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Acolyte's Thesis - The Holy Mission of Humanity

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Acolyte’s Thesis

The Holy Mission of Humanity


Scribed by

Acolyte Manfried Tobar


The Grand Harvest






Section I - Introduction

Section II - Purity in Faith

Section III - To Spread GOD’s Word

Section IV - Guiding Those Non-Human

Section V - Conclusion




| Section I |


It is by the glory of GOD that Exalted Horen was permitted to ascend to the Seventh Sky in order to receive the Scroll of Virtue. By the glory of GOD that Exalted Horen was chosen to receive the divine knowledge of He on high, past the gate between the Sixth and Seventh Skies and to be in the presence of GOD himself. It is by the glory of GOD that the Exalted Horen of humanity was the first to witness GOD and receive the blessing of his eternal wisdom through the first of the Holy Scrolls.


It is by the divine word of the Lord that the three sons of spirit, Exalted Owyn, Exalted Godfrey and Exalted Siegmund, would be gifted by GOD the last of the Holy Scrolls to complete the teachings of He on high and bestow upon the mortals of this world His wisdom.


By the glory of GOD, we of the Human race were bestowed a duty of great import. A task granted to us upon the spark of our soul as we enter this world of mortals. As we are gifted this flesh of humanum, so are we tasked with learning the teachings of GOD on high and spreading it to the non believers and remaining strong in faith, devoted to GOD, pure and abiding by the teachings of His Holy Scrolls with every passing breath.


We as humans are bestowed a righteous mission. To guide those non-human. To remain pure in faith. To spread the one true faith throughout our world.


Our quest in servitude to Him began with Exalted Horen and the three sons of spirit and shall end in the final battle against the treacherous foes who have turned away from GOD’s divine light and wisdom. The servants of Iblees himself, lord of the dark, murky, painful Void. It is for the end of times, predicted in the last of the Holy Scrolls that we prepare for. To prepare for the fight between the righteous or us, GOD’s humble servants, against the sinful servants of Iblees.


It is our duty as the faithful of humanity to spread the faith world wide. To consolidate the power of Godani on this plane. To spread His holy word to all non-believers and to strengthen the faith of our brothers and sisters. It is we who are bestowed with the mission, made mandatory by GOD, so that when we face his foes, we will have numbers of immense fortitude, strengthened by the will of GOD. His teachings and his blessed light. 


It is in this Thesis that I will outline the check list of sorts that those pious in faith should complete before ascending to the Seven Skies above. Purity in faith as outlined in the covenant with GOD, our mission to spread His word to all, and our duty as the first race to receive the word of GOD to guide the other races under He in the Seventh Sky.



| Section II |


Outlined in the covenant between GOD and Exalted Horen was that the four prophets would be of human flesh and blood, however also that humanity remained pure in faith. You may ask, what does it truly mean to remain pure in faith? Simply put, it is to avoid sin and abide by the Holy Scrolls bestowed upon the Exalted four. To remain pure in faith however, one should first look to the Scroll of Virtue. As outlined by GOD to the faithful, the moral code of Canon prohibits the following:


“Murder, thievery, sexual immorality, miscegenation, judging one’s own virtue, lying, disloyalty, apostasy, blasphemy, covetousness, sloth, wrath, ambition, pride, and indulgence.”

- Excerpt from the Catechism of the Church of Canon, Written by Cardinal Fabian the Lesser -


The moral code of Canon dictates what a follower of GOD’s word must do in life to remain pure in faith and the Scroll of Virtue remains to be the only Scroll of four which is universally enforced by GOD upon all beings in the mortal plane. 


