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Hail to thee, Citizens of Helena, Reza and Owynsburg. I am Sir Lauritz Christiansen, and I am running for House of Commons in the 1774 election.


The History of Sir Lauritz Christiansen

I am one of the most experienced politicians in the Empire, having sat in the Senate as a Senator from Helena for the Tenth, Eleventh, Twelfth, Thirteenth, and Fourteenth diet, from 1752 to 1764, where I was also President of the Senate from the Eleventh Diet until the 1764 Edict of Reform. Where I passed five bills, including the historic Paddington Act of 1756.


Since then, I have co-owned the most successful legal company in the Empire, Christiansen & Wick Solicitors. I was also appointed as a Circuit Judge in 1766, though I have resigned that role to run for Commons. And since 1768, I have been fighting alongside the Haeseni in the Scyfling Invasion. Though I have still been a keen observer of politics, attending and watching many meetings of the House of Commons.


For my efforts as a Politician and Judge, I was awarded a Knighthood of the Order of Merit in 1773.


What are you voting for when you vote for Sir Lauritz Christiansen?

These are the promises and pledges I make to you, Citizens of Helena, Reza and Owynsburg, should you choose to elect me to the House of Commons.


The Independent Candidate - To be an independent candidate, without influence from the Josephites and Everardines, instead only being a servant to the Men and Women of the Empire. My mailbox will always be open to the letters and ideas of concerned citizens, no matter which part of the Empire they are from.


National Business Start-up Plan - A plan ensuring that every Man and Woman, no matter class, will be able to open and run a business. This will include tax breaks and government grants.


Further Legal Reform - The continued work on reworking and refining the Oren Revised Code, to ensure that the laws of our Empire are as fair and sensible as they can be, while also representing the age that we live in.


It is my full intent to, with the best of my ability, continue to bring the modern age and modern policies into the Empire, to further create prosperity for every single Citizen, whether from Helena, Reza or Owynsburg.


Other Candidates

As per the 1733 Amendment to the Edict of Reform, every citizen now has three votes to cast, I encourage citizens to vote sensibly, with experience and capability in mind, and thus I encourage them to vote for the following candidates:

Sir Lauritz Christiansen

Sir Konstantin Wick

Farooq Gray

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"Fascinating. I was honestly not expecting the return of Sir Lauritz to Orenian politics. This is going to be interesting..." Edward would mutter to himself after reading the campaign document.

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Keaton would remember the Scyfling raid, and the time he saved Lauritz. “Got my backing, that’s for sure.”

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“This campaign slogan violates the laws of nature.” says Conrad. 

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