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Third Empire - The Decline (RP)

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Despotate of Oberstein




Mundane was the life of a Stellarch, that is if you were morally checked and watched over. Kruger’s private empire in Oberstein was quite the opposite of civilized with the means of production firmly grasped by the despot’s iron fist. Much of the production comes from vast penal colonies in the outer province, closely guarded by guards and patrol ships; the inner colonies prosper from vast resources. Despite this gracious supply and opportunities offered under Kruger’s leadership, the PLF has rocked the province the previous year shocking the criminal syndicates vying for control on the many planets and aboard the neutral smugglers den.


Caught off-guard in his room, the scarred middle aged tyrant buttoned his lavishly chic pants and ensured his bullet-proof vest was properly situated underneath his top-piece. “I specifically requested these acquaintances come late in the evening, Johanns. They put my recreational drinking time at risk and we know what happens when I miss it.” snarled Kruger as a younger man grimaced from the doorway. “My lord, they demanded that it was urgent to your future safety and pushed past the guards below… we couldn’t shoot them under your orders.”


In a movement full of disdain the tyrant reached for his sidearm and checked that it was loaded before training the barrel on the now shaking attendant. “You are not to give the Stellarch attitude in his own home, need I remind you what happened to the previous assistant?”


Tears began to well up in the emotionally compromised man. “Forgive me Stellarch, I..I.I was out of line. I simply followed protocol given to me by my predecessor.” Kruger’s mannerism as the man groveled for his life left nothing to the imagination, it was evident he enjoyed the position of power. “I will spare you once boy.” Kruger lowered his pistol and placed it in its very aged holster. “Wipe your eyes and go greet our guests in the lobby while I finish my Teniert wine.”


Mildly recomposing himself and wiping his eyes before quickly walking out of the room to the elevator, as the doors closed a loud sigh could be heard. The tyrant giggled as he finished a half filled glass of purple liquid before pinning his cape on properly in front of the mirror.  Turning about he followed the direction of the quivering servant taking his place in an elevator surrounded by a retinue of rugged veterans from the frontiers where their poverty roots were quickly used to build their loyalty to Kruger.


Standing before the Stellarch were his only rough equals in the entire province, three messengers from the syndicates within his territory. Thankfully with their tongues removed they could only hand his highness datapads with letters before being escorted out and sent back to the smugglers den located in deep space. Each letter addressed the Stellarch under his alias of ‘Katze’ as to protect each identity from imperial agents. All three letters read that the strings pulled were the proper ones, Kruger would have his favors. 

Stat post: 1 Smugglers Den [2 Points]


(5,500 C, 2 M, 1 NP) 2 Corvettes are created to begin patrolling Oberstein space.


(10,000 C, 2B) 2 Heavy Industrial yards are constructed.


(7,500 C, 2B) An shipyard is built up on Oberstein to prepare it for future PLF movements.


(2 Influence points, 4,500 C) The recent uprisings in the nation would be quite dissatisfactory for the three syndicates and other criminals as their products would be scrutinized even more. Kruger sends through back channels under an alias to begin targeting PLF officials and sabotaging their efforts. 


(25,000 C) Kruger recruits a naval graduate, not a particularly notable one however.


(16 Food is given away to the poorest districts of the empire for free from Oberstein. The merchants are verbally blasted during the deliveries and much of the freighter crews sing of praise of Oberstein and its Stellarch for that dank influence!)

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- 10362 AE -



“Whatever it is, I am against it!” seems to have become the standard response of the now 252 year old Stellarch. He has gotten notably more erratic (senile) in the past months and the doctors are not very optimistic about his outlooks. Still, there is a determination within him, a refusal to yield to the trials of time and so he trods on, leading Raetia more or less, leaving the administrative duties to his underlings.


And they do nothing but try to maintain peace on the worlds of Raetia. Supporters for independence, free speech and democracy are rampant throughout the planets, on the other hand radicals are threatening to let loose a civil war. So far, news of this have only sparsely broke through the tight border controls the Stellarchy maintains. In the eyes of the Empire, all is well and everyone’s a good Imperial citizen. For now.


And then there is the eternal issue of the sons of Rankor, the ten family branches that have established themselves. For now, they sit idly as their founder sits idly and succumbs to his two dozen decades of lifetime. But once he is gone...





The planet Hyperion (20-J) and Sormun (21-J) receive Heavy Industry improvements in order to supplement the construction material the Stellarchy has available for future projects. (-40,000 C, -4 B for 4 Heavy Industry Improvements for B production)


The remainder of Credits are being kept back for another time.


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Grand Duchy of Alamar

Year 10,362 AE


(No RP yet, still thinking stuff up)




112,500 Available


2 armouries are produced, 15,000


A large funeral service is held for the victims of the bombing attacks for both the ministers and civilians present. 20,000


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Lord-Stellarch Gerrit Elfering was displeased. He stood as a guest in a suite at the Emperor’s palace-moon. He was far out of his element, never once having expected to be dragged down to the Core, having not happened since his father, the late Lord Tibbit, sent him away for formal schooling. It had felt just like yesterday; Lord Elfering surveying the old institutions responsible for his upbringing, for the purpose of nostalgia - a return to roots so to speak.


