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Cataclysm [RP]


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Long has it been since the Legions of Atem have swept across the realms of the Far East. From the Gray mountains to the Dnedic Coast, they leveled every fortress, besieged every city, salted every land which dared to resist. Upon the fields of Mercath, where Prince Orin fell, the final embers of resistance were extinguished.

But behind conquest’s iron boot, came civilization the likes of which had never graced the Far East before. Great roads, monolithic temples, and sprawling libraries took root, spreading rapidly across the region. Yet in adherence to the laws of the universe, nothing is destined to last forever. The rule of Atem, like all things, crumbled beneath the weight of its own power. Hundreds of years of conquest, washed away in mere decades.

That which exists now is naught but a shadow of what once was, marauding warlords, jockeying for power over the decaying corpse of an empire. New states and peoples, long since oppressed, enslaved or, perhaps in positions of power, the sole guides of their own destiny. Upon which paths they will tread, none can say..



“To those who dwell within the space between spaces, there is nothing... Eons evaporate in mere minutes. The inevitable march of time, it devours all…”

An orb of pristine blue shone towards the heavens as the snow fell to the earth, accumulating around it. In the distance, the calls of wild beasts, snow crunching beneath boots, shouts ring out. The wind howls, biting into the skin of men like daggers. The orb flickers and dims..

“I have observed much. Nature here.. is vile. There is much misery. The trees cry out. The birds do not sing, they screech out in pain...”

Reflected within the orb is an ocean of stars. An unseen cosmos, the heavens themselves pouring down. A comet glistening across the midnight sky.

“A wretched curse weighing on the entirety of the landscape. All who venture upon it are doomed to reap his share. A land created in anger, born of spite. Even the stars within the firmament are chaotic in nature, they are disarrayed, disorganized. I have observed much. Among all things, perhaps unseen.. There is a certain harmony which exists...”

Then, Darkness.

The Year is 865 of the 14th Age, According to the Calendar of Atem

Crimson Order

From all corners of the Sea of Chtor, the Order has drawn from and consolidated. Rid of any foreign influence, the red men now look outwards, seeking blood and bounty. Within the Wulff swamps, disturbances reverberate, and whispers reach the Order’s ears..

Kingdom of Kastovia

Through blood and steel the realm of Kastovia was once more unified. The traitorous uncle and his followers dispatched of. Now more centralized than ever, Kastovia’s path is unclear. To the west, the banners of Antramar march north as King Savos lays waste to large swathes of the Midlands, one of the numerous side effects of the Orevian-Antramarian war..

Point of Interest: Upon the coast of the Wine Sea, many a fishermen have sworn they saw the water pouring from an unseen source..

Point of Interest: Among a series of rolling hills, the site of a great battle continues to burn, metaphorically of course....

Mitrovic Empire

From humble beginnings, the Empire has risen. West, east, into the sea of Chtor, there are many directions for which the emperor to channel his ambitions.

Resources: From the southern stretches of the empire word filters of an undocumented weed. It grows in great stalks, capped with numerous red-orange buds, perhaps further study is in order?

Kingdom of Krolestwo

The Treaty of the Thousand, an event which will no doubt live on in historical records till the end of time. Here, men will say, began the birth of a most righteous and glorious kingdom...

League of Perasma


It has been long since the Perasmians set out on their great expedition. As news from the west dwindled, so too did opposition to independence. Separated from the empire, and within the ambitious hands of the newly appointed Archon, who is to stop the League now?

Point of Interest: Fydor’s Bastion- Built upon rough cliffs of the wind blasted isle stands a great fortress. Built from black stone, and clearly weathered through dozens of sieges, a stout keep surrounded by two layers of walls dominates the natural harbor positioned just south of it.

Pachaqui Kingdom

Curators of the Mantle, isolated from the great turbulence and destruction of the Atemic Collapse, the people of Pachaqui now emerge. Seeking new riches, upon which path will they travel, war or diplomacy? Perhaps both, perhaps neither, nonetheless, the Earth guides them..


Grand Principality of Rostukhov


A land of endless bounty, vibrant culture, and ancient history. For centuries a vassal underneath their Atemic overlords, Rostukhov now stands as presumptive masters of the Vestvelt. Where the house of Ademichev will lead the Principality, remains to be seen..

Resources: Much talk fills the ears of a local Dvoryanin, apparently the local serfs have stumbled upon a plant not yet encountered in this region. Surely they would know, their families have been living there for since.. well .. uh.. Forever? Perhaps it is worth looking into.

Chicahtoc Empire

Born from blood and fear, the nine tribes are unified, submissive before the grandeur of Emperor Chicahtoc! Still, the shaman read omens, they proclaim that the gods look favorably upon the empire, and there is still much to do…

Kingdom of Ardes

Beloved by all, wise, and cautious, His Royal Majesty has guided Ardes into a period of unprecedented prosperity. No doubt, the coming years will bring many trials and much turbulence, will Ardes summon the strength to forge ahead?

Point of Interest: Upon the mouth of Arles, a great site stands, unperturbed by the passing of time. It is said that a great battle was once fought here..

Kingdom of Rhorric

Masters of horse, bane of Atem, never have the lands of Rhorric been subject to foreign rule, protected by the vast Rhydian marshes to the west, and Darkwood to the east, from here, their path is uncertain..

Point of Interest: Many speak of a ruin, peaking through the edge of the Darkwood, dominating its surroundings.

Ishikawa Shogunate

Long has the House of Ishikawa ruled over their isles, ever watchful of the Sea of Fydor in service to the Eternal Emperor’s final command. Here, time slows to a crawl, and life is slow.. But yet the priests report, great winds blow from the east, in the ears of the Shogun spirits whisper that they herald a great task..

Resources: On the isle of Kurosima, among the sprawling terraces of the south, a wagie’s hoe strikes a something hard, and a terrible explosion rips his surroundings apart, vaporizing him instantly. At its center is a pale green stone, how curious…

City-State of Salvus

Emergent from the trials of the past, Salvus is one of the largest cities to exist within the continent, rivaling even the Great Aldemar in size- though not in majesty, surely, there is much work yet to be done…


Solitude and service to the gods, such has been the way of Kemet for aeons. When the vile legions of Atem tore through the continent, trampling over the faithful, disrupting the very nature of existence, the gods were patient in their retribution! In time, their will delivered, and the men of Atem struck down, and with them the old ways!

Venerate the Eye of Kemet, for the gods would see the endless nation grow beyond its river!

Resources: On the northern reaches of the Jade Sea, many have come across a strange weed, it grows in great stalks, with buds of red-orange hue.

Point of Interest: They say a great man was once laid to rest here, once master of all creation, many claim that great gatherings of unknown folk accompanied by great blasts of light occur often at such a place, but slaves see many things…


Samalstraza, a great beacon of enlightenment within a sea of darkness! Masters of the Arcane, and seekers of knowledge. Many a scholar and king alike travel upon the Runeway, to the ancient fortress in search of knowledge and council. The path ahead is shrouded in shadows, perhaps only the men of Ninur are capable of peeling them away…

Choranic Empire

Servants of the creator, heir to the heavens, the Choranic Empire dominates both wood and prairie, though none exist to directly challenge them, their path will no doubt be filled with numerous obstacles...



