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A Calling Home

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From the Residence of Elibar’acal

Realm Wide Invitation to Silver

Ca. 5th of the Sun’s Smile, 1774







Fellow mali’thill, mali’aheral, and other lliran of Silver across arcas, and beyond,


The Diarchy has been dismantled. The countless decades of tyranny, oppression, and stagnation have come to a close. Down are the ones that claimed false maehr’sae hiylun’ehya and puppeteered the very councillors meant to serve the people for their own greed and power lust. In the ashes of the fear and paranoia that once dwelled within the hearts of the mali’thill rises a newborn phoenix.


A beacon of liberty, of peace and safety. The compendium and amalgamation of a suffering peoples that now seek a newfound freedom from the chains that once shackled them in place. Symbolizing a new age of unity and maehr’sae hiylun’ehya that beckons the children of Silver forth unto this dawn that awaits us, the New Republic has risen, spreading its wings in preparation for the first flight into the heavens. The Silver State of Haelun’or has been reborn.


With a new age comes a new outlook for the times ahead. The era of bygone days calls on us to change and adapt for the future that promptly awaits us. Thus, we answer the call of Larihei and embrace this change, stepping across the threshold of the past, united, as we embark forth, approaching the next crossroads we shall inevitably encounter with each passing day. The solutions to these potential problems rest in the mind of every ‘thill and ‘aheral residing across the realm. As such, the answer to that which we strive to achieve, the success and grandeur that we work so hard in pursuit of, requires the coalesced brilliance of the mali’aheral and mali’thill across the realms and beyond. Even Larihei herself did not work alone; her followers were an integral part of her rise to success.


No longer do we push our brothers and sisters away, no longer do we exile and suffocate our own people for the sake of power and status quo. We have seen the success that can be achieved when the ‘thill unite in a common struggle against the forces of evil, and we stand now in the glory and triumph that has been ushered forth when the ‘thill unite.






To all mali’aheral and mali’thill scattered across the realm: We urge you home, we call you forth to the Blessed Bastion, so you may share your brilliance and reunite with your brothers and sisters of Silver. For the sake of maehr’sae hiylun’ehya, for the sake of all ‘thill and ‘aheral in the past, present, and future, come and stand by your brothers and sisters, that we may embrace the future together and overcome any hindrance that may linger in these skies unknown. The banner of the New Republic waves in the wind with a new ferocity than ever before, inviting all forth, in its flight for maehr’sae hiylun’ehya.


May the sacrifice of the Golden One, Azorella Elibar’acal, always be remembered. And may we follow in her footsteps to reach and transcend her incredible legacy.





Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya


Storm Elibar’acal




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“Let those that have been wronged by the vices of tyranny at last return to blessed Haelun’or, the land of their forebearers and their rightful home.


Let us welcome our pure brethren back to our midst, while remaining vigilant of the cunning impure that take advantage of our benevolence.


Let the blessed Republic prosper.

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A long since blinded Visaj sits within a quaint corner of the elcihi- reminiscing of the times of old and satisfied with the progression since. A close companion uttering the letter to her, despite the woman’s passive nature- she offers a rare smile. Unknowing of how to properly word her newfound security, she merely offers a Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya.”

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“It is good to be back.” A particular Kha’Pantera remarks, relishing the glamour of great white marble walls and towers beaming in the silver moonlight overhead as he reads. “Hope shines bright for this republic, itself a silver lining that now stands anew from the old diarchy – literally so – sat cradled on the mountain peak of the heavens high. Starlight blesses the ‘thill, and they will prosper and ascend righteously. It is so.”

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