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Imperial Court of 8th of Tobias’ Bounty, 1765

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Imperial Court of 8th of Tobias’ Bounty, 1765

Witnessed by, Asrael Draconis, representative of the Order of Sauros



Summary: The King and men from Haense petition the Emperor regarding peerage and past inquiries which turns into a tense battle of words. The former Count Erwin Barclay is elevated to a Duke in the Imperial Peerage. Two people of the Empire are knighted after reciting the Nauzican Oath; and the Hounds known as the Order of John are formally recognized by the Empire.





Emperor Peter III enters the court and seats himself upon the throne, “Those Nordlings sure are silly, hm?”


King Sigismund II enters the court with his retinue.




Sir Jahan: “Now begins this session of His Imperial Majesty’s Court. All who wish to petition the Crown may line up before the dais.”


Emperor Peter III: “Those in the back may not have heard you, Governor.”


Sir Jahan speaks louder now across the court, “Now begins this session of His Imperial Majesty’s Court. All who wish to petition the Crown may line up before the dais.”


Erik Othaman steps forward.


Sir Jahan: “Approach the dais good citizen.”


Erik Othaman bows his head before Emperor Peter III, “Vy Imperial Majesty.”


Sir Jahan: “You stand before His Imperial Majesty, Peter the Third. State your name and legend, and what you wish to petition to the Crown.”


Erik Othaman: “I am Mister Erik Othaman, Freeholder of Valles and Royal Exchequer of the Interior and War to the Kingdom of Haenseti-Ruska. I bear two petitions in regards to my freehold.”


Sir Jahan: “What are your petitions Mister Othaman?”


Erik Othaman: “Well as with the most recent partition of lands within the lands of the former Kingdom of Suffonia, the Othamans were given a portion of the land on which a keep is to be built.” He brings forth a sketch of the region in question and steps forward to hand it to the dais.


Emperor Peter III: “Never did a ‘Kingdom’ of Suffonia exist.”


Erik Othaman: “And it never will exist for as long as the Empire exists, vy Imperial Majesty.”


Emperor Peter III lets out a tired breath as he allows Erik Othaman to continue.


Sir Jahan: “So what are your petitions Mister Othaman?”


Erik Othaman: “The size of the land that I was granted is nie adequate enough for what my keep requires, however there is a second region up north that has niet owners. I am petitioning those lands to be integrated with the Freehold of Valles.”


Emperor Peter III: “You require… a keep?”


Erik Othaman: “Niet, I have blueprints of my manor, but I require more land for it to be built upon.”


Emperor Peter III: “Then you may discuss terms of purchase in private at a later date.”


Erik Othaman: “Very well, and as for my second petition. I am petitioning for the reclaiming of my noble lineage that my family held nearly two centuries ago within the Empire.”


Emperor Peter III turns to send a gaze towards Arch-Chancellor Simon Basrid.


Sir Jahan: “Mister Othaman,”


Simon Basrid meets the Emperor’s gaze for a moment. He turned to Sir Jahan and afforded him a moment to speak before taking the center position of the dais.


Sir Jahan: “If you wish to reclaim a title, I implore you to petition before the House of Lords. They will be meeting soon to discuss such matters.”


Erik Othaman: “Then why is it that I have been told to appear before the Imperial Court in regards to my titles?”


Emperor Peter III: “Out of turn, Jahan.”


Arch-Chancellor Simon Basrid: “I believe there was a clerical error in communication. And like all fonts of speech, they must be precise and thorough.”


King Sigismund II: “Everyone stand, with me and the Marshal.”


Arch-Chancellor Simon Basrid: “As bid in the Edict of Reform, the most distinguished peers of our Empire from across the realm’s many cultures and provinces have been selected for one purpose. To maintain the condition of nobility within the Empire.”


King Sigismund II: “Vyronovs, step back into my retinue.”


King Sigismund II makes his ways past the retinue and before the Imperial Dais.


Arch-Chancellor Simon Basrid offers a concerned gaze as he welcomes the King, “Your Majesty.”


Erik Othaman bows to King Sigismund II “Vy Majesty.”


