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Kingdom of Haense

Listed Knights of Hanseti-Ruska

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In adherence with the Edict of Knightly Orders of Hanseti-Ruska, those dubbed with the honour and duties of Knighthood shall have their names, service and deeds recorded here. This list of Knights shall be considered the Chapter of King Josef Sigismund, recording all those who are recognized as Knights of Haense under his reign.


This document shall serve to list Seated, retired or deceased Knights of the Kingdom. For the specifics of each Knightly Order and their duties, consult the Edict of Knightly Orders:








The Crow Knights are the militant Knights of Hanseti-Ruska, who are aligned with the traditional values and duties of knighthood within the Kingdom. Those listed below shall be forever remembered with prestige and honour in the annals of Haeseni history as men and women who devoted their lives to the defense and betterment of the Kingdom.



  • Ser Ivan Kortrevich “the Red Bull”



  • Ser Demetrius Ruther “the Young”
  • Ser Osvald Barclay
  • Ser Marcus Erdhart



  • Dame Karolina Barclay “the Giant”: Fought to repel the Scyfling Invasion of Haense, and perished in the First Battle of Vasiland when the floor of the burning keep collapsed beneath her.
  • Ser Bjornolf Stjorn “the Viking”: After joining the Brotherhood of Saint Karl at age year of 20, he ranked up quickly and was knighted while Knight Paramount Ser Johnathon. Ser Bjornolf served dutifully as a Crow Knight in the Brotherhood for 22 years, including against the Scyfling Invasion. It was during that Invasion that he gave his life in defense of the Kingdom, when he faced Bralt the Boar in the burning corpse of Fort Buck when the Brotherhood attempted to rescue hostages held by the Scyflings. Bralt the Boar, leading of the Scyfling invaders, sliced off his arm, and killed Ser Bjornolf with a stab to the stomach, but the rescue mission was ultimately a success.







The Knights of the Marian Retinue are the elite protectors of the Crown, considered the greatest honour and prestige of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska for those who embark upon the arduous but chivalrous path of Knighthood. They live not for themselves, but for the welfare of Crown, and therefore for the welfare of the Kingdom.



  •  Ser Ruben var Ruthern “the Butler”
  • Ser Boris var Ruthern “the Persistent”