It was easy to forget where one came from, though, his spontaneous summons by the Emperor echoed back to those who preceded him, in faithful and stalwart service to Emperor and Empire.


Here, however, he could not fulfill his duty. The Mandate of Vennendal, the domain of the Elfering lineage, was for now without its stellarch - left in the hands of his faithful and trusted lieutenants. Until he returned, his mind could not be at ease - for there exists individuals out in the galaxy who seek only to sew ruination, at the expense of everything mankind has worked to achieve over the millennia, he thought. The secessionists to the east, the syndicalists, the marauders of the west… The Empire was beset upon all fronts. Lord Elfering readily accepted that he was a small piece of something greater - charged with the governance and protection of Vennendal - perhaps the only thing he found solace in. While he still drew breath, he would do everything in his power to keep the parasites at bay.


For now, he issued a trans-galactic communication back to his Stellarchy - to the office of Admiral Luytens, his paramount naval chief officer and perhaps closest friend and ally. He had heard the reports, sifting through a manifest of the cargo lost to Aokigahara - unacceptable. He knew it not to be the fault of Luytens, as the Empire had once been able to patrol the hyperlanes, without the need of sector defense forces to rise to the occasion. Vennendal was woefully prepared for the rise of Aokigahara’s ever-increasing band of marauders. Senate-appointed Admiral Rahn, head of the anti-piracy taskforce, was made to be a fool, his campaign bearing no fruits. Around Vennendalic space, Luytens found himself outmanned and outgunned, possessing a small fleet, nay, squadron of pickets. He would need to adapt to the current situation, as bleak and hopeless at it was. It was an evident truth that nothing in the Vennendalic arsenal could hope to put a dent in the Horseman, Aokigahara’s new flagship. Elfering trusted Luytens, his ability to perceive threats, and respond accordingly. Surely, the next coming years would serve to greatly influence Vennedalic naval doctrine. He relayed the order - stop the bleeding. Easier said than done.


It was time to return.



[4 NP, 20,000 C, 4M, 2E] Constructing 2 Poltergeist-class Destroyers

[3 NP, 10,000 C, 2M] Constructing 1 Cruiser

[20,000 C, 4B] Constructing Shipyards on Severi

[5,000 C, 1B] Constructing Heavy Industry on Almerk

[15,000 C, 3B] Constructing Heavy Industry on Boswick

[2,500 C, 1B] Constructing Warehouse on Rouven


[6,000 C] Hiring shipping from the corporations

[4,000 C] Importing 2 E from House Matareka

[20,000 C] Importing 4 E from the Directorate

[1,500 C] Importing 1 E from Orteau

[13,000 C] Importing 2 E from Oberstein

Shipping 1 B to Matareka

Shipping 3 Food to Orteau

Shipping 6 Food to the Directorate


14,000 to treasury


[Fleet Action] Admiral Luytens places a small force in ambush position in a major hyperlane leading into Vennedalic space, hoping to lure any over-zealous raiders into a trap as freighters make their rounds. If Aokigahara’s pirates show in overwhelming force, then the Vennendalic fleet must simply bide their time. The force consists of 4 Hoornar-class Corvettes and 1 Cruiser.

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Hey. Altaire here.


-35,000C + 7B towards seven heavy industry on Spalatum.
-20,000C + 4B towards two shipyards.

-5500C + 1M + 1NP  towards 100 starfighters. 

-10,000C towards offered rewards for artifacts of human origin.

-70,550C sent to the bank, baby!




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House Matareka

Imperial Takakasi Province


Lord Matareka, Commander in Chief of the Buath War Front, surveyed the command quarters. Tucked away in the center of the LZ, it was a armored and squat affair. Mostly buildt underground by engineers, it was bristling with defense and communication arrays. Captain Fauchex led his security detail, sweeping the grounds ahead of him. Several large troops in power armor hoisting Arc Lances stuck close to their lord. Greeting them was a small parade detail, and the remnants of the last Commanders staff. Briskly saluting them all, Lord Matareka entered his new HQ. Trailing him was his own personal staff, all frantically writing as he belted out orders. Very rapidly the Lord was organizing the War Effort focused around him. His famous first words are transmitted to all sections of the Front. “I am here now, let us end this war and return to our homes”. 


On the home front Seneschal Ahuru has relatively contained the desperate famine. Thanks to a new Senate bill passed, he was able to import enough grain at fixed prices to feed his people. The Core Merchants were not happy, but they also feared paying the fine for refusing. And so the loyal citizens of Takakasi could be relieved. Tens of thousands have died, and many were forced to commit horrors that will last with them all their lives. But the worst of it all is over now.


Income; 129k Imperial Credits

3 B, 3 E, 7 M


Mod Actions


[MOD Please] Lord Matareka issues an edict to his Seneschals to move some of his finances. They will discreetly start to hire Female mercenaries who could not serve in the Guard. They will only hire 500 or so of the most elite they can find. Their contract swears them to secrecy, and they will be hosted on House Matareka’s personal estates. Only the most loyal servants and Lords will see them. These mercenaries are told they will be paid extremely well, and be formed into Lord Matareka’s personal Armsmen detail. He makes it clear he recognizes their fighting value, and wishes to train them into a model unit to show off to the Galaxy. -20k Credits for hiring, equipping, and training.


