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When the Last Snowflake Falls

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Datura Sylric laid in her bed, her body had began to look more like a skeleton as the days passed. Her body had been failing her slowly, her skin turning as pale as a ghost, and the mali’fenn knew she did not have much longer. Varvhur slowly opened the door to her room, quietly speaking to her.

”How are you feeling mayilu?”

She looked up towards her darling fiance, Varvhur Feno Drakon. He went to sit beside her, going to hold her hand gingerly. He rarely left her side in her state, tending to her needs. She spoke up softly,

“Varvhie… Why do we not get married? Better now than never right?”

The mali’fenn smiled somberly, rubbing her thumb on his hand. Varvhur looked at her with shock, holding her hand tightly with both of his hands. He stayed silent, before nodding in agreement. Varvhur then pulled her hand onto his cheek, before standing up slowly. He then got up, gathering the preparations for what they needed during that night.

The two of them left that next morning, going to the Wayshrine of Irem to pray and give their sacrificial offering to Irem. Datura spoke with weak words, but they were accompanied by Varvhur’s strong, yet soft, words:

“Irem, ey’o prose ot Nae tah illere Nae’r leye maya edt mede ayilu tes. Tah illere ern fih ey’e lliran edt Nae’r mali. Epi nae evareh il’naer kisin. Se Nae’r anuh’wy ey’o iller ey’i tayna edt prose ot ey’o epi yallr kath ime ito Nae’r epa edt endo.”

With the small offering the duo went out into the snow, wearing the ceremonial furs they had long since gathered for this day, to hunt whatever animal they could with what time Datura had left.

Varvhur quickly ushered her into the woods, clutching his Parir’katas tight in one of his armored hands, his other hand wrapped around Datura’s arm as they walked. They walked for seemingly hours until finally finding a clearing in the woods.

“Shall we rest here mayilu?” Varvhur spoke calmly down towards Datura, smiling gently.

The smaller mali’fenn nodded, looking up at him with tired eyes. Varvhur quickly went to gathering branches of a tree, after sitting her down on a grouping of rocks. Varvhur then began to click his flint and steel, starting a simple campfire. He then quickly helped Datura up, ushering his mayilu to the warmth of the fire. 


They sat by the small campfire, holding one another’s hands as the winds filled with the flurries of snow whipped around them.

“Varvhie..?” Datura gently whispered into the night.

“Yes mayilu?He responded in a soft, worried tone.

“Ahernan.. For everything you have done for me and for the Princedom. For loving me with all of your heart, for managing to return home after all those years of being gone.” Datura kissed his hand gently, “Ahernan.”

Varvhur just softly smiled, kissing her forehead in response. “Itone.”


As they sat there in their own world, a large stag emerged from the woods towards the clearing. Varvhur would begin to stand, grabbing his trusty Parir’katas. Giving one last kiss on her hand, he went off to do what needed to be done…

After what seemed to be hours passed, Varvhur returned with the stag to their campsite over his shoulder. Datura would sit up once again, her face reflecting an exhausted smile. Varvhur’s own face was beaming with pride.

“Varvhie- you did it again!” Datura chuckled out.

“I know! Look at the size of him!” The mali’fenn laughed in return, grinning from ear to ear. “Let us get to it then, ti?”

Datura nodded, and got up to start cutting out the heart of the noble creature with her sacrificial dagger necessary for the ritual. She then set the heart out in front of a small statuette of Wyrvun she had brought along, looking up at the night sky.

“Forgive me Wyrvun- it seems this is all I am able to do for you.. But I hope it is enough for Varvhur Feno Drakon and I’s souls to be bound.”

Varvhur gently rubbed her back, before going down on his knees with her. She begins to take the blood of the heart and place her thumb print on the forehead of herself and Varvhur.. meekly laughing. She would then dip her finger in its heart once more, to make a stripe of blood on his cheek. Varvhur laughed softly in return, putting his thumb in the heart of the stag. He slowly made the stripe of blood on her cheek, taking in every moment as he stared into her eyes.

Datura then crawled a bit on the ground to grab her pack she brought with her. Looking through its contents she pulled out a beautiful short steel dagger. On the bottom of its hilt was a light purple jewel- a familiar weapon.

“Varvhur.. I give you this dagger in the hopes that you may cherish it like I have. While there are two in this world- they were made by a loving friend I do not think you will ever have the chance to meet. Ka Klad, the Golem.”