King Sigismund II: “All bow to His Imperial Majesty, the Holy Emperor of Oren!” He bows deeply towards Emperor Peter III.


All of the men of Haense bow as their King does.


King Sigismund II: “I come to you and you only in petition, no one else will do. My Emperor. I am elevating the Count of Reinmar to the status of Duke, and I seek for your recognition of such.” King Sigismund II concludes his petition, resting his hands on his hips, awaiting a response.


Emperor Peter III: “Any elevation or creation of titling comes through Imperial peerage, granted by the Imperial monarch - myself. I will hear Lord Barclay’s merits, for I recognize his proficiency and service, but you cannot keep suggesting the existence of peerage separate from the Empire’s.”


King Sigismund II: “I have brought you nominations, of which you have denied nearly all of them. I tire of these games.”


King Sigismund II ushers forth Count Erwin Barclay, “Go speak your part, Count.”


Emperor Peter III: “I went through each of these suggestions and found murder, sedition, and - children seeking peerage. The Emperor’s law is not a game.” Emperor Peter III lifts a hand to Count Erwin Barclay, bidding him to speak.


King Sigismund II: “Charges acquitted, seditions unfounded. You think my opinions to be of lesser men? I have vetted each and every one of these candidates.” King Sigismund II clicks his tongue, shaking his head as he crosses his arms.


Count Erwin Barclay: “I have served Haense and the Empire for my entire life, ralling the people of Haense alongside Helena against the AIS. Together with General DeNurem, the combined Imperial forces are unrivaled in Arcas.”


Emperor Peter III looks to General DeNurem for confirmation from him on what Count Erwin Barclay spoke of.


Count Erwin Barclay: “But I am not the only one in my family who has merits. My uncle Anton serves as the Cardinal of Jorenus. My cousin Conrad has long served as an Imperial Senator, my cousin Osvald in Haense’s Duma. My son and heir is the Duke of Helena’s student. My entire family are loyal subjects of the Empire.”


Emperor Peter III: “I am quite aware, Lord Reinmar, and I look favourably upon your family. Your merits speak for you alone; do you require the King and all these men to speak for you as well?”


Count Erwin Barclay: “These men are the King’s retinue. It was my liege lord’s decision for this titular elevation.”


Emperor Peter III: “Yet, Lord Reinmar, it is not his decision. Do you understand?”


King Sigismund II raises a brow, glancing to Count Erwin Barclay for a moment before returning his attention back to Emperor Peter III.


Count Erwin Barclay: “That is why we come here to seek your audience. But without the approval of my liege lord, I would not seek this elevation in the first place.”


Emperor Peter III: “I recognize your virtues, Lord Reinmar, but I must now address the young King.”


Count Erwin Barclay nods his head and takes a step back into the line of Haensemen.


Emperor Peter III tilts his head slightly, “Do you understand this as well? That there is but one peerage in this Empire granted only by the Emperor.”


King Sigismund II furrows his brows, his hands placed upon the sides of his waist, “There are expectations that were dashed - if I keep being tossed aside like this, I will complain openly. As I do now. Though, yes, I understand.”


Emperor Peter III bows his head with evident gratitude, “Then aid the Crown in cleaning up past messes - I still see writing in circulation naming the Baron Wick and Baron Ludovar as members of a Haeseni peerage. These families are not yet fit to be part of this country’s peerage. The Vanirs and Barclays should be livid that they lay claim to their class. The Wicks who allow open sedition and threats of murder, and the Ludovar who is a meritless boy - why should our noble Vanirs sit at the same table with them? We are a civilized country, of people who in submission to GOD must temper their appetites and passions. We must police ourselves so as to raise our great nation in harmony.” Emperor Peter III pauses to allow King Sigismund II a chance to speak.


King Sigismund II: “The issues shall be dealt with immediately then, My Emperor.” King Sigismund clicks his tongue once more and returns an apparent look of displeasure.


King Sigismund II: “The Barclays have earned their desires - contrary to what you mentioned about my previous subjects.”


Emperor Peter III: “But mind you - this is not an immediate issue we can solve in a single coup; a long term divide we all must toil for.”