[MOD Please] Lord Matareka also fulfill his promise to care for the troops under his command in Buath. Funds will be spent on medical supplies, doctors, paying for mail back home, and other small services poor soldiers could ill afford. -11k Credits


Financial Actions


Building 2 Heavy Industry -10k, 2 B


Building 1 Luxury Industry -5k, 1 B


3 E spent to outfit Ground Forces with Arc Lance support units.


Importing 15 Units of Food on Senate’s Fixed Price Bill. -3k If any is lost to pirates more will be shipped in this year.


Treasury +80k


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Kingdom of Orteau




Blain was late. It had taken him a month to bribe himself into House Gardre’s staff, when it should have taken a week. The lords of Leroux had built a surprisingly airtight operation, with loyal servants and an efficient government. Too efficient. Nevertheless, most planetary lords held gatherings on their birthdays, and for that they always needed more servants, many of whom would be unbranded, as Blain was. He’d slipped in amongst the ushers, and now led lords and ladies to a great set of double doors on the top floor of House Gardre’s skyscraper palace. Somewhere past those doors was his prey.


Embezzlement was a remarkably mundane thing to die for. Lord Teniert had seemed utterly bored when he’d given Blain his assignment. It wasn’t the sort of thing that impressed the royals - money meant little to them, and status was everything. Blain on the other hand had been impressed. Even for something as boring as credits, Lord Gardre had acted masterfully. He’d hidden where royal investment in the planet had gone, taken most of the profits himself, and written down any losses to merchant tricks, knowing his lord’s prejudices. Where the Inner Ministry had audited, Gardre had been there first, and he had bribed every official sent to investigate.


...but everyone knew you couldn’t bribe an adjudicator.


Blain made his move. Breaking off from the group of ushers, he reached the ballroom door before anyone thought to stop him. Then he raised a foot, and with a cybernetic-aided kick, smashed open the thick wooden door. The room on the other side froze. Leroux noblemen stood in shock, their wives and mistresses cringed back. Guards at the room’s edges looked at each other in confusion.


“LORD GARDRE,” Blain bellowed, not waiting for a reaction. “YOU HAVE BEEN SENTENCED.”


To his credit, Gardre understood what Blain was immediately. The middle-aged lord ran. That left his son, who stood dumbfounded in the middle of the room. He had been looking at a decorational statue. Blain didn’t hesitate: his enhanced legs drove him forward at inhuman speed, and before the young lord could react the adjudicator was on him. His hand closed around the man’s neck, crushing the windpipe, and Blain threw the lifeless young man to the ground.


Lords and ladies scattered. That was a problem. Once the room cleared the guards would be able to use handguns, and Blain’s advantage would become significantly less overwhelming. He dashed toward where the old man had escaped, bowling guests over along the way. The guards had woken up - three of them already blocked the door with arcblades in hand. Nevertheless, they’d be too slow. They always were.


Blain was on the first guard before they expected him, his running pace far faster than an ordinary human. This one he tripped, swinging an ankle around to sweep the man’s legs from under him. Then he was on to the next, who swung his arcblade feebly. Blain caught the man’s wrist and twisted, drawing a horrified scream from the guard as his hand was virtually ripped off. He let the man fall to his knees and caught his weapon in midair, barely in time to dodge the third guard’s attack. Even so, the attacker’s arcblade dug into his side and he winced. Adjudicator cybernetics would stem the bleeding and do what they could to repair the wound, but they would do nothing for the pain. House Teniert wanted their servants to stay wary.


The adjudicator didn’t stop, savagely swinging his new arcblade at the man who’d drawn blood. The weapon cleaved the guard in two. The other two were still on the ground, one disoriented and one in agony. Blain left them there. He sprinted down Lord Gardre’s hallway, and the blade in his hand cut down anyone who blocked his way in the narrow passage. One guard had a gun out, a wicked-looking rifle with a huge drum magazine. He died before he could use it, and Blain slung the weapon over his shoulder even as he ran past.


The elder lord Gardre was alone. Blain found him on a balcony, desperately signalling for one of his transports. The guards were gone, having stayed behind in a futile attempt to slow Blain down. He stopped, throwing his arcblade to the side as he hoisted the rifle. Gardre turned, shocked. Even for an adjudicator, Blain had made it here quickly.


“I’m sure you knew the risks.” Blain said quietly. His masters always liked to express disappointment with their wayward servants, rather than simply anger. He often wondered why it mattered, if they were just going to be killed anyway. The rifle kicked against his shoulder, and lord Gardre crumpled, blown off his feet. The lord’s blood pooled and ran off the side of the skyscraper. Blain didn’t spend too long looking at the corpse. The sound of more guards behind him told him the fight wasn’t over.


But when they arrived, they just stared. Gardre’s men looked at their dead master and at the tall man who had killed him, and just stood there. One or two raised weapons, but the adjudicator’s gaze made them think better of it.


