year of 1684, Dwarger had decided to bring back the Silverveins to their true home. At the year of 1684 Dwarger had decided to bring the Silverveins back to their roots. At the year of 1684 Dwarger had decided return the Silvervein to the Confederation of Hammers, with the entire clan but Jadron, Dwarger’s Uncle, agreeing. His decision was treated badly and poorly in the Kingdom Of Kaz’Ulrah, quickly evicting the Silvervein Clan hall. Dwarger didn’t really care about Kaz’Ulrah anymore, hence why he didn’t give a single **** about any of it. In the Confederation though, the Silvervein were welcomed back with open arms. Doing this action made Dwarger one of the founders of the Council of Agnarum.


At the date of 8th Of Deep Cold, 1685, the legendary Dwarger Silvervein, had stepped down as father, an act which surprised all members of the clan. Urist Silvervein took his place, former Workers Cast head and Clan Harrold. Urist made Dwarger and Glenn II his Harrolds, which made Dwarger the only Silvervein to be Harrold three times. Before stepping down, Dwarger made the first Silvervein Relic: “Dwarger’s Castrater”, A knife made out of a giant leech’s tooth, which Dwarger used to cut said leech balls off.  Dwarger had decided to step down while the Silvervein clan kept growing, and their golden age had continued during his days as clan father.


Urist, as the new clan father, became the first Silvervein hammer, in the newly named Confederation Of  Agnarum. The renaming was the result of the Kingdom of Bogrin and the Confederation of Hammers deciding to merge as they had similar goals like achieving Dwarven unity. Urist had decided to make his harrold, former clan father, Dwarger the Silvervein thane, making him the second Silvervein hammer. 3 years after he was chosen, Urist decided to step down for unknown reasons. During his reign, alot of the clan members disappeared into the wilderness, Glenn II, the harrold for example, hence giving him the title “The Destroyer”. Between the Silverveins disappearing, Jadron is included, Edel’s brother. Dwarger had did his best to keep the clan alive, he brought many of his own sons and daughters to the clan, hoping to keep it alive. With Urist stepping down Dwarger was chosen to be the clan father yet again, making him the only clan father to be chosen twice (Edel wasn’t chosen the next two times, he revived the clan). He decided to make Mervel and Korvak his harrolds, and name Korvak a Clan Elder. Before stepping down, Urist decided to make his own relic: “Urist’s Walking Sticks”.


At the year of 1690, the almighty Glenn Silverein, the first, has returned from the mines, he quickly went back to the mines. Dwarger gave him Clan Elder title, and made him incharge of the clan economics. During the Third Atlas Coalition war, the Silverveins alongside the Kingdom of Agnarum remained neutral, however, during the Siege of Nordengard, the Clan Father, Dwarger, decided to help the Anti-Empire Coalition. At the year of 1692, Mervel has disappeared to learn alchemy, during a tavern gathering, a probably drunk Dwarger decides to make Urist his harrold, the decision remained however, even after Dwarger wasn’t drunk. At the year of 1694, Dwarger finally found out who killed Boreas Silvervein. Years after his murderer, it turns out the murder wasn’t a murder, but a suicide. Later that year, Dwarger decided to sign an alliance along side the Stormfists. The alliance was later known as The Alliance Of Silver-Storm. At the year of 1695, Dwarger has decided to replace Korvak as the 2nd Silvervein, and make Urist “The Destroyer” Silvervein, the 2nd Silvervein hammer. During the next couple of years nothing major happens, until the Fourth Frostbeard Rebellion. It started as a raid on the newly constructed front gate of Agnarum. Three Silverveins defended fiercly during that raid, but in a failed charge attempt they were defeated. It taught Dwarger many, and such mistake wasn’t repeated.


At  9th of Sun’s Smile, 1699 Dwarger changed the clan. He removed casts,  and changed the Trials. At the year of 1702, Kal’Azgaryum was a attacked… by a giant mutated, double headed spider. Dwarger, fearlessly defeated the creature, almost by himself, how? He rode the damn thing chocked it, and ripped one of its heads off. After the incident, the spider turned into a giant steam cloud, cooking Dwarger, in which, he almost died.  At the year of 1705, Dwarger decided to make his uncle, Jadron Silvervein his second Harrold, and announced that he will be stepping down as clan father soon.



Upon landing at Arcas, the Silvervein’s, lead by Dwarger started dwindling in numbers. Four years after landing on Arcas, the Silvervein’s went through a major change. The whole clan culture was changed: Falcon became the new representative animal, the sigil was changed, axe became the major weapon of the clan, and much more.


