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[ PK ] Timothée's last tale.

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[ ! ] In the woodlands, North-ish West, somewhere near where once was Ves, one could find a camp all messed- Seemed abandoned, you would guess! But yet, impressed, you’d address- The raided camp still bore a chest! And right inside there laid to rest: A crumpled journal torn and pressed! It read:


            ♫ Swiftest of bards, that old Tim-oh-thée! ♫

            ♫ And I’m one to know! That same bard is me! ♫

            ♫ I’ve travelled so far. Went up and down hills. ♫

            ♫ And yet- All my life- No man matched my skill! ♫

Let me tell you-                                                                                

            ♫ My home was in Adreo, I fled from all battle. ♫

            ♫ I fought with my words- my tongue can bend metal! ♫

            ♫ I went out to Atlas as plague came to settle, ♫

            ♫ Arrived with no grace- no minas to haggle! ♫


            ♫ But yet as I lived I embraced all those near ♫

            ♫ Even those who betrayed me. ♫

Looking at you, Rosenyr.

            ♫ I opened a tavern- It rose without fail! ♫

            ♫ And then came the cold- I ran from the Vaeyl! ♫


            ♫ I came here to Arcas! I got even richer! ♫

            ♫ I sang every day. Got drunk. Can you pitcure? ♫

            ♫ With friends by my side it was never that hard. ♫

            ♫~♪ Our tavern was famous! The Bird and the Bard! ♪~♫


            ♫ Then Ves was attacked. I too watched it burn. ♫

            ♫ I lost some good friends. Too few did return. ♫

            ♫ I lost every mina that I ever earned. ♫

            ♫ But naught was my sorrow, for song I still yearn! ♫


            ♫ I’m glad I’m here now! ♫

            ♫ For passion I’ve hunted ♫

            ♫ I’m glad I’ve my sound, for today: I’m one-hundred! ♫


            ♫ I’ve battled with wyverns! Fought demons with spades! ♫

            ♫ I’ve beaten grand bards! And none match my fame! ♫

            ♫ I’ve immotalized folk with tunes never seen! ♫

            ♫ So I praise my great legacy! No mind is as keen! ♫


            ♫ And what did I learn in near 2 elven years? ♫

            ♫ That life is too precious to spend under fear!

            ♫ You get your time free! So spend all you have!

            ♫ Embrace all the bad and the good while it lasts! ♫


            Prithee, ami! You have now, you have here.

            And please- don’t flee. Let me make you see!

            What is has a job- To rebirth what could be!
            For why is now now now?
            And why is now free?

            All altars alter, all minded faulter.
            All moments move until they're halted.
            Do capture some, please be my martyr.
            My point is fixed:
            Some points are better bartered.

            All ends do end until they can't.
            Thinning lines still thin, but still when bent.
            So take what was and make it grand.

            You can replace what you were sent.

            Speak eternal words but let some fade.
            Let things slip. State:
            "My state states I don’t stray,
            but I stay to say:
            "I will no longer get in my way."
            "I'll allow my law to leave agape."
            "I will live, again.".".

            Wind up unwound, unbound.
            Soulbound by sound.
            For now is here now, right now.
            Be sound- you've ground!
            More than almost most men are allowed.

            Go scream it all aloud, out and proud!
            And be glad you survived.
            What better reason to live than being alive?


                                                                       Timothée de Fontaine.


[ ! ] And there in that camp, laid down ‘neath a lamp, you’d find amidst rags- A body most damp! The man held some wine and a lute when he’d depart! By the gods- Could it be?! It’s the body of the bard!

He bore no pulse- His skin was cold! From 100 years of drinking, his liver couldn’t hold.

Swift was that troubadour- A legend, a master! His wits sure were quick- But death…

Death was faster!




Thank you all.
Nearly 2 years of great story telling and great moments.
I’ll never forget my time with Timothée.
And I’ll never forget you!


It was painful.
But joyful.




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A long dead elf gazes to his old friend who had joined him in the heavens "Gods.. didnt expect you to be here... AND NOT DRINK WITH ME!" The cackling Ashwood takes out some sky ale and chugs a good few bottles

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Aerilith was drawn to the encampment a final time, he had spent days looking for his bard brother though when he found the lad it was already too late. With tears in his eyes the Mali would set himself next to the tent and look at the shell of Timothee’s undying spirit. He wept and  groaned while grasping onto the grass around him. For the one man that changed his life had departed from his side. “Timo.. ami….merde I-I’ll miss you…”


Several moments passed him weeping before in a shaking tone he’d sing for the golden bard.

“In a time long forgotten, we were scared and alone.

With beasts cold and rotten, made of magic and bone.

There was one man amongst many who I’d never forget,

The bard of Adreo… sang  without pain or regret.

Now the path is dark and I must let you go.

Though you did leave your mark, and I hope that you know.

When the time will come for a new age of song.

We’ll never forget you, your memory stays strong.”


And so the hunter continued to cry over his lost friend, clutching on his own bottle of wine as soft reminder of this legendary man.

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Somewhere in Norland, a young woman, now an adult in her own right, remembered a song the bard had sung about her all those years ago. Unaware of the man’s departure from the mortal plane, she hummed the melody of his song as she went about her day, a smile on her face.

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A familiar voice called out to Timothee in the afterlife before a white hair lady ran up and embrace the bard " hello brother I have missed you" Celtic said with a happy smile " come our old friends are waiting for you as well" she said

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Cameron Halmar looked to Timothee in the Seven Skies, grinning, “’Tis certainly been a while since I’ve last seen ‘ya, Timothee... all those years go ‘n Ves...”

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Upon hearing the news of the esteemed bard’s death, the Songbird was filled with shock and disarray. He shook his head in denial, softly whispering, ”I had just spoken to him... just the other day... We shared a drink, a tale, and a song...” With little else to do but accept the death of an old friend, the elf took out his harp, the very same with which he played his last song for Timothée, and strummed a melody, the same wistful, bright tune he played for his friend at the tavern.

”♫ The death of a poet, so full of life ♫
♫ Hits hard in our hearts, in times of strife ♫
♫ But sing, ti, we shall, in great memory ♫
♫ To our great friend, our muse Timothée ♫”

Wiping the tears from his eyes, it could be seen there was no frown upon his lips. No, there was only a smile, one last display of appreciation for his friend who blessed the world with so much happiness and joy.

Long live the bard, forever in our hearts.

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      Matthias was not in the seven skies to meet his friend Timothee! Though, if he were, he would have embraced the old fart anyway.

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