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The Helena Herald — 1770 Edition

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Edition 0, 1769



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Published 6th of Sigismund’s End 1770

Halcourt Publishing Co. 




Section Editor, Mr. Joseph Clement Novellen


A New Page In Imperial History
written by Mr. Bartholomew Morris, staff writer


As is tradition and law in our grand empire, the Archchancellor Simon Basrid delivered his State of the Empire Address to both houses of the Imperial Diet in Horen’s Calling of this year 1770. During this, he spoke about the previous address, the three tenets that will guide the State from now on, and the new policy agenda of the Basrid Ministry. Finally, the Herald managed a quick interview with the Archchancellor to find how far these policies will go and what we are likely to see in the future.


The Archchancellor’s address began with a personal reflection from Mr. Basrid, one where he pondered how much the State had changed in recent years. New members of the Cabinet, a Vice Chancellor, more children around Helena and all Oren; it almost seemed as if Mr. Basrid was thinking back to simpler times. But due to these many changes, the Archchancellor said that more had to be done, and that his aim, along with others, is for Oren to become ‘The Jewel of the Civilized World.’


Mr. Basrid spoke upon how his last address focused nearly completely upon the economy, but for the new phase of the Imperial Plan there was to be three new pillars to base the Imperial policy upon.


  1. Order. Here Basrid mentioned the need for peace and stability. The armed forces of the Empire: the Imperial State Army, Haense Royal Army, and Hounds of St. John have performed exemplary tasks of keeping the borders and exterminating Imperial enemies. The I.S.A. especially exceeded expectations and has in fact reached its current force limit (clearly pending a new budget.)
  2. Law was mentioned as our second pillar, ensuring virtuous justice and structure to allow Imperial subjects to work to resolutions without bloodshed. After Mr. Joseph Adler retired, Mr. Farooq Gray was appointed Solicitor-General, and aims to build a new legacy by training more constables, our law-men who keep the internal peace of our Empire.
  3. The third pillar was Commerce, a hold over from the last address. Here the Archchancellor said the Cabinet aimed to aid in the production of wealth for the common man, distributing the produce of the Empire.


Mr. Basrid, after mentioning these aims, said how new Lord Lieutenants would be the contact points for our countrymen in Reza, Johnstown, and Owynsburg, in order to allow policy to be executed in the furthest reaches of our great Empire.


Paid advertisement > Want to serve and protect your community? Join the Constabulary! We are accepting applications for both constables who uphold the law within regions of the empire and for solicitors whose duty is to prosecute wrongdoers in a court of law. Come by the Ministry of Justice Office to sign up. ((Message Thatpyrodude#2437 on discord))


As a conclusion to the address, the Archchancellor had scribes hand out the Basrid Ministry’s Agenda of 1769. Highlights of this new agenda are reforms in Imperial taxation and accounting, expansions of almost all the ministries (Foreign, Interior, and War especially), as well as a series of cultural pieces that will describe the history of the Empire, and chronicle its current culture.


After the address, the Helena Herald managed to speak to the Archchancellor. Here, the Archchancellor praised General Alren DeNurem, and the readiness of the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of War to adapt to the new tenets. Interestingly, Mr. Basrid also mentioned that typically, between 60-80% of policies from the Imperial agenda will likely be completed, and so tax or commerce related ones are at the forefront of his mind.


Our dedicated head of government has toiled for decades and seems to have a solid plan as to how he will continue to lead. But as always, this is but a snapshot of the political landscape, and only time will tell how successful Mr. Basrid and his Ministry are at seeing his view of the Empire to fruition.


EDITOR’S NOTE > The two following columns do not reflect the opinion of the Herald or constitute any formal endorsement. They are opinions held by private citizens. Equal space has been given to each party in accordance with our goal of nonpartisanship.

On the 1st sitting of the House of Commons
written by Ms. Angelika E. Bykov, Josephite guest writer and MHC


With the conclusion of the national elections for the 16th Imperial Diet, the Josephite faction has once more won a majority. Following the Crown’s summons, the House of Commons has convened once more.


