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Viktor Otto Kortrevich


born. 1741


General Information:

Name- Viktor Otto Kortrevich

Age- ((/persona view Zanthuz))

Title(s)- Margrave of Korstadt, Baron of Koravia

Heritage- Son of Lord Markus Kortrevich






Zodiac- Libra


Physical Description:

Race- Highlander

Gender- Male

Build- Mesomorph

Height- 5’11”

Weight- 180lbs

Hair Color

> Viktor has medium length brown hair that is well maintained particularly around his ears and his eyes

Eye Color

> Viktor has a pair of faint blue eyes that shine brightly when the light glistens on his face 

Skin Tone- Pale in color, Healthy skin

Face Shape- Diamond face shape

Scars/Tattoos- None

Clothing- Viktor wears attire particularly of a darker shade of red and black which represents the House of Kortrevich.

Dominant Hand- Left

Personality Information: Viktor is The Supervisor in situations. He is traditionally a hardworking traditionalist who is rather eager to take charge in organizing specific projects. Quite orderly and rule-abiding and conscientious. He tends to go about his projects in a very systematic, methodical way.

Personal Alignment- Lawful Good

Political Alignment- Centralist Party

Strength(s)- Loyal and Committed

Weakness(es)- Can be blunt & insensitive

✞ Religion- Canonism

? Sexuality- Heterosexual 

⛪ Marital Status- Annaliese Baruch


Current Residence

The Margraviate of Korstadt, Haense

Other Information:

Mother- Winnifred Ophelia Barbanov-Kortrevich ✞

Father- Markus Otto Kortrevich

Grandmother- Kaitlyn Kortrevich ✞

Grandfather- Otto Kortrevich

Language(s): Common, Naumariav 




The Kortrevich Coat of Arms

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“As beautiful as I was.” grins Ser Rodrik Kortrevich from the skies (or hells?)

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