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Tenets of Marsumar

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Tenets of Marsumar


The following tenets were all decided upon by the Council of Marsumar, they are subject to change, and not everything is covered in this document.


Protection of the Community

The community here is defined as the residents of Marsumar and members of the Edict as a whole, in accordance with their friends and allies.

  • The intentional or unintentional harming of this community is expressly forbidden and will include several crimes.
  • These crimes include but are not limited to: 
  • The theft of items from other citizens.
  • Physical harm towards other citizens.
  • Mental or emotional abuse towards other citizens.
  • Any criminal activity is forbidden.
  • The act of slavery is strictly forbidden and will be met with the harshest punishment we have to offer.
  • The act of banditing is strictly forbidden and will be punished appropriately.


Equality of Persons

  • All individuals are considered equal regardless of class, race, religion, and the like. Worth is evaluated based on actions, not on unchangeable factors, or background.
  • As such, racism, depersonification, and the like are forbidden. Hatred may be considered a beneficial thing in some circumstances, such as against slavers and bandits--again, based on the actions of the individual.
  • Racism is not tolerated in any capacity, and will be met with a suitable punishment.


Punishment & Redemption

  • Punishments are doled out based on the severity of the crimes committed.
  • Punishments are decided by the Council of Marsumar, and are not decided by anyone else.
  • Redemption is possible on a case-to-case basis for individuals who have committed crimes, either within or outside of Marsumar and the Edict proper.
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