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Braehn Elendil An'Hiraeth

The Election of 1769: The Josephites & A Beautiful Future

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The Josephites & A Beautiful Future




My name is Jonah Stahl-Elendil, and I am proud to call myself the Chairman of the Josephite Party. As we approach the Imperial elections of 1769, I wish to share with you my thoughts, my hopes, and my fears for our beloved country. I hope you find this letter in good faith, and that you consider what I am about to say before casting your ballot tomorrow.


Since the beginning of our history, mankind has known no master other than GOD and those who were blessed with His providence here in the world. It was through mankind's faith in the wisdom of these great men that human society has persisted towards progress and excellence. Great leaders like His Imperial Majesty, Peter III, protect and enable our ability to enjoy our inalienable rights to Life, Liberty, and Trial. I believe, as an Orenian first and a Josephite last, that we must enjoy these freedoms and emphatically defend them in good faith, for GOD’s plan can only be stalled when faithless men oppose it. 


In the Province of Kaedrin, the citizens of St.Owynsburg are currently awaiting the results for their mayoral election between the Josephite Padraig O’Rourke, and the Everardine incumbent Edmund Bren. We support and proudly endorse Padraig O’Rourke and his vision for a better Kaedrin. Regardless, we will not know for sometime who the true winner is due to inconsistencies in the ballot box. According to the Electoral Commission from the Office of the Premier, many inconsistencies have been found, and around 43% of votes are invalid and suspicious. I pray this is resolved in line with our Orenian values.


Despite all this, I do truly believe that we are experiencing an Enlightened Age of Mankind. We in Oren have been blessed with the truly unique idea that all who live under the Empire of Man shall know fairness, opportunity, and freedoms that have never been seen before. Furthermore, that they shall persist as the new normal of our world for the generations to come. It is my belief, and I hope it is yours too, that we cannot go back. This election for me, is about the issues, and it shall stay that way.


When we started our campaign, we did so with a goal: meeting people where they are. In city and in forest, from the stark mountains of Haense, to the green forests of Helena, all the plains of Kaedrini frontier, and everywhere in between, our party set out to find out what matters to you. What you, as Orenian citizens, wish to see from your government. We were the first party to begin the enfranchisement of the Northland regions and the elves of Aldemar. We pushed ambitious census drives that registered scores of citizens from every race, creed, and background so our government can better understand the diverse makeup of its citizenry, while also inviting citizens to partake in the governmental process. Each day on the campaign trail, we have been transparent and open about our policies and philosophy as Josephites, and you have never let us down. Your heartfelt support and constructive criticisms made our party better, and we thank you.


Along the way, I personally learned that the citizens of the Empire are not uniformed in their hardship. It is our belief that the way a government should, and must respond to crisis, is flexibility in approach and decisiveness in action. There is not a one size fits all solution, and that each province experienced hardships differently for multitudes of reasons. Yet our bonds that unite us as Orenians are our values, and so we ought to be united in the face of great trials. 


In the Province of Haense, the men and women of the H.R.A. are currently guarding the realm from the Scyfling invasion of the Northern Sea. With all efforts dedicated to the defense of the Empire, we believe in passing emergency defense laws that shall enable the Empire as a whole to respond to military threats with the full force of the national economy behind it. Meanwhile, in the Kaedreni frontier, the citizen militias are spread very thin against the violent road warriors. We aim to enable the Provinces to enact constabulary measures to better defend and enforce Imperial Law within their local jurisdiction, and will fight for expansion of the Imperial State Army Regiments, which shall be allocated for in the House of Commons budget.


Even at the heart of our Empire in the city of Helena, the struggle is persistent. The honorable Livery Guilds of the city are currently reorganizing and working to pull Helena out of a hard recession. The recession is believed to have been caused by abusive landlords who illegally inflated the property value within the city. I do believe that what will allow the Government to respond better to provincial and national issues alike, is a stronger economy that can sustain such focused investment. Our Marna Economic Plan shall deliver this, because of it’s all encompassing vision and the simplicity in its execution. Our proposed Sarkozy Commission shall enable the creation and prolonged success of new businesses in the Empire. We shall abolish wage-slavery and enable every man and woman the right to work for a fair, progressive wage.


Keeping in-line with our ideals of supporting you, the people, we will also be introducing legislation that seeks to deal with many of the problems of corruption and fraudulent voter registration that we experienced in Kaedrin. Regular homesteads meant to fit no more than a small family are being used as free address registrations for those who do not live in a certain province, but still wish to swing local elections. To combat this, we will establish a stricter oversight on citizenship registration and local voter identification, as well as delivering harsher punishments towards those found guilty of engaging in voter fraud. When the integrity of local and national elections is put at risk, it is all of us who lose our liberty of participating in a free, democratic process by which to choose our leaders.


I write this letter with a twinge of apprehension, out of the worry that you might misunderstand me. I do not want this election to be seen as an ultimatum between Everardine and Josephite. Despite all that has occurred this election cycle, I see the Everardines as an honorable and invaluable opposition. I cannot allow myself to be so cynical to think otherwise. Instead, I offer you a vision of a beautiful future. 


I, Jonah Stahl-Elendil, wish to deliver to you a future built on faith. Of faith in our institutions and freedoms that we enjoy and hold dear. Of faith in the men and women who work hard to protect them. A future of faith that GOD wants all men to be free and to know it as His truth. I see a future for you and those who will succeed us as the years go by. I urge you to think of this future when casting your vote and consider voting for the Josephite Party. Regardless, I thank you for voting all the same. 


Thank you & God bless,


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“All men and women should live in dignity, free from tyranny and arbitrary laws.” the Everardine Leader Amadeus d’Aryn nodded, “That is why we will always work with a Josephite minority to achieve a vision of Oren which is mutual and understanding, and where our citizens can engage in peaceful debate without being slandered as Pertinaxi reactionaries, inept, or anti-Oren.”

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“Fantastic piece!” Abram exclaims, receiving a copy of the work as he heads out to sign up the last few residents of Johnstown to vote in the coming election.

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