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[VOIDED] The Union of Vuiller and De Beamount

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The Wedding of Henriette Vuiller & Philip De Beaumont



The house of Vuiller and De Beaumont would like to welcome you all to the wedding that is to take place in Vuillermoz.

The wedding will take place on the 24th of The First Seed (Monday 4/20/2020 at 6PM EST)

We would like to invite all friends off the family to this blessed day.



List goes as followed.

House Vuiller

House Barclay

House Stjorn

House Ruthern

House Vanir

House Amador

House Othaman

House Stafyr

House Wick

House Sturmholm

House Ruthern-Batavus

House Virosi


The Church of the Canon.


~Ser Johan Vuiller & The State of Vuillermoz



((CORDS : -157 62 -2248))

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{!} With glee in his eyes the normal serious Philip De Beaumont prepares his wedding attire watching his family rings in their respective boxes “May this wedding go without trouble” He says with a chuckle remembering the stories his father told him about his wedding

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