King Sigismund II: “I don’t not offer concessions without expecting my immediate due, My Emperor.”


Emperor Peter III: “What exactly are you conceding?”


King Sigismund II: “My ancestral right to elevate my own nobility. In return, I expect my nominations to be considered accordingly. To avoid this bureaucratic trap you call a House of Lords.”


Emperor Peter III: “There is no concession, but humble submission to the law and fact of the world.”


King Sigismund II: “It is a concession, wording it another way convinces no one.”


Emperor Peter III: “Your young passion feels it so, but you will understand in time. I promise you.” The Emperor says with a calm breath, “You mentioned games, young king. This system of coercion, public displays and courtly debates, cannot stand.”


King Sigismund II: “I desire, on this day, to see the elevation of the Count of Reinmar. To conclude otherwise will prove to be detrimental. I do what I have done today because you have wrongfully deferred me on a constant basis. My patience thinned also.”


Emperor Peter III: “Speak to me as a man alone, and I will oblige, young king. Subjects in your contract may do the same, and I will seek your opinion as well. But what is happening here, young king, is simply untenable.”


King Sigismund II replies after spending some time pondering the words of Emperor Peter III, “It was necessary, My Emperor.”


Emperor Peter III: “To accomplish what, exactly? Lord Reinmar and his family would have been rewarded posthaste for their distinguished service had the man come alone.”


King Sigismund II: “I see no wrong in using your court to rightfully petition your name to see the elevation of one of my vassals. If you claim there was one.”


Emperor Peter III: “Now we must waste time fencing with words, airing grievances, and explaining laws and rights.”


King Sigismund II: “I sent you my letter, My Emperor. To discuss the status of the Count. Of which it was postponed, not once, not twice, but thrice. I was informed of many excuses, and now I come to you before this dais to finally discuss this”


Emperor Peter III: “Appointed are seven dignified lords of the Empire to aid in these decisions - alone, young king, I am still but one man, busied with the requests of landowners and Nordling aggression for the hundredth time.”


King Sigismund II: “The issues of landowners are not of my concern, My Emperor. I am your King, your most prominent vassal in this Empire. To be considered with common… concerns.”


King Sigismund II scoffs, “I have mentioned my opinion of this House of Lords, My Emperor, and I see it to be a trap.”


Emperor Peter III: “It need not be your concern; rule as you will - but I am concerned with the common and noble folk alike. This is why I minded your feelings to not immediately defer you to the Lords of the Empire. But in the end, I could do this - and I cannot do everything in this country alone. Anyone must rule by delegation, and in these times, entrusted consensus, which is why I have appointed seven grandees, three of which are your explicit subjects, to aid us both here.”


King Sigismund II: “I am not one of your delegations, My Emperor? Or do you consider me otherwise. I manage half of your Empire, through my realm.” 


King Sigismund II shakes his head in disappointment of the course of the discussion, “As you have said, my Emperor, this verbal fencing will serve us no further good. Will the Count of Reinmar see the elevation to a Dukedom by the conclusion of this session?”


Emperor Peter III: “As a monarch, you have a different purpose than an Imperial Grandee. Regardless, it is a shame that Lord Reinmar had to be witness to this. Roping the good man into this is pointless, for he stands on his merits.”


King Sigismund taps Count Erwin Barclay’s side, gesturing to the men behind him.


Emperor Peter III: “I am not done here. Give me a promise here, young king. The issue here is the public setting and coercive undertones. You must recognize that this cannot happen again.”


King Sigismund II: “I do not come to petition you, only for this to be turned around on myself, My Emperor.”


Emperor Peter III dips his head to a degree, awaiting the proper response from King Sigismund II.


King Sigismund II: “I have yet received the response I sought when I entered these halls, My Emperor. Why twist this otherwise.”


King Sigismund II taps his foot against the floor, visibly growing impatient. He adjusts the belt that kept the sheath of his blade secure.


Emperor Peter III: “For if this was only about Count Erwin Barclay, he could confer alone. Here, young king, is an ugly scene.”


King Sigismund II: “You should have anticipated this then. When you deferred me so many times. Is there anything else you wish to add, Your Imperial Majesty?”