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Pachaqui Kingdom






10,000,000 Chimuquera (Human)


People of note:

King Thonaqan Micchuqui – 22 years

(Leadership 5, Martial 3, Charisma 5, Arcana 0, Agility 0)


Archpriest Solameqan Nugguchuqui Payama – 41 years

(Leadership 1, Martial 1, Charisma 2, Arcana 9, Agility 0)


Warmistress Theaqui Suppucchi – 27 years

(Leadership 4, Martial 6, Charisma 1, Arcana 0, Agility 2)




Cities & Settlements:

Osocchi Appachaqui, the city of the skies (capital city) – Low Stone Walls

Nidipaquichi Picchu (city)– Low Stone Walls

Totomachi (city) – Low Stone Walls

Oyopaqachi (city) – Low Stone Walls


Civil Infrastructure:

56 farms (8 nodes)




Military Infrastructure:

1 Castle, 1 Fortress (Start)


Armed Forces:

2,500 Medium Infantry (T3 Regular)

2,500 Plumed Archers (T3 Regular)


Garrison Forces (cities & fortifications):

1,700 Medium Infantry (T3 Regular)

900 Plumed Archers (T3 Regular)


Naval Forces:






Base: 10,000 Quti

Settlements: 3,000 Quti

Taxes: 20,000 Quti



Armed Forces (-20%): 2,000 Quti




Year 865


A dream of an eagle soaring high above the mountains, whilst in the valleys below the mountain lions growled up the hills. In between on a plateu with a wide view stood the King, shackled to a giant boulder with shackles of gold. The ground was sloped and the boulder shifting slowly towards the abyss that was formed out of the gaping throats of the hungry mountain lions. The king struggled to move away and higher up, but the boulder drags and drags down.


A strange vision the Archpriest noted to King Thonaqan, but perhaps Mama-Pacha wanted to show him where complacency might lead. He must stay ahead of potential threats and keep his head above things like the eagle to maintain a superior outlook. The boulder and the shackles represent the responsibilities and the people that bind the King in duty to them. Upon hearing the wise man’s explanation, the King was ascertained in his intentions and knew what had to be done. Prosperity, peace and security. One step at a time, a plan is forged and set into motion from the highest peak in the Chiquimutan Mountains. He must not hesitate, he must begin now, in his fourth year of reign. The outside world does not wait for him to be ready.




As per decree of the young King, new farmland must be prepared to acommodate the growing demand of food by the steadily growing population. So far the Chimuquera had no issue with their nutrition, but the King does not intend to have it become a matter. (-9,000 Quti for 2 farms)


Both Totomachi and Oyopaqachi receive the trade districts required for the merchants from abroad arriving to properly sell their wares. They are strange men, but they are fair and their wares are good and in demand for the people of the Pachaqui Kingdom. (-18,000 Quti for 2 Trade Depots)


The remaining Quti, rectangular chips of gold are being stored in the treasury of Osocchi Appachaqui, in order to save it for the coming year, where coin might become much more needed. (-4,000 Quti)


In the meantime, the Archpriest Solameqan orders the exploration of the gifts of Mama-Pacha, the powers she has bestowed upon the Chimuquera. The subject shall be the rapid formation of rock spikes out of the ground in a straight line from the caster, to impale approaching enemies. Whilst it seems cruel, it is essential that the Chimuqueran people have the means to protect themselves properly. (Passive study)


The King sends missives to officially establish trade relations with the realms that are in range, namely Antramar, the Kingdom of Kastovia, the Aldemaric League, Mer’ak, Tomuk Oburakai (who however is more coming over himself), the Kingdom of Ardes, the Ishikawa Shogunate, the Crimson Order, the Mitrovic Empire and Krolestwo.


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Crimson Order of Schwarzburg-Sondershausen



Lord Captain Eckhardt Jurgen Von Stoltenburg of the Crimson Order of Schwarzburg-Sondershausen was not a person to be trifled with. Many others in the Order were far stronger, bigger, better with blades. But Eckhardt Von Stoltenburg had qualities few others lacked. He was a smaller Ordermen, considered short. Ironically amongst humans he would still be on their taller side. Regardless, within the Realm, he was seen as weak of body. But of mind, all bowed to his wisdom. The man was a born leader, and could convince any to follow them. So when he and his Black Guard rose to prominence, few could contest his rise. With the end of the Great Lindenbaum Civil War, a power vacuum had been wide open. This was quickly filled by the well established mercenary “Free Companies”. Already small powers in their own right, they proliferated Schwarzburg-Sondershausen. But now with peace, they were forced to look ahead....


And this is how Lord Captain came to be the most coveted rank within the Duchy. Recovering from four decades of Civl War, the Duchy was forced to look to the Free Companies. The only Orders still with power, troops, and gold. Thankfully the Free Companies were not wanton war lords. Instead they were former Atemic and Orevian lords, forced into service in disparity. They wanted a stable Duchy, not a chaotic free state. And so the six major Free Companies, and several dozen smaller ones, all came together. Chief among them was the Black Guard Free Company, led by none other than Lord Stoltenburg. This is how the Crimson Order came to be. The chief Captains all pledged eternal brotherhood, and service to The Duchy of Schwarzburg-Sondershausen. How stable this Order was? Only time will tell.






In more recent times the Crimson Order has shaped up somewhat. This sprawling land is home to many Deviants and Humans from across the Gulf of Chtor. The Lord Captain and his council of twelve Free Company Captains rule the land. The wounds of the Civil War were healing at long last, after years of recovery. And one thing was becoming very apparent in this modern time. The unified Crimson Army was growing in size and power yearly. And many smaller Free Companies were already clamoring for contracts. The Lord and Great Captains feared soon if blood was not found, blood would just be taken locally. And so The Crimson Order resolves to enter the foreign market. Their Mercenaries, Armor, and Weapons are of the highest tier. Surely they will soon find willing markets.


In the meantime, a FAR more prestigious contract is given out to a Free Company. The “Long Spears” were one of the most prestigious and veteran Free Companies. Grand Marshal of the Order Wilfried Lichtenfels commanded the Order’s unified army. But he used to lead the Long Spears, to great effect. The rival of the Black Guard, these two primary Free Companies were start differences. The Long Spears were noble, and far more merciful in battle. And this is why five hundred of the best of them are selected. To be commanded by Captain Gunter Neuhaus. This Captain and his Regiment will set out to none other then Samalstraza itself. They will serve with honor and distinction as an offer of tribute to the Mage Court.




*Perhaps the most concerning of all, was news from the Wulff Swamps. Always a deadly land, fertile with the blood of tens of thousands. It had hosted several massive battles in the days of the  Civil War. And now, the Capital of Lindenbaum seemed to be in a dark situation yet again. The Swamps seemed to offer no end of peril and blood to the Order. A retinue of One hundred and fifty of the Grand Marshals personal troops is assembled. The Troops, guides, and people who claimed the rumors in the first place will be given a simple order. To head to the source of the rumors pouring out of the Wulff Swamps. And to find out what was going on, and where it was coming from. Captain Ferdinand Viermetz of the Golden Pike Free Company is chosen to lead the sortie. The troops will not carry unwieldily  Pikes, instead opting for axes and shorter spears. 





