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The Flying Olog Tavern

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-=+=-The Flying Olog-=+=-




[!] A sturdy booklet made of thick paper and stitched leather lies open to the front page in your hands, found at random around and just outside of Marsumar. A flourish of text rests upon the top line: The Flying Olog. Underneath, several sections are written in Common with  bold, precise strokes of ink.


-=+=- Alcoholic Drinks -=+=-

Edict Ale: A large tankard of classic brown ale that foams over when poured. A moderate amount of bitterness offers the drink a bitter kick, while allowing it go down smoothly. Having a medium alcohol content, it is best enjoyed after a long day’s work or in company with a hearty meal.  [3 Mina]

Strawberry Cordial: A slim glass bottle holding a rosy red liquid within it. A simplistic label encircles the middle portion of the bottle, inscribed with neat lettering in Common that reads: ‘Strawberry Cordial. Drink responsibly.’ The only decoration on the label seems to be a sketch of strawberry fields underneath the lettering. The drink within seems to be made of crushed strawberries, a generous helping of sugar, a splash of vodka, and a hint of lemon. The flavors blend together well, making for a very sweet drink with a dry, refreshing aftertaste. While not overly high in alcohol content, the cordial provides a good kick of vodka to accompany the fruity flavors within. [5 Mina]

Marsumar Mead: A large mug of amber mead that sparkles slightly when looked at in the light. The drink within is semi-sweet, fermented and bottle from Marsumar’s own vineyard. Further spiced with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg, this drink holds several layers of flavor.  [5 Mina]

Bottle Of Whiskey: A blended malt whiskey with a strong kick to it, this drink is typically served neat. With a warm amber color and a sharp taste, it takes a moment to swallow, but goes down smooth. [7 Mina]

Telvaroth Wine: A carefully prepared vintage from the Telvaroth vineyard, selections are available for both red and white wines. Paired well with cheese or bread, this drink is served by the bottle or glass. [7 Mina]

Marsumar Wine: A crimson liquid sloshes within the darkened bottle enticingly, branded by the Telvaroth Vineyard and aged c.1728. The red wine delivers a crisp and sweet flavor with an alcoholic kick, though dull as to not overwhelm the senses. It pairs well with cheese or fruits. [7 Mina]

Absinthe: A distilled spirit with rather high levels of alcohol, this drink is served in a glass with a measure of chilled water and an optional sugar cube. Water is poured over a slotted spoon into the drink, slowly diluting the spirit within the glass and clouding the mixture as the flavorful components mingle together. [7 Mina]


-=+=- Non-Alcoholic Drinks -=+=-

Chilled Sweet Tea: A particular favorite, this drink is made from cooled black tea, mildly sweetened with sugar and often served with sprigs of mint or sliced lemons. Perfect for enjoying a warm afternoon. [3 Mina]

Burdock & Dandelion: This fermented drink made from its aforementioned plants is similar to sasparilla in taste and has a very low alcoholic content, proving to be a good middle ground for the drink connoisseur. [3 Mina]

Hot Tea: Various types of tea are available with full access to sugar, honey, and the like. Black and green tea are by far the most requested, but a few fruit and lavender blends are served as well. [3 Mina]


-=+=- Small Meals & Snacks -=+=-

Pub Pretzel: Made of twisted dough brushed with coarse salt and baked to golden-brown perfection, this rather large snack is accompanied by dishes of cheese sauce or spiced mustard. [2 Mina]

Baked Potato: A large potato baked to perfection and practically drowned in butter and salt, topped with chopped pieces of bacon and garnish to further accentuate its hardiness. Served piping hot and steaming. [2 Mina]

Cheese Wedge: Wheels of both young and aged Gouda cheese are processed within Marsumar. Served on a platter with a small knife for cutting, younger wedges of cheese take on a nutty flavor, while older wedges tend to have a tangy sweetness to them. Chopped nuts or dried fruits are often pressed into the rinds of these wheels of cheese to further enhance their flavor. [3 Mina]

Fruit Salad: For the naturally sweet, a bowl of fresh fruit is available when in season. While its contents may vary, it will typically include red grapes, various berries, apple slices, and lemon juice. Drizzled with honey. [3 Mina]


-=+=- Meals -=+=-


Roasted Mutton: A sizeable portion of chopped and roasted mutton, cooked together with diced onions, spices, wine, and a touch of vinegar. Served with a slice of buttered black bread, this dish is popular for its diverse flavors and satisfying bite. [2 Mina]

Spiced Stuffed Chicken: A large portion of roasted chicken dry-rubbed and stuffed with celery, onions, carrots, breadcrumbs, and many spices. With a crispy outer skin and moist interior, this meal is served with a large baked potato, garnished with herbs and nearly drowned in butter. [3 Mina]

