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WITH THE WEATHER WARMING, AND THE EMERGENCE OF SPRING– a grand festival shall be hosted in just over a saints week, to celebrate and welcome the new season of Morrivi, or ‘Spring’ in common. This grand festival will last three saints days, bring numerous events to Haense, and include activities for the majority of the groups of our royal city. It is with high hopes that we welcome all to attend and take part in these activities, as well as the lesser activities that will not be yet listed, that will take place around New Reza.


Day One

[Friday, February 28th]


             THE GRAND HUNT [3 PM EST]

 Anyone but those under the age of ten may accompany the group for the first hunt of spring, with aims to bring back the main courses for the feast on the final day of the festival. People are encouraged to participate, and are urged to wear properly-suited clothing as well as bring a variety of hunting weapons.


             FIGHTING PIT MELEE [4:30 PM EST]

 Underneath the Crows Hearth Tavern and Inn, architects of Reza have recently finished fighting pits open to the public at all times. Any and all are welcomed to come and try their luck at hand to hand combat with this exhilarating tournament of strength. There will be a prize of 200 mina, as sponsored by the Queen Mother. Those not wishing to participate are welcomed to watch from the sides as spectators.



 Tavern and drinking games will be hosted in the tavern above the fighting pits directly after the melee. Arm wrestling, and a drinking content are welcomed for all to give a shot at. These events are to be open for the rest of the night until tavernkeeps close or there are no more attendees. Prizes will vary depending on the games. 


Day Two

[Saturday, February 29th]


             THE GRAND JOUST [4 PM EST]

 On the outskirts of the royal city of New Reza, a grand joust shall be hosted. Applicants will be taken in saint hour before the event, or directly at the start of the joust. Betting on the winner of the joust is encouraged for spectators. All those wishing to participate in the joust must contact the Lady Maer, Aleksandra Stafyr. Whoever prevails and wins the joust shall receive a prize of 200 mina and a newly-made Haeseni sword.


             DANCE OF THE FLOWERS [5 PM EST]

 The first Haeseni ball of spring, or Morrivi in New Marian. All attendees are encouraged, and highly recommended, to donn pastel and light colors for the dance. Dark and dull colors are to be avoided. The dance will take place within the town square, which will be decorated particularly for the occasion and festival of Morrivi. Fresh and blooming flowers, and other forms of nature, will be throughout the square. 


Day Three

[Sunday, March 1st]


             MORRIVI FEAST [4 PM EST]

 To commence the third and final day of the Grand Festival of Morrivi, varying new cuisines and meals are to be presented to all those in attendance of the feast. While there will be the appearance of traditional Haeseni cuisines such as iskov and restineol, the royal chef and his crew have been assigned to bring menus with a fresh, new taste. Desserts planned are mainly fruit-based in honor of spring.



 With the conclusion of the opening feast, a boat race is set to commence after all wishing to participate or watch are escorted to the beginning lines. Participants are going to be racing across Lake Milena, with the track only to be revealed on the day of the race. Once the winner is announced for the boat race, the start of the pig race will be found by following the Lady Maer to the location. There will be a clearer track with markings along the way for the pig race. 



 In the main square of New Reza, the festival of Morrivi shall be concluded with a final event. The Lady Maer, Queen Mother, and other royal courtiers in attendance will give out flowers that are at the ready to be planted. Those with the flowers can keep them to be potted, or follow the Lady Maer in planting them outside the walls.




HER ROYAL MAJESTY, Maya Valeriya Barbanov, Queen Mother of Hanseti-Ruska, Baroness of Antioch


HER HIGHNESS, Princess Aleksandra Mariya Stafyr, Countess-Consort of Nenzing, Lady Maer of Reza


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Ser Lukas Vyronov is pleased when he sees that someone edits the paper to not say gambling

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