Population; 10,000,000

Income; 33,000


Mod Actions


*Captain Ferdinand Viermet’z expedition into the Swamps..... [150 Free Company Soldiers]


Research Actions [Passive. TEN TECH]


Slot 1; ‘Heavy Infantry’


Slot 2; ‘Heavy Cavalry’


Slot 3; ‘Crossbows’


Financial Actions


Building 2 Commercial Districts -20k

Building 2 Farms -10k 

Treasury +3k 



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Chicahtoc Empire



Screams and yelps of pain and horror echoed from up above the altar structure based before Chicahtoc, his smile alluding to the enjoyment he felt hearing the slaves beg. Gingerly he handed his messenger the missive he had written during the ritual and quickly the boy ran down the never-ending steps of his home. Above him blood began to drip down the cracks of the stone to which he slid his finger through examining the ample bounty for his god before stepping out into the open air. Along the main forum placed at the start of his staircase, the commoners walked the hallowed grounds before the mass of altars placed along the periphery of the forums. It was the seventh day of the month and as usual it demanded the death of over 1,000 slaves in the name of Tonalli, the blood god.




The Chicahtoc’s first actions of the year were seemingly quiet to the rest of the world save for their neighbors as the first dispatchment of the Eagles would surprise any unsuspecting patrol or villager. The empire could not sit idly by without sacrificing more to the god in order for great growth. 


Actions - Expenditures [30,000 Gold]

(10,000 Gold) 2 Farms are tilled, built up and properly placed to ensure ample growth of Chicahtoc warriors.


(20,000 Gold) 2 Commercial districts, one being built in Chica and the other in the coastal city of Bratam.


[MOD] Dispatching 500 T3 Eagle Infiltrators to scout, plan, and report everything about the western borders of their neighbors the Pact of Wyom. 

Technology Research : [NA]

Magical Research: [2 Passive Slots, Magic 10]

[1 Passive Slot] Ritual of Regeneration: Experimentation with blood healing could possibly move from being an on the spot action to a long-term effect applied to the warriors of the nation. The master mage and adepts are given a task to begin experimenting with rituals in order to give warriors increase longevity and quicker recovery times.


[2 Passive Slot] Acid Blood Rain: Blood was the center of all things in Chicahtoc but most importantly it was based on the pain of their foes. If they could somehow imbue the blood of those fallen in battle into any passing storms or even conjure one, they could theoretically give it acidic properties to burn those below. 

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Ruler: HRM, King Sigismund IV of Kastovia

Population: 10,000,000

Starting Points: 10 Size, 10 Army, 6 Tech, 5 Loyalty

Trade Partners (10): Ardes, Crimson Order, Samalstraza, Krolestwo, Perasma, Rhorric, Khrav, Rhydia, Ishikawa, Mitrovic



The news of the Antramaran host marching northward beared down quickly and harshly upon people of the foothills of western Kastovia - so much so they beseeched their king to muster a force and maintain the integrity of Kastovia’s borders. Upon hearing news of the wake of destruction left behind King Savos’s campaign, King Sigismund IV of Kastovia readily obliged, taking some 3,000 men to the border. While he assumed favorable ground, his outriders had returned with critical information.


At the base of the hill, a beleaguered rider galloped back to the Kastovian host, bringing himself before King Sigismund. Weary and heavy of breath, he relayed his message to the Kastovian King. “My liege, the Andramaric host has bypassed our borders - bearing north. To Orev, I presume.”


Behind Sigismund stood a moderate coterie of the Royal Kastovian Army - having been heavily reduced to keep pace with economic development. Regardless, they were few, but elite, proudly flying the Kastovian eagle and anxious for a scrap. Yet, there’d be none this day. King Sigismund contemplated this new development, knowing he was in no position to get caught up in a senseless conflict between the Orevians and Andramarics. Thank the Lord, he thought, having feared the worst.  A determined incursion of that size could not be stopped – not at this moment. Regardless, a massive weight was lifted off his shoulders. Sigismund heaved a sigh of relief, thanking the scout, “Thank you for your efforts, decanus. Now get some rest.” he bid, the soldier bowing gratefully as he trotted off.


“Hm,” he thought, “While we’re out here, there is something I’d like to see...”


As battles incessantly and constantly raged across the Midlands - there was a site that he knew he had to visit. Rumors had trickled to him of the discovery of  the site of a great battle within the western hills of Kastovia. Perhaps worth investigating since they had come this far. He bid his cavalry commander to approach, bringing a small retinue to push towards the battle site.



While, the King was off sightseeing and stepping through the remains of the damned, Queen Anastasia had other plans, making arrangements for alliances with foreign powers, even if it meant parting with her beloved daughter, Karlotta to be betrothed to the son of the King of Krolestwo.




[MOD] Exploring the battle site.


[MOD] Sending unmarked scouts across the border to ascertain the military strength of Antramar



Arranging marriage alliance with Krolestwo.



Passive Research 1: Heavy Infantry

Passive Research 2: Crossbowmen



Total Income/Production: 35,000g, 56 Food

Base: 10,000g

Population 20,000g

Capital: 3,000g

POC Control: 2,000g

Cities (Excluding Starting 3): 0g

+5,000 from wagon


Army Upkeep:  -2,500g

Food Consumption: -56 Food (Population - 40, Cities - 16)


[10,000g] Constructing 2 Farms

[20,000g] Constructing Trade Depots in Kropiec and Barowitz


7,500 back to treasury



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Kingdom of Rhorric
Year 865


King Théor sat back in his seat, his wife next to him as they watched the lower floor of the hall. Their table shared by other lords of the realm and the courtiers and other visitors dined at the tables. A warm hearth heated the hall as it was filled with joy and singing. Commander Réodn laughed and slammed his hand on the table repeatedly as he shared a drink with his men.

The Kingdom has for years known peace and prosperity, and these court celebrations were a constant reminder of such. Odén remained off at the end of the table as his younger brother drank and laughed with the soldiers, quietly enjoying his mead.

So then..after my spear broke I charged the beast myself and wrestled it to the ground!” Réodn exclaimed, spilling ale from his mug as he grabbed the man next to him in a playful choke hold. “The beast was strong but I was stronger!” He let out a hearty laugh before letting the man go. “So what happened next?” Someone asked “Well of course I had to let the beast go.” he said with a serious demeanor.

The others at the table looked perplexed, Yold one of his lesser officers who sat across from him asked with a raised eyebrow. “
And why did you have to let the beast go?” Réodn grew a giant grin on his face “Well I couldn’t keep your mother from goin’ home now could I!?” The men laughed and the Commander blocked a splash of ale thrown at his face.

Théor chuckled, enjoying his meal and watching his men be merry. Odén dismissed himself after finishing his meal and drinks and headed out into the night, he wasn’t the merry man like Réodn was.

Base: 10,000g
5 Mil Pop: 10,000g
Capital: 3,000g
Eco 5 Start: 25,000g
Army Upkeep: -1,125g
Castle: -1,800
Total: 45,075g

Food Income/Needs
5 Million Population: -20 Units
2 Cities: -8 Units
28 Farms: 28 Units
Upkeep - Balanced

Available Manpower: 50,000
Army Cap: 12,500

==Passive Tech Research==
Tech - 6

1st Slot
Heavy Cavalry
Veteran Cavalrymen and Smith’s work together to find a way to create more protection for both a heavier armored soldier and proper protection for his horse. (Mod)

2nd Slot
Rumors from distant kingdoms tell of a bow like weapon that is capable of piercing even the heaviest of armors!...if you believe the stories, but nonetheless such an idea could prove useful in the defense of the Kingdoms Castles or Forts. (Mod)

==Passive Magik Research==
Magik - 5

1 slot
Essence as it is named after Nature itself, is bound to the Mantle in all forms. Nature brings about death, life, harm and even restoration..perhaps there is a way to heal the wounds of another though the use of Essence? (Mod)


Captain Odén leads his Darkwood Rangers to scout and investigate the so called Ruins that people have reported seeing at the edge of Darkwood forest (

2 Commercial Districts are constructed (20,000g)

2 Trade Depots are constructed (20,000g)

5,075g Unused.

