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Age; seventeen 17

Minecraft account name: 5107H                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Rules: read and agreed                                                                                                                                                                                              GMT: GMT + 0 (London, Lisbon, Casablanca)                                                                                                                  Referral: Planetminecraft.com                                                                                                                                             
Discord: NEB#6176

Metagaming definition in own words :
meta-gaming is using knowledge learnt outside of the role play in the role play, giving them a (some seen) advantage compared to the other players in the role play. I dont know many examples as i tend to play strict lore games like this so im not sure if you'd know. However if i was role playing with a group of people and a mob boss came up, lets say i had read the wiki article on said mob boss, id be aware of all its weaknesses and could act on them all without ever playing against it before.

powr gaming definition in own words:

powergaming is personally an incredibly frustrating way of gaining elitism in game. by joining a high ranking guild or league as a new player and being taught what to do to avoid the storyline, interactions and such that everyone else had to go through to get to that level. such as if i joined a dungeon roleplay and a high rank dungeon master for some reason took pity on me and showed me how to defeat each dungeon mob and what to do without me figuring out by myself and experiencing the frustration and interactions with others that the rest of the non spoon fed players do.

Character race: High Elf

Character name:  Enji Niadhoki

Character gender: female

Character age: 19
Physical description of character:

Enji has pin straight platinum hair with violet eyes. Wearing a loose shoulder strap grey dress and often barefoot. at 5'9 (endomorphic) 50kg

Personality traits/quirks: 

   enji is often seen as emotionaly detatched but just doesnt know how to humble herself. she thinks god or religion is illogical. however she is very friendly

Character biography: 


Enji was born in the Taliyna’maehr region to hardworking parents who dedicated themselves more to their path to a political office than to their own daughter. Brought up with high expectations as a result of her parents own hard work, Enji strives to succeed in every task she is set regardless of what it may take. She was home schooled from the age of five to sixteen, her parents taking it in turns to amass immense amounts of work to her, learning science and literature in order to ensure her following in their footsteps. Enji however yearned for fine arts and expression, at fifteen she began to explore poetry, art and craft which was heavily looked down upon by her prestigious elitist complex parents as they saw it as foolish. Often venturing down to the lower district out of curiosity she adopted a kindness that was not taught back home. While still thinking herself as better than the rest she is open and curious to the other races around her and is eager to learn and venture more.  Often scolded and threatened with impurity from her Taharieae  worshiping parents she grew to be cold and emotionally detached from others of her  own race. Unfamiliar to love and the fear of rejection, stemming from the elite complex built around her, Enji refrains from relationships altogether, romantic or not. At nineteen, Enji wishes to become an artist and poet, articulating her caged feelings by media expression, eager to form bonds and learn Enji left her upper class district and hopes to explore and become wise. 

Roleplay scenario answer: *Stepping off the boat, she stretched her arms upwards and glanced around, straightening her dress out and sighing, the thought of a conversation straight after a long journey annoyed her a little but nonetheless she smiled gracefully at the small man.

’Thank you very much, wait?’ *she took a minute to think and then let out a soft laugh* ‘If my place in society could get any higher id be royalty, im from the upper district of the Taliyna’maehr region, wealth is with me at all times!’ *She spoke as though it was obvious, she looked him up and down and then smiled a little* ‘I see you also have a little wealth? something in common! say, how about you take me for a drink and we can talk.’

Character skin:


Screenshot (9).png

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