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Core Beliefs
Yemekar is the creator deity of The Brathmordakin, the main faith of the dwarven race. As the creator Yemekar not only created the world and the creatures that inhabit it, but also the other gods that the dwarves worship: the Brathmordakin.

The Maker tends to be depicted as an old being with a long white beard and a hammer (except for the Ar Yemarin Anaros. The symbols chosen to represent Yemekar are the hammer and the anvil fitting for the smith of all creation.

Yemekar's main characteristic is that of being a creator. For this he tends to be praised by dwarven craftsmen. However, Yemekar is also known as the patron of all kings and clan fathers of the dwarven race. Those in positions of leadership be it in the clan, military, guild, etc all have the blessing and patronage of Yemekar.

Because Yemekar is the main deity of the dwarven religion and blesses all leaders of the race he is in a sense the Patron of all clans. He does this by being the Patron of the kingdom itself. By doing this Yemekar is bringing the clans together as he brought the Brathmordakin together.


Particular Beliefs of Denominations and Groups
Even though all dwarves believe in the faith of the brathmordakin there is still a large number of different religious groups and denominations. Even though these denominations are very close and basically believe in the same deities there are still some beliefs and rituals that make them different.



Dverga eron da Kirkja Rhun
Seers and those that follow the beliefs and rituals of the Dverga eron da Kirkja Rhun see Yemekar as the creator of souls and the recycler of the mediocre souls of the fallen that have died, so that he can reform them and give them a second chance to be bidded upon by living a better life.
Dwarverves in this denomination take care to be at one with their surroundings while doing activities that are connected to Yemekar like smithing, governing, and crafting. They do this to try to attain a state of mind where Yemekar can grant them a vision or another type of message.

Like other denominations they believe in Yemekars balance, but also in Yemekar’s Ultimate Balance; when all the Paragons will be found and the dwarves will be able to go into their holy land, a place where Khorvad will no be able to reach them and they will be able to stay in that land for ever.


Da Kirkja Dverga
The view of Da Kirkja Dverga can be summarized from this quote “Yemekar is the father and creator of the Dwarven race. Honor him by emulating his principles and workmanship in smithing, stoneworking and other tasks. Wisdom is derived from life and tempered with experience. Advance the Dwarven race in all areas of life. Innovate with new processes and skills. Found new kingdoms and clan lands, defending the existing ones from all threats. Lead the Dwarves in the traditions laid down by The Maker. Honor your clan leaders as you honor Yemekar.”-High Preceptor Fili Grandaxe.

 According to them souls are forged in Yemekar's Ruhn-Anvil. In this faith there is a belief that the Brathmordakin speak and Yemekar himself to the Kirkja Dverga. This seems to have lessened in popularity once Prophets were changed to Preceptors. However, the folks in this denomination still believe that the Da Kirkja Dverga has the sole right to do certain ceremonies and has the final say in religious matters.


Da Arkammar oz Zarhere
Memeber of Da Arkammar oz Zarhere believe to be the main Keepers of Yemekar’s Balance.


Ar Yemarin Anaros

The Ar Yemarin Anaros believe that Yemekar is the High Ancestor Lord who created the first dwarves (the Brathmordakin). That the world is inside Yemekar’s eternal forge.

Folk in Ar Yemarin Anaros assume that Yemekar’s appearance is that of a perfect dwed with great black flowing hair and a great long beard that is braided and runs down past the waistline. It is also believed that those that  are Followers of Yemekar are those who are driven to expand dwedmar influence within the world, and discover innovations to advance the race as a whole.
In this faith the rule of Khaz’A’Dentrumm is given to Yemekar

Yemekar is shown to be a sympathetic father to all. This includes Khorvad, but still shuns him greatly for his grand betrayal. He also serves as mediator for the Brathmordakin themselves when they are at odds with each other

One of the most common rituals of this faith has when it comes to Yemekar is the trace ritual where a worshiper of Yemekar gets so involved in their craft that they achieve a state of transcendence. They claim that this is achieved through prayer, meditation, and unnatural means.

Under the Yemarin Anaros, Pantheon temples are improper. They insist that temples should be built and dedicated to one individual Ancestor Lord.

when a follower of Yemekar is nearing his last few years of life, it is common for them to spend their last years crafting their best work associated with their profession, and then be buried with it. Dwed who are smiths will forge legendary armors or weapons to be buried with, while carpenters would build uniquely designed and intricate furniture made from rare materials. When one dies being a follower of Yemekar they are to be buried in the Temple of Yemekar.


Rym ur Yemekar
Sacrificing yourself to Yemekar is a worthy act, and to die like a martyr will have you be bidded upon by Yemekar. They also believe in the propagation of chaos in the form of rebellions in non-dwarven lands to force people to come closer to Yemekar.


ᛟᚱᛞᛖᚱ ᚺᛟᛚᚤ:ᛟᚠ:ᛏᚺᛖ:ᛋᛖᚲᚱᛖᛏ ᚺᛟᛚᚤ:ᛋᛖᚲᚱᛖᛏᛟᚱᛞᛖᚱ:ᛟᚠ:ᛏᚺᛖ

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