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The Pérasmani League



Go next MP. 



Álympos Sector -




Gold (G) -

51,250 Income

50,000 Used

1,250 Stored

Steel (S) -

0 Income

0 Used

0 Stored

Army Production (AP) -

0 Income

0 Used

Ship Production (RP) -

0 Income

0 Used



Expenditures (40k C) -


As trade bolsters in the League, the need for MORE arises. As such, two trade depots are constructed; one in Limáni and the second in Monopáti. (20k G, 2 Trade Depots [2/2])


Two docks are produced and subsequently put to work… Issue is that they have no steel to work with… This will be addressed. Naturally, one to each city. (20k G, 2 Docks [1-1])


Mod (4, 10k G) -


While the settlers of the northern area continue their building, many more men head north aboard one of the mighty Exousia vessels the League has on hand. A total of 1000 men (750 citizens, 250  Noble Archers) make up the expedition as they move up the straight and find themself at a river’s beginning. Choosing not to waste the massive vessel as it needed elsewhere, they continue with smaller rafts up the river in search of anything remarkable.




One keep is constructed,to the unknown northern mouth of the Cradle, to stake a claim. All who oppose the expansion would see the ever present Exousia vessels nearby, looming with a powerful presence. (10k G, 1 Keep)




Diplomats are sent across the known world in search of potential trade partners, or perhaps some looking to trade goods such as steel or others. ((Buying steel/any other kinda special stuffs))


Yes, the ruins of Fydor’s Bastion. A once prideful, looming construct capable of withstanding siege after siege. Tales speak of it’s dense walls and expertly placed position to look across the island and its surrounding ocean. What lies within is unknown at the time, and as such 1,000 men (Noble Archers) are sent within to investigate for any squatters, or perhaps left-over equipment from those left behind. ((Specifically siege equipment, weaponry, armor, military gear, etc.))


Research (0) -


[PASSIVE SLOT 1 - Heavy Infantry] Quantity at the sacrifice for quality has never been the way of the Pérasmani people. As such, the order to create heavier, sturdier, and more effective armor is given. Obviously, simply putting plates on top of more plates won't do much good. The men must be mobile, yet protected and bring forth a new age of infantry warfare. [1 Turn(s) Invested]


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His Royal Majesty, Konrad III of House Karovid

[Leadership: 8 | Charisma: 4 | Martial: 1]

Year 865 of the 14th Age



The sun rises, and so a new day is born! People now awaken to the sounds of *****, heading off to the fields to plow and till, or to work in a cities’ numerous institutions. Nary a conflict in sight, no war, no banditry, no fuckery; life was good, and it was mostly thanks to Konrad’s prudent attitude. A rare King in this day and age of strife and war, Konrad in his youth was so deeply affected by the squalor a minority of his subjects were trapped within, that a great part of his life came to dominated by his various reforms to improve the quality of life. Workcamps gave rise to labour, and from the fruits of this, the economy was stimulated. Farms were maintained carefully, implementing a system of crop rotation to ensure there wouldn't be a shortage. 


His nobility (Schlacta) had been effectively stripped of much of their power by Konrad’s ancestors, resulting in a system of governance in which bureaucracy and centralization dominated the realm. The Crown would go on to dominating many of the estates throughout the Kingdom, corralling the remaining nobility in various pockets of land. In his wisdom, however, Konrad ensured the rights and privileges of the last few remnants of his nobility, so not to upset their camp. Granting special concessions for their undying loyalty.


Within his bureaucracy, Konrad implemented a system of core pillars, pawns on his board that would uphold his authority throughout the ever expansive systems of governance. Having a keen eye for talent, he would see the marriage of his younger brother and heir presumptive to the Duchess of Piez, securing the last bastion of potential dissidence to his rule. The Duchess herself proved adept in the arts of politics, and now represents the King in the Office of Interior Affairs.


It was within the Royal Army of Ardes that much of the political power lay. Having been a militant nation since its birth during the collapse of the Atemic Empire, Ardes has long since cultivated a culture of martial prowess. Families, no matter their station, are expected to send at least one offspring to bring glory and honor to their name. But much to the distress of the Ardesian Command, Konrad had neglected many aspects of the military during most of his reign thus far. In his quest for peaceful expansion, much of the armies had been disbanded, maintaining only the bare minimum. But with pressure mounting within its ranks, Ardes will no doubt once again see an explosive rate of growth, with its borders far expanding past its de facto claims.


But for now, the King’s Peace reigns supreme, and his people reap the benefits. 



Religion within Ardes is a convoluted topic of discussion. Ardesians have always been self determined, formulating their own ways of life and doctrines, rather than adhering to supposedly holy tenets, ever since their original rebellion against the Atemic Empire. Collectivism has had its hold on Ardesian communities for centuries now, with there being little room for individualistic mannerisms, from which a common goal was born for all to abide by, the greater good for all Ardesians. The promised neverland, where there is no pain to experience, a realm in which all Ardesians live in peace, the utopia on the horizon, an existence which must be taken by force. It is derived from this mindset that Ardesians are naturally tenacious, communal, and diligent in their activities, echoing out the motto of;

One People, One Country, One King


Magic, similar to Religion, plays little part in the grand scheme of Ardesian life. Having been internalized as just a simple presence not needing much attention, the manifesting and controlling of the elements have been regulated to a small cadre of those dedicated enough to delve fully into the arcane arts. To further explain, it is universally understood that the Elements (the purest form of life) are simply a way of life that affects every single inhabitant of the land and by simply existing to the best of their capabilities, they pay homage to the four pillars of the earth. It is also believed that after one’s death, their soul departs their bodies and is transferred to the River of Life, a great constellation that can be seen at night, resulting in the open air cremation of the deceased, in hopes that their soul may be carried away with their ashes.


Magic Spells


T2 Spell

Lighting Arc - Manifested forth from the tips of one's fingers, Ardesian mages are capable of drawing forth energy from their surroundings, utilizing their bodies as conductors as they condense raw and tumultuous power into a force capable of being dispelled towards enemies.


Can penetrate multiple targets, and explodes when meeting solid contact. Long range.


T1 Spell

Air Burst - Able to control the very winds themselves - a power usually thought to be too wild and chaotic to even think of doing so - Ardesian mages are capable of redirecting the will of nature to their own accord. Drawing forth on such a widely available aspect of nature, mages condense the air into the palm of their hands, releasing it in bursts of explosive energy towards their targets, capable of knocking away projectiles and knocking aside opponents even if not directly struck.


Short Range Martial Arts.



