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Third Empire - The Decline (RP)

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Aboard the lower decks of a Vennendalic destroyer, a motley crew of junior sailors sat together, enjoying one of few pleasantries they possessed aboard the ship.


“Take this for instance, if I ever got my hands on an Irik, listen, it’d be lights out for them.” a voice said from among the sofa of the ship’s lounges, Seamen Berend Engert, who set down what appeared to be a wine-filled glass, neatly upon the hardened and hull-bolted coffee tabletop.


“I’m sure that’s what you and the five knuckleheads before you thought before getting their heads ripped off.” replied another sailor, Frank Grader, casually sipping from his own glass.


“Listen, they got four arms. That’s a 2 to 1 advantage. They got you in that department.” said a third, a Naomi Dries.


“You know where they don’t stack up?” Engert said crudely, making an obscene gesture to his crotch, beneath his navy blue service dress uniform trousers.


“All right, time for me to go.” Naomi said, drawing air through her teeth, and rising to her feet.


“Okay, and that is the last time I smuggle drinks onboard for you.” said PO3 Claes Godert, senior amongst the group in rank.


“Come on, that was nothing. Harmless.” Engert said.


“Just leave it. Think we’re on the clock anyways, we’ve got watch shift port side, sectors 13-15.” Godert shook his head.


“Great. Time to stare out at space all day. Nothing.” Engert replied, clicking his tongue, and with a hint of distaste.


“Pipe down, seaman. Be grateful for what you have. Use it as time to reflect.” the petty officer retorted.


“Yeah, at least you’re getting paid to do nothing. Think about the work queues back on Voorst. People would kill to be where you are.” Grader chimed in.


“You know what.” said Engbert, “I prefer not to think about that. I’ll keep living in my world, free from all the troubles, and you do what you do.”


“Have it your way man. Just know the Navy can toss out any one of us whenever they want and acquire an equally capable replacement. I suggest your sort yourself out - whatever you got going on.” said Godert, with a hint of finality to his tone.


“I’ll sort myself out whenever the Pirate King is caught.” Engbert had already turned, already headed off to his duty post, though sure to flip the bird amidst his departure.


So never.


[55,000C+6M+3E+6HP] Beginning Battlecruiser construction

[15,000C+3B] Constructing 3 Heavy Industry on Nassam

[30,000C+4M+8NP] Constructing 4 Destroyers

[15,500C+3M+4NP] Constructing Cruiser+Corvettes for Hary

7,500 t0 treasury

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Third Empire - The Decline

10,364 AE

"My master is the Emperor, and the Emperor alone."

-Lord Keretene




Turmoil in the senate and in the galaxy, more specifically, the refusal of the senate to provide more material to the Stellarchs, and failure to stop Aokigahara’s rampage prompts a meeting of many of the Eastern Rim’s Stellarchs. The purpose of this meeting is unknown- but it can only be assumed there is a coalition of sorts in the works.. 


Perhaps to many’s surprise, Stellarch Rahn does not return to the capital world of Kaumai for his trial. Instead, his fleet remains active throughout the year, still acting against Aokigahara’s piracy. Perhaps motivated by the event, he begins to produce at least some results, and many pirate vessels are sunk or captured. Allegedly, The Horseman was even, albeit briefly, engaged in combat with Rahn’s own flagship.


Revolt in the West! Stellarch Keretene, master of a single, lowly planet and an Imperial Vice-Admiral, raises his banner against the open treachery of the Senate and his neighbour, the Stellarchy of Altaire. Keretene declares his one, true master to be Rän-ji, Emperor of the Galaxy and Lord of Kaumai, and he declares that not a moment shall pass without him resisting the Senate (and the Republicans) in every way possible, until the Emperor personally commands him to lay down his arms. In revolt with the Stellarch is the 20th Outer Rim Squadron, which he personally commands, and the 31st Legion, under Major-General Nikau.


No significant news of Lord Netana reaches the Senate this year. The only report, is that the resupply was successful on an unknown scale, and that Netana's weary resistance goes on.


Galactic food shortages continue on a major scale, as piracy savages the trade lanes, and neither local or Imperial forces can seem to stop the vicious series of raids that have expanded to cover the length and breadth of the Empire. (No NPC food available)




Dominion of Badab


It is another year of military preparation in Badab, as they glower across the ancient border, eagerly awaiting a sign that their vigilance will pay off, that they may win glory against the Irik in the name of the Emperor.


The Directorate


The families of the Varan Directorate have become increasingly capable smugglers over the last number of years - a representative of a friend comes to them, requesting their services. (Discord) 


5 Varan freighters are shot down this year, en route from Oberstein.


Despotate of Oberstein


Piracy ravages the deals Kruger has worked hard to secure - 50% of all credits gained from trade are lost in transit.


The attempts to resupply Karuna are rebuffed - one of Aokigahara's cruisers descends upon the little convoy, destroying two corvettes. The freighter and the shipment survives, but they are forced to flee back to Oberstein.


