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[Character Sheet] Jean Pierre Agusto

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Jean Pierre Agusto


”Before You Learn to Cook, you must learn how to Eat!”

(Drawing Made by Me)

General Information

Name – Pierre

Birth Name – Jean Pierre Agusto (Jon Pi-er Ahgusto)

Race – Wonk

Height – 4’7

Titles – N/A

Weight – 568 lbs

Gender – Male

Age – 16 years old – Human Age, 30-ish (Wonk Mature age is 5)

Eye Colour – Purple

Skin Colour – Teal

Occupation – Cook


He has a very heavy thick French Accent






-Good Cook

Zodiac Sign – Pisces

Current Residence



Dominant Hand – Right

Alignment – Lawful Good

Political Alignment – Mid Rightist

Languages – Common

Religion – Canonism

Short Backstory

Pierre was born in a Wonk tribe, his mother taught him how to cook at a young age, though once Pierre matured, he sought out more than just his village, so he traveled around the lands of Arcas, searching for spices & new foods. He lived in small human villages, during his time there, he found many human dishes-and he took inspiration from them-as he did this, Pierre became a excellent cook in human foods. Finally he looked for a place to settle, he took residence in Vuillermoz, as it was the closest to him from his original location, as of now he lives in the town, making food & cooking.

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