  • Ser Selrik Wick
  • Ser Lukas Vyronov



  • Ser Robin Kartyr, Knight Paramount: Born a peasant, Ser Robin Kartyr served dutifully in the Brotherhood of Saint Karl from the rank of Initiate to Lieutenant. For his service, he was knighted and elevated to the ultimate honour of Knight Paramount. Most of his service took place during the Rubern War. Ser Robin Kartyr fulfilled his duties until death, and was killed fighting Scyfling infiltrators in the dungeons of New Reza when the invading heathens disguised themselves as Volik allies to infiltrate the city and take hostages. Ser Robin was killed in the final charge against the infiltrators that led to their defeat.
  • Ser Wilheim Barclay, the First Baron of Freising, Marian Knight "The Stallion": Reformed the second Brotherhood of Saint Karl into its modern institution and stood as a stalwart protector for King Marius and King Andrik. He lived a full life, and died peacefully in his bed.
  • Ser Varon Kovachev “the Fierce”, Knight Paramount: Knighted by King Robert I of Haense, and named Knight Paramount upon the ascension of King Marius II to the throne, he was the first Commandant Knight of the Marian Retinue and the co-founder of the new Knightly order alongside Marius. He served his King loyally, and his skill in combat earned him the moniker Ser Varon ‘the Fierce’. He went missing in 1706, three years later he was officially declared dead by King Marius. After years of being declared dead, he made his return to Haense demanding his old titles that were revoked from him, King Marius instead declared he must regain the titles after suddenly disappearing. After being revoked of his old titles he held, he betrayed the Kingdom of Haense in The War of the Two Emperors as he sided with the Renatian pretenders though he would later, in the middle of the war, be presumed dead once more as his whereabouts became unknown to the entirety of the realm.
  • Ser Henrik Ludovar “the Able”: Knighted by King Robert I of Haense, he is well known for his wisdom within the Retinue thus being named ‘the Able’ or ‘the Old Crow’. When he was initially knighted he served under the kingdom’s first knightly order under the Knights of Bihar and was the last living Knight of Bihar. He fought and survived in The Third Atlas Coalition War and The War of the Two Emperors, taking part in almost every battle.
  • Ser Bjornolf Nord “the One-Legged”: Knighted by King Marius II of Haense, known as the ‘One-Legged’ after sustaining an injury from a September cultist that would result in the removal of his limb. He is currently the oldest living Knight of the Retinue in its history. He has served since the reign of King Siegmund. Father of Robert I, Grandfather of Marius the II and Great-Grandfather of Andrik II. He enlisted in the Brotherhood of St. Karl at the age of 10, under the leadership of Rhys Var Ruthern he was apart of the first assault of the Fortress Nekristadt at the start of The Vaeyl Wars. He then continued his service under King Robert I, by being the Guardian of King Marius throughout his childhood and into his adult life, he is most famously known for leading the raid on Arbberang at the start of The Third Atlas Coalition War. During the Battle of Kadarsi he lost his leg to a September cultist, he then created a prosthetic leg out of a broken cart to walk the way back to Markev. He was Maer of Markev in the final eight years of the city’s life prior to the migration to Arcas. During the Battle of Last Hope; Bjolfr and the Imperial General Tiberius was in charge of the siege equipment that broke into the Red Vaeyl’s fortress. After years of mental and physical damage, he was honorably discharged by King Marius and Ser Nikolaus due to post-traumatic stress disorder and other extenuating health issues. He now serves as a Royal Advisor to King Andrik III. He is known for his loyalty and dedication to House Barbanov and the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. Bjolfr has since passed when recording this due to Old Age.
  • Ser Dominic Grimm “the Stalwart”, Knight Paramount: Knighted by King Robert I of Haense for valiant acts during the war against the Vaeyl Order, Ser Dominic was famous for his skill in duels and his superior knowledge on war tactics, arguably one of the best of his time in that regard. Ser Dominic saved Marius’ life during a skirmish between Haense and Renatus, dragging him from the field while wounded. Appointed by King Marius as Knight Paramount of Haense and Commandant Knight of the Marian Retinue after Ser Rodrik’s sudden betrayal. He easily killed Jan ‘the Black’ in an honor duel after Jan presented himself before Marius at a Royal Court summoning in the name of his King. After the execution of Jan, he would be ambushed by Renatians while leading a raiding party during The War of the Two Emperors. He fought bravely but was captured and beheaded by Ser Rodrik in the square of Helena. Ser Dominic was known as ‘the Stalwart’ for his everlasting loyalty and committed heart towards the entire Haense populace.