Varvhur then turned around to grab his own pack, looking at her with saddened eyes. He knew this gift was fruitless- that it would not do as it meant; but he would give her the memory she desperately desired. He handed over a simple shield, engraved with snowflakes and decorated in paint of a pale lavender.

“Datura.. I wanted to make you a shield to protect you when I could not, to keep you safe when I am away..”

Datura looked at him with bright eyes, a wide smile on her pale face, and went to find the silver snow fox pin in her pouch.

“Varvhur- while I know I am likely not to be by your side for much longer; I promise to love you with all of my heart. To make you hot cocoa when you need it, and feed you the cake you oh so love. To heal you when I can on my last days on this plane..” Datura shakingly pinned his fur together, a bittersweet smile on her face.

Varvhur cleared his throat and rubbed his eyes with the back of his hand. “Datura- I promise for the time we have left I will protect you. I will give you warmth and all the love within my heart. That you may rest easy knowing I will be here for you. That you are my one and only- my everything.” He would look in his supplies, pulling out a silver bear pin and pinning her furs together.

Datura jokingly spoke, “I now pronounce us Husband and Wife.. you may now kiss this bride.”

And so Varvhur did, and the two began to cook up the meat of the stag for their celebratory dinner- accompanied with two glasses of Datura’s Hot Cocoa. After their meal they laid together, bundled up in the furs and blankets they brought along with them.

”I love you mayilu...” Datura gently whispered, before falling asleep.

”I love you too mayilu...” Varvhur sleepily responded.

When the morning came- Varvhur found Datura as cold and white as the snow around them. Her face though was turned into a soft smile, a genuine restful smile. Shaking her- he tried to wake her but to no avail, the mali’fenn was dead.

Heartbroken, he packed up their things and carried her lifeless body all the way home…



All that would be left of the pair were her belongings that were scattered across the Princedom of Fenn, along with an open letter to all who wished to read:

“To the Princedom of Fenn, I gave you all of my heart and spirit. I tried to bring us together when times were tough, be the shoulder for all who needed it, and I tried my best to help all who wanted to join amongst the might of the mali’fenn. I am sorry that my time amongst you all was so short- but it seems that my time is coming quicker than I would have hoped. I have left my collection of books to be donated to the library in hopes of adding to our further collection of knowledge.

To my adopted mother,
Velatha Sylric, I leave you my last ever made Snow Fox plushie. I am sorry to leave you so soon- I love you and I thank you for how much you tried to support me in this time. I trust you know what to do with the vase.

Taveric Sylric, I hope that you are okay in your bee endeavors! And with your love. You were like the Uncle I never knew- and I trusted you to keep myself and the Princedom safe.

To my
Sister-In-Law Grand Princess Aroiia Drakon, I leave you my Silkie Chicken. Something tells me you would like her- and take care of her well. She is a dependable hen- that is for sure. If she ever gets fussy- just feed her extra seed and she should mellow out.

Rithon Drakon, I leave you my beloved Fennic Dip Pen. I had carried that with me as a symbol of hope when I traveled across the lands. I hope you may use it ever more to write your lovely ballads. Maybe one about me someday hmm? I'm only kidding of course.

Chomylla Atmorice, I know we have butted heads every once in a while- but you were one of the most passionate members amongst the Idhren’tirn and Ivae’fenn. I know you wanted a Snow Fox so badly, so I leave you my beloved Snowdrop, just make sure to feed her lots of sweet berries and she should adjust just fine.

Faelyn Gildove; I am sorry we did not get to spend much time together- but I hope you enjoyed the time we did have. I know you tried your best to get me to rest- and that I was often stubborn. Learn from my mistakes, and feel free to look at the fishies in the Aquarium anytime. To you I leave you some of my most beloved treasures. The Diamond and Pearl Bracelet was from my great companion Ka Klad- as a gift from his first Impera. The Short Steel Dagger was also forged by that same Ka Klad- and is the second of a pair. Varvhur has the other. The last gift is my original Cake Cookbook. Maybe try to make a recipe or two please? To let my desserts live on?

With much love, I hope to see you all again.

Datura Sylric

Epi Wyrvun okarnae.”


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An elf in the sky grins as Datura enters the realm of the dead. The man, small and with a half scarred face from extensive burning, claps his hands a few times, speaking out ”G’d tah s’ yeh Datura. F’n’lleh yeh j’n meh en theh ‘ft’rl’f’. ‘v’n en d’th yeh c’n nae ‘v’d meh” Salthor’s twisted face lets off a light laugh

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