Upon the mouth of the Arles, from which the Fortress of Neuhof looms high above, garrisoned soldiers in the region stumble upon a peculiar sight. Somehow undisturbed after all this time, the ruins of a battlefield has come to the attention of the Fortress’ Castellan, who promptly organizes a search party to decipher whatever lore the site may hold. [Investigating Battlefield Point of Interest] 


As convoys of merchant vessels depart from the Bay of Arles to newfound destinations, seeking wealth to bring back home; it has come to the attention of the various Free Cities of Ardes need to overhaul their rudimentary trading practises. Thus warranting the centralization of the flow of commerce, leading to the founding of several warehouses, customs houses, and coin exchanges banking throughout the Kingdom. [Constructing three Trade Depots in the Cities of Lazly, Waldorf, and Krnov, 30,000g]


Furthermore; with the increase of population, and the expansion of territory past the Ardenwald, large swaths of land are made clear of any obstructions. Agriculture, husbandry, and the like, sprout up throughout the Kingdom, laying the foundations for new sources of food production. [Constructing two farms, 10,000g]


In a land torn asunder by conflicts and other cataclysms, like minded individuals must look to each other for a common sense of security and prosperity. Therefore resulting in the need to send diplomats to the Kingdoms of Kastovia and Krolestwo. At first, they speak only of pleasantries and other political affairs in the region, but slowly they do build up rapport, attempting to convince the various courts and leaders of their nations to commit their nation in an alliance.


And finally, upon the turning of his 78th winter, His Majesty Konrad, as he usually does during this time of year, sends another letter to the Elyic Chapter on his border, promising continued peace, and non-aggression.



10 Military, 5 Loyalty

Manpower; 15,000


2 (1000) Regiments of the Red Banners, T3 Regular

5 (2500) Regiments of Medium Infantry, T3 Regular

2 (1000) Regiments of Medium Cavalry, T3 Regular

1 (500) Regiment of Archers, T3 Regular



The Fortress of Neuhof: 300 Medium Infantry, 150 Archers.

The Castle of Pravda: 200 Medium Infantry, 100 Archers.

Capital, Pravid: 300 Medium Infantry, 150 Archers.

Lazly: 300 Medium Infantry, 150 Archers.

Waldorf: 300 Medium Infantry, 150 Archers.

Krnov: 300 Medium Infantry, 150 Archers.

Total: 2700 Medium Infantry, 850 Archers





Base Income:


Population: 10,000,000


Capital: Pravid


Ardesian Free Cities:



Total:  42,000




Ardasikarmee: 2500 Originally

2000, with 20% cheaper upkeep


Final Budget: 40,000 



Food Supplies


Food Nodes: 9

90 units of food available

Farms: 56

56 units of food produced

Consumption: 10,000,000 | 4 Cities

56 units of food consumed


34 units of food left to exploit




6 Tech


Passive Research Slot 1: Heavy Infantry

Passive Research Slot 2: Heavy Cavalry




1 Kingdom of Kastovia. 2 League of Pérasma. 3 Kingdom of Krolestwo. 4 Samalstraza. 5 Khrav (proposed). 6 Ishikawa Shogunate. 7 Elyic Chapter of East Ater (proposed). 8 The Imperial Electors of Orev (proposed). 9 Antramar (proposed). 10 Pachaqui Kingdom

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“Ater is full of mysteries. Make sure your true intentions remain one of them.”




-One Farm, 5000G

-One Trade Depot, 10.000G

-One Heavy Manufacture, 7.500G

-One Mine, 5.000G

-One Commercial District, 10.000G



Two Aspirants are brought into the fold. (16.000G)

Aspirant of the 1st Ascent of Light, Scalpel.

Aspirant of 3rd Ascent, Sargon, Rector of Blood.


Excess of 1.500 Nin’s are kept for next year.




Apernashûr, Aspirant 2nd Ascent, Scholar. 33.

Location: Wulif Swamps, the Crimson Order.


Rib, Aspirant 1st Ascent, Darkness. 17.

Location: Samalstraza, Nergal’s Gloam.


Megûra the Exile, Thrice Chosen, Order of the Vulture, 39.

Location: Darlea, Capital City.



The Three Ascendancies of the Aspirant - Sû Tur Ûrumet Iss Sû Yanàshu


The First Ascent - To be transformed by the Nimrevi Iss Yanash into the perfect image of Ninûric Ascent. This First Ascent changes one to have the looks of the Ninûrians of old. 


The Second Ascent - To be given a Ninûric name and shed your First Name.


The Third Ascent - To become a fully qualified member of the Samalstrazi Court, one must undergo the Third Ascent. This Ascent is known only to those who have experienced it and remains shrouded in mystery even to many within Samalstraza itself.


These Ascendancies define the status of an ashur within Samalstraza and are almost always included in ones titles. For example, a man such as our respected Rector of Knowledge, Jurû, should be addressed as Rector Jurû, Aspirant of Knowledge of the Third Ascent.” - Excerpt from ‘On the Social Stratification of Samalstraza, a study by Aspirant of the Second Ascent, Manûr, 13th Age.’




-Aspirant Apernashûr is tasked with investigating the strange occurrences within the Wulif Swamp, far south within the realm of the Crimson Order. He goes there alone, accompanied only by his quill and parchment.


-The Court of Samalstraza invites the Ishikawa Shogunate and the Perasmian League to send delegates to Samalstraza to discuss the underlying tensions between the two nations. Samalstraza offers to suggest it’s own concept to appease the two trade powers, the so called Treaty of Ashnel Rûsha. They cordially request that both heed this call, in order to prevent any needless bloodshed.


-Samalstraza requests the chance to open an embassy in Orev and Atramar, and perhaps even install a courtier within the respective courts. At the same time, they try to investigate any news they may have about the origin of this war and why exactly it has continued so far. [MOD]


-[Redactoided] (10.000G)


-A small expedition is sent to the nearest location of interest, to inspect the possible rumors about its location.



Spells Research (5 slots)


T2 -Blood/ritual: Blood of Nashorazirpal - Any Samalstrazi envoy sent out to advise a king is bathed in the Blood of Nashorazirpal before leaving. This ritual is supposed to give the user the ability for limited regeneration. While it cannot truly stop any major wound, it is supposed to prevent poisons from killing them by regenerating the damage they cause within the envoy’s system.


T3 -Alchemy/enchantment: Ring of A Hundred Voices - Rings given to Samalstrazi envoys which allow them to understand and speak any of the common languages of the world in a flawless accent that is perfectly adapted to those around them.


T1 -Scholar/past: Orlî iss Atrapûr - The user is capable of gaining limited insight into the past only, able to conjure up a ‘3D’ vision of what occured to the area around them, or an item that they have touched. It cannot go back too far into the past.


T2 -Light/purity: Em-Kashig iss Bellet-Ill - The user touches another, afflicted by a curse, nightmares, or any sort of non-natural disease or affliction, and is able to reduce or completely negate the effects based on the severity of the case.


T5 -Sû Shastûr Iss Ninûr: [secret]


Tech Research (1 Slot)


-The Telescope: Work is put into creating a telescope capable of being carried by one or two men or in a cart, and assembled to look up into the heavens or across great distances.

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The Ishikawa Shogunate



“Tell me of the continent, Katsumi.”


“What more do you wish to know, Lord?”


The shogun was silent, his gaze fixed on the embers smoldering within the small shrine of his office. Already their light had died three times today.


“Does our flag put them at ease, or do they still run from the coast when they see your ships?” Kais turned, smiling at his admiral.


“Depends on the coast, Lord.” Katsumi spoke casually, but his back was ramrod straight, his clothes immaculate, and he never met the shogun’s eyes. “Mostly we’ve had no problems.”


“So fickle.” The shogun let out a low chuckle. “One day we slaughter them like common bandits, and the next they welcome us into their homes as old friends. I am grateful. Our people would not be so forgiving.”


If Katsumi had any opinions on that statement he kept them to himself, and Kais looked approvingly down on his servant. He would go far.


