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[World Lore] - The Breaching of the Veil

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Attacked by an unknown being of immense power, the Archdaemon Iblees was gravely wounded. In an attempt to save his own life, he retreated from his realm, mustering every ounce of strength he had left in order to return to Moz Strimoza. In his futile efforts, he overexerted himself, his corpse crashing through the cosmos into the infernal realm. Such a tremendous impact rendered the patchwork holding the plan together undone, fragments of Moz Strimoza hurling themselves outwards into the vast expanses of space.


These shattered fragments, having traversed through the cosmos, reached the Veil, tearing through it like a knife through cloth as they were consumed by its immense power. This occurrence, however, disturbed the Veil, sending the Void into a cataclysmic state which allowed Horrors, Terrors, and even Behemoths to enter foreign planes and carry with them Voidal Influence like a disease. This sent the Aengudaemons on high alert, warning one another not to travel throughout the realms lest they risk being consumed. Unfortunately, many Aengudaemon were oblivious to such a warning, heading back to their home realms and traversing space freely with little care. It was Metztli who was one such like this, who was returning from the mortal plane back to her realm, at which she was quickly intercepted by the hosts of the Void and consumed. The Daemon of Freedom too, Vaelan, was destroyed by the Horrors which prowled the cosmos, due to his refusal to lock himself within his own realm.


With little to protect them, the realms of both Metztli and Vaelan were consumed by the insatiable appetite of the Horrors. The remaining of Metztli’s realm would watch as remnant shards of Moz Strimoza crash into the mortal plane, disrupting the flow of time around them as they submerged themselves into Aos.




Having already devoured the two Aengudaemonica and their realms, the Horrors continued to prowl about the cosmos, seeking any other being foolish enough to depart from their own realm. The Vigil, one of the Three Primordials acting as the lone guardian of the Veil, made a swift effort to seal these breaches. Unfortunately, such an attempt would be considered futile as the Behemoth Oshoggos’chlubb slammed his titanic form into the Veil, creating a massive breach which rendered all others insignificant. Alarmed by such a development, The Vigil focused all of his efforts upon repairing the damage inflicted by the Behemoth, allowing many Horrors to slip past his watchful gaze, seeking out anything that they could devour further.


Such a breach resulted in unorthodox mutations within the mortal realm, serving as a catalyst for the manifestation of the Void Monoliths, which formed strongholds that the Void could use to grapple to the realm. These strongholds, known as Heath, were terrain which had been warped and scarred by the Void, creating bizarre and abnormal lands, the likes of which brought further the plague of the Void into our realm.



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