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Festival of the Lady Belka

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Festival of the Lady Belka


With his great tongs, the Godsmith Yemekar had held the beginnings of creation in his world forge until burning hot, the warmth of the flames becoming the hearth, the glowing embers the jewels, and abright coal the sun. Blazing hot, Yemekar took the world and doused it in his cauldron. Rushing waters rushed over creation, filling in the cracks and dips of the surface. The calmly still waters of the lakes and seas swelled with emotion and understanding, the fierce water rapids of the streams and rivers with joy and passion. As emotion and excitement came into being, so did Lady Belka, Goddess of Passion.


We are here today to celebrate that passion, that joy, that excitement. It is with great excitement that da Kirkja Dverga extends this invitation to you, to attend an undeniably joyous festival in celebration of the Lady Belka at the Temple of Kal’Evraal. We hope that with her inspired spark, you will have a fantastic time among your kinsmen, celebrating her happiness, and the light within your hearts.


A festival of devout worship, reckless feasting, rare drinks, silly games, fine prizes and most importantly JOYOUS FUN, no dwed who values not only the honored Lady Belka but themself would miss out!



Welcome and greeting, snacks and drinks leisurely.

Sermon from Derron. 

Pin the dart on the Demon contest.

Storytelling with Norli Starbreaker. 

Ale Drinking Contest. 

Performative Acts for Belka. 

Drinking and feasting. 

Final Sermon by Brynaelda.

Delayed dispersal. 



For the contests, we expect dwedmar to participate in the events and have prizes graciously donated by the skilled, talented, and generous blacksmith, Lillian Grandaxe. 


Donations from Clan Grimgold, Clan Metalfist, Clan Starbreaker, and Clan Ireheart, all made this event possible, and we thank you profusely. 


We look forward to your attendance to spread the word of the Brathmordakin and the virtues of Belka.




Sunday, 8/8/2020
1:00 PM to 3:00 PM EST
Temple of Kal’Evraal 




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((nice formatting))

Filibert Applefoot would hear of this Dwarven celebration ”Meh gosh! Celebra’ions are MY thin’! T’ese dwarves’r stealin’ me thunder!”

He’d get to work on planning even more spectacular Gaming Nights for the wee halfling village he calls home.

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Grand King Jorvin Starbreaker raises his brow slightly as he reads through the announcement, running a hand through his scruffy beard.


”Odd toime tae be celebratin’ tha’ lady’o passion. N’aer tha’ less, ah’ll try tae make ah’n appearance. T’ough ah’ cannae say...” He pauses for a moment to squint at the list of activities. He furrows his brow as he reads ‘Performative Acts for Belka’. “...Tha’ ‘et appeals tae my interests.” He’d remark with with a brief chuckle.

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Dhaen Grandaxe squints at the announcement and chuckles, turning away.

”Well ah’ neva’ – foinalleh a’ propeh’ festival tu Belka. Mebe ah’ll bring som’tin tu read at ‘et!”


The female dwarf readjusts her grip on the full Smallaxe trilogy, ambling off.

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Posted (edited)

As he hears of the annoucement, Kragdin Starbreaker would lay down his pliers and file on the workbench.

”T’e festival? Sae soon? Well, t’at Grandaxe lass certainley ded nae lose ‘er toime!” He’d stand up and walk to a chest, picking up a small aurum bar before returning to his seat in front of the workbench. “Seems loike ah dont ‘ave aney toime tae lose eit’eh ef ah want tae get t’is done fer t’e festival.” He’d pick up his tools and lean forward, focusing on his work once again.

Edited by Prifter

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