Kais continued. “I ask, admiral, because we will have to walk a narrow path when we are at war, lest we find the world’s balance tipped against us. I will not have the degenerates interfere with the Eternal’s will.” He lifted a small brush from his ink and began methodically writing. “I am giving you new orders. Open them when you are out of port, and do not delay in their execution. We have already-”


The shogun fell silent, glaring in annoyance at his shrine. Again, the embers were dark. For the fourth time that day, he placed the brush back in its pot, shut his eyes, and focused on a single long breath, until the charcoal returned to life. Something wasn’t right.


“...We have already waited far too long,” Kais continued in a monotone. “My father ignored the Eternal’s command, as did his father before him. We have watched as the world around us has crumbled and torn at itself, and now we are all that is left. This land is all that remains of the Emperor’s perfection, and if we do not awaken this land too will pass on.” He picked up the brush, and continued writing. “It is time, Katsumi.”


Kais paused for effect, glancing back at his admiral to wait for the natural question. But Katsumi remained placidly silent, so he finished the speech anyway.


“...Time for the sun to rise again over Ater.”






[Parmesano] - The shogunate demands control over tariffs through the league’s capital. The Eternal charged Ishikawa with guarding the Fyodor, and the Eternal’s word is sacred. It is the shogun’s right, which these foolish degenerates have trampled on.


[Samalstraza] - Out of respect for the wise mages more than anything else, the Ishikawa send the well-known statesman Kono Takeo to the requested meeting. Takeo is not alone though, as it appears his mistress has convinced him to take her along...a woman named Miyata Aiko.


[Trade Invites] – The Ishikawa reach out to the richest of nations seeking new wealth, and merchants ask entry to the ports of Aeton, Wyom, Aldemar, Orev, and Arnun.






[Adept; 10,000 Gold] - Commander Izaka, of the frigate Yukikaze, has fully passed the trials of the Seishima style of martial arts. He proudly rejoins the military to bring the shogun’s fury to foreign shores.


[Veterancy; 8,000 Gold] - All of the shogunate’s Wokou and a thousand of its Ashigaru are trained to Veteran I status.


[735 Gold Saved]

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City-State of Salvus


Salvus was a city within a city. A complex system of districts that each gave off their independent city vibes. In reality it was ruled under one complex system of government, that took many years to perfect a system capable of planning and properly dealing with issues. It was a government united in solidarity but  her people weren’t so loyal. The cities positioning lead to a great deal of immigrants flocking to the city of free thought driving competition and invoking the flow of ideas that drove the city’s technological and magic enhancements, however the clashes of ideologies, religions and cultures drove people to violence and sometimes even betraying their home out of pure spite or for a tiny bit of gold. 


 Eastern Salvus was one of the two current districts, it was the more dangerous of the two. Even with the Salvus shields barracks being located smack in the middle of it. There was a constant street war going on somewhere within the district, a killing here or a killing there was nothing new to its inhabitants or Captain Jasper Aureon a disgruntled scar riddled veteran, and leader of the Salvus shields who had effectively ordered his men to quit investigating murders that popped up. In favor of concentrated patrols in heavy populated centers. Until his demands were met by the Serene Ashur and the Arch-Magi Syndra. His growing disdain for the duo was well noted by even some of the lesser known people in Salvus. The city was filled with rats, and flies on the wall.

In Western Salvus, it was a different story. This section was filled with the Mage Academy and port, which gave it the natural charm. The original city-center held the historically rich families, and the up and coming stars of the City-States future. It was gated off by a stone wall that was manned by the Shields but that didn’t stop the people of Eastern Salvus from getting in and causing trouble from time to time and vice-versa. Outside the gates stood two massive stone figures, engraved with strange markings to the outsiders but to the Magi and Ashur. They were works of magical beauty. These Golems were deemed the protectors of Salvus, with the only control being granted to Syndra. These beings rarely saw their use for now. 


Statistics: 3,000,000

Districts: 2 

Income: 44,000 Gold



A delegation is sent to the Elyic Order. To discuss potential future dealings. (MOD) 


The Adepts begin to enchant the armor of the Salvus Shields with Reinforce Steel. (2 Adepts, 200 Shields.) 


Two Commerical Hubs are constructed between the two districts (20,000 Gold) 

Two Trade Depots are constructed between the two districts as well (20,000 Gold) 


The remaining gold is placed in the treasury (4,000 Gold) 


Research (9 Technology) 

Passive Slot 1: 

With the advancement of the Shields, the council came to realize the importance of a frontline infantry that could hold key points in the city with fewer men but heavier armor. These would supplement the versatility of the shields greatly. (Heavy Infantry Research) 


Passive Slot 2:
Even with the enchantment discovered by Syndra for arrows being able to pack a larger punch. Crossbows have been rumored around by the people for awhile, but it was finally decided to be researched. (Crossbow Research) 


Passive Slot 3: 

The Shields have been tasked with implementing an academy similar to the Mage Academy (Military Academy? Maybe Idk) 


Magic Research (10 Magic) 

Syndra begins her research into the Salvus Protectors. Trying to further improve the constructs, reducing their mana drain and ability to listen to orders. (Arcana 10) (T3 Research) 


Barrier runes. Something the Mage Academy was looking into for a long time to protect the city when sieges occur and potentially its troops in pitched battles. (Barrier Runes. T3 Research)



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The Grand Principality of Rostukhov





“And one can only believe it so fair that the Prince Vesiliyevich has twice the inheritance of the Prince Prokofiev; do you not think so, my lord?” In the temperate climes of Ater, perhaps only Rostukhov could make itself feel so cold, for the torchlit bedroom covered in furs and steel held about it a certain chill as the Grand Princess spoke to her quiet husband. She had always exuded a certain control over the Grand Prince of Rostukhov, of a level unprecedented among spouses but especially so among the current courtiers of Adrik II; the man had about him a level of confidence not unlike narcissism, and it was only Katina’s advice that he took properly in hand. Here she asked on fairness in the Boyardom; for the Prince Prokofiev and Vesiliyevich shared the same bloodline on their mothers’ side, and in that grand old house dying, they were generally thought to be entitled to equal shares. The Prince Prokofiev, as all knew, was far more disciplined than his counterpart, but was also nothing if not bookish; in a contest of charisma, he lost by a hand-and-a-half. Perhaps that is why their shared third aunt willed the majority to Vesiliyevich; more likely it was because Prokofiev had, in a drunken state, insulted her at the last meeting of the Boyars’ Duma, and now she had wrought her revenge. Prokofiev, though, was the inner court’s darling, a prime choice for a military general and likely to be awarded one of the new keeps on the five-year docket, and so being slighted in such a way by such a woman was something Katina believed the Ademichevs could not abide (though the house in question rarely seemed to care about such matters, and it was likely more the Boyar Taneiew, her father, that had implanted such foolhardy ideas into the Grand Princess).


And so another boring year was to pass in Rostukhov, with little but the court dealings and every-other-year famine crises to give Adrik II respite from lazing about.



Town Crier


Vladimir Vasilyevich challenges all across Rostukhov to friendly bouts, that he may grow in dueling prowess!


A Commercial District is built in Rostukhov, and two more Dvoryane Farm-territories created.


A crisis in the hinterlands! A slew of worried Dvoryanin and lesser Knyazes petition the Ademichev court for new conquests, as the amount of arable territory in Rostukhov reaches a breaking point. Adrik II approves; two new Royal Mines are to be opened in preparation for two heavy metalworks. If the timetables are correct, they will be able to begin expansion in time before a famine begins.