At the 7th of Sun’s Smile, 1713, the Clan Legend, Dwarger Silvervein stepped down as clan father. After 25 years of service. His place took Mervel Silvervein, who will always be known for not attending the election he won. To that elections, many new Silverveins have arrived, giving Dwarger hope, that he left the clan in good hands. Shortly after becoming Clan Father, Mervel decided to make the two Clan Legends, Zokhamli and Dwarger his thanes.


At the year of 1719 Mervel “The Disgraced” Silvervein Frostbeard stepped down as clan father, and left the clan. By doing so he became an oathbreaker, and a grudge was declared, as a result, he was banished from the clan. At the 5th of Sun’s Smile, 1722 after a heated debate between the three candidates, Urist Howler and Kimarai, each explaining his point of view Urist. ended up winning after many of the dwarves voting decided to change their vote. He made Dwarger, Zokhamli and Bazdel his thanes. After many years of silence, the Silverveins once more became dominant, with old clan-mates returning, such as Kiblo and Glenn, new ones joining, and with Dwarger getting positions within the Under-Realm’s leadership.

It wasn’t long after this massive change and burst in returning members, that the Silvervein Clan slowly started to disappear from this face of the earth and became a nothing among the forgotten clans. Yet in the year of 1754, one of the oldest living clan members called Jadron Silvervein returned to the dwarven city and spoke with the “last silvervein” Dwarger. They agreed upon returning the clan to its former self and Jadron has since then ruled the clan as Clan Father towards a more original and correct Silvervein Clan.       



Silvervein Trails

First Silvervein Trial is to forge a mighty weapon, this is to resemble the workers part of the clan. Clan father, or clan elder will inspect the weapon, and decide if the beardling has passed.


The second Trial is to write a short thesis about the Dwarven religion: The Brathmordakin. This is to resemble the scholarly part of the clan, as well as teach the beardlings about the Brathmordakin. A clan father of Clan Elder will inspect the thesis and decide if the beardling has passed.


The Third trial is to duel a warrior of the clan (rules decided not by the beardling). This is to resemble the warrior part of the clan. A Clan Father or Clan Elder will watch the duel and decide if the beardling has passed.


Finally, after completing all trials the beardling is to take a blood oath over the Fire Oath in front of the clan.


The Silver Oath

For as my veins are of silver,

I shall aid those of silver,

Honor my clan, my father, and my elders.

I shall swear loyalty to the clan of Silver, and my kin of blood

And protect that blood from harm to come.

For I am a Silvervein of Silver Blood


The Worship of Dungrimm

Like most of the Dwarven clans, the Silverveins follow The Brathmordakin, with the Patron God being Dungrimm.  The reasoning behind that is that the Silverveins believe in the greatness of war, and the glory of the afterlife. With Dungrimm being the god of both war, and guardian of the dead, he was chosen to be the Patron God.


Axes and their meaning

The axe is the main weapon of the Silverveins. The beardlings and simple clan members use a simple one-handed axe, and a shield, which they craft by themselves (alongside with help, if needed) And the Elders, Thanes, and Clan Father get to use a specially crafted two-handed axe, which is also crafted by themselves. The axe means a lot to the Silverveins and is important almost as their beard. If a clan member happens to lose his axe, he is dishonored as much as a shaved dwarf. The only way to regain your honor is through the Frostborn trial. After completing the trial, they need to either reclaim it or simply craft a new one. Incase a two-handed axe was lost (An Elder, Thane, or Clan Father axe)  the owner of the axe must reclaim the axe within a year (Irl Week), otherwise they will be forced to step down, (incase of Thane or Father), and they can't be chosen again for another 20 years. However if they are a Clan Elder, they will not lose that title.


After every major battle (aka warclaim) a Silvervein carves a notch on the handle of his axe, indicating that he had attended the battle. The more notches a Silvervein has, the more respected he becomes.


Another weapon Silverveins commonly use is small throwable axes-being their major ranged weapon. They are commonly referred to simply as Throwing Axes.



Awooga, dating back all the years to the original Confederation of Hammers, the Awooga battlecry is believed to be first shouted by Dwarger Silvervein during one of the Frostbeards raids on Karak-A-Azgaryum.




Silvervein are often seen wearing various versions of their armor, due to their heavy connection with battle and war. It is common for Silvervein to wear other types of clothing and their generally don’t have a fixed type of clothing within the clan - it is, however, expected to wear the clothing of your cast at Clan Meetings.


The Silverveins have jet black hair, some may even have a darker shade of orange hair, but that's rather rare. They tend to have blue eyes due to their Frostbeard bloodlink. The Silvervein are mountain dwarves making them stocky and hardy because of this they are also taller than their cave dwelling counterpart. It's also not uncommon to see Silvervein with silver grey hair and grey eyes which, however, are a bit rarer.


