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Summary & Transcript of the Royal Court, 1776

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Held on this 9th day of Msitza and Dargund, 1776





  • REGARDING THE GNOMES, brought before the Regency by Karl B. Honey-Dewper the Gnome:
    The Regency was moved by the plight of the Gnomes laid bare before the Court by Karl the Gnome, and granted his petition to grant the surviving Gnomes protection and shelter within the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska and to deal with the Scyfling Warlord ‘Thorkell the Small’, who has been a blight to the Gnomish people.

  • REGARDING THE PROTECTION OF THE BASILICA, brought before the Regency by Friar Boniface:
    Friar Boniface, in the face of the bloody war with the Scyflings and the unfolding conflict with the Begrudged Alliance, requested the erection of a palisade to ensure that safe passage to the Basilicia just outside the city was guaranteed. The petition was granted.

  • REGARDING THE PROVISION OF PROSTHETIC LIMBS FOR SOLDIERS, brought before the Regency by Boris var Ruthern:
    In light of so many soldiers losing limbs in decisive battles with the Scyfling invaders, the Regency granted the petition to secure a trained manufacturer of prosethic limbs to ensure all soldiers are adequately treated and compsenated for loss of limbs at the expense of the Aulic Government.

  • REGARDING THE HOSPITAL, brought before the Regency by Friar Bonifance:
    Friar Boniface broached concerns pertaining to an active hospital to the Regency, and was informed that a hospital currently exists. The Regency agreed to ensure that the location of this hospital was adequately signposted for proper use in these perilous times.

  • REGARDING THE KNIGHTING OF RUBEN VAR RUTHERN, brought before the Regency by Sir Ivan:
    Sir Ivan asked the Regency to fulfill the late King Sigismund’s intentions to knight Ruben var Ruthern in recognition of his feats in the Scyfling Invasion as his unquestionable dedication to Haense. The Regency agreed to fulfill the request at the next Royal Court once the issue of Knighthood at large had been settled by the Aulic Council.



  • The Queen-Dowager Viktoria vas Ruthern has been appointed to the position of Deputy Palatine;
  • Sir Wilhelm Vyronov has been appointed to the position of High Jusiticar;
  • Rennard Amador has resigned the position of Royal Treasurer;
  • Sir Edvard Amador has been appointed to the position of Royal Treasurer, vacating the position of Lord-Seneschal;
  • The Regency is currently assessing candidates for the position of Lord-Seneschal.







Konstantin: “No blood spilled in vain. That shall be the driving words of this regency as we navigate these dark times. No blood shall be spilled in vain. Not the farmer who starves after the Scyflings burned his field. Not the soldier who dies defending his walls. And not the King who loved his people more than anything. We find ourselves in a war the Haense people have deeply mixed feelings about after the death of our late King. But no blood shall be spilled in vain. We shall fight alongside the Empire, to ensure a stronger Haense with greater autonomy emerges from the other side of this tragedy. Be it Scyfling or bandit, our walls will stand no matter the outcome. And just like every bloody war that stains our history, be it from Axios to Atlas, the Haeseni people will stand. And again, I promise you, that those who do not survive to see the sun on the other side of this night shall not have their blood spilled in vain … our late King chief among them. Be it against Scyfling, bandit or the winds of time, some will die. But not in vain. Never in vain. We shall give meaning, now and always, to Haeseni lives, and Haeseni deaths!


Konstantin: “With that, this Court is now in session. Petitioners may approach with any concerns.”


[Karl B. the Gnome approached]


Konstantin: “Welcome, ah … Friend.”


Karl B. Honey-Dewper: Privy thee, privy be - I am Karl Honey-Dewper and I hail from the wee.”


Konstantin: “The wee?”


Karl B. Honey-Dewper: “From the Wald of Wick my ancestors did pick their abode fixed…” He began, “…and by the God-On-High, did He bring us nie worry or sigh. Indeed, for we the wee, the heirs of Mali'Dun and Dee, the children of Sarai and Gub Gubbergee, have ever lived humbly without won't or need. But fortunes change and fortunes withers, and now the children of the gnomes ficker! Boats across the waves, who came from the land of many caves, have come to take the clans as slaves- worse till, the sun still brings spoil the soil of all wee. Famine and hunger strike like thunder- now the clans sit asunder. The elders, wise folk all, saw the gnome's fall. In their mission, to seek to aid the fission, they have called upon me the salvation of the wee. Tally he, tally ho, I therefore come humbly to thou…. Shelter the gnomes and leave us naught as water's foam.”