The “””strange plant””” is potted and brought to the capital for research. The other two topics of note are heavy cavalry and, likely because of their population issue, the search for a way to build cheaper farms.









1 T3 R Luchniki | 500 Men

5 T3 R Kopeyshchik | 2500 Men

Upkeep | 1,350G




Khozyaystvo – Founding of Homesteads [Farmlands] | 2X | 10,000G


Rudnik – Mines | 2X | 10,000G


Kommertsiya – Commercial District | 1X | 10,000G




[Tech 10]

Slot 1 – Is the serf’s “strange plant” really something new, or is it just poison ivy?

Slot 2 – Heavy Cavalry

Slot 3 – Seeking a cheaper way of building new farmsteads.

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Image result for komnenos dynasty coat of arms


Thunder crashed and lightning flashed over Verdova, as rain lashed down from the heavens onto the buildings below. For a week this relentless downpour had drowned the capital in a haze of misery, as the common folk trudged about their business in streets and homes that were flooded and uncomfortable. Lethargy had infected the citizenry and none wanted to leave their homes – flooded or not – on a day such as this. High in the palace, however, such common concerns were not present as a flurry of activity dominated a small room, tucked away in the corner of the palace – the home of the Crown Prince’s bastards, the quarters of the twins – Valieriu and Iuliana. A woman bustled around the room, as the two sat upon their beds, wrapped in thick traveling clothes. A man stood at the door, which was cracked open to allow him to watch the hall. His hand was tight around the hilt of his longsword, and his face was covered.


”Come quickly! Hurry!” snapped the busy woman, throwing the last things she had elected to bring into a sack. “Petar, lock the door.” The guard obliged, sealing the exit and moving over to stand next to the meager fire place as the woman knelt to speak to the twins. “You are bastards” she said, roughly “and both of you have the Spark. The Emperor intends to turn you over to Ioan of Tridova, as is customary.”  She glanced back towards the door, uneasy. “That is a fate I would wish upon no child, especially not children I have raised all these years. The Emperor cares nothing for you, and you will experience hell at the hands of his hound.” She stands abruptly, pulling a lever hidden in the wall, and the fireplace swings outwards silently. She strides down the passage, followed by the two laden children, with Petar striding along behind as the wall slowly seals itself again.


Four horses gallop from Verdova that night, riding hard north, their riders soaked and freezing, but moving as fast as they could, as relentless as the pounding of the rain.





-Valieriu, Iuliana and their protectors – Petar and Marcela – ride hard north, a journey that will take them nigh on two years....


-Trade agreements are made.


-Orolian embarks upon a campaign of industrial expansion – he orders that two mines be built, followed by two arsenals, in order to provide some military production to the Empire. (25’000 Gold)




-Heavy Infantry – 6’000 Gold invested.

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World Events:
Time marches on, a year passes, it is now 866


South of the Elector states, Antramar continues to campaign against their Orevian foes. Though, most of the year is spent maneuvering the two forces, small battles break out around the area, mostly resulting in Antramarian victories. Furthermore, the region itself is completely decimated by two large hosts occupying it for most of the year and razing most of the countryside. By the year’s end, Emperor Osmund is in no position to contest his opponents advance and takes flight west across the river- and into Krolestwo...

At the turn of the year, news comes to many from the lands of the Warlord Aeton. Apparently, something has upset the now aging man enough to throw him into a terrible rage. His fleet sails into the straight of Umeso completely cutting it. All trade following through the strait between the Sea of Chtor and Fydor is halted, hefty amounts of goods, profits, and ships are simply outright stolen by the Atemic fleet.
[All Trade through the Straight of Umeso is blocked]

Pachaqui Kingdom


The mountains and earth are quiet, the year uneventful. Time passes as it always has within the Kingdom. With every day, the realm grows in wealth..

Crimson Order

Into the Wulff swamps captain Viermetz and his company go.. (Discord)

Techniques capable of forging heavier armor and stronger material for Infantry, Crossbows, and Cavalry will be available in 867

Chicahtoc Empire

The scouts tear through the Wyomian country side and find very little of note. Almost the entirety of the landscape is made of vast tracts of farmlands. Horsemen with wicked blades and stout hammers cutting off access to any potential sacrifice. Apart from the lords, most Wyomians live in massive fortress-like barracks positioned in various locations within the massive estates.

The Shaman weave and bend the forces of magik, however it is a lengthy process indeed. The Ritual of Regeneration will be ready to perform by 867 (t2), The ritual of Acid will be prepared by 868 (t2).

Kingdom of Kastovia

The site of a great battle, only mere traces of the titanic event remains.. (discord)

Proper technique to forge quality and lasting heavy armor will be widespread enough for mass production by 868.

Likewise, designs for a crossbow capable of firing projectiles at suitable speeds and distances will be prepared for 868.

Kingdom of Rhorric

Ancient ruins, filled with mystery and adventure, there is much to explore… (discord)

Efforts to design a suitable crossbow and produce horse and rider armor of significant quality are well underway. The various smiths and armourers of the kingdom state such goods will be available by 868.

The various magik users of the kingdom get right to work, bending the wild and mysterious force, channeling it for new uses. They predict that a spell capable of using the forces of nature to mend wounds will be prepared by 867 (t1)

Perasmani League

The expedition along the river of the Cradle finds little of note. The landscape is ancient and vast, among the harsh snows and brilliant summers, one feels a small tug on the edge of their mind, a sense of belonging.

The small keep is constructed without issue, cementing Perasmani control over a another small sliver of the world.

Out they sail, and safely they arrive, the lands of Khrav offer to sell the Perasmani a sufficient amount of steel for 2,000g.

Within the ancient bastion of Fydor, there is much to see. (Discord)

Alloys and techniques capable of producing a usable and protective suit of heavy armor will be prepared for 868.

From the We- no.. East!? Come a number of ships flying none other than the banners of the Shogunate! The eastern island is subject to countless attacks, where many are killed and much destroyed. Luckily, the local garrison manages to see the raiders off! (1 dock destroyed during construction, 5,000g recovered from the project) (-2,500g)(5,000 killed/captured)

Kingdom of Ardes

At the site of such a monolithic battle, there is much to discover.. (Discord)

The Knights of the chapter scarcely leave their walls, and a reply to His Majesty states they see no reason to now.


On the northern coast lies a small ruin, long abandoned.. (Discord)

Both Orev and Antramar accept a Samalstrazi embassy within their lands, and both would be open to a courtier. In regards to the origin of the conflict, it seems to have begun within the Empire itself. Initially a small dispute between two elector states, Telc and Opavo, however the conflict soon escalated when Prince Armon, a great-cousin of Antramarian King Savos and a retainer to the Opavan Magistrate was allegedly dishonorably murdered in his sleep. On the justification of bringing justice to his late great-cousin, King Savos took up arms and began an invasion of the north, which has so far leaned into Antramar’s favor.

Masters of Magik, the men of Ninur begin to weave the mysterious forces of reality into new applications..
--The Blood of Nashorazipal, capable of granting a passive and permanent regeneration to any blessed with it will be ready for 868. It is, however, predicted to be an expensive process to perform (1,500g per ritual)
--Ring of a Hundred Voices, a novel enchantment, with no doubt many applications, such a spell is a painfully tedious process to fabricate. Ready for 870
--Orli iss Atrapur, a mighty tool for the men of the Ninur indeed. Ready for 866
--Em-Kashig is Bellet Ill- I cant be assed.. Ready for 867
--Su Shastur Iss Ninur- A truly monolithic task, for those intent on such a journey, there is no end in sight…

A capable telescope, large and carried in a small cart, or by a number of servants will be prepared for 869.