Blain sighed, and walked to one of the more scared-looking men, a badly-chosen officer. “House Aime rules Leroux now. You will gather Lord Gardre’s records and send them to their keep. Remember the law.” Then he pushed past the men, the wound in his side no longer bleeding but still paining him. Sloppy work. Next time would have no such errors.


“Don’t make me come back here,” he grunted, and walked back the way he had arrived. No one stopped him.



222,000 Credits in Treasury


[18,500 Credits to Universal Shipping.]


[6000 Credits to Mith.]


[2400 credits to Qahtan]


[5000 Credits to Maru Parata]


[Net 9300 Credits to Lord Elfering]


[30,000 Credits to Oberstein]


[1200 Credits to the Magister Militant]


[20,000 Credits to the Vernazza Family]


[15,000 C, 4 B] - Two major armories are built on the planet Prizac (24H)


[40,000 Credits, 8 B] - Major shipyard expansion takes place in the asteroid fields around Locronan, the Teniert hunting preserve. (21H)


[74,600 Credits to Treasury]




10 Freighters carry 10 units of food from Rob’s nation to Orteau.


12 Freighters carry 12 units of food from Qahtan to the fleet.


3 Freighters carry 3 units of food from Tank to Orteau.


2 Freighters carry 2 B from Brandon to Orteau.


2 Freighters carry 2 B from Oberstein to Orteau.


8 Freighters carry 8 M to aid the Kavan Te’s efforts.


4 Freighters carry 4 P to a fleet of the Kavan Te’s choosing.

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10,361 AE


((stat post to get it out before the mp))



Finances & Resources:

  Hide contents



Actions & Expenditure:

  • 2 x Shipyards on Bal’Matene (8-A). (20,000 C + 4 B)
  • 1 x Warehouse on 67-A. (2500 C + 1 B)
  • 1 x Heavy Industry on 11-A. (5000 C + 1 B)
  • 2 x Corvettes. (5500 C + 2 M + 1 NP)

Warehouse Storage (5 max) & Treasury:

  • 36,000 Credits
  • 3 Food
  • 2 Computers

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T H E   H O L Y   O R D E R   O F   H Y P E R B O R E I A







2 Corvettes [5,500C, 2M, 1NP]

1 Infantry Unit [2,500C, 2M, 1AP]

Heavy Industry on 24-A [5,000C, 1B]

3 Shipyards on 29-A [30,000C, 6B]

1 Armoury on 28-A [7,500C, 2B]

5,700 Credits Remaining



Shipping 2 Units of Black Goods to Core TZ [My freighters]

Using Kavan Te Panayiotou’s available intel to attempt to avert anti-smuggling patrol routes via Psykic communication


Transporting 2 Fuel to Resupply 5th Mid Rim Squadron [My freighters]


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Many throughout the Outer Rim hear of a Vernazza family yacht entering neutral space, for reasons yet unknown.




[4E, 2.000C] – Four units of components are shipped to Vennendal.


[7.500C] – 6 Units of Food are shipped from Vennendal.


[2B] – Two units of materials are shipped to Orteau.


[10.000C + 5.000C] – 10 Units of food are purchased from the Outer World Trading Company.




[8B, 40.000C] – Four shipyards are built on Serrano, for a total of five. [48I]


[1B, 5.000C] – One Raw Industry [Exotic Goods] Centers are constructed on Santa Antonia. [50I]


[1B, 5.000C] – One Black Industry Center is constructed on Manarola. [45i]


[1B, 2.500C] – A warehouse is built on Pratio. [34i]


[1B, 10.000C] – An Imperial Embassy is built on Bagnoli. [35i]


[5.000C, 2M, 1NP] – One Gina’s Favorite is built on Cantano.


[NPC – Imperial] – 12.000C is sent to Louie in the Core, to pay for learning supplies and personal tutelage. As a reminder, Louie is the now-9-year-old Psykic child of Sunny Sal Vernazza, studying under the Emperor’s Psykics.


[NPC – Naval | 5.000C (To hire freighters), 5M, 5P; 14.000C] – Five Metal and 5 Fuel is sent to Commodore Wetere in 68i, and 8 Food is purchased from the Outer World Trading Company to be sent to him as well – regards are sent to the Commodore from the Varan Families, who wish him happy hunting. A note is added, that if he can convince Naval Command to allow him to transfer his headquarters to 45i, a vital choke point in the region, he would be much better able to protect Imperial trade lanes against the Pirate King – as well as, luck would have it, be more easily resupplied by New Vara.




21,000C is stored at the end of the year.

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10,362 AE

"When they ship you in, you don't know what it's going to be like. You believe their lies - you believe that it's made out to be far worse, far more terrifying than it actually is. Then you set a foot on Buath's surface, and you're condemned to live like an animal."



Following the, as they put it, “disastrous” piece of legislation which fixes the price of food supplies throughout the galaxy, the galaxy’s largest companies convene. They emerge only days later, proclaiming that all shipments carrying food not sold at their standard prices will be immediately halted, all future shipping of this nature is suspended until future notice, and  company employed escorts will no longer protect the Empire’s numerous trade routes from piracy until the legislation is repealed. 