Emperor Peter III: “Do you understand that this will not happen again, this messy show? Like I took from the old heads of NAFTA - a yes or no.”


Emperor Peter III: “Be honest, and I will give you your plain answer.”


King Sigismund II: “You twist your words, and cycle your arguments. You attempt to paint to this court my supposed wrongdoings. I shall leave a token few diplomats behind to continue discussing these qualms. I will retire. I will not continue to be played around with your words.”


Emperor Peter III: “A yes or no, young king. Your answer will solve your own questions. You are not dismissed until this is done. Decide Lord Reinmar’s elevation with your answer. Yes - or no. Will you do this again?”


The hands of both Haensemen and Imperials drift towards their swords as the room is filled with unease.


Sir John: “At ease, Sir Henry. We are having a conversation.”


King Sigismund II: “You make mockery of my name, My Emperor. Should I have asked you this same question when one of your men burned down my late mother’s room? My tolerance has snapped, My Emperor. August Barrow and my younger brother shall arrive in your court in the next few days.”


Captain Peter d’Arkent: “All ISA better remain at ease.”


Emperor Peter III: “Remain here, Lord Reinmar, and I will sort your request out.”


The room continues to grow uneasy as soldiers from each side eye each other.


Count Erwin Barclay retains a neutral expression on his face, briefly glancing towards King Sigismund II before giving Emperor Peter III a nod of the head, “As you wish, Your Imperial Majesty.”


Emperor Peter III: “I signed that carpet in a fit of rage, seeing the third Barbanov close to myself subjected to such violence. You gain nothing by excited exaggeration. Do you understand the standing question?”


King Sigismund II furrows his brows, setting his gaze to Count Erwin Barclay before turning on his heel and marching out of the room with his men.


Emperor Peter III: “What are your thoughts, Lord Reinmar?” Emperor Peter III motions for him to stand center before the dais.


Count Erwin Barclay: “I stand with my King. I wished to have a meeting with you several saint’s days ago, but we were unable to. This was faster.”


Emperor Peter III: “Then why bring a King and his soldiers with a slew of accusations against the Crown? A few months in the middle of a Nordling crisis - why?”


Count Erwin Barclay: “It was merely His Majesty’s retinue, we had just completed a training several saint’s minutes prior, and he invited the men along. As for accusations, His Majesty did not like having our meeting deferred several times. He wanted to settle it today. As did I.”


Emperor Peter III: “Well. Perhaps we can get the answer from you, then.”


Emperor Peter III: “In elevating your peerage, will these problems end? Will the young king continue to turn my court into a market before a siege? Do you feel this will end the nonsense?”


Count Erwin Barclay: “I cannot speak for my liege lord.”


Emperor Peter III: “But you can speak for yourself. As a man who would be a Duke of the realm, what are your thoughts here? What will you do to solve this issue?”


Count Erwin Barclay: “I would speak to my King, but I have still sworn my oaths to him, to stand with him when he needs it.”


Emperor Peter III: “I am not asking you to abandon your King; I am asking you to aid him by mending this bridge. Those who are sworn to me petition and offer advice, as you are witness to. In elevating Count Reinmar, what is he advantaged, and what is his country advantaged? What do you think here, and what will you do here? Boys across the whole Empire will look to you as Duke Reinmar, one of the most powerful men in the nation.”


Count Erwin Barclay: “As a loyal subject of both Haense and the Empire, I will do my best to ensure there is harmony.”


Emperor Peter III: “How will you empower and dignify that status so as to inspire them? Will you take the title and sit on it, keeping this dance of angry King and tired Emperor, or will you exercise your power? What exactly is it you are going to do? Can the Duke be a bridge in this Empire, ensuring these boys a future?”


Count Erwin Barclay: “I cannot force the hand of my King, but I can counsel with him advice as one of his vassals to ensure a productive relationship.”


Emperor Peter III: “Then, as a Duke of this Empire, promise to reach across the divide between your country and the broader nation. Promise to profess unity in word and action, and promise to dignify the peerage with respect for the nation’s institutions.”