[The Court wept for the plight of the Gnomes]


Konstantin: “Well … I …I certainly wasn't expecting a petition like this today. How many do your people number, ah … sir?” 


Karl B Honey-Dewper: “I bring a gift! If it pleases the shift of mighty courtiers of the hours. Here be the last of gnome's food and fee- honey of my clan, to feed to king-to-be.”


Konstantin: “The last of your food? Such a gift is unnecessary, friend.”


[The Gnome stumbled under the weight of his tribute]


Karl B Honey-Dewper: “Woe to me, woe to be! Nie, nie, the honey is made naught but beans! Oho, oho!


Konstantin: “No need to weep. The Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska will always endeavour to help those of good-heart in need of aid. Your request for shelter and protection is granted, of course.”


Karl B Honey-Dewper: “Thank you, kind sir, thank you for gentle assure. My people, I fear-… oho, regent, I fear the end of the gnomes is here to be!”


Konstantin: “Fret not about the food; we've a good deal stockpiled from this war. Your people won't meet their end here. How many of you are there?”


Karl B Honey-Dewper: “The Scyflings, sir, they killed me wee dear, my wife of five years…. Yes, yes, how many, forgive the penchant to devy.. There are many villages, fellow, of the Sarai's great meadow. Many have fled to the greatest of them all- the last respite of Gub's Shawl. There be the final residue of the gnomish people brought sadly to their untimely due. There, only thousands remain, not like the cities of millions in Haense.”


Konstantin: “Rest assured, this Regency, on behalf of his Majesty, will see you sheltered and protected here. You're a … farming folk, I'm presuming?”


Karl B Honey-Dewper: “Farmers! You insult the honor of the Honey-Dewper! We aren't snake-charmers of the farming Hay-Roopers.”


Konstantin: “ … You'll, ah, forgive me then. The Regency will discuss where best to situate your non-farming people, and see to it as soon as can we done.”


Karl B Honey-Dewper: “Let me explain, to the great Haeseni clan. I am of the Honey-Dewpers, I speak to the bees- there I find my ancestor's joy and happiness there be. Yet there are others, like the Frog-Whiskers of the River Shister, who raise the children of Gubber and Fitter. There, our great frog-steeds frolicks like the water of creeks, and train them for the arts of gnomish dee. Still there is the Gold-Lamb, led the Elder Dan, who compiled this quest and plan to save the gnomes else be damned. Also still, else forget the great task of import…. My villages fear for the coming of one warlord sheer…. A man of the Scyf, who comes to hark naught but destruct, has come to the shores to tear the wee apart. They call him Small Thorkell, and here's for the kill- stop him, lest all our people be like grain milled.”


Konstantin: “We're familiar with that particular Scyfling. All the more reason for us to grant your people shelter.”


Karl B Honey-Dewper: “I thank ye dear sir, I thank ye most earnest- the gnomes are forest in debt to your mirth.”


[Friar Boniface approached the dais]


Konstantin: “Welcome, Friar. I believe I've seen you about, but I don't believe we have met. I am Konstantin Wick, well met. What is your petition?”


Friar Boniface: “I am Friar Boniface. Now that the imperial war machine has pushed the realm into another bloody war, the roads surrounding Haense are no longer safe. It is not safe to leave the city. Farmers can not leave to tend to the fields without threat of being set upon. Friar Boniface: “We can no longer hold ceremonies within the Basilica for threat of an attack, would the Lord-Regent consider re-constructing the wooden palisades so that people may tend to the farms and travel to the Basilica safely. There are houses outside of the city, do they dare step foot out of their door, unprotected?”


Konstantin: “A reasonable suggestion. In times like these, strength of faith is undoubtedly paramount. I'm unfamiliar with the previous boundaries of the palisade, but the Basilica can doubtless be protected.”


Friar Boniface: “It is not the noble elite within the rich mansions of Helena who are under threat of being set upon every day, struggling to survive and continue day-to-day activity, it is the common man. Between the city and Basilia it is a long way to travel.”


Konstantin: “I could not agree more, Friar. Those behind firm walls initiate these bloody tragedies, only for those without walls to suffer. Your petition is heard, and duly granted.”