Honor, family, and prudence, these are the three character traits that define a Silvervein. Despite being a young clan the members of the silverveins have shown time and time again their ability not to fall two times over the same rock. From their inner struggles with their brother clan the Stonemaces, the silverveins learned prudence, and the ability to purge emotions when they are not necessary, as they have seen that the eagerness of the now almost extinct Stonemaces have caused the clan much harm. When it comes to family Silvervein loving, this same loving nature extends to their neighbours and friends. Despite this loving nature the Silverveins just like almost all dwarven clans do not hesitate to protect those they hold their even if it means giving up their life. Honor means something different for each dwarven clan, to the Silverveins it means to be selfless when it comes to your people, to keep your word, and to obey the will of the Brathmordakin.


Edel Silvervein

Edel Silvervein has done much more to the Silvervein clan then any other Silvervein, Dwarf, or any other living being. Edel had founded, and liberated the clan from Throri “Dishonorable” Stonemace, he signed the Blue-Silver Concordat,  he formed the Confederation Of Hammers, the true home of the Silvervein Clan, he revived the clan twice, and these are only few of his achievements. 


Thalrim Silvervein

Thalrim Silvervein, beside from being chosen to be the Clan father,  he had decided to stay loyal to his roots even during the darkest ages of the Silverveins he stayed loyal to his clan. Instead of joining the Frostbeards, he and few others decided to be Mugbeards, when Gimli changed the clan’s name to Emberbanes, Thalrim stayed loyal to the Silverveins. Besides staying loyal to his routs, when Edel revived the clan in the realm of Atlas, Thalrim helped him.


Zokhamil Silvervein

Zokhamli Silvervein has done many things to the clan, he was chosen to be the clan father, changed the trials, and had made the clan bigger then ever before and he has calmed the winds with many former enemies of the clan, such as the Frostbeards.


Dwarger Silvervein

Dwarger Silvervein is arguably the Silvervein to have done more to the clan then any other Silvervein but Edel. He was chosen to be clan father twice, has continued expanding the clan even after Zokhamli left, signed the Silver-Wood Alliance, brought the Silverveins back to their true home, to the Confederation. Years later Dwarger completely changed the Silverveins aswell and years after all his kin vanished, Dwarger still remained loyal to the clan.


The Great Book of Silverveins

The Great Book of Silverveins, first written by Edel Silvervein, and passed on between the clan members. The books records all of the clans traditions, bloodlines, history, members, and more.



The first home of the Silvervein clan. A city founded by the Frostbeards, and first capital of Kaz’Ulrah.



The second capital of Kaz’Ulrah, founded by Verthaik II.



A city founded by Edel Silvervein, And Grilthram Hammerforge. The capital of the Confederation of Hammers.



A city founded by Dwarger Silvervein and built my Zurghamli



A city founded by the Kingdom of Agnarum, and its first capital. Named after the Original Azgryum.



A city founded by the Kingdom of Agnarum, its first capital on Arcas, and later, ruled by the Under-Realm of Urguan.



Current Clan Father

Jadron Silver (MCVDK, MCVDK#9258)


Current Members

Jadron Silvervein {MCVDK}

Dwarger Silvervein [LionEY_}

Howler Silvervein {ImWolfie} 

Ella Silvervein {KingRift}




Clan Elders

Vailmere Silvervein {Nuttellaboi}            

Norkai “The Tower” Silvervein {Mateolog}            

Gurth Silvervein {Hot_Dip}        

Varrick Silvervein {SuicidalAngel}        

Zokhamli Silvervein {StripezPurple}        

Dwarger “Saviour” Silvervein {LionEY_}        

Urist Silvervein {HeadCrabD}        


Former Clan Fathers

Edel "Honourable" Silvervein {Wrenik}            

Boreas Silvervein {mateolog}            

Thalrim Silvervein            

Glenn Silvervein {Glenndriver}        

Gimli Silvervein {SinisterBlades}            

Varrick Silvervein {SuicidalAngel}            

Zokhamli Silvervein {StripezPurple}            

Urist Silvervein {HeadcrabD            

Dwarger Silvervein {LionEY_}        


Former Members

(If any of the following people return, they shall be removed from this list.)