Hearty Rabbit Stew: A dish centered around slow-broiled rabbit, celery, onions, carrots, potatoes, and mushrooms stewed together over several hours in red wine and broth. Often paired with simple sage dumplings simmered in the juices of the stew and served piping hot. [5 Mina]

Beer Cheese Soup: A thick and creamy cheese soup, mixed with diced celery, onions, and carrots. A generous helping of beer is cooked into the mix, along with peppers and other hot spices. Making the mouth water in more than one way, this soup is served in a large bowl with a portion of rye bread to accompany it. [5 Mina]

Pottage: A thick stew of peas, diced chicken and vegetables, rolled oats, and spices such as sage, rosemary and cloves. It’s a very hearty, filling meal, so one should only have one bowl during a feast. [5 Mina]


-=+=- Snacks -=+=-

Bowl of Olives: A traditional accompaniment to most drinks, a bowl of olives is always at the ready for patrons to snack on between meals. [1 Mina]

Rhubarb and Sugar: A celery-like vegetable with a very fruity taste. Generally eaten by being dipped in sugar. A sour taste similar to green apples, and when cooked, a sweeter variant of that taste. [1 Mina]

Hiking Mix: A lidded glass jar that contains a mix of ingredients. A small paper tag rests on a piece of fabric tied neatly around the jar’s lid, which reads: ‘Hiking Mix: Keeps for an Elven month’. Toasted pecans and cashews seem to be in about equal measures along with sunflower and pumpkin seeds inside the jar. Dotted throughout them are handfuls of raisins and dried cherries, and a fair amount of chopped dark chocolate accompanies them. Upon tasting, it is evident that sea salt, a fair amount of cinnamon, and a dash of nutmeg have been added to the mix. [3 Mina]


-=+=- Sweets -=+=-

Chocolate Chip Cookies: Traditional in scope, these cookies still bring a surprise to the table with hints of salted caramel and fudge mixed into the dough. Chewy and packed with extra flavor, these are usually rather large and served warm. Milk optional. [2 Mina]

Strawberry Wafer: Fluffy, pink strawberry filling between crunchy wafers; this cookie actually takes more preparation then most in extracting the strawberry flavor, preparing the sugar and gelatin, and making perfectly crisp sheets of wafer cookies. [2 Mina]

Ginger Pumpkin Tart: A delicious pumpkin filling cradled by a ginger-graham crust, this tart is shaped in the form of a smiling, carved pumpkin. It holds hints of cinnamon and brown sugar, making for a warm autumn-inspired dessert. Typically accompanied by a dollop of freshly whipped cream. [3 Mina]

Apple Crisp: This sweet dessert is most often served warm. Its nutmeg-spiced, crumbly pastry crust houses layers upon layers of apple slices, all coated with cinnamon and sugar. Toasted golden brown and dolloped with freshly whipped cream, this treat is sure to please all audiences. [3 Mina]

Lemon-Honey Cake: This delicate treat is sold by the slice. Its fluffy texture is similar to that of a pound cake, and it boasts layers of flavor with lemon and honey mixed into the batter itself. A sugary glaze is brushed over the top of the cake, with grated lemon zest for an extra kick. [3 Mina]

Strawberry Cordial Wyr Kreem: In the bowl, is rolled up, frozen cream, flavored with strawberry cordial. It’s very sweet, cold, and creamy, and melts as soon as it gets into your mouth. A traditional Urguan treat, made by repetitive scraping the cream and ingredients atop a solid block of ice. It does retain the vodka from the cordial. [7 Mina]


-=+=- Specials/Limited -=+=-

Naffog’s Brew: A distillate incredibly high in alcoholic content, too much of this beverage can easily cause blackouts and more than just forgotten nights. Typically served by the shot, its availability is limited, as its potency is a challenge to one’s health. [12 Mina]

Mandarin Earl Grey: A black tea blend which has been flavoured with the addition of oil of bergamot. The rind’s fragrant oil is added to black tea to give Earl Grey its unique taste. Dried pieces of Mandarin orange gives the tea a more citrus kick. [6 Mina]

Ask us about our other specials, such as Salmon!


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An aging goblin shifts within cave, the scent of sulfur once more filling the air, “Wub dah zkah is dah pinkiz gruken dey kan majk.” the goblins voice raspy as he spoke, “Mi mayk dah zkahurz zumten, zumten rehli nice.”

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Lurtz’Gorkil prepares a lawsuit for the infringement on his copyright for the phrase “Flying Olog”

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