At the start of the session, both the Josephite and Everardine benches proposed their candidates for President of the House of Commons; Sir Konrad Stafyr and Mr. Farooq Gray, respectively. After listening to both men’s speeches as to why they should be chosen, it was evident that Sir Konrad was by far the most experienced and suitable for the job. While he had served in the Haeseni duma for 12 years, served King Andrew III of Haense as his Lord Palatine for a decade, and held a seat in the Senate for another decade, Mr. Gray did not even mention his experience, and instead made a vague promise to pass more legislation.


Due to a majority vote from all eight Josephites, Mr. Stafyr was elected as President of the Commons. After his election, Mr. Karl Amador fawned over Sir Konrad, claiming that he supported his nomination, despite casting his vote for Mr. Gray. Following the Presidential election, all members of the commons recited the Nauzican Oath. Finally, Mr. Jonah Elendil introduced his changes to the Standing Orders of the House of Commons. The changes would introduce caucuses for each of the three provinces of the Empire; Helena, Haense, and Kaedrin. 


Mr. Amador raised the point of Northland, believing that it too deserves a caucus. Mr. Elendil explained that Northland is not yet a province, though he hopes to see the territory raised to such a status. Mr. Amador then asked for a statement from Mr. Abram Stalistena, a Josephite originating from Northland. Mr. Stalistena backed Mr. Elendil’s explanation, also pointing out that Northland was about to instate a duma, therefore negating the need for a caucus. In addition, he pointed out that a committee for Northland would have to be treated very differently than a committee for the provinces would be. Mr. Amador then suggested to invite the mayors of each provincial capital to sit in the caucus, though Mr. Stafyr had to remind him that only members of the House of Commons are permitted to serve in a committee.


Without a vote, Mr. Elendil suggested dismissing the meeting and returning to the discussion on the Standing Orders during the next sitting.



Is there any end in sight?
written by Mr. Theon Virosi, Everardine guest writer


With the recent promulgation of The Leuven Doctrine by the Emperor himself, the war against Rubern seems to be coming once more to a head. The document contains some ninety-nine grievances against the rebels, and lays out clear punishments for any foreign power seeking to give aid to them.


This document is one in a long line of clear statements to the so-called people of Rubern to come back into the fold of the Empire, as they should. The people, if not the government, should be drawn back into the Empire for their own good. This lawless condition they have found themselves in leads to degradation of both morals and spirit.


Yet they seem to discard what most in the Empire hold most dear, spitting on our virtues as laid out by Exalted Horen. Some of the most prominent crimes against humanity are listed below, as quoted from the Leuven Doctrine. Some have been slightly edited for clarity.


  • The operation of open cages and “death camps”, in which a great number of souls were tortured, humiliated, and allowed to die from exposure or violent mutilation.
  • The abduction of many young children;
  • The continued invasion against the Holy Orenian Empire, through which Rubern persists in its attempts to seize the city of New Reza.
  • The abduction and attempted murder of a five year old Princess Imperial, daughter to the Emperor
  • The formation of a hostile coalition against the Holy Orenian Empire.
  • The encouragement of heresy purposed to weaken the Church and State alike.
  • The attempted infiltration of Novellen, and planned assassinations and abductions within.
  • The continued efforts in soiling and undermining the good spirit of Humanity and all the world over.


Hopefully with these most recent tightening of restrictions on the people of the rogue state we known as Rubern, they will see the light and rejoin our Empire.




Imperial Crown Jewels

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Section Editor, Cardinal Arthur


An Acolyte’s Thesis

written by Acolyte Manfried Tobar, guest writer


It is by the glory of GOD that Exalted Horen was permitted to ascend to the Seventh Sky in order to receive the Scroll of Virtue. By the glory of GOD that Exalted Horen was chosen to receive the divine knowledge of He on high, past the gate between the Sixth and Seventh Skies and to be in the presence of GOD himself. It is by the glory of GOD that the Exalted Horen of humanity was the first to witness GOD and receive the blessing of his eternal wisdom through the first of the Holy Scrolls.


