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Endellion Lostariel: I'm your cherry bomb!

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Basic physical description: Endellion is rather short, as she takes after her parents who were both rather short of stature, but also because she is still pretty young. She stands at 4 feet and 8 inches, and often tries to stand tall and confidently to make up for it. Her hair is dyed bright orange (the natural color is more of a blonde) and cut asymmetrically, with half of it very short and the right side falling down to her shoulder. Her face is painted under her eyes, with what looks like drops of blood or red tears streaming down her cheeks. She wears gaudy brightly colored feather earrings and plenty of jewelry when she can. She has a black silk vest embroidered with elaborate red designs resembling eastern dragons and flames which she wears over a white woolen shirt. Usually she saves these for special occasions and wears a much simpler vest and undershirt or her guard uniform for hard work and casual outings.

Aspirations in Life: Become a Fashion Phenomenon, Become a Tailor, Learn Fire Magic, Stop or at least decrease racism towards elves in Oren and elsewhere, Rise to power in the ISA or Government maybe

Current Jobs: ISA Recruit, Underling of Marlowe, Freelance Tailor

Current home: Helena, Marlowe’s Hideout

Skills: Tailoring, Fencing, Styling Clothing (debatable, self-proclaimed), Multilingual

Personality: Brash and determined to make the world notice her, she often finds herself in trouble as she doesn’t think things through all the way before jumping in to help others or seize an advantage. She is easily annoyed and bored, and is constantly looking for something to do. She enjoys creating and destroying equally, and likes to gather and make her own materials when crafting. Most of her possessions are self-made and she prides herself in her work. She is quick to forget a name but never forgets a face, especially if that person aided her. She is loyal to those that ally with her and would do outrageous things for them. She personally is not very religious or loyal to governments and believes that society needs a little chaos to run properly and be exciting, but does not tolerate senseless violence and cruelty.

Biography/Background: In approximately 1723, a court official from Oyashima visited Oren for diplomatic relations. Along the way, he stopped in a small town and visited a local brothel. From this visit, a child was born, and given one of the few names from Oyashima the Adunian mother knew: Haruka. The child was raised among other bastards in the brothel, who worked behind the scenes in the kitchens, doing housework, gardening, and whatever other tasks there were. Haruka left at the age of 15 to make his way in the world, as many children did at the brothel, and he began an apprenticeship with a trader in a caravan passing through town. He learned the skills of a merchant and traveled the world, and after years of hard work managed to begin working for himself and amassing a fortune. He began specializing in fine fabrics and textiles, specifically silks from Oyashima. He always had some hope to find his father, but never did have confirmation if he’d found the correct man as he had such little information. Through his work, he met a dark elf woman from a rather wealthy family, and fell in love. He began to court Pelingal Lostariel, and she and her family agreed to the pairing for the advantageous connection it would give them. Pelingal was around 250 at the time, and Haruka around 28. After years of trying, in 1757 they finally had a daughter born healthy, and named her Endellion. Haruka did his best to give his daughter a broad education that he had not had as a child, and loved her very much, though he was often busy. Pelingal traveled with her husband and child, but often spent time attending various parties and events, and did not often dedicate time to her daughter. Instead, Endellion found herself often looked after by various tutors and servants. Although she was mostly allowed to have what she wanted, she was not given much attention. The closest things to friends she has were other children of foreign merchants who spoke the same languages, but she never fully connected with them despite her attempts to impress them and show off her skills and looks. She spent a lot of time admiring and pairing ornately patterned and fine fabrics from the east with those of the west and trying to make her own combination of the styles. She mostly enjoyed making the embroidered silks into vests, waistcoats, and jackets or tops and then wearing linen shirts and leather pants and boots for comfort. Her manner of dress was always rather tom-boyish but extravagant due to her desire to balance comfort and practicality with outlandish fashion. She often joined various sports’ teams and games the local children were playing, enjoying the challenge of figuring out the chaos with her few words in the Oyashima dialect. When she was about 8 she witnessed a paper and wood house burning and spreading to the other houses, and her love of fire’s beautiful destructive powers grew. She also often admired the samurai and other soldiers training and enjoyed sparring and pretend fighting.

After years of hard work and showing off barely working, Endellion began acting up and became somewhat of a local menace to try and get her parent’s attention. Pelingal’s health had also been declining in a few years, and she claimed Endellion and constantly moving were simply worsening it. She took her daughter and prized possessions and moved back to her family’s estate. Haruka returned with them and stayed for a time, but left again for work as usual. Pelingal’s health continued to decline, and she remained confined to the house and occasