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The Imperial Court of The Resettlement of the Curonian People

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The Imperial Court of The Resettlement of the Curonian People

10th of Malins Welcome, 1763

Witnessed and written by, Xenon of ‘The Order of Sauros’



I arrived at court early, Sylvestre Halcourt asked the Emperor, Peter III where he should stand and then he called him forth to the stand next to the Vice-Chancellor Hugo. 


The Emperor, Peter III then called forth Veres Draskovits II to offer him a personal remark due to the earliness of the court. “I believe the impression the majority have is that the former Governor General has decided to destroy the province wholesale- that all are to be imported to the country about Helena.” Veres Draskovits II answered, “It does appear that way, your majesty. My brethren and I have spoken at length in regards to his missive” Emperor Peter III responded, “Curon is but a name, sir; one that has been rotting for too long” Veres Draskovits II replied “My ancestors and I would have to agree, your majesty. The attempts to revive what was once our cherished homeland failed, time and time again. We are, alas, at peace with it.” Emperor Peter III continued, “To let it persist in this languishing state would be torturous to you and your descendants. We plant something more humble, so that in the future, it may grow into the glory you remember.” “Of course. Thank you, my liege,” Veres Draskovits II replied.


The court continued to wait for others to arrive, we all waited in anticipation of what would happen in the coming proceedings. Sylvestre Halcourt departed the throne room to gather any lost fellows. He proceeded back within the throne room, “My deepest apologies for my tardiness. The Army lads are very good at what they do, though! Thorough searches all around.”



Simon Basrid spoke forward, “Welcome to all, to his Imperial Majesty’s estate of Novellen. He calls us to court, to receive a petition and address. The context of the age is plain to all - the Ministry, under the Vice-Chancellor’s initiative, have made radical changes to the fabric of state. Many may have a query or question, and he aside his peer Sylvestre Halcourt are here to answer. But to all other fonts - we take to, for the business of state marches on.... Vice-Chancellor, if you would.”


Vice-Chancellor Hugo: “Of course. Thank you Arch-Chancellor. The primary issue we have assembled to discuss today is the imminent economic collapse of the territory formerly known as Curon. The local citizens under the guidance of Mister Halcourt, Governor-General, put in excellent work attempting to revitalize the region but ultimately were unable to restore the region. The Governor-General will detail the steps he has devised in the Edict of Resettlement that we will take to assure the safety and welfare of the Imperial citizens of the region.”


Sylvestre Halcourt, dug into his satchel retrieving a copy of the Edict of Resettlement as servants passed out copies to those attending the court.


Sylvestre Halcourt: “The first Provision of the Edict details that a number of families, in return for their loyal and dedicated service, are owed particular benefits if they so choose to accept them. As His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor, spoke of just moments ago, this is by no means a requirement to vacate and resettle. In fact, the House of Merentel and the House of Halcourt both, as far as I am aware, intend on maintaining their holdings in the province formerly known as Curon. Provision I also allows for individual citizens to seek me out if they desire housing in or near Helena. I will work with His Excellency the Minister of the Interior to ensure that any requests are swiftly fulfilled. Provision II simply declares the provincial government defunct. Accordingly, this is my final act as Governor-General, and governance of the province is hitherto ceded to the Basrid Ministry as it is a direct crown dominion. I understand you have concerns. I encourage you; let us resolve them together. Thank you for coming here, and let us get this underway.”


Cardinal Wilhelm Devereux spoke up in a rage, “Let me look upon the man who dares disband a kingdom and its people. Let me look upon the face of the Emperor who decrees it so, when I swore Curon’s oath of loyalty when the Morsgradian Hordes killed my cousin!”


Sylvestre Halcourt, the former Governor-General lets out a sigh.


Vice-Chancellor Hugo: “We will now open the Court to petitions. We will take petitions from Curon, pertaining to the Edict of Resettlement First.”


Emperor, Peter III: “Do inform that rascal that no bodies have been disbanded. Though I could have his disbanded if he keeps acting up.”


Cardinal Wilhelm Devereux: “Should I be allowed forward to speak, my Emperor?”


Sylvestre Halcourt: “As the Vice Chancellor stated, if anyone has questions, comments, or concerns: Please step forward and form a line so that your petitions may be heard in an orderly fashion”


Vice-Chancellor Hugo: “Cardinal Wilhelm Devereux. You may address the dais.”


Cardinal Wilhelm Devereux frowns while taking a knee and kneeling before the throne respectfully, “My Emperor, what have you done? You have taken the hard work and monumental efforts of an entire people, an entire culture, and have reduced it to nothing with the stroke of a pen.”


Veres Draskovits II standing next to me pinches the bridge of his nose as the Cardinal speaks. The whole room grows uneasy as the Cardinal directly questions the Emperor in such a way.


Cardinal Wilhelm Devereux: “This decision was not made in council with the people the Governor-General is charged with overseeing. When announced, there was nothing but rage. How can this be so? Have we failed the Empire?”


Vice-Chancellor Hugo: “Cardinal, the crown understands your passion and your sorrow. When good things come to an end it can be difficult. The death of our beloved province is a pain upon us all.”


Arch-Chancellor Simon Basrid raised his hand, “Cardinal an interjection.”


Cardinal Wilhelm Devereux: “Did we not build? Did we not fight? Has our shed blood meant nothing for this Empire? When the darkest of times came, and Curon quaked in fear, I promised them, PROMISED them, the Empire meant well. That they would aid and protect us. This, our reward?”


Arch-Chancellor Simon Basrid: “This is a policy of state, sir. Orchestrated thoroughly by the Vice-Chancellor and the Governor-General. You below to our sire, who reigns - but it is the cabinet that ruled”


Cardinal Wilhelm Devereux: “Then I would argue good sir, that the council did not consult at all with the people. None were even aware of this. All were waiting for our glorious rebuilding to be completed, when we could shine in glory once more. And now, there is nothing but shock and outrage, this is… not what I spoke of when I promised the Empire would protect Curon those years ago. This… this is what my enemies said would occur, and I denied it to the last with all my heart.”


Veres Draskovits II rolled his shoulders in agreement but held his composure.


Arch-Chancellor Simon Basrid: “I had delegated His Excellency to oversee the draft by which my ministry was told was the path forward to the province and its administration.”


Vice-Chancellor Hugo: “Cardinal your frustration and confusion is understandable. But you are projecting your personal feelings onto a province that does not share your views.”


Arch-Chancellor Simon Basrid: “I would stand by my Vice-Chancellor - but with that context, I would let him deliberate on the discourse and nature leading to these events.”


Cardinal Wilhelm Devereux: “I admit, I failed my people, and was found wanting in rulership. But this… this feels like nothing but a betrayal, of a people who served the Empire as much as we could. I have said all I can say. I have served Curon, as I could. I have served the Empire, as I could. Now, I serve GOD. I pray he will find Justice in this, for I cannot.”


Vice-Chancellor Hugo: “The steps the Governor-General and I have taken, on behalf of the Crown and Ministry, remain in the interest of the citizens of the Province. The state failed, we will do everything within our power to support the people there moving forward, in a way that we were not previously able.”


Sylvester Halcourt: “The Kingdom of Curon still exists as a legal entity. The provincial government was formally dissolved. Constituent groups still remain. The Barony of Merentel and the Barony of Artois are examples. There are further groups with which the Vice Chancellor and I are in ongoing negotiations with to determine a best path forward.”


Vice-Chancellor Hugo: “The next few years of this process are integral. It is my hope that we can find a balance within the citizens of the region, and demonstrate to those who doubt the decision made by the Ministry and Governor-General will be in the interests and to the benefit of all Imperial Citizens.”


Beyarin Silversteed steps forward, looking at Sylvestre Halcourt then to the rest of the dias. “Ahm sure nae many ahv yew know who ah am. M’name is Beyarin Silversteed. Ah served Curon loyally in a time where war had nae ripped et apart. Ahv seen battle, battle’s where Curonian men and women bled fer ‘tis Empire. Ah- ah’d be lying ef ah did nae say that ah wasn’t shocked. Curon ‘ad seemed tew be on te uptick. Et ‘ad seemed like life was finally startin’ tew be breathed back inte te nation which ah love. Ah suppose tha’ ahm curious tew know why exactly ‘tis conclusion ‘as been struck. Ahm frightened fer m’own future now, given m’old age, ‘n nae only tha but fer te future generations ahv te Silversteed family. Curon ‘as been ‘ome tew m’family fer near sixteh years now… where are we te go?”


Vice-Chancellor Hugo: “It is the objective of the Ministry to alleviate all fear that may associate itself with tides of change. Allow us to clarify. People are not being forced from their homes. If you desire to remain in your home within the Territory previously called the Province of Curon, you are at liberty to do so.”


A random cough comes from the audience in correction, “Kingdom.”


Beyarin Silversteed: “One more thing. Wit’ all ‘tose powdered wigs… ah feel like ahm in more ahv a circus ‘ten a court meeting. Consider et a suggestion fer te next session ye old.”


Lord John: “Come tell that to my wig, sir. My cane waits an answer for you.”


Emperor Peter III: “At peace, Lord Selm.”


Lord John: “Yes. my Emperor.”


Lord Wilheim Rutledge: “Assault my fellow Curonian, and I will have to break thy cane in self-defense for assaulting an old man.”


Emperor Peter III: “He insults his Emperor in his liege’s own home - do see him out with haste.”


The guards escort out Beyarin Silversteed without much altercation aside from various commotion from the audiences.


Vice-Chancellor Hugo looks to Lord Wilhelm Rutledge, “Please state your name and address the courts.”


Lord Wilheim Rutledge: “My name is Wilheim Rutledge and I am here to petition about the freehold that Rutledge is to be given in the Edict of Resettlement. Men and women like me are not suited for the forwardness of the nearby crownlands. I was hoping that it would be possible if my Freehold be moved closer to Curon, so that my family can retain our peace of mind.”


Veres Draskovits II shakes his head as the old Curonian is escorted out of the palace.


Vice-Chancellor Hugo scratches his chin as he looks to the Sylvestre Halcourt.


Lord Wilheim Rutledge: “People like me, we  do not belong in Kaedrin or in Helena, we would only feel like strangers and outside with our way of life.”


Sylvestre Halcourt: “I would ask why this is so, mister. Kaedrin is one thing, but -- what do you fear in 

Helena? I know you value inclusion, Mr. Rutledge. Helena is truly the pinnacle of inclusion. Dark elvel servants work in the palace; immigrants run small businesses; et cetera, et cetera. But -- if it is your wish that your freehold be in the province formerly known as Curon, then we may meet afterwards to discuss this. His Imperial Majesty has graciously noted that it is a possibility.”


Emperor Peter III: “If Mister Rutledge desires his home where his heart lies, give him no grief. The Drumm Railway provides easy access across the Empire regardless.”


Lord Wilheim Rutledge: “May I be dismissed? I worry for the old fart that has been dragged out.”


Vice-Chancellor Hugo: “You’re dismissed.”


Vice-Chancellor Hugo: “State your name and petition”


City Clerk Philip Louis: “On behalf of the City, I wish to speak to the Curonians, if possible.”


Veres Draskovits II perks up to listen to the City Clerk.


City Clerk Philip Louis: “Philp Louis Pruvia of Provins, City Clerk of Helena.”


Vice-Chancellor Hugo: “State your petition.”


City Clerk Philip Louis: “After discussing with my colleagues within the City Government and various Secretaries, we as a collective have come to an agreement for housing any willing to reside within the walls of Helena. To help alleviate the stress of travels and relocation, the City does see fit to declare that any Curonians willing to immigrate to the Capital will be granted a quaint property to call their own - Free of Charge. Please seek out myself or my Stewards to be accomodated.”


Veres Draskovits II: “How thoughtful”


City Clerk Philip Louis: “Thank you,” he dips his head retracting himself from the floor.


Vice-Chancellor Hugo: “The Ministry thanks the Office of the City Clerk for arranging this accomodation on behalf of the displaced peoples. We now open the court general petition from the rest of the Empire. Please form an orderly line.”


Emperor Peter III: “It would seem people have come for what they desired, Vice Chancellor.”


Vice-Chancellor Hugo scans the room for potential petitioners.


Emperor Peter III: “If nothing, the Secretary of the Interior will dictate the edict to those present.”


Lord John: “I have a small point of observation for the Court.”


Cardinal Wilheim Devereux leaps up from his chair in a rage, “GOD will remember this, Halcourt! GOD will see justice done! When CURON rises again, and the blood of the bear waxes strong, all will remember the part you played in its history.”


The room grows uneasy again at the rage of the Cardinal. Others scream back at the Cardinal to cease his rants.


Vice-Chancellor Hugo: “Lord John of Selm will petition the Crown”


Emperor Peter III speaks quietly amongst the dias towards Sylvestre Halcourt, “GOD will remember the care you have given its people, indeed.”


Lord John beckons to his wife, “Wife, come to me.” And so she approaches the floor with her husband.


Arch-Chancellor Simon Basrid:Be on with it, Lord Selm.”


Lord John: “Yes, yes. My wife is a shy creature, but an ambitious one. The Lady Ruthern is gone, and the Pruvian lady as well, who administered your courtly events. She has expressed interest to me. That she takes upon these mantles.”