PLF cells in Oberstein have been all but overrun in the last few years, as the people turn violently against the Communists, and Kruger slowly works his PR magic, while his thugs arrange hits on local leadership.




Lord Martok's victory over his kin is assured, but whispers reach his ears of distant relatives, asserting that his murderous coup gives them the right to rule over Raetia.


Lord Martok loses 2B in transit, as piracy continues to run unchecked.


Hungry Altaire


The start of the year sees a series of violent raids against Altaire and her shipping. While normally pirates would be to blame, these raiders instead proudly fly the banner of Keretene. Two heavy cruisers are reported in the vicinity. (-5000 Credits) 


Altaire's recent subversion of Keretene in the Senate sees few of the smaller Stellarchs wishing to work with the province. Karuna, however, declares that he shall consider it. (Will sort it on Discord)


4 F and 2 B from Oberstein is lost to the rampages of Lord Keretene.


Grand Duchy of Alamar


A hard year for the Drydens, as their reputation is tarnished by the realities of Lord Albert's coming trial. While few Senators actually care about Porini Arapai's murder, most of the damage to Lord Albert's reputation - and, by extension, his father's - comes from the young Lord's declarations to the Senate, which have become widely publicised in the run-up to the trial. (-2 Influence)


Stellarchy of Matene


An industrious year for the purple people, as they make great inroads in the development of their national industry. In particular, a special kind of exotic good becomes available from Matene - a kind of purple 'sword' that finds great popularity amongst the ladies of high society. (+1 Exotic Goods a turn)


Holy Order of Hyperboreia


Little of note happens in the Order this year. In fact, life for the common cleric is so boring that the more blasphemous of their number have taken to calling it the Holy Order of HyperBOREia. (Lol get fucked hell)


House Matareka


Followed! Tyrone and Jamal choose Buath over the Lady Matareka and her nymphomaniac tendencies, but their queen has followed them to the planet's surface! They desert, rather than return to her retinue.

Matareka’s drive to establish more women's rights sees a mixed effect. On one hand, he does succeed in spreading the message, and many worlds see at least small marches or groups form advocating for such rights. On the other hand, undoing thousands of year of social norms is no easy task, and Matareka and his house faces much criticism for his part in the movement.

There is little progress made on the engines this year, and many involved with the project believe it to be a waste of resources.


7 Matareka freighters find themselves destroyed as they transport food from Oberstein.


Mandate of Vennendal


Another year of peace in Vennendal, as they escape the worst of the pirate raids, and begin to assert themselves as a competitor to the major shipbuilding corporations.


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The Dominion of Badab









Just a strong navy is not enough for the Dominion. A strong army is needed as well. As such a large investment is put into the planet of Marudon (56E) to turn part of the planet into a large recruitment ground for troops. As well as establishing the military-industrial complex on the planet neccesary for arming large amounts of troops. 

4 Armories are built (30kC & 8B) (size 4)


A heavy cruiser is constructed ( 15kC, 4M & 4NP)

A cruiser is constructed (10kC, 3M & 3NP)


Total cost:

45kC, 7M & 8B  (7NP)



4 Heavy Industry is constructed on the planet of Yinaris. In order to help solve a pressing lack of Materials for the construction of both fleet based and ground based forces for the Dominion. The gateway must remain secure. (4B, 20kC) (Size: 16)

More food is distributed to the civilians. Seeing as the current pirate crisis keeps a large amount of food on the planet itself. Though the amount of food distributed is kept to such a degree that. Whilst the populace gets enough food. It won't in the long-term face issues of obesity.  (10F)


After a joke amongst populist senators that they needed a place of their own as well, what with the Tentiert and Dryden estates  being a spot for their respective groups as well. But in the end it turned out that it might be nice to actually have a place of their own. Though far more humble than those high class estates.

As such on a spot on the capital moon a humble bar is built. Large enough to accommodate about 40 or so guests at maximum capacity. The bar itself is to be styled after middle class bars that could be found on Kaumai itself. With entertainment like dart boards and pool tables and a small tv in the corner where 20 people can watch local sports.

Though in contrast to the usual bar, there are about 3 alcoves that can be used for private discussion as well. The intent is that the bar can be used for senators to talk and unwind after tense sessions in the senate (or take shelter). And for guests/represenatives from the lower class of Kaumai to have an easier time conversing with a smaller barrier between the senators and a familiar environment. 



What the building lacks in rich decor and extrevegance it makes up for in security. With most funds being dedicated to hiring security to protect the populist senators. Whilst the excess building material is used to fortify the building against thing like car bombings or other vehicles trying to crash into it. Gas attacks and/or something else coming with great force from above. With the small, dirty cherry on top being a tunnel under one of the tables that can be used for the senators and high profile guests to escape the establishment.


The name of the Establishment, "The Pit”.

11,725kC & 1B 

Total cost:

20kC, 4B

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