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This is an announcement of my retirement from LoTC. Due to recent events, I will not be back on LoTC for many months and I have decided to try and combat my addiction by retiring from it entirely, so let’s roll back the memories: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SlPhMPnQ58k


Hi there! My name for those who do not know is Swifty_Sam, my closer friends know me as James. For the duration of my LoTC journey, I have had a pretty shakey reputation and this will be explained in full to why I may have not had the best experiences at points, however in general my experience on LoTC in the past four months has been pleasant and enjoyable.


My first week on LoTC:


I was introduced to the roleplay server by a girl called, “Alicia” who showed me around Helena, Rubern (At the time it was part of the Empire), and Haense. After talking to a few Officers of the Brotherhood of Saint Karl, I was added to the guard of Haense, joining various discords and making a few friends who will be listed:





Rukio (Witherly)





Sorry to anyone I missed on that list, however I want to thank each and every one of you for making LoTC an enjoyable experience in my early weeks on the server. You all taught me how to use the commands, the lore behind all of the roleplay, and just basic tips that I would need to follow to get the most out of LoTC. My original persona was called, “Jakob Isaak Carter” who was a decently successful fighter and won the hearts of quite a few of the Brotherhood members, however I was taken by a bandit Nation called, “Ruswick” who were heavily involved with the “Reivers” (A mercenary bandit group). After being forced to change my name from “Jakob Isaak Carter” to, “Swifty Sam”, I was officially no longer a citizen of Haense. Lots of OOC backlash came from this, from hate messages, to being kicked from many of the ISA discords, to even blocking the people I once called good friends. While all of this was not really nice to endure, I don’t regret my decision as it brought an awesome narrative to my persona in the end. 


I would now like to list those who made LoTC enjoyable who were either Reivers or part of Ruswick before my reign:





MagicTurtle (Blackhand7)










L_GS (Lord_GiacomoS)


You guys were all pretty awesome irp and oocly, and helped me get into the role of being a bandit pretty well, considering I was extremely new to the server at that point, so thank you all.


Moving on to my experience with the bandit Nation of Ruswick. The ruler was a man called, “Joel the Ginger” (Or at least he ruled oocly and led most of our raids/pvp battles). After a carpet ban had occurred, most of our members and leaders were banned for multiple months which left Ruswick pretty lonely for a small period of time. Livviez, playing a persona called “Lauriel Labdacus” took over the Nation, claiming the role of “Queen of Ruswick”. After many battles, many arguments oocly and irply, the members who were left as a part of Ruswick got sick of how she was running the group alongside Crimithy, however looking back at it the whole situation was very pathetic and probably should have been dealt with differently. However, in roleplay this revolution had to be carried through due to the backing it had. My persona Swifty Sam executed Lauriel Labdacus, claiming the role of being a “Bandit King” alongside other leaders such as Mark2282 and Nezuky. After many, and I mean MANY, arguments over leadership I eventually resigned and packed all of my stuff. Storing it all into my ender chest and other hidden locations, my persona became sick of life and returned with his tail between his legs to the gates of Haense to meet his makers. Soon after entering Haense, he was identified as “Jakob Carter”, a deserter, and was executed by multiple men of Haense in the cells. Following this, I made a PK post, and that was the end of my most influential persona on LoTC.


I then made “Stefan Onfroi” of Lorraine. He was recruited to Lorraine by GGT (Lord of Darrowmere) and served as a squire for a few weeks. I will now credit those who made this Nation enjoyable during GGT’s rule as well as my rule of it:









Viggen (Valentin Castelo)

Bestia (QuickLoTCRestart, or 32IrishCounties)




Plazma (The Rabbit)


David666 (Ginfork2)

Fish (LotsOfFish)


Thank you to all of you guys for making Lorraine the BEST Nation I participated in irply and oocly. 


During Stefan’s stay in Lorraine, he was appointed as a Knight of the Order of the Rabbit. This was a highlight in my LoTC experience, as I felt like my hard work had paid off and I had accomplished something good at last through hard work instead of just couping a Nation. After this had happened, similar to the Ruswick situation, GGT was banned. This was incredibly unfortunate for Lorraine, as our numbers dropped and our morale was low. However, with the go ahead of the former leaders, I was appointed as the Marshal, alongside Fieselena as the Arch Chancellor. Together we raised Lorraine back up with more active players, with rp events and patrols. Stefan was then married to Alli Onfroi (Alli Ruse at the time), controlled by sophia_may_sing. Roughly a month later of rp events, skirmishes, and general day to day business, Stefan was caught within Helena doing a blackmarket mission. He was then sentenced to death, as he was appointed General of the AIS by Godric (Narthok), he was high on the priority list of men to kill for the ISA. Sticking to my PK rule of pking on first rp death, I made a post and got rid of the persona.


My last persona, and current persona (if I ever do come back to LoTC, which is unlikely at this point in time), is called “Hadvar av Mitteland” who is a General of the AIS Cavalry unit. I will now list my boys from the AIS who have had the largest impact on my LoTC experience (There is a lot of you, so apologies again if I miss you out, I am listing those I was extremely close to, AIS and non-AIS companions):













Vic (Cowmunist)




Cobbler (Arundlt)


Knightie (Chadmyr)

Narthok (Godric)


OLOG!!!! (you know who you are)


I could list names all day with the AIS, as it has so many people in it so if I missed you out, I am extremely sorry.


Here are a few pictures that bring back good memories of LoTC:












If anyone wishes to stay in contact oocly, or play other games, my discord is: Swifty#2017


Thank you, peace out.

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but for real, it was great knowing you and I wish you all the best in life. Had some fun times, and you’ve been great throughout. pce.

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It was really cool to have you Swifty. I hope you’ll return to us some day. Take care and check in with us sometimes! ❤️

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You are a good guy, I wish you the best, and waiting for that 1v1

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A legend ♥️

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 I hope selfishly you’ll succumb to your addiction and come back to LOTC, but if you don’t (and even if you do) it was a pleasure playing with you and I’ll cherish the memories of roleplaying with you for a very long time. And now, for old times sake: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/642186138244612113/687832374125658132/c.mp4

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Man... It’s truly a sad thing when a person that gave you great memories become a memory especially when playing games.


Goodluck in life bro

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Sometimes we forget that this is just a minecraft server and that people have responsibilities in the real life as well.


Good luck wheverer you go bro ?

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I think it’s safe to say that you made everyone’s time on lotc more enjoyable as well! And also an awesome post, my guy, wish you the best in the future outside the pixel life. That being said, peace man and good luck!

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Can’t even spell my name right u trash pvper. Sorry who even r u trying to talk down to me... but nah u cool I guess, never saw eye to eye but u cool

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I’m glad to have spent time with you, despite past alliegances and such I feel like we become good friends in our time together either chatting or just by fighting on the server. Hope things go well your way, though I won’t lie, I hope this is a ‘break’ from your journey, and rather than you return sooner or later once you feel the call. Live by the craft, die by the craft.

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