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Ser Ivan Robert “The Red Bull”
General Information:
Name at Birth – Ivan Robert Kortrevich
Current Name – Ser Ivan Robert
Titles – Knight of Hanseti-Ruska, Knight of The Order of the Crow, Chief of the Royal Haense Military Police, Lieutenant of the Haense Royal Army

- Patient

- Aggressive
- Temperate
- Brave

- Strict
- Overprotective

Zodiac – Scorpio ♏
Age – 36

Physical Description

Race – Highlander
Gender – Male
Build – Mesomorph/ Athletic
Height – 6ft 2in
Weight – 200lbs
Hair – Brown
> His hair is very messy
Eye Color – 
Emerald Green
>Ser Ivan’s eyes are filled with a stonewall will and determination. When enraged, his eyes would turn from that of a calm and patient Knight to that of a killer Red Bull
Skin Tone – White
Head Shape – Round
Scars – Ser Ivan carries only two reminders of war. There is the one on his face in which he received after fighting bandits in Reza. Then there is the one on his left leg, where it met 
Bralt the Boar’s axe during the Scyfling War.
Clothing/ Uniforms –

Ser Ivan in his Crow Knight armor with his RHMP Badge



Ser Ivan’s Crow Knight armor also has his custom Red Bull emblem on his back as well as a custom Bull-Horned helmet

Ser Ivan in his RHMP Chief Uniform w/ his Badge

The RHMP uniform can be identified by their Red Berets and the Black and Blue emblem on them

Ser Ivan generally wears his Crow Knight armor from day to day while he wears his Chief Uniform during ceremonies or festivities. He normally wears the finest plate armor that the Kingdom has to offer as well as a layer of chain mail and gambeson. He also occasionally wears his wolf pelt coat when it gets too cold under all of that metal.


Personal Information

Ever since the day he was Knighted, Ser Ivan has always been a patient and cautious soldier. Beforehand, he was hot-headed and always aggressive. Now, he usually keeps his level of professionalism and his rather strict behavior towards his subordinates and his pupils. However, when Ser Ivan does get angry, he can easily switch into a rather intimidating and aggressive fighter. That combined with his relentlessness has lead him to earn his moniker The Red BullSer Ivan has always been overprotective. Even as a growing teen, he always cared for his sisters as his father left his family at a very young age and his mother died only a few years later. Ser Ivan is an excellent swordsman and is a veteran of countless encounters, as well as a veteran of the Scyfling War. His preferred weapon is the long sword and even has his own custom made long sword named VanquisherHowever, Ser Ivan also uses a hunting dagger, a crossbow, a longbow and a javelin on some occasions. Ser Ivan is an extremely protective person. He always will try his best to protect his friends and family to the best of his abilities. His recent failures in his careers has led the Knight to have a case of PTSD and Depression as the thought of losing a person under his charge had shattered his will for a long time. In time, Ser Ivan will have to learn to live with his mistakes as he must continue going forward. Ser Ivan has always had a goal of living up to his bloodline. He has come from a line of two legendary Knights. His grandfather, Ser Nikolaus ‘The Strong’, served as Knight Paramount for forty years and had established the Knightly Order of The Crow. His mother, Dame Primrose ‘The Forbearing’, sacrificed her life to protect her comrades during the mission to recover old relics in Athera.
Allegiences – Ser Ivan has been bound to the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska by three oaths. His first oath was his Oath to the Haense Royal Army and the Brotherhood of Saint Karl. His second oath was towards the Knightly Order of the Crow and his Majesty, King Sigismund II, when he was knighted as Ser Ivan ‘The Red Bull’. His third oath was from the one he created himself as he was the founder of the Royal Haense Military Police force, a subdivision of the Haense Royal Army.
Strengths – As mentioned previously, Ser Ivan is a very skillful swordsman. He not only has the physical strength and endurance to last in a fight but he also has the Battle IQ to use his skills in the most useful way possible. He has always been a person of Strategy, even going as far as to write his own book on Strategy. Throughout his long career, Ser Ivan has proven himself to be a capable warrior and leader as well as a successful mentor. He is a very wise man and is almost always patient.
Weaknesses – Although he is wise, that wisdom did not come from nowhere. Ser Ivan had made many mistakes in his lifetime. One of these mistakes has led him to become very overprotective over those under his care and to have nightmares on most of his nights. He’s lost many in war and his strong emotions can either have a positive affect or a negative affect on him. Ser Ivan sometimes can’t control whenever he gets too angry. In the thick of battle, Ser Ivan can have a very dangerous thirst for blood and has almost attacked his own allies in battle because of his blinding blood lust.
Religion – Cannonist
Sexuality – Heterosexual
Language – Common & New Marian
Residence – City of New Reza, Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. Queens Corner V
Marital Status – Married to Her Excellency, Lady Angelika Bykov (matrilineal)
Closest Friends:

(Alive) Mio Mackensen, Ionian Mackensen, Ruben var Ruthern, Angelika Bykov, Princess Alexandria Barbanov, Ser Marcus Erhdhart
(Dead) Ser Bjornolf Sjorn & Anthrop Dale



Background Information
Ser Ivan was born to the noble family, House Kortrevich. He was the son of two Knight, Dame Primrose Kortrevich and Ser Roderick Kortrevich. He was also the grandson of the longest serving Knight Paramount, Ser Nikolaus ‘The Strong’. As a young child, Ivan had always wanted to become a Knight. He started to train early, learning how to use a sword at the age of ten. He squired under Ser Aeden before mentoring under an old friend of his grandfather, Ser Khroll ‘The Elf’. Ser Khroll had taught Ivan on the importance of Temperance as well as to be fully committed to the realm and to his King. Throughout his early childhood, he met a young lady by the name of Angelika Vanir. The story of Angelika and Ivan was not always the prettiest of stories. Eventually after the two married, they were both disowned by their families. However unlike Angelika, Ser Ivan had a choice. His cousin, Margrave Viktor Kortrevich, asked him to choose between his family or his House to which Ser Ivan replied, “I love my family. That being both the first one and the one that I have raised. But I have children now and I would never rip apart my family. So I suppose I do value my marriage. What kind of Knight, husband or man would I be if I didn’t?”. On that day, Ser Ivan signed his own disownment document. (Check this post out by @Zanthuzfor the full transcript!)

Although it seemed as if they had lost everything, the truth was that they now had gained the freedom to do what they wished without any obstacles. Lady Angelika became the Under Secretary of the Interior department in Helena as well as a serving member of the House of Commons. Ser Ivan would go on to establish the Royal Haense Military Police as well as obtain the rank of Lieutenant in the Royal Army. Although he has gone through a lot more than most, Ser Ivan has shown that no matter what he faces, he always finds a way to persevere.

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-When two of your personas end up on the ‘closest friends’ list- 😄

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I approve

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