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The Pact of the Smith and the Warlord

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”Let words prevail ‘till the trumpet of war sounds.” – Ancient Dwarven proverb

Pact of the Smith and the Warlord

Close is the relationship between the warrior and the one who forges his weapons, yet in recent years the relations of Clan Ireheart and Starbreaker have waxed and waned. Numerous arguments, accusations, and insults have seen the Elder Clans at odds numerous times during the past decades. None of this matters now. With the potential resurfacing of Clan Ironborn, and volatile nature of Dwarven politics, this pact shall see those ill-deeds washed away.


An agreement forged before the fire, in the eyes of kin and the Gods, with Anbella the Oathkeeper chiefly invoked. For as long as the leaders of each kindred remain in place, never shall the sons of Yavok and Gotrek come to cross blades. As they were once brothers, so too are we kin. Chiefly, for the duration of this pact, Clans Ireheart and Starbreaker will work in cooperation to see the traitors, oathbreakers, and enemies of Urguan punished for their crimes against the Dwarfen folk. No traitor nor foe of either clan will be harbored within the walls of the other.



Let Urguan’s foes tremble
Narvak oz Gotrek nar Yavok
Charged as we are by Yemekar



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