Reports from Netana become even more scarce, and those that Imperial forces receive seem to lack clarity, seem to be fuzzy. Eventually, a definitive report reaches the Empire - Stellarch Netana ran out of ammunition, and the last of his fleet was dashed in space. He now holds out on Ivana, where the FWA have laid siege. Ivana is moderately well defended, but more FWA forces are being shipped in by the day. His supply situation remains desperate.



Though the last sighting of Aokigahara was far to the South, around the border marches and K-Land, piracy suddenly springs up in the north, and it is said ships claiming allegiance to the Pirate King roam freely, burning and looting huge swathes of merchant shipping. (Only 10 food available from Qahtan this turn)




Strange activities occur around the swathes of empty space near the Core. (Discord for those it concerns)




A legendary duel occurs, deep in the K-Lands. A posse, lead by Deputy Sheriff Walt Harp, tracked the infamous outlaw, Cliff Westwood to the narrow and treacherous choke point at the Mediocre Corral. After a short and brutal gunfight, Westwood killed all 12 of his pursuers, but the savagery of the battle prompted a region wide hunt for the felon, led personally by Sheriff Howard Partner. Westwood flees the K-Lands, and now offers his services as an elite gun for hire, open to working for whoever bids the most.


Dominion of Badab

Scholarships is an idea that earns both praise and scorn - among the Populists, Badab is upheld as a shining beacon of philanthropistic morality, while it becomes the boot of many cruel jokes among the Republicans and the Mercantilists. (+1 Influence with the Populists)


Despotate of Oberstein

The ever cruel Despot, Kruger, orders a series of hits on the People's Liberation Front. At first, his hitmen successfully butcher low level command around the Despotate, until what appears to be new PLF leadership takes operational control. Kruger has what appears to be a miniature war on his hands, with operatives engaged in paramilitary activity across several planets. (Discord)


The people shout Kruger's praises from the rooftops! Though many declare that change will not come from above, most are simply glad to have food in their bellies. (+3 Influence with the Populists)



Another year of Lord Raetia's bitter, unhappy life passes, with yet more paranoid screaming fits being hurled at his many sons.


Grand Duchy of Alamar

While little sympathy for Alamar comes from the masses, many of the surrounding Stellarchs express great regret at this turn of events. At the funeral, Lord Dryden meets a great deal of influential men - a vast array of Stellarchs and Admirals - who are glad to make his acquaintance. (+1 Influence)


Mandate of Vennendal

Bold moves from Lord Elfering and the Provincial Defense Forces, the Admiral and his division spring a trap upon a small pirate convoy! (Discord)


Province of Altaire

Mr. Green’s “friend” arrives this year, brimming with enthusiasm. (Discord)


House Matareka

Lord Matareka has been done a great honour with his appointment. While the Lord makes plans to retake Buath, his daughter spends many sweaty, lust filled nights with Tyrone and Jamal, who spend all their time fulfilling her every, aching need. (+1 Prestige for Lord Matareka.)

Orteau finds itself subjected to a total boycott by most of the corporations - excluding the Driveyards, who care little one way or another. Lord Teniert's policies have cost him the chance to rent any freighters or to purchase corporation owned goods. A steep price indeed, to make enemies of some of the Galaxy's richest men.


Stellarchy of Matene

A quiet year in Matene, as the Free Provinces border remains silent, unexciting. Life in the most exotic Imperial province is not boring, however, as the purple Matenese have become fashionable for the time being, particularly as prostitutes. A steady supply of pilgrims graces Matene's red light districts this year. (+2000c)


Holy Order of Hyperboreia

The Kāvan Te manages to resupply and redeploy the chosen reinforcements for Netana in record time. A well organised and commanded endeavour, it bodes well for any campaign the Hyperboreians undertake personally. (+1 Prestige for one Admiral/General of your choosing)


The Directorate

Little Louis Vernazza spends another year under Imperial tutelage. The child's Psykic powers grow steadily under the Emperor's supervision, and Louis often sends mental messages home to his father.


Commodore Wetere, stranded in the middle of nowhere, agrees to relocate his HQ to Varan space. After a long wait, the Admiralty confirms the Commodore's request, and Wetere officially moves to Sector 45i.


Kingdom of Orteau

Orteau finds itself subjected to a total boycott by most of the corporations - excluding the Driveyards, who care little one way or another. Lord Teniert's policies have cost him the chance to rent any freighters or to purchase corporation owned goods. A steep price indeed, to make enemies of some of the Galaxy's richest men.



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The Dominion of Badab


Anakoni Ausage, the Arero of the empire. Normally a proud and confident man.

Was half-lying on a sofa. A half filled glas of whisky in one hand and a 1l whisky bottle which had the day before been fully filled now simply filled to 3/4th. The tv was not on, the lights were dimmed and the man was wallowing in his own despair and drunkenness.

At this point his make-up had long since dissipated. Revealing the corrugated lines around his body, the scales that covered him from head to toe. With his toes also being visible as the man had long since removed his shoes since arriving back inside the comforts of his own home.


The man, through the haze that surrounded him, twirled his glass filled with whisky. Starting in the direction of the darkened windows, but looking far farther. Into his own mind.

