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Kal'Ordholm Victory Festival

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Kal’Ordholm Victory Festival

Honoring the past of a glorious alliance.


(Medininkai Castle Siege by Vilius Petrauskas)


This stone month’s event is to celebrate the victory the Crimson Edict and Dwarves of Urguan achieved at the Battle of Kal’Ordholm, back in the realms of Axios. This celebration involves a mock-battle, followed by the burning of a Siege Tower, and of course, a large feast with plenty of drinks. Many items await those that wish to purchase them.


(This event will take place on the 26th of July, 6pm EST.)

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Ilkri prepared for the festival by first explaining the history behind it to her children and grandchildren. They sat around her, close, as she explained all about it and what they were celebrating. The kids then began to play fight in a mock battle, the woman grinning as she watched generations of her family, love growing for them evermore.

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18 hours ago, Zarexan said:


Officer Grudgebeard grumbled at the announcement. “The siege of Kal’Ordholm happened on Vailor, not Axios, damn revisionists...” 

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Dimlin Irongut remembers the glory before shaking his head “They’re changing ‘istory vailor an’ axios aren’t t’e same t’ings.”

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