[Boris var Ruthern approached the dais]


Konstantin: “Welcome, friend. You are another whose face I know, but have yet to meet properly.”


Boris var Ruthern: “Prevja, Lord Regent. I am Boris var Ruthern, a soldier of the HRA.”


Konstantin: “Well met, then, Boris var Ruthern. What is your petition?”


Boris var Ruthern: “I come today asking for help with a concern for a growing number of soldiers by the day. I have tried my best to find someone to make me a new limb, though it has proved difficult. Some of our soldiers have managed to find someone, though I would ask the kingdom to intercede so there is a proper way for soldiers to ask for new limbs. So we may continue to fight, unimpeded.”


Konstantin: “That's not something I would have thought of, admittedly, but it occurs to me how wise that suggestion is. I'll admit I know little in the way of fake limbs myself, but we shall do whatever we can to locate someone with the appropriate skills, and pay them in full to ensure brave men and women like you do not go unhelped. No blood shed in vain.”


Boris var Ruthern: “Spasibo. I hope vy are able to find one soon, so many of us may fight at our best again.”


Konstantin: “I hope so too. Your petition is heard, and granted.”


[Friar Bonifance approached the dais again]


Friar Boniface: “Hello! It is me again!” He'd say, hobbling forward.


Konstantin: “Ah, another stranger. Welcome again, Friar.”


Friar Boniface: “Now that the Kingdom has been plunged into another war, whilst still involved in another, I have noticed that the old hospital has been evicted….”


Konstantin: “The, ah, one on the square, yes?”


Friar Boniface: “Indeed.”


Konstantin: “I understand the Stewardy has been in discussion about what to do with it for some time but hasn't come to any action. You have a suggestion, Friar?”


Friar Boniface: “I petition the crown to create a sizable hospital so that we can treat injured soldiers and citizens who are attacked as a result of this war. Set people assigned to help those in need, medics, surgeons and the like.”


Konstantin: “Is the current hospital inadequate?”


Friar Boniface: “A lot of people will need treatment in the coming war, lots of equipment… current hospital..? Ah.. If there is a hospital then I believe the path to it should be made clear, injured people do not want to get lost in search of help.”


Konstantin: “Those wounded in the Scyfling attacks have all been treated at the current hospital. But yes, that is indeed a good point.”


Friar Boniface: “I also offer my medical service to the hospital to assist those who need it. That is all, thank you. I shall try to find the hospital.”


Konstantin: “In times like this, that should indeed be the case. We'll see to it that proper signage is erected, as well as a brief audit to ensure the hospital is adequate. Thank you again, Friar, for your wise words.”


Friar Boniface: “GOD bless!”


Konstantin: “If there are no further petitioners, I have a brief announcement regarding changes to the Aulic Council. My appointment to the Regency has left the position of High Justiciar vacant. Furthermore, Lord Rennard Amador has resigned as Lord Treasurer. So, in light of all this …. The Queen-Dowager shall be named as Deputy Palatine, Sir Wilhelm Vyronov shall be named as High Justiciar, and Sir Edvard Amador shall be named as Lord Treasurer, vacating the position as Lord-Seneschal. “At this time, candidates to replace Sir Edvard are being considered for Lord-Seneschal, but none have been chosen as of yet.”


[Ser Ivan then arrived with a petition]


Ser Ivan "The Red Bull": “Lord Regent.”


Konstantin: “Sir Ivan. You got here just in time. Missed the Gnomes, though. Your loss.”


Ser Ivan "The Red Bull": “Oh well.  Anyways, I was wondering if you had the power of Knighting my squire, Ruben var Ruthern. He has served in countless battles and has been the only squire in decades to complete the originally required Squire Trials. His late Majesty, King Sigismund II, was supposed to Knight him after the Scyfling engagement. We expected it to end right about now….”


Konstantin: “Then that is another wish of the late King that shall be honoured. Matters of knighthood are currently under reform, and, truth be told, I don't know if that's a power the Regency affords me, nor do we have his Majesty's blade. But, afford us until the next court sitting, and the deed shall be done.”


Ser Ivan "The Red Bull": “Spasibo, Lord Regent.”


Konstantin: “On behalf of our young King, I ask all of the people of Hanseti-Ruska to remember, no matter what …. That no blood shall be spilled in vain. Court is adjourned! Thank you all for coming.”


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Brandt Barclay couldn’t help but chuckle to himself as he read this specific petition



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