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Father Harald Vuiller for Tribune a Father to believe in! 1769

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* A father to believe in- Father Harald Vuiller  *

Bilderesultater for viking priests


To the fair people of Haense.

On this blessed day, i greet you with the news of my choice to run as a candidate for the position as Tribune in the Royal Duma of Haense.

I wish to be a voice for the good people of Haense, and bring forth your voice in the Royal Duma and will work for a better life for the people of Haense.

If ye give your vote for me i swear to our upmost Holy God that i will spend my days working for a better life in the kingdom of Haense.



My Agenda and plans for the for the people of Haense.


The prizes of owing a home in the city of Reza has never been as high at it is on this day.

Now i wish to work for the people of Haense to earn more money from the work they tho, therefor having the  prices of owing a house would go down in how much it would take for a family to pay for the home but at the still time being enough for our great Nation to survive and protect its people during these times of a endless war.

i believe that the price for a home in Haense can be lowerd and still be enough for Haense to prosper and grow.


The Canonist Church:

During my 20 years serving as the chaplain in the brotherhood i have also worked for a long time making sure that our Canonist ways of life are to be noticed and implemented both in our military serving as well as in the members day to day life.

i have also held many masses in our great city and will keep on this work as i feel that this is not promoted enough.

neither do i see the new church that has been made in the city much in use, i therefor wish to bring up to the Duma that there shoud  be held masses every saints week in our great city as well as for the new church to finish construction.

I also wish for a weekly gathering for the poor people of Haense where they can come and get a warm meal and a good conversation about our most holy GOD.

I have also started a mass production of Holy scriptures and books for the Canonist people of Haense that shall be given out at Mass and church meetings.



Training and protection:

I fermly belive that in these times of war it would be in the best interest for the people of the city that we arrange training for the people in Haense in not only how to swing a sword but also in tactics on what to do in a situation where the people of Haense might be in danger.

These training would be something people can voice there wishes to join in and will be for every member of our nation.

They will be thought in ways to get out of a situation where they might be in danger, how to fight and how to get help.

Not every person has been made to fight in wars and battles and for far too long have we seen the great people of Haense getting in harms way because of this ever lasting war, and its time for us to help the people Haense in how to protect them self.



Schools and education is something that has been missing from the picture of Haense for a long time and i have personally started work to make this available for the children and people of Haense.

what i wish is for the Duma and the city of Haense to take part and help more in this mission as one man is not enough for all the people of Haense.

I therefore wish for this to be a paid work offer for people of Haense to work as teachers so that we could devoted teachers in our great city and nation.

in my school we mostly teach in the ways of the Canonist church, but wish for people to teach on other important classes and teachings as History, nature, medicine, cooking, math and the races and people of our realm.

they will also be thought in the Canonist laws and ways of Life.


The Children of Haense and the cost of war:

During the last years of wars we have lost many great men and women because of the endless fighting and bandit attacks on our great nation.

because of this many children has been left alone on the streets of Reza and i have therefore decided to turn my houses into a Orpahange and school.

this would therefore mean that if somone not living in the city joins our School we will set them up with a bed in the Orpahange if this shoud be needed.

We also work at this moment of getting more staff to work in both the Orphanage and School and we have a place for the children to eat, sleep and two classromes in this building where we wish to help them build a future with the ability of getting work outside of the military that could help and be of use to our great Nation.


A few last words.

I hope that i can count on your votes for Tribune in our great city and Nation, and swear to work for the people of Haense.

this is important task and i feel like i`m suited for this task as i have spent the last 20 years of my life back here in the city of Reza and the first 40 years of my life at works as well as studying to become a Priest and have devoted my life for the better life of the people of Haense.

Some may say i`m old for this work, and to that i wish to say that with age comes wisdom and teaching of life as a commonor and fellow man of the people.




Father Harald Vuiller

Edited by Harald

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