He had been at the prime of his life just earlier. Elected to Arero, one of the more well-known and influential people in the empire as a result. Something that he was proud of. Bringing a sense of order to the senate. And now where was that order.
The man gave a frustrated look towards his glass. That order had gone and disappeared. 
Reports were still coming in on who had lived and who had died during the Senate brawl. The highest ranked man had been Pytyl, the Kavan He-Ai. 
Ausage looked gloomy. He had not had any personal interactions or involvement with Pytyl, but one could not deny, he brought a sense of joy and eccentricity to the meeting in the senate. Something to always look forward to, and now he had been found dead on the Senate floor. 


And then there was Apiha Avi; Porini Arapai. The first victim of this entire mess. 

All this bloodshed, all this betrayal and intrigue. All for the Mercantilists to remove the Populists from the senate.

They may talk about removing the unions, supporting the war effort. But only a fool would believe that that was the actual reason. 

It was known that the Populists got onto the senate with the aid of donations gathered by the unions. The removal of the Unions would mean the removal of the support base of the populists. Meaning the populists would soon be on the senate no more.

Anakoni scowled.

The Mercantilists were idiots 


Yes they had removed one of their premier rivals, a thorn in their side. Yet in their action it simply meant that the people and populists could no longer be represented in the senate. 
For the Mercantilists that might be the  entire idea. But they forgot the implications. 
The movement, the pressure, that had brought rise to the Populists had not dissapeared. It was still there. 
By removing the Populists from the senate it simply meant that the official and legal outlet had been removed. The internal system to bring reform. 
Now it meant the people, the workers, the oppressed would find other ways to try and change the system for the better. 
And since the peaceful option had removed that brought forward a far darker and more violent option.




Such a simple word, revolution. Yet the implication of it were far more disturbing. It entailed the death of millions. Billions joining organizations like the FWA, the IRA and the PLF. Organizations which thrived on violence and terrorism.

He could not blame them. If he had been in their position, he might have acted the same way. 
And it was all his fault.
If he had just delayed the vote a bit longer. Waited for the Tribune to be found. To delay the vote. Maybe he could have stopped it. He could have stopped what was to come. Stop the failed offensives, the violent protests, the uprisings, the riots which would inevitably come. Leaving only death and grief in their wake. He could have stopped it.


Ausage reached for his forehead and groaned as he heard footsteps approaching him. He turned his head, seeing through the haze someone approach. For a moment he slumped down,  thinking death by assasin upon him. As he deserved. But as the figure come closer and he was able to begin discerning features he recognized it as his personal assistant Kamea. One of 64 staff members who worked in his house. Though to be fair, 60 of those were soldiers. Who rotated in four different shifts. So it would be more accurate to say that he was one of 4 staff members, and the chief among them. 


After he recognized her he groaned. "Go awaiiii, levve me to wallo in mis, mis, miseri.” After which he felt himself getting lifted up from the couch and he continued complaining. "Leave me, id is all me fault. Just levv me ‘er to uffah like I dederve.” As he said those words, he felt an echoing voice speak. He groaned and held his head as the words seemed to vibrate physically around his head. "Sir, you are not yourself right now. You should get a tonic to help with the drunkenness. ” He instinctively retorted. "I am no- no-, NOT” he cried out the last word in joy as he remembered it. "Drund” 

He thought he could see the figure shaking their head. Before setting him down near a kitchen chair as they grabbed a tonic to alleviate most affects of drunkenness. It was quite expensive and generally never used, but it was there in the even that a high stationary came to his manse and wanted to drink only to alleviate most of the effect. He half-heartedly pushed back against the glass filled with a brown-esque liquid but his assistant pushed through. Getting the glass to his lips and pushing it down. 

Ausage's face scrunched as he felt the bitter liquid going down his throat, he almost barfed up but manged to resist it. As he felt the pressure on his forehead alleviate and his surroundings growing clearer and his tongue being less thick. He then gave his assistant a glare, and spoke out in a clear and annoyed voice. "
You shouldn't have done that. Whilst I was drunk, what I said wasn't untrue. I deserved being there wallowing in self-loathing. ” He now clearly saw the scowl of his assistant. 
No you don't, you are acting idiotic. Which is quite a contrast since you are normally so sensible.

"Idiotic... IDIOTIC !!!” Ausage knocked one of the tall kitchen chairs downwards, clearly angry.


"I am not idiotic, the word you are looking for is coward. Because that is what I am.” Ausage then motioned around him, trying to indicate the galaxy.
When they look back at history, they will look towards me. Asking, what if I had delayed the vote, what if I had prevented the vote from passing. I was there at the right time to make a difference. But the thing is, I was the wrong person.” Ausage then leaned against the kitchen table and let out a sad and exhausted breath.


"I failed. A more moral person should have been Arero. Not that lord Dryden” He said with an amount of contempt in his voice. 

"He is just a tool and per chance happens to speak eloquently. But an actually brave man, like Pytyl.

He heard a confused voice say "Pytyl ?

"Yes Pytyl. That man did not care what others thought about him or what the backlash of something was. He simply did what he considered right. He should have been the speaker, not me.” Anakoni's shoulders sagged.


"You know, I have never really known harship. I was part of a traditional military family. Heritage going back almost a millenia of dutiful soldiers and commanders. At high school it was found I was quite rational and was relatively charismatic. And as such I became one of the diplomats of the Dominion. Eventually at 124 years of age I became the senator. A nice, influential assignment.


