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Sutican Watch Recruitment

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To all Suticans!


A new age of prosperity is upon us! One of wealth and determination! This is

a prime time within our history and names are being written down in our history as

we speak. Names regarding people of honor and courage. Take part of this, Suticans!

Join our Watch in it’s finest hours and be remembered a hero within your

community! Those who take part are entitled to steady pay, recognition,

and the ability to progress within your occupation.


Speak with an officer today!





Care joining the watch? Fill out the requested below!




Previous experience(s):






HER GRACE, Mrs. Blair Cohnal Fester, Triumvir and Minister of Coin, Head of Fester Family, The Vibrant of the Free State of Sutica

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Or just marry a triumvirate.

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User: Novastral
Timezone: Cst

Discord: Nova#9442

Name: Orc

Previous experience(s): Not much

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