Count Erwin Barclay: “I promise to my best to ensure unity between Haense and the Empire.”


Emperor Peter III: “Then let it be so, Duke Reinmar. Hold yourself above these fruitless shows, and aid and respect your Emperor’s country.”


Duke Erwin Barclay replies, bowing his head, “Thank you, Your Imperial Majesty.”


Emperor Peter III dismisses the Barclays with a quiet nod, looking to Wilfred for a moment.


Duke Erwin Barclay lets out a long breath before turning on his heel to exit, his family follows him.


Emperor Peter III: “Come forth, Wilfred.”


Imperial Butler Wilfred III slowly wobbles before the dais.


Emperor Peter III: “For your ancient and historied service to the Imperial family, your incredible skill in procurement and curations of priceless artifacts and your mounting efforts in re-Imperializing the Halfling folk… I see fit to name you Knight of the Most Excellent Petrine Order.”


Imperial Butler Wilfred III’s eyes begin to water, he shakes as he looks up to the Emperor, “Oi ‘av nevr been so honor’d in me life, Your Imperial Majesty.”


Emperor Peter III: “I trust you are familiar with the Nauzican Oath.” Emperor Peter III motions for Vice-Chancellor Hugo to descend the dais with Wilfred’s purple robe.


Imperial Butler Wilfred III recites the Nauzican Oath before the Emperor.


Vice-Chancellor Hugo hobbles down from the dais. He produces the purple robe and makes his way over to Imperial Butler Sir Wilfred III with a smile. He rests the robes on Wilfred’s shoulders.


Imperial Butler Sir Wilfred III crouches lower from the weight of the robe on his old shoulders.


Emperor Peter III: “Now receive this robe signifying your relation with the Crown, and go with GOD.”


Vice-Chancellor Hugo fastens the robes around Sir Wilfred III’s shoulders before taking a few steps back.


Emperor Peter III dismisses Imperial Butler Sir Wilfred III and points down to the armored Ensign Franziska, “Descend, and remove your helmet.”


Ensign Franziska exhales, removing her helmet and placing it under her arm.


Emperor Peter III: “I must admit to you: I was hesitant to bestow this honor upon a woman - the first instance in over a century - but witnessing your unquestioned loyalty, diligence, and skill, my thoughts are turned happily. Your dignified service in guarding my person, keeping my peace, and enacting my will both by pen and sword will not go unspoken. For this, I name you Dame of the Most Excellent Petrine Order.”


Ensign Franziska bows her head deeply, “I am - I will be eternally grateful, Your Imperial Majesty.”


Emperor Peter III: “I trust you, too, know the Nauzican Oath.”


Vice-Chancellor Hugo hobbles forth once again, a purple robe in hand. He fastens the embroidered robes upon Dame Franziska’s shoulders.


Ensign Franziska nods eagerly, before reciting the Nauzican Oath perfectly.


Emperor Peter III dismisses Dame Franziska.


Emperor Peter III: “One last word, now, from one of the lovely Hounds. Speak your name and legend, sir, and make known your petition.”


Reynault steps forward, bowing deeply, “Reynault, Your Imperial Majesty, a man of the Hounds. I’ve come to petition for permission to expand our farms in Johnstown, and have the Order of John officially recognized within the Empire.”


Emperor Peter III: “Gladly. I will come by to survey what can be done for more farmland. As for recognition, I will define this Order here: A martially monastic brotherhood purposed to maintain the ideals of John of Carnatia and to promote the institutions of the Empire. In terms of service, you act as auxiliaries akin to the Sons of Malin; act under my military command as you have been.”


Reynault smiles, bowing once more, “With pleasure, Your Imperial Majesty.”


Emperor Peter III: “Wonderful,” he states dismissing Reynault with a lift of his hand.


Emperor Peter III nods to Sir Jahan before speaking softly, “Dismiss the court.”


Sir Jahan returns the nod before facing the court, “This concludes this session of His Imperial Majesty’s Court. GODspeed to everyone.”


“GOD save the Emperor,” rings out across the court before all the spectators depart from the room.


*Sketches of the session of the Imperial Court of 8th of Tobias’ Bounty are inserted below*








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