Ishikawa Shogunate

Katsumi’s raiders strike the League with great efficiency and surprise, launching a daring raid on the city itself. Several the raiders make good fun of ransacking and terrorizing the countryside, taking many slaves and slaughtering many more. (1,000g) (500 captured) (1 frigates worth of Wokou +1 veterancy lvl)(+1 martial for Katsumi)

Another wagie strikes a vein of green rock, another wagie vaporized..

City-State of Salvus

A delegation was sent, and they arrived safely… (discord)

Heavy Infantry and Crossbows will be prepared for manufacturing by 867

Little progress is made on the development of a proper military academy, such an organization would probably require funding rather than a team of researchers..

With great enthusiasm the wielders of Magik within Salvus begin to work on further improved spells
-An improvement onto the existing spell will be ready for consistent use by 870
-Large and mighty runes, hewn upon stone and earth for the purpose of summoning mighty barriers should the need arise, the mages begin to work most diligently, they will be prepared by 870

The Grand Principality of Rostukhov

The serfs were correct in their assessment, it is indeed something new. This moss is a bluish-green-purple in color, with few small bioluminescent buds sprouting from them. The moss itself is incredibly tough, hard to pierce or cut, while still being flexible. Researchers are baffled by what applications it may have, and they almost abandon the project entirely. Thankfully, the Dvoryanin returns with news, apparently the local serfs took to making clothing out of it, and when one suffered a cut on the farm, the moss instantly took to imbedding itself within his skin, repairing the wound in a matter of minutes. Remarkable.. (Yithic Moss discovered)

Heavy cavalry will be available by 867

Unfortunately, making farmsteads any cheaper would result in the serfs having nowhere to live, compared to their 10ft squared housing as it is already..

Glorious Kemet
(Mechanical actions included)

From the north come more defilers! A single envoy bearing the same symbol as the rest of them arrives at the capital city. He lays heaping loads of insults upon the Eye of Kemet, claiming that his soldiers slaughtered a host of pilgrims and desecrated the TOMB OF THE MOST HOLY PROPHET YARRIN the holiest site in all of the Holy Nation! Kemet will return the beloved prophets burial rites, and hand over the men responsible, or be subject to CRUSADE.

4,000 t2 Medjay Foot Soldiers are recruited throughout the countryside!
-2500g saved

- 4 labour districts
- 32 slaver districts
- 9 Heavy industry buildings
- 9 Mines

Among those in the temple, voices are heard, fleeting visions of a sprawling gardens and flowing streams, whispers tugging at the periphery of their minds. They can only assume the Pyramid is the source of these events, but have made no headway into unlocking its secrets..

RAMUS’ WEIGHING-OF-THE-HEART! (t2)- A mighty spell, truly, the outsiders should be bent to the will of Kemet, the priesthood declares a spell will be sufficiently woven by 868

THE GRASP OF IP (t3)- Confusion, terror, paranoia, madness, dissarray, disobedience, the punishment of the gods shall be sent against the outsiders! The priesthood declares it will be ready by 870

The Mitrovic Empire

The twins are missing!? Where are they going?? Who knows, surely not I? Definitely not the Crown Prince…

Suits of armor suitable for the ‘Heavy Infantry’ classification will be prepared as early as 870.

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Pachaqui Kingdom






10,300,000 Chimuquera (Human)

500 Perasmani (Human)


People of note:

King Thonaqan Micchuqui – 23 years

(Leadership 5, Martial 3, Charisma 5, Arcana 0, Agility 0)


Archpriest Solameqan Nugguchuqui Payama – 42 years

(Leadership 1, Martial 1, Charisma 2, Arcana 9, Agility 0)


Warmistress Theaqui Suppucchi – 28 years

(Leadership 4, Martial 6, Charisma 1, Arcana 0, Agility 2)




Cities & Settlements:

Osocchi Appachaqui, the city of the skies (capital city) – Low Stone Walls

Nidipaquichi Picchu (city)– Low Stone Walls

Totomachi (city) – Low Stone Walls, Trade Depot

Oyopaqachi (city) – Low Stone Walls, Trade Depot


Civil Infrastructure:

58 farms (8 nodes)

2 Trade Depots

Trade with Antramar, Kastovia, Aldemaric League, Mer’ak, Tomuk Oburakai, Ardes, Ishikawa, Crimson Order, Mitrovic Empire and Krolestwo




Military Infrastructure:

1 Castle, 1 Fortress (Start)


Armed Forces:

2,500 Medium Infantry (T3 Regular)

2,500 Plumed Archers (T3 Regular)


Garrison Forces (cities & fortifications):

1,700 Medium Infantry (T3 Regular)

900 Plumed Archers (T3 Regular)


Naval Forces:






Base: 10,000 Quti

Settlements: 3,000 Quti

Taxes: 21,000 Quti

Trade (10 partners): 10,000 Quti

Trade Depots (2): 10,000 Quti

Treasury: 4,000 Quti



Armed Forces (-20%): 2,000 Quti




Year 866



The King’s dream of being shackled to the boulder that threatens to fall into the abyss continues. He is restless and whilst a quiet year has passed with little trouble or action for the Pachaqui Kingdom, Thonaqan Micchuqui is on the lookout. Prepared, ready to react, above all like an eagle. Little of note is to be said for this year as the studies continue under the Archpriest, with the Warmistress patrolling the local mountain ranges with some companies of soldiers.


In order to facilitate better relations with the neighbours, considering that the Pachaqui Kingdom must cast its gaze further beyond its borders out into the world, the King delegates some of his most loyal followers to serve as ambassadors for the Kingdom. The realms to travel to receive them first are Antramar, Kastovia and the Ardes.




As per decree of the young King, new farmland must be prepared to acommodate the growing demand of food by the steadily growing population. So far the Chimuquera had no issue with their nutrition, but the King does not intend to have it become a matter. (-9,000 Quti for 2 farms)


The remaining two cities, albeit not as common to see trade traverse them, receive trading districts, should one or the other merchant be willing to take the treck through the mountains to the highest city of the world or the city to the Northern end of the Pachaqui basin. (-18,000 Quti for 2 Trade Depots)


Totomachi and Oyopaqachi receive a commercial district both, now that foreign trade has been settled nicely, there must also be a designated district and square for the local economy. The same happens simultaneously at the Capital where the old market terraces are being completely renewed, to allow proper conduct of trade, orderly and well visible and accessible for everyone. (-27,000 Quti for 3 Commercial Districts)


To the nearby realms of Antramar, Kastovia and Ardes the Chimuqueran people send men and women as envoys, their leaders serving as official ambassadors in order to speak on the behalf of the King should need be. These men and women are some of the most trusted and loyal followers of the young King. (-1,500 Quti)


The remaining Quti, rectangular chips of gold, are being sent to the Shogunate of Ishikawa in exchange for 500 servants to work at the city of Osocchi Appachaqui. (-500 Quti for 500 workers from Ishikawa)


In the meantime, the Archpriest Solameqan orders the exploration of the gifts of Mama-Pacha, the powers she has bestowed upon the Chimuquera. The subject shall be the rapid formation of rock spikes out of the ground in a straight line from the caster, to impale approaching enemies. Whilst it seems cruel, it is essential that the Chimuqueran people have the means to protect themselves properly. (Passive study, year 2)




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