Anakoni looked off into the distance. 
I always had good grades, good parents, friends, money, success. I have not ever had to deal with failure.

The man sighed.

"Maybe that is why I am such a weakling. I don't know failure and thus fear it more than what it will result in.


As he looked downwards on the quarts table he felt a hand forcing himself upwards and he saw the look of his frustrated assistant.
Look, you have your failure, boohoo. We all have it sometimes, for you it was simply a bigger one than from the rest of us. But you acted sensible.


Ausage had a look of confusion and disagreement, as Kamea continued to speak.
If you had delayed the vote longer you would have been one of the people dead on the floor. And the vote would simply have passed at a later date, against all the support. There was nothing you could have done to change it, the tide was simply against you.


Then a softer look came on Kamea's face.
But that does not mean you have to give up. Even if you consider this a failure, then you can still repent in your own personal way. But that is certainly not like this.” She motioned to the bottle of whisky.

If you wish to repent do it in some way that helps society. Helps others. Especially those you hurt.

As he heard this Anakoni could not help but agree. As such he pushed himself upwards and said.
You're right.” He then rolled his tense shoulders and let out a groan as they loosened up.

I should get a shower. You're right. This is not a way to make things right.
I have much I need to do. So better freshen up.

He did not see it as he turned away, towards the bathroom, but he could hear the smile as behind him he heard someone say.
Now that was the boss I was looking for.





In order to further reinforce the Dominion's navy two new shipyards are to be built in the orbit of Krevak (17E), mostly so that construction can begin on higher class vessels.(20kC & 4B)


2 regular corvettes are constructed with the goal of further supplementing the Navy's mobile elements (5,5kC, 2M & 1NP)


Seeing the great importance of a fleet that is ready in the event of an Irik invasion, both in terms of combat position and with combat readiness. A donation is made to the 13th Outer Rim fleet under Vice Admiral Akarna. (Located in 20E) (Partially due to the fact that the Dominion will have an excess of fuel and food that might otherwise be wasted). 

The amount offered is 6 Metal, 8 fuel and 2 food.

With it comes the suggestion that the 13th  outer rim fleet could possible relocate to the planet of Krevak (17E) with a three pronged reason. 
First off, the Dominion does not have the money to hire freighters to bring resources to the admiral. Second off, relocating to 17E will make the 13th fleet more able to quickly react to Irik assaults on the border system of Uraika (31D). With an indirect implication that aiding in such an effort might increase Akarna's renown. And thirdly, the new facilities in Krevak will be in a good condition to repair and retrofit the 13th.

(6M, 8P & 2F)


25,5kC, 4B, 2F & 8M


To further aid in the construction effort two more heavy industry districts are once again constructed on the planet of Taneri. With the goal of aiding the effort of producing a large excess of Building materials to use (59E) (15kC & 3B)


2 Warehouses are built on the planet of Marudon (56E) to help build up a stockpile in the event of a crisis in the future or a lack of trade as the boycott has shown is certainly possible (5kC & 2B)

In order to facilitate a greater amount of influence on the political arena. And to gain closer contact with the official authorities. An Imperial Embassy is built on the planet of Badab (16E) 
(10k C & 1B)


Since additional trade is not possible with the former trade partner. And that there is an excess of food available. Large quantities of food are distributed among the poorer populace. Since otherwise the food would simply waste away in the warehoueses (4F)


Finally, with recent events in the senate,  it is suspected that the possibility of a large civilian uprising is viable. As such on news channels, the government of the Dominion encourages peaceful protests once the news of the senate massacre and the abolishment of unions becomes public. Trying to keep the populace calm. (2 Populist influence used)


4 Food is sent to Orteau


4,375kC is kept in the treasury for next year.


Total: 34,375kC & 6B & 8F

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- 10363 AE -




“When?” – “Ten minutes ago, during his time for the senate.” – “Where is he now?” – “In his quarters, with half the medical staff of the palace complex trying to save him.” – “Will they?” – “Should they?”


Martok, the youngest son of Lord Rankor of Raetia was walking down one of the countless corridors of the Raetian palace on Korhal. This was the opportunity, this was the time to strike now. They were all in one place. Everyone arrived, even his loathed brothers Cryon and Zelbar. But likely they had similar plans. Too bad that he had everyone in their pocket, even those who his brothers thought they had under control. “No, no, they shouldn’t.” Martok finally states his his aide Coro Mens. “Execute order Regicide.”


“Order Regicide is hereby active.” a distorted deep voice transmits over an encoded frequency throughout the palace. A few soldiers within take note of it through their comm devices, but only officers appear to grasp the meaning. What follows is swift and very much brutal as such. First, execute all commanding ranks that are not involved. Second, execute all members of House Raetia that are not designated as essential. Third, execute everyone who resists. Prepare, execution of order in five minutes. Five minutes later, the hallways of the palace are filled with nothing but endless screams, the noise of weapon’s fire and corpses. Hundreds of corpses. Having summoned practically all his family here the old Lord Rankor Raetia made this plan possible as such. Among the dead were soldiers and officers who were loyal to the other sons of Rankor, family members and descendants that belonged to the other branches of the family. Nobody was spared, no matter what age.