  • Ser Jan Baruch “the Bold”: Knighted by King Marius II of Haense, and the first Knight welcomed into the Marian Retinue since its founding. He was often seen as quiet, rarely speaking, yet in battle, he was the first charge in and face down the enemy. He was known as ‘the Bold’ for his bravery and unwillingness to back down. During the outbreak of The War of the Two Emperors, Ser Jan Baruch broke his oath and joined Ser Rodrik in fleeing to Renatus. He fought against the Kingdom he was born into and the King he swore to serve until his last breath and became known throughout the realm as an oath breaker and traitor. Shortly after the war began, he returned to Reza to face down King Marius in court. He would later be killed in an honor duel against Ser Dominic Grimm. Thereafter known as Jan “the Black”.
  • Ser Nikolaus Kortrevich “the Strong”, Knight Paramount: Knighted by King Marius the II of Haense, he was named Knight of the Marian Retinue following his long-tenured Knighthood quests and trials. Through a short duration of time, Ser Nikolaus proved his worth with a blade as he fought valiantly and lead Hansetic troops to victory in numerous battles and skirmishes against bandit raids upon the great city of Reza. He gained the respect of his peers in a quite swift fashion where he would later be recognized as one of it not the best warriors in Haense to date. Ser Nikolaus is known for his absolute devotion for his family but, as The War of the Two Emperors broke out and his younger cousin Rodrik abandoned his kin and betrayed the kingdom he swore to protect and serve; Nikolaus sought only to seek proper justice for the traitor that was Rodrik. Following Rodrik’s betrayal to Haense, King Marius appointed the position of Knight Paramount of Haense, Commandant Knight of the Marian Retinue and Royal Executioner of Reza to Nikolaus. All throughout the war, Nikolaus fought bravely and instilled absolute fear onto his foes. He lead a multitude of battles and took a commanding role in the Siege of Helena. By the time the war had concluded, Nikolaus desired to reconstruct the Marian Retinue into a more centralized and foreboding force-- He appointed Ser Wilheim Barclay and Ser Thomas Raleigh after the sudden passing of Ser Ulric Vyronov and the honorable discharge of Ser Gerard Stafyr. Till this day he continues his service as the Knight Paramount of Haense, Commandant Knight of the Marian Retinue and Royal Executioner of Reza as he protects the King of Haense and his kingdom. As of recently when this is being recorded Ser Nikolaus established a new knightly order- The Order of the Crow within Haense that serves directly to serve and defend the Kingdom of Haense with the utmost amount of honor and chivalry as opposed to the previously the only existing Knightly Order in Haense- The Marian Retinue which serves as the King’s royal order; kingsguard
  • Dame Maria Preussens: Knighted by King Marius II of Haense, was named the first Dame a part of the Marian Retinue. After successfully completing numerous trials set forth by King Marius and Ser Rodrik Kortrevich, she made a name for herself among the people inside the Retinue. Following Maria’s cousin, Varon Kovachev’s sudden disappearance from the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska and the realm of Arcas she wedded Charles Preussens and as a result changed her surname to Preussens. Her service to the royal family of Haense lasted the short duration under King Marius’ reign and the early years of King Andrik’s reign but, as of recently she was honorably dismissed by Ser Nikolaus Kortrevich of her position apart of the retinue.
  • Ser Khroll “the Elf”: Knighted by King Marius II of Haense, Ser Khroll was named the first Elven Knight in the Marian Retinue after he pledged his eternal allegiance to the crown of Haense following the burning of Ves, where he previously served as Lord Marshal of the Adrian guard force. After Khroll joined the Royal Army of Haense, he assisted Lord Marshal Otto Kortrevich in reforming and boosting the army’s recruitment and overall military force. Ser Khroll fought in every war since The Dukes’ War, including The Eighteen Years War, Great Northern War and The Atlas Coalition Wars, and is reported to have been present at the unification of Hanseti and Ruska, one of the few living links to the kingdom’s past.