Sylvestre Halcourt: “Mister Merentel, I fought tooth and nail to ensure that your family continued to enjoy a peerage. I dedicated every living moment to the betterment of my people. But therein is the issue -- there is no meaningful population any longer. The province has fallen apart. Hence, the Edict allows for a new era in Curonian history. If you seek further commentary, then take to the line of petitioners. Thank you.”


Lord John: “My wife is perhaps the single most experienced Lady with regard to courtly affairs, I think it a fair fit.”


Simon Basrid: “Is Lady Selm not the standing majordomo? Perhaps my nephew has been remiss in his appointments.”


Vespira: “With due respect to my Lord-Husband, I have already been alloted appropriate positioning within the Courtly atmosphere- though, mayhaps he intends to make it clear that I fully mean to realize my duties within the coming months.”


Lord John: “Yes, this, then, my wife corrects me so perfectly as she is so often compelled to in my ramblings.”


Arch-Chancellor Simon Basrid: “A worthy announcement. The commissioner's work has seen fruition, and the estate Novellen blooms with mera.”


Lord John: “I have a second petition, though.”


Arch-Chancellor Simon Basrid: “Of course, let us heat it, Lord Selm.”


Lord John: “Sir Oskar von Tripiz is a most honorable warrior of our most glorious Empire. I assume nothing of the Crown’s intentions, but only hope the Court recognizes that his Knighthood is Kaedreni in nature, which is all but a defunct state! I hope that he is properly considered for an Imperial Knighthood for his service, in the coming years. This will be all from myself, though”


Arch-Chancellor Simon Basrid nods in contemplation over the proposal.


Richard Helvets: “Sir John, insults are unbecoming of you. If you wish not to mince words over my homeland we can revert to steel instead. After this session of course.”


Lord John: “You take an insult, Lord Richard, from honest words; that is your own prerogative.”


Arch-Chancellor Simon Basrid raises a hand to the audience “Enough. Princess Imperial.”


Princess Anne Augusta: “Your Excellency?”


Arch-Chancellor Simon Basrid: “It is known Oskar van Tirpitz is one of your most leal champions.”


Princess Anne Augusta: “He is a favorite of mine, yes”


Arch-Chancellor Simon Basrid: “His billet is known for guarding your person. Do you see him worthy of this honor - to be inducted among the Lion Knights of yore? His character, conditions, and service, all telling of that honor?”


Princess Anne Augusta: “In full transparency, I intended to make such a request myself. I could think of no man more suited.”


Arch-Chancellor Simon Basrid nodded, turning his eyes to the Kaedreni warrior, “Stand before the dias, brigadier. Oskar van Tripitz, I have seen to your own legend myself in your daring rescue of the Princess Imperial against brigands and horrors. You have taken the good and powerful values of Kaedrin and brought them to this Imperial Court. Diligence, excellence, and martial brilliance - the saints of that legend must smile at you. The Basrid Ministry does see fit to confer you membership into the most ancient and most noble Imperial Order of the Lion. A fraternity dating back to the age of the Prophets. Will you recite the Nauzican Oath, and join that treasured brotherhood?”


Oskar van Tirpitz nods beginning his recital of the oath, ”I swear to be true to the Emperor and the realm and not to maintain silence about any evil that I may know which is being contemplated against them. I swear to work tirelessly to the betterment of the Empire and the Orenian people that comprise it. I swear also not to eat or drink with traitors and not to have anything in common with them, and always to defend the honor of the gentlemen I serve. This I swear by the Holy Scrolls.”


Princess Anne Augusta then approached Oskar van Tirpitz placing the robes of the Great Cloak of Power upon his person.


Arch-Chancellor Simon Basrid: “Behold! Subjects of the Empire. I present to you Sir Oskar van Tirpitz, Knight of the Order of the Lion.”


The room erupts in cheering and congratulations for the newly honored Imperial Knight.


Emperor Peter III: “Mister Halcourt- next time, take care not to stand direct in front of the Emperor. I was sure it was the back of your head petitioning that whole time.”


Arch-Chancellor Simon Basrid waves a hand towards the thundering applause. He looks to the Emperor before looking back to the Court. “We may dismiss this court now, with His Imperial Majesty’s leave.”


Emperor Peter III: “The Secretary of the Interior will first dictate the edict.”


Arch-Chancellor Simon Basrid: “Of course. Lord Helena, if you would so conclude with that legislation.”


Minister of Interior Joseph Clement: “It shall be done.” He steps before the court, an Imperial Edict in both hands bearing the seal of the Emperor.