All the while, a single person sits on the throne of the palace alone, listening to the sounds of the massace, his expression of stone, not giving a hint at what he feels or thinks. And his name is Martok of House Raetia.






In a massive investment, the military industrial complex is expanded drastically on the world of Tarsonis (30-J). The Stellarchy constructs 3 shipyards and 1 armories (-37,500 C; -8 B)


The remainder of Credits are being kept back for another time. (-147,750 C)

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Despotate of Oberstein




Clashing metal and the buzz of electricity dazzled the assembled politicians, a blue hue washing the area around as the two armored opponents clashed in the ring. Their duel was more akin to a dance as both foes were experienced beyond most officers in the Oberstein guard which is a feat in itself. Evidently the stakes were low as this training session came to a close with an arc blade from a gentlemen in gold coming millimetres from the black-clad opponents neck. “Good show Lieutenant.” a conniving voice rang out coming obviously from Kruger as he brought the blade closer and closer as if to torture the man before bringing back the blade from his training partner. “You’ve improved much from your days of scrapping in alleyway brawls old friend.” spoke the midnight armored opponent as he sighed and shook hands before they both removed their helmets.


The old friend clearly looked old, his face scarred and a large freshly healed cut going along his forehead. “It’s not the same.. We used to get our asses handed to us in the petty brawls we participated in.” Kruger’s gregarious side seemed to fight within him around his aging partner. “We won the biggest brawl of them all and now we stand at the top of the provincial food chain Elias.” The gathered crowd around the two had quickly disappeared after they began to talk with many leaving the room entirely with movement full of fear. “It seems so Kruger. I believe you have a meeting with your new defense council.” 


Two hours passed before Kruger took his seat at the head of a full table of men of varying ages but all talkative and hastily gathering their notes. Around the room stood multiple security guards on payrolls much larger than the average man, they’re clearly armed and stone-cold while they menacingly stare down those attending. Standing before the Stellarch was his new council of defense filled with men loyal from birth to the province and paid lavishly to protect its new ruler. Regardless of their allegiance and purpose the recess had come to a close and now it was time for the Stellarch to speak. “Our current situation gentlemen is not one I had foreseen. A provincial wide situation regarding the rise of the PLF has arguably become one of our greatest concerns. The raising of corvettes and transports could only keep them isolated on planets and with my bill to raise two full infantry corps to protect our interests on the ground.” Kruger reached down to press on his datapad bringing up statistics in front of the assembled. “I demand we reach five full corps to not only protect our interests here on the inner colonies but to keep those working in the production colonies safe and productive.”


Some men nervously shift as the colonies are mentioned and lock their vision to the tables waiting for the conversation to drift away. Coincidentally a younger man slowly stands up and catches Kruger’s eye, without much warning the Stellarch reaches into his holster and trains it at the young man alarming the nearby guards who in turn direct their firearms too. “I understand that I made it a rule to ask before you stand in my presence.” The target narrowed his eyes at the Stellarch before slowly sitting once again though only a moment later he was rifle butted over the head by the nearest guard and dragged out of the room much to the surprise of the other attendants. A smiling Kruger cracked his knuckles then slowly wracked them on the table. “No worries my brothers, the man was filled with composite-B explosives! It seems they misfired and had PLF markings on them…” 


Much of the meeting went undisturbed afterward with many of the men speaking with renewed fervor and showing a movement of purpose as Kruger’s falsified statistics showed death rates on the inner colonies. Exaggerated rates of rape, crime, and unrest sparked some type of religious nationalism in those assembled leaving the remaining military cabinet much more loyal then the bleeding corpse dropped from the fiftieth floor. 

Stat post: 51,250 C, 27 M, 10 B, 8 P, 1 E, 16 F | 0 AP, 2 NP | 1 Smugglers Den [2 Points] [3 Populist] [5 Warehouses]


(11,000 C, 4 M, 2 NP) 4 Corvettes are assembled over Oberstein to be deployed in its growing escort fleet. 


(7,000 C, 7 M) 2 Freighters are built in a far gone province. 


(27,000 C, 6 B) 6 Heavy Industrial yards are built. 


(MOD, 3,000 C) To ensure the PLF has no easy access to volunteers, Kruger orders all available surplus foods be delivered within and around the province and nearby ones to restrict the flow of starving agents. To double down on his recent move, the criminal organizations would be no stranger to placing agents and he asks that they begin to settle into the PLF as double agents. He promptly pays them through a back channel too to ensure easy appointments. (2 Influence points used.)


(MOD) The small 2 corvette fleet is tasked with defending the food shipments in order to ensure their arrival.

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Another year passes, Vennendal opts to lay low while the construction of crucial driveyards is undertaken.




2 units of Shipyard space are given to Oberstein this year.


[7M, 17,500 C] Constructing 7 Freighters for Orteau, 5,000 C received per

[6B, 2E, 100,000 C] Constructing 2 Driveyards on Severi

[2 B, 10,000 C] Constructing Shipyards on Severi

[1 B, 2,500] Constructing Warehouse on Rouven


3,250 C, 5M

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