  • Ser Ulric Vyronov: Knighted under King Marius II of Haense, Ser Ulric was the youngest Knight to ever be knighted at the young age of fourteen. At first, he became an Imperial Squire under Emperor Joseph Marna at the age of eleven but then became a ward under King Marius II. The youngest member of the Marian Retinue at the age of sixteen. Ser Ulric was the brother of Count Lerald Vyronov and the Slayer of the grizzly bear of Mount Ayr, Arcadius. He was once the husband of Primrose Kortrevich, the Knight Paramount Ser Nikolaus Kortrevich’s daughter who were dearly in love since the age of eleven. Ser Ulric fought in many battles and skirmishes during The War of the Two Emperors. Ser Ulric fought many battles and gained scars that tell many stories. The scars and injuries that Ser Ulric endured are remarkable as he was slashed at the head by Arcadius the grizzly bear at Mountain Ayr. Zeus, the dire wolf that expanded his scar at the top right of his face and he had slayed many soldiers during his reign as a Knight. Ser Ulric was a prisoner of war when he was captured by Rodrik ‘The Traitor’ but was later let go alive because he “swore” to serve under Emperor Godfrey Horen. At such a young age, Ser Ulric became ill and psychotic with post traumatic stress disorder. He acted different and others soon realized the reality. The War had gotten to him and hurt the ones that loved him so dearly. The night he died, he attacked his brother Lerald Vyronov, Joren Baruch, Sigmar Baruch and Otto Kortrevich. As he was tied down, Erik mocked him and as Ser Ulric was tied down, Erik elbowed him across the head and he was knocked off the shoulders of Lord Lerald and Lord Otto onto the hard, rocky cobbled stone staircase, hitting his head in the process. Ser Ulric already served a lot of head trauma and brain damage from other events, Ser Ulric was internally bleeding and suffered a lot of head trauma from the force that struck him from the fall. As a result, Ulric passed and would leave a mourning wife and two children left without a father.
  • Ser Gerard Stafyr “the Bear”: Knighted by King Marius II of Haense, after showing distinguished service in The War of the Two Emperors. He has been apart of the administration of His Majesty, King Marius’ reign, as he has served as Royal adviser to his King’s council. Through his extensive knowledge with the law and codex of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska he was later afforded the position of Lord Justciar following the dismissal of the honorable Lord Justicar, Swithun. Following this appointment to this position he was honorably discharged apart of the Marian Retinue and would serve as a Hansetic Knight until a new knightly order was formed. Since the beginnings of the early reign of King Andrik he has played a significant role apart of his council and to this day serves and protects his king loyally and fervently.
  • Ser Thomas Raleigh: No records of this Knight were retained. 
  • Ser Roderick Daine “the Loyal”: Knighted by King Andrew III of Haense after distinguished efforts in dealing with a spider infestation and the killing of a white cave troll. Years prior he fought in The War of the Two Emperors as a guard to House Alimar but was wounded shortly after killing an Imperial soldier. Roderick was approached days before his ceremony about his moniker “The Loyal” and ignored what taint it brought with it promising the King and his brethren that he would cleanse such taint. During this time the war was at a close and the ranks of Knights were thin. Ser Nikolaus and King Andrik sought fit to reward Roderick following his continued prestigious actions on the battlefield and within the city walls; Roderick was instituted into the Marian Retinue to further ensure the Royal family’s safety and city’s securance.
  • Dame Primrose Kortrevich “the Forebearing”: Knighted by King Andrew III of Haense after serving Haense since her early childhood. At the mere age of five, Primrose declared to both of her parents; Lotte and Nikolaus that she would one day become a dame, and promptly began sparring with her uncles who retained rankings in the Royal Army of Haense and young friends. Primrose had struggled through her teenage years with finding a knight to squire her, the difficulty enhanced by her femininity. Yet miraculously, after nearly a decade of squire-ship and hard training under both Ser Henrik Ludovar and her own father, Ser Nikolaus Kortrevich, she was knighted as a Dame Errant, then a Dame of Haense, and finally would be declared Dame of the Marian Retinue followed by her utmost amount of will and ability to protect the royal family's livelihood and His Majesty’s demesne.







Knights of the Order of Queen Maya and the Lily are non-militant, and instead this title is an honorific bestowed upon citizens of renown who make significant contributions to society through non-military means, such as politics, sciences, arts, etc. While the title is honorific and there are no explicit duties, Knights of the Lily are expected to embody the best of the Haeseni people. Knights of the Lily do not sit on the Knight’s Table.



  • Hauchkossar Konstantin Wick
  • Hauchkossar Erwin Barclay
  • Hauchkossar Otto Barrow
  • Hauchkossar Siegmund Corbish
  • Kossar Demetrius Ruthern
  • Kossar Buck Dirtgrub
  • Kossar Alexandria Karina Barbanov
  • Kossar Ruben var Ruthern
  • Kossar Edvard Amador
  • Kossar Rennard Amador
  • Kossar Anton Barclay
  • Kossar Osvald Barclay
  • Kossar Viktor Kortrevich
  • Kossar Wilhelm Vyronov
  • Kossar Frederick Ludovar



  • Hauckossar Terrence May
  • Hauchkossar Konrad Stafyr
  • Kossar Sofiya Baruch
  • Kossar Johann van Remsburg
  • Kossar Otto Kortrevich


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