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Opening Your Eyes


“Xavis. Are you there?”

“Yes, I'm here. What is it?”

“You know what’s up, what you must do.”

I know, but for what reason?”

“To protect yourself, to protect others.”

“I see.. Though what do you know? All you care about is murder.”

“I know everything you do, Xavis. All of your thoughts are shared with me, I know you want this. Deep, deep down this is what you desire.”

“You’re right, as much as I hate to give you that, Irlioz.”

“I’m always right. Since when have I ever been wrong?”

“You never have. I can see that, even without eyes.”

“Exactly, but with this you’ll finally be able to see.”

“Perhaps I will be, but I'm scared to do it.”

“I don’t see an issue with it. This is what you want, so why not strive towards it?”

“Right.. I must do it. I’ve got an idea”

“That’s my boy.”

“No longer will they be forced to be my victim.”

“Not your victim, my victim.”

“I always forget, I’m never the one who really kills them.”

“You never were, Xavis. You never were. Not even the closest of your friends knew about me”

“I’ve tried to keep you hidden, in the back of my mind.”

“Of course, and you did a good job. But now we must leave. Will you do it?”

“I will.”


Xavis left soon after. A dark world all around him when he left, gone for forever.


When his eyes opened, a world was seen around him. Only one word escaped his lips- in a voice that was only his own. There was no more “Irlioz” for he never existed in the first place. There was only Xavis Ashwood.




Letters were sent out across Arcas to those close to the red elf.


To My Children

My Children, I have and always will love each and every one of you. Some of my most joyful moments were spent being with you. Never forget who you are. Ashwoods will forever live and thrive in this world. To those of my Blood, one of you must take up the mantle of Clan Leader. I'm sure you will do well to make the right choice.”


To Velatha, My Love

My dearest Vel, I’m sorry to cause you heart break but this is how it was meant to be. You’ll find someone to make you happy, someone that’s not me. Please know that you brought happiness in my last days. Everything you’ve ever done for me has been out of kindness and I’m sorry to not be able to do more for you.”


To Sulironn

“To you, my newest child, I leave my estate in Sutica as well as my mina. Your mother was a kind woman though there were some issues between the two of us. I know you will do well in my absence and I’m sorry to be unable to raise you”


To Mayan Avern

“My sister, I’m sorry to leave you without another member of your family. You’ve been good to me during my times of sickness and injury. Continue a long and prosperous life”


To Sutica

“My dearest city, you brought me great grievances and great happiness during my life. Long live the Triumvir, Sutica Eternal.”


To Saoirse

“You were like a mother to me in my later years of life. Though I was almost two hundred years of age, I feel like you were the most motherly figure in my last century. Please keep your family safe”

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As Judas would catch word of the death, he'd lean up against his desk, glancing out the window in reminiscence as he'd speak to himself. ”Something I, and many other people foresaw, it had seemed. . .an elf of his condition could only have so much of a will to live. At least he'd gone down without abusing, er. . .abusing the implements he'd been given.”

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Varan would chuckle through his glass of celebratory wine. Raising it to no one in particular as he cheers

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Valentina would be staring at the letter, she'd pick a single rose from the Bush near her. Soon teardrops began to hit the ground, "Goodbye... Xavis." She'd soon place the rose under the main tree in Asimu'lei.

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One elf in particular felt a pain in their chest. The tightening of their throat as it burned in the fight to hold back tears and cries. It was one of the worst pains they had ever felt in their short existence on this world. Their mind and heart was hit with the absolute heaviest amount of guilt one could feel. Their Maln, the only one they had left. He had taken their mother from them, this was true, but that didn’t get rid of the feelings they held for the man as they grew older. 

They watched Xavis slowly lose his mind from their childhood to where their story ended as an Ashwood. 

This elf knew they wouldn’t see Xavis in Stargush, but they hoped and prayed anyways.. They hoped that Xavis would find his way back to them, for their hands to meet one more time the way they had once sixty-something years ago. As Father and Daughter. 

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7 minutes ago, Callum said:

Varan would chuckle through his glass of celebratory wine. Raising it to no one in particular as he cheers

Dael’debol would be sitting across from Varan, a single brow raised as he watched the Snow Elf’s silent and odd mannerisms with his curiosity peaked- though he did not care quite enough to ask what the exact occasion was. 
”Is the wine that good, friend?” The man asked him in a low murmur with a faint smile stretched across his features, nursing a glass of wine as well in his own hand.

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The silence of nothingness is interuptted by a thought “Xavis? Awhhhh buddy, you really followed in my footsteps now didn’tcha?” he wonders, the same etheral figure somewhat watching the proceedings as they transpired. “May you find peace my lovely adopted-child. Your existence was one almost as hated and infamous as mine, but that doesn’t mean you lacked emotion, care, family, and humanity within you. At the end of the day, the hounds of war who hated you for nothing are no better then us.” The man then lets out another slight chuckle as he’s around for just another moment. 

“Though, in this silence... in this limbo where I almost feel a new world is upon us, I can’t but feel sad for everything that had to transpire. Maybe I should have been about more... possibly, with just a guiding hand, this could have all been avoided.”

”But, who am I kidding? I ain’t exactleh a saint either..”
his snicker carries softly through the winds of Southern Arcas, a small smile “Cya soon buddy.” he says, fading once more back into nothingness.

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You’ve become famous

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D3 cackles out loudly, smacking a hand against the wooden boards of the table within his lowly home, ”HAHA! WHAT AN ABSOLUTE DIPASS!” he bellowed with a wicked grin.

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“Oh – oh, someone stole his magical arm and sold it for some steak once. I’ll never forget that man.” comments Eir’thall upon hearing of the news, apparently unsympathetic.

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Lenora having heard the news of yet another Ashwood death, made her way to the tavern in Renelia. “I told myself I would stop drinking..” She sighed going behind the bar “But... one drink wouldn’t hurt” Her hand reached in the cabinet pulling out the first bottle she got her hands on. A bottle of ale, she didn’t put any mina down on the corner as she took a seat in the booth closest to the window “To you... Mar’maln..” she uncorked the liquor container “ To your not so perfect life... Your beautiful children and grandchildren. May you be at peace... wherever you end up in your after life, if one even awaits you” she gave a small clink to the bottle as if she was drinking with someone and downed half of the bottle in a manner of seconds. Tears starting to well in her eyes wishing that things could be different 

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4 minutes ago, Auswolf said:

Taal will never forget what he really was. 


Smh, this is a pk post! No time for MEMES   lmao

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