Ragnar Silvervein {maxbrix}                    

Dain Silvervein {Dain_Ironhill}            

Derek Silvervein {AssAssinAro}            

Danella Silvervein {Midnightparty299}            

Valia II Silvervein {Azilerle}            

Yorrick Silvervein {Emedude13}            

Elma Silvervein {Alfredasl}        

Thalrim Silvervein {Aevery}            

Thelma Silvervein {KingRift}            

Thumril Silvervein {D3F4LT}            

Kiblo Silvervein {Kinblood}        

Glenn Silvervein {Glenndriver}        

Tesel Silvervein {CuteCastero}            

Gimli Silvervein {SinisterBlades}        

Rahgrath Silvervein {omgsorandom}        

Loksu Silvervein {AlphaMickeal1}        

Eldheir Silvervein {voldock}        

Rose Silvervein {_Blutige_}        

Tholi Silvervein {_Mason_}                

Morrigan Silvervein {PopeOnWeeb}        

Dylar Silvervein {zeCarpet}        

Gluum Silvervein {Dr_HeadCrabD}        

Mervel "Muncher" Silvervein {BoxBoiy}        

Murzan Silvervein {Trigamar}            

Buernoc Silvervein {Eteriani}            

Yaralin Silvervein {Boonay_}

Volund Silvervein {TonTonV2}            

Droj Silvervein {CobrE}            

Dosethra Silvervein {Bulbine}            

Ulgynd Silvervein {Vojta901}            

Glenn II Silvervein {Ninjask1ller}            

Embo Silvervein {Mr_Piggy}        

Galin Silvervein {SHAWNTHEPRO32}        

Edel II Silvervein {Mssketcher}        

Jongroul Silvervein {Ultrafoxz}        

Tormir Silvervein{Repme}        

Norohan Silvervein {Gioia24}            

Reynleil Silvervein{}    


Banished Members   

Throri Stonemace {TJB_Minecraft}        

Bjorke Silvervein {Wolvorn}        

Mervel Frostbeard {Boxboiy}        




Recruitment is a fairly simple process, if you wish to play a direct descendant of a Silvervein then it is highly suggested to contact MCVDK (MCVDK#9258) or LionEY_ (LionEY#7020) in order to be put in contact with the right people. If you simply want to be apart of the Clan with a dwarf that has found this clan interesting then please fill out the following.


Recruitment Format

Mc Name:

RP Name:



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I remember when Edel Silvervein captured Olive Burrows for use as an enslaved barmaid.

Yeah, the halflings weren’t happy about that one. One of the Druid halflings shoved bees up Edel’s nose or something.

Those were the times man, back in the good ol’ days when the map was horrendously large and every city had a cleric barrier to stop spooks.

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2 hours ago, TJB_MinecraftBanAppeal said:

((ooc note. Please edit your ******* history. Throri never tried to rape his daughter. Change it as it never happened and it's slander.

(( To take a quote from the new Netflix Witcher series “Truth doesn’t create history”. It is a believed part of the Silvervein history and they’ve yet to have anyone prove to them that it is wrong. Therefore it shall stay in their history.

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On 2/13/2020 at 10:15 PM, MCVDK said:

Edel would take claim to the title of Clanfather, and after a vote was held before the king of Kaz’ulrah Verthaik II and other prominent Dwarves Edel was Elected Clan Father of the Stonemace clan. his first action was to be to reunite the clan with the Frostbeard clan. However, the high king of Kaz’ulrah decided that Edel can keep the clan, and so he did. He  changed the clan completely, and named it the Silvervein Clan, as their honor was as pure as the silver veins in the mountains

((Norkai, Throri, and Edel where the only ones voting *cough cough*)) ((no mention of Edel’s death? ? ))

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Silvervein History is Complex and not easy to sumourice, mean did it mention the l legandary duel that Destroyed urguan? Don’t recall if it did.


aprove tho, Edel was a flawed mean arogant and greedy dwarf, but without him there would be no Silvervein clan. All his flaws has good sides too. Terribal father, great leader. Neglectiv Husband. Great politican.


in the end it was fun roleplay and thats whats importent ? (yeah wondering why Edel’s death wasn’t mentioned or the success of his short raign, might been inpished after only 3 days but appart from the human kidnaping he did a lot of good gor Dwarven activity during hose 3 days)

On 2/13/2020 at 11:14 PM, NotEvilAtAll said:

I remember when Edel Silvervein captured Olive Burrows for use as an enslaved barmaid.

Yeah, the halflings weren’t happy about that one. One of the Druid halflings shoved bees up Edel’s nose or something.

Those were the times man, back in the good ol’ days when the map was horrendously large and every city had a cleric barrier to stop spooks.

❤️ good rp, was going on the ”Frostbeards Natzis, Silverveins SS” mentality, that was short lived haha

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Did you know that Throri will make the Stonemaces a clan once more not giving a **** about Edel? Next did you know that 1 +  1 = amount of silverveins that are active in the clan?



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