It is by the divine word of the Lord that the three sons of spirit, Exalted Owyn, Exalted Godfrey and Exalted Siegmund, would be gifted by GOD the last of the Holy Scrolls to complete the teachings of He on high and bestow upon the mortals of this world His wisdom.


Paid Advertisement > The Imperial Boxing Association is hosting a boxing tournament! – Viktoriya Bennett, CEO [Click here.


By the glory of GOD, we of the Human race were bestowed a duty of great import. A task granted to us upon the spark of our soul as we enter this world of mortals. As we are gifted this flesh of humanum, so are we tasked with learning the teachings of GOD on high and spreading it to the non believers and remaining strong in faith, devoted to GOD, pure and abiding by the teachings of His Holy Scrolls with every passing breath.


We as humans are bestowed a righteous mission. To guide those non-human. To remain pure in faith. To spread the one true faith throughout our world.


Our quest in servitude to Him began with Exalted Horen and the three sons of spirit and shall end in the final battle against the treacherous foes who have turned away from GOD’s divine light and wisdom. The servants of Iblees himself, lord of the dark, murky, painful Void. It is for the end of times, predicted in the last of the Holy Scrolls that we prepare for. To prepare for the fight between the righteous or us, GOD’s humble servants, against the sinful servants of Iblees.


It is our duty as the faithful of humanity to spread the faith world wide. To consolidate the power of Godani on this plane. To spread His holy word to all non-believers and to strengthen the faith of our brothers and sisters. It is we who are bestowed with the mission, made mandatory by GOD, so that when we face his foes, we will have numbers of immense fortitude, strengthened by the will of GOD. His teachings and his blessed light. 


It is in this Thesis that I will outline the check list of sorts that those pious in faith should complete before ascending to the Seven Skies above. Purity in faith as outlined in the covenant with GOD, our mission to spread His word to all, and our duty as the first race to receive the word of GOD to guide the other races under He in the Seventh Sky.


EDITOR’S NOTE > We have reprinted only one section of this thesis for your viewing pleasure. There are more sections. You may read more if you desire. [Click here to read more.]






Section Editor, Victor C. Halcourt



Interviewing the Speaker of the House of Lords

conducted by Mr. Victor C. Halcourt


This interview was with Mr. Konstantin II var Ruthern, who is the Lord Speaker of the Imperial House of Lords, the Lord Justiciar of Haense, and the Count of Metterden.


Victor: What do you see as the function of the House of Lords in the Imperial Diet? What role does it fulfill?


Konstantin: The House of Lords has the duty of advising His Imperial Majesty on matters of Imperial Peerage.  Technically speaking our debates and words mean nothing on their own, for whatever we deliberate on will ultimately be ruled on by His Imperial Majesty, who may overrule us at will if he sees it as a more prudent decision.  But our words, as peers of the realm, hold weight enough that they will be considered.  From time to time we may also advise His Imperial Majesty on the decisions by the House of Commons, should they vote on a matter that might be particularly controversial and potentially detrimental to the Empire.


Victor: The development of the Emperor appointing Imperial Grandees, rather than all landed nobles automatically being owed seats in the House, is novel. What are your thoughts on this?


Konstantin: My personal thoughts on the matter are that ultimately it is a wise choice.  The House of Lords is a much more intimate body than the House of Commons, and whatever comes up is essentially an internal matter of the nobility.  Our smaller numbers allow for quicker and more instructive sessions where we can use this intimate nature to ascertain the worthiness of the petitioners that come before us in a way that having dozens of lords in the room could not allow for.


Victor: Do you have any particular goals as a politician?


Konstantin: I personally see my goals as a politician to be inextricably linked to my duties as a noble.  It was my house that led the Greyspine Rebellion so long ago and restored not only the Kingdom of Haense from the grasp of Courland, but also the Empire.  Therefore I see it as the responsibility and privilege of my family to protect these institutions as best we can.  I hope that explains my goals as a politician well enough.


