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Event creature [Flubberghast]

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N/A. This creature isn’t intelligent or conscious enough to have one. It came about through pure evolution amongst the top mountains where wind is abundant.


Physical description:

A flabberghast appears as a nearly invisible, large, translucent jellyfish that rides the winds. Its large surface area is what enables it to glide and float, however it does have some rudimentary steering abilities in the forms of millions of soft, thread-like tentacles with which it propels it. Due to it being nearly completely translucent, most people believe it to be invisible.

It contains a sensory organ capable of detecting the output of carbon dioxide from its prey, including unwary descendants, at which point it will float down until it is able to latch on with its thin tentacles, proceeding to then suck the life energy of the prey, leaving only a body with millions of needle thin piercings around the neck. (Note this does /not/ attack the soul. Just the life essence keeping the body alive).

Although easy to kill (if you can detect it), the main problem arises from unaware hunters leaving its body behind. Unless properly disposed of (burnt, eaten or otherwise thoroughly removed), the dead body will metamorphose into a rock-like fungus. If allowed to fruit, this fungus will release spores that will grow into a new flabberghast, only increasing the problem. (It releases at most 10,000 spores, but only 1/1000 make it to adulthood).


Mental description:




Near invisibility: This creatures usually only appears as a slight distortion to light, similar to looking through a clear plastic. If doused in something, however, such as flour, dirt, etc, its shape will become visible (roll of 15+)

Carbon Dioxide tracking: It is able to hone in on any creature that expels carbon dioxide, including descendants.

Energy drain: Unless pulled off, this entity will completely drain the energy of the average descendant in 3 turns. After 3 turns, it will have injected all its thin tendrils into its preys neck and sucked out their energy. To remove the flubberghast, it either has to be killed, or removed by force. As the Flubberghast feeds, it will inject more of its tentacles into its victim, making it harder to remove. As a guide, the first turn it should take a roll of 10, on the second, a roll of 12, on the third, a roll of 15 to remove the creature. Removing a dead flubberghast requires no roll.

Partial regeneration: If the flubberghast isn’t properly disposed of (burned, banished, eaten, or any other way of getting rid of the body) it turn into a fungal like state, fruiting and producing anywhere from 1-10 more flubberghasts.



- These cannot be tamed, they are too stupid

- They can only be found in areas of open sky. (plains, mountaints, desserts, etc)

- These are somewhat easy to kill. It takes 2 successful hits. The danger comes form their partial regeneration ability and near invisibility.



I havn’t seen another creature like this and I think it would be a cool thing to implement given its unique abilities.


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