For one of the human race to remain pure in faith is of great import to the success of their mission under GOD for the second component of their mission is to spread and proselytize the faith to others. How can one do so when not pure of faith? Such is a preposterous construct as how can a man of faith offer the true word of GOD to another when their own faith is not sound. This is how two components of the Holy Mission of Humanity connect, as one feeds off the other to survive and come to completion under the divine light of the Lord on high.



| Section III |


To spread GOD’s word, no matter how one should do so, is a great undertaking by the faithful. While this goal of the faithful is not an exclusive mission dictated to the human faithful, I shall include it within this Thesis as I believe it connects with purity in faith as to spread his word is to serve GOD in a great manner, proven by the Third Sky. The Third Sky is a level of the Seven Skies reserved for those who in their lifetime had spread Godani’s word and abided by the Holy Scrolls and while primarily reserved for those who don the vestments of the clergy, other pious believers who did not share the esteemed rank of the preachers of GOD’s word may also ascend to the Third Sky if they had spread GOD’s teachings.


There are many ways to spread the word of GOD from charitable acts to your fellow brothers and sisters, to branding oneself as crusader, to proselytizing, or taking upon oneself the commitment of ecclesiastical duty. All of these methods to expand GOD’s reach to all mortals are righteous ways to serve He on high. To bestow His word to others as His word was bestowed unto us by Exalted Horen is a way for us to set upon a holy path throughout our lifetime until we upon death move away from the mortal world and ascend to the glorious Seven Skies. To serve the Lord and enlighten others to the one true faith should be a man of virtue’s objective in life and in death.



| Section IV |


The races non-human received gifts from the Aengul Ariel and so were we bestowed with a gift however not from an Aengul. Instead, Exalted Horen received the Scroll of Virtue from the Lord Himself and therefore the human race was bestowed the first teachings of GOD on high. With such, as stated by Cardinal Fabian the Lesser in the Catechism of the Church of Canon, while an individual human is not superior to a non-human, those of the human race are charged by GOD to guide and enlighten those non-human as the first to receive His eternal wisdom.


To guide the other races is to accept our place as the first enlightened by GOD’s wisdom and to use this great blessing to assist our fellow brothers and sisters in faith. It is a great honor to have received this gift through Exalted Horen from GOD and we must use it to strengthen the faith by supporting our brothers and sisters under GOD’s divine light, human or non-human.



| Section V |


With these three pieces of the “check list” of pure faith outlined within this Thesis, I hope to help my fellow brothers and sisters in humanity to accept their place as outlined in the covenant with GOD. We are those gifted with the Holy Scrolls of GOD, revealed to us by the prophets, born humans upon this mortal plane. We are those who have and shall enlighten future generations along with the enlightened of the non-human faithful. We were granted a great gift. An immense blessing was bestowed upon us human faithful. However, to take upon this great undertaking with nothing but humility is also our duty. We individual humans are not superior to the other races. 


We are merely the first enlightened, charged to guide those non-human in the word of GOD. We are but mortals and with such comes the temptations of ambition and the scourge of arrogance. I call unto you, brothers and sisters! Wash away the human traits that plague you! Rise above them and take your mantle as those to guide our fellow brethren. To not do such would be to dirty your purity in faith and to dirty your purity in faith would be to jeopardize your mission before GOD which is to spread his wisdom throughout the world. 


It is now that you truly see all of which connects and all of which must connect in order complete your holy mission. With this conclusion to my Thesis, I leave all who read this document with a prayer.


May you our Lord GOD cleanse our minds of impurity and allow us to humble ourselves unto thee that may honor your holy covenant Exalted Prophet Owyn I established between you and humans, preaching your life-giving Scrolls unto all corners of this world unto the ages of ages. Through the intercessions of the holy righteous Exalted prophets, The Mother of Mankind and the Queen of Virgins and of Peace Saint Julia, Saint Daniel I the Patron Saint of Scholarship and Literature and Illuminator of Darkness of whom this thesis is dedicated to, and all the saints. 





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Posted (edited)

Griffith read over the thesis, proclaiming the words to Manfried, “May the Lord GOD grant you many years!”

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The cardinal Erasmus von Gertreide would lay the thesis upon his desk after reading it with a hint of a smile on his face. “A well written thesis statement!” the cardinal would remark to a nearby monk. “I look forward to seeing what else this acolyte will do.”

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"Certainly one of the best Acolyte theses I have read in some time," says Pius of Sutica after receiving a copy from Bishop Benedict.

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