Victor: Do you see the House of Lords as a nonpartisan chamber, or is it just as partisan as the Commons? If it is partisan, which party do you identify with and why? 


Konstantin: The House of Lords is in an interesting position; we of course, do not disbar any lords for partisan membership.  However we also do not encourage it either.  I have sat in the Royal Duma of Haense for three decades, and during that time I sat the crossbench until the dissolution of its parties.  I apply this same philosophy outwards to the parties of the empire; I would, as I encourage others to, look at a matter objectively without looking at the party it has been put forward by.  The House of Lords in particular should be able to do this, as our work is predominantly done with people and their requests regarding Imperial Peerage, where party favoritism should be discouraged for fear of bias.  That said, my nephew Siguine is openly pro-Everardine, and holds position with their party, so if I must choose between the two then I must choose Everardine.


Victor: Thank you for your time, Mr. Speaker. 


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« Renatian Sutica? »
On the new Trade King
written by Mr. Victor C. Halcourt


Recently, Sutica elected a new Trade King. The Trade King goes by the name Corwin Alstreim. The House of Alstreim is a Renatian house of minor repute, which notably bore a number of Imperial advisors and councilors in years past. Mr. Alstreim openly touts his Renatian heritage. His official roll of titles is as follows:


HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, Corwin of the House of Alstreim, By the Grace of God, King of Sutica and in Atheran Salvus, Lord Protector and Triumvir of the State, Sovereign Lord of the Whispering Isles, Lord of Alstreim and Blackwater, Renatian Knight of Alstreim and Waldenia, Blood-Raven of Lorraine, Pilgrim to Aesterwald


This is a most interesting development, and some of his titles are highly unusual. For example, ‘Blood-Raven of Lorraine’ is quite an odd title for a King to bear, being as Lorraine is a long defunct state that was absorbed into the Emperor’s titles. It is possible that he may be referring to the rump state of Darrowmere, which laid claims to some of Lorraine’s titles and heritage. If so, this would be serious news, as Sutica has hitherto remained neutral in the ongoing conflict between the Empire and the various petty fiefdoms that nip at her heels.


An Interview with Mr. Jonah Elendil
conducted by Ms. Elene Woodward, staff writer


Editor’s Note > Some commentary has been edited for clarity.



Elene: “What was the first session mainly about, Mr. Elendil?”

Jonah: “We needed to be oathed and elect our President.”

Elene: “Okay, and who was elected for this term?

Jonah: “Konrad Stafyr, the Josephite candidate.”

Elene: “What are your goals for this session?”

Jonah: “So we do not have a balanced budget. We are losing money as a country. Taxes haven’t been collected from anywhere but Helena, and not all peerages are taxed. Those in the Provinces do not feel fully included. But Archchancellor Basrid knows this, and wants to fix it. In the House, we see the problems before us, and will lead our country in the right direction.”

Elene: “How do you see some of those problems being resolved?”

Jonah: “We’re going to balance the budget, cut taxes on the Provinces, raise them on peerages, and ensure liberty is felt by all our citizens.”

Elene: “Thank you for your time. Is there anything else you want to tell the readers before I finish this interview?”

Jonah: “My office is on the fourth floor of Varoche Hall, and the door is always open. Feel free to stop by.”






Section Editor, Peridot B. Carrington

EDITOR’S NOTE > The Life Section will focus on the latest happenings around the Empire, aimed at informing the general population about developments in the Imperial Family, in popular culture, and the like. The Life section will also record obituaries, marriages, and births from notable citizens, but this will only begin in future editions.


A Profile on the Emperor’s Closest Kin
written by Ms. Mary d’Arkent, staff writer


Her Imperial Highness the Princess Imperial, Anne Agusta Novellen

The heir to the Holy Orenian Empire. Known to be a friendly woman, HIH represents the future of our glorious empire - one bound to prsoper. Anne Augusta, together with her husband the Duke of Helena, founded the

Novellen imperial line. Their house will undoubtedly lead us to greatness.