Minister of Interior Joseph Clement then proceeds to read the Edict of Resettlement:




On this day, the 19th of Owyn’s Flame, 1763, the Crown of the Holy Orenian Empire does see fit to resettle the people of the province of Curon, under the advice of the Governor-General. 


The province has operated upon the verge of collapse for many decades, and at this stage, the status quo has proven untenable. Accordingly, the Governor-General and the Basrid Ministry have drafted this edict to rectify the unfortunate situation that has developed in the province.


Due to the social and commercial inactivity of the province of Curon, the Governor-General and the Imperial Crown shall enforce the following decree, to assure that residents of this province are protected and properly accommodated. It is our goal to provide a meaningful life to each and every Imperial subject, and by means of this edict, we are ensuring that all former Curonians have the opportunity to find employment and fulfillment in our Empire.


As such, we do resolve...

Notable families from the former province of Curon will be doled out plots of land in the Crownlands, that they might construct for themselves manorly estates befitting families of their stature. The families being awarded this rare honor are as follows.

To be awarded a full household and estate as befitting holders of peerages;

The House of Halcourt, as chiefed by The Rt Hon. Winifred Halcourt, Baroness of Artois, and her servants. 

The House of Merentel, as chiefed by The Rt Hon. Andromeda Merentel, Baroness of Merentel, and her servants. 

To be awarded a manor in freehold outside the city of Helena;

The Surany family, as chiefed by Ms. Georgina Surany.

The Rutledge family, as chiefed by Mr. Wilheim Rutledge.

The Farlander family, as chiefed by Ms. Azalea Farlander.

A skilled Imperial architect has been hired to assist in the construction efforts.

Those who have enlisted in the Imperial State Army’s 3rd Regiment, known colloquially as the Curonian Marines, shall be promptly transferred with the abolition of this regiment.

Former marines will become gazetted soldiers of the 1st Regiment.

These personnel will be assigned to the 2nd Brigade under the command of General Alren DeNurem.

They will be reacclimated to Imperial State Army standards before receiving a new assignment.

These recruits must report to a 1st Regiment officer as soon as possible.

Other residents of Curon may petition Mr. Sylvester Halcourt [Lyonharted#0001 on Discord] to secure housing in and around the Imperial City of Helena. The Ministry of the Interior will work to satisfy all requests with urgency.

As of the promulgation of this edict, the province of Curon’s government shall be dissolved, including any provincial or local offices associated with it.

The polity and nomenclature of Curon shall be henceforth abolished in full, including any institutions of governance associated with it. 

His Imperial Majesty shall retain the prerogative to reincorporate the land as he sees fit, as it continues to remain in his personal demesne.

The Crown of the Holy Orenian Empire thanks the officers and citizens of the province of Curon for their service to the State. The ministry fully understands the difficulty of this situation and the strife that it has created amongst the population. It is our utmost priority to assure that the citizens remain healthy and safe during this transition, and that their economic and social welfare is protected. The 1st Regiment and the Imperial Vice Chancellor shall be deployed at the disposal of the Governor-General, to assist in the transition on behalf of the Ministry.


For the Glory of Our Empire,


HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY, Peter III, by the grace of GOD Holy Orenian Emperor, forever August, King of Renatus, Curon, Salvus, and Seventis, King-Elect of Kaedrin, Prince of Malinor, Grand Duke of Ves, Duke of Lorraine and Roden, Baron of Sedan, Vitzburg, and Sedai, Protector of the Heartlanders, Highlanders, and Farfolk, etcetera.


Minister of Interior Joseph Clement: “Go in peace, and may GOD save the Emperor.


Arch-Chancellor Simon Basrid: “GOD save the Emperor”, everyone in the court follows in saying this.


Emperor Peter III: “To add to this edict - any utterance of ‘Ave’ within Novellen will inflict a five-hundred Mina fine. GOD with you all.”


Emperor Peter III speaks quietly to the dias, “That went much better than expected, you know.”


And thus concludes the Imperial Court session of 10th Malin’s Welcome, 1763


[So for some reason, the italicization of the dialogue did not want to transfer to the forum post, so heres the link to the google document. It has better formatting.]

https://docs.google.com/document/d/167UEvvST4g24___sWOyqyQbTnOeTfdTC3MPP9mS8yDE/edit?usp=sharing ]


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Hopefully, did Elizaveta of Metterden depart from the proceedings, anticipating a bright and harmonious future not just for the Curonians, while being sympathetic to their woes, but for all within the Empire.

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“Seems centralisation is the spirit of the age. I wonder does Kaedrin follow.” Conrad ponders for a moment, before the question of the legal status of provincially orphaned Curonian baronies distracts his interest. 

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