His Imperial Highness the Duke of Helena, Joseph Clement Novellen

Husband to the Princess Imperial. The Duke of Helena is known as a friendly, amicable man - having served as the previous Secretary of the Interior for a considerable time. He lately retired from that particular office, but continues to serve in the Imperial Cabinet in an informal capacity and helps to orchestrate the running of the Imperial City.


His Imperial Highness the Prince of Helena, John Charles Novellen

The firstborn son to the House of Novellen, and future heir to the Empire. An adventurous boy, often seen running about the capital with a considerable gaggle of other children.


Paid Advertisement > Honor our veterans by attending the upcoming War of the Two Emperor’s Remembrance Festival! – Ms. Renee Antoinette [Click here.]




His Imperial Highness the Prince of Helena, Philip Augustus Novellen

The second born Novellen son. Another adventurous spirit, having an affinity for native wildlife - particularly birds. The Prince has published his documentation on the birds of Helena, and is often about the city alongside his elder brother.


Her Imperial Highness the Princess of Helena, Juliette Caroline Novellen

The youngest Imperial Princess. Fond of her pet platypus, as well as adventuring outside of the Novellen palace.









HIH the Prince of Helena, Peter Maximilian Novellen

The third born Novellen prince. Very intelligent, and often seen wandering about the city of Helena.











Her Imperial Highness the Princess of Helena, Elizabeth Anne Novellen

The firstborn child to the Princess Imperial and Duke of Helena. The Princess possesses strong passions in writing, as well as caring for a number of her pets. She is nearing the age of majority and is expected to have her debut into high society soon.


An Open Discussion
written by Mr. Erich Barclay, staff writer



We have been met with the eminent announcement of Selene Basrid née Sabari’s legal death. The Notice of Legal Death was published to the citizenry en masse and in mournful regard, on the 24th of Sigismund's End, 1769. Her absence was uncommon, and it had become a topic of unofficial investigation— rumor and conspiracy riddled in the hearsay of Helena. The tales of the woman still merit the odd murmur amidst the disheartening news. As we continue forth in remembrance and respectful grievance, there has been rumblings of murder, manslaughter and even mutilation.


These are of course all crimes, and amidst such regulations, there is failure to mention Legal Death and the implications that such classifications bear upon the soul and body of the one accused, should they be pronounced legally dead. The church has also not offered clarification on the topic. Do persons declared legally dead, not having been offered the sacrament of a Canonist burial, enter the Seven Skies? Must this be a controversial discussion or a simple addition to the vast legal code that guides our citizens? Perhaps we will be left in the unknown for years yet to come, in idle procure of the true meaning of “Legal Death”. Or perhaps an apt member of the House of Commons will write a bill to clarify this procedure.


Paid Advertisement > Join the Honorable Company of Tylers, Bricklayers, and Paviors today! – Mr. Fredgar Burrowes, Master 

A Child’s Advice on Killer Clowns
written by Ms. Lorena Helvets, staff writer


Beware of the men wearing bells on their heads and promising to sing for you. They won't juggle clay balls, but juggle knives when they try to harm you! When you see such a man, call for a guard, elsewise you might have your very last laugh!

Paid Advertisement > The Imperial State Army has re-opened recruitment. Visit the Bastille by the main gate in Helena to enlist!




Thank you for reading.

Become a sponsor

or join our staff today.

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Lorena Annabelle Helvets would squeal in excitement, going to show her mother her first addition to the Helena Herald!

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Posted (edited)

Stafford reads the morning paper over some coffee in the bastille’s mess hall. “Renatian suticans! What will they think of next. And God bless the Emperor.”


With that he sets the paper down and gets back to patrolling the roads for any more blasted bandits.

Edited by wyvernbro

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Posted (edited)

Odette Silversteed squints at her copy and the label of 'Halcourt Publishing Co'. She'd sip her morning tea, before asking aloud to no one but herself: "huh..Halcourt Publishing Company? Funny how he had never brought this up.." she scoffs, tossing the paper lazily unto her table.

Edited by extinct_00

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Turns to the next page, Mr. Mane is delighted to have a source of news once more in the Empire since his beloved Grape Vine was pushed out of the Capital. So many articles and information! He turns to the world section and notices the interview with Elendil.. “More nonsense about a supposed deficit I see...” the Secretary of the Treasury mutters.. He turns to the next page and resumes excitement on the topic of Legal Death.

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Barty looks at the paper and begins to read, “Ah! I’m at the head of the paper!”


The man smiles as he continues to scan the rest of the paper, nodding at the world section, “Ah, interesting stuff here...”

Barty nods putting the paper down, ready to start on his next piece.

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6 minutes ago, extinct_00 said:

Odette Silversteed squints at her copy and the label of 'Halcourt Publishing Co'. She'd sip her morning tea, before asking aloud to no one but herself: "huh..Halcourt Publishing Company? Funny how he had never brought this up to the council or Matriarch.." she scoffs, tossing the paper lazily unto her table.

Victor, meanwhile, muses on the continued operation of the Halcourt Publishing Co., which was founded and published its seminal work hundreds of years ago. 


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Sir Henry nods at his wondrous store being mentioned in the news!

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Alaric DeNurem nodded as he read through the journal, taking a few sips of his morning coffee “Ah.. Quite the paper!” 

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An elderly man known as Charles Talraen de Rennes perused the paper with delight. “If nothing else – Crownlands journalism will once more rival that of Haense,” he commented in approval. “It would certainly do them well to mention their direct predecessor in another publication – the old Helena Herald of my time –  and its ancient forerunners once published by my ancestors, the Adelburg Chronicle and the Senntisten Scroll.”

The Trade Monarch of Sutica, ever a collector of international publications of fact and fiction alike, found himself in equal part honored and surprised by the paper’s mention of him. A quick explanation of his title was penned by a squire, and then delivered to the editor via goblin laborer mail.


“Lieber Editor, the Sutican State’s commitment to neutrality remains true regardless of His Majesty the Trade King’s heritage. The Blood-Raven of Lorraine is a symbol represented upon the sigil of Alstreim, dating from our forefather’s service in the conflicts plaguing the once-Kingdom of Lotharingia upon Axios. It has come to refer to our forefather himself upon his knighting in service of the King of Renatus-Marna and throughout his tenure as an Imperial Dragon Knight, both as a knightly moniker and a petty, hereditary title of our lineage. It does not represent the Norlandic territory of Darrowmere. We hope that this explanation satisfies your fine publication’s curiosity.” 

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Helene yawns. ”Must be a delayed copy, there is no siege or war ongoing.” 

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Sabrina Halcourt looked over the paper with a keen eye while sipping her morning tea, then going on to say with a joyful voice tone. “Amazing work from dearest cousin and all of the workers for the Helena Herald! Such a splendid job!”

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“The culture in Helena grows as time goes by. This is what these AIS scum tried to take from us.”

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A gentle fire crackles in the hearth nearby as General Alren DeNurem sits in his humble breakfast nook. A small stack of various missives and documents lay reviewed, signed, and stamped having been carefully scrutinized by the shrewd military crat. He would take a moment's pause, bringing in a fresh breath of air having finished his administrative duties for the day. An aromatic cup of coffee left to cool filled his senses with fresh energy as his eyes peered over to the window. The city mail clerk dressed in a smart newsies uniform quickly trotted by, thumping a paper rolled and twined at his neighbors doors- eventually delivering the same courtesy to his own home nestled in the corner of the Silver Jubilee. Taking a quick swig of coffee, he would take a gander at the contents of this freshly minted publication.


“Now that’s a paper!” The General would crack a smile as he read through the delightfully organized news source.

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Another Triumvir of Sutica, one of same stature as this ‘Trade King’, idly tilts her head upon the notice. “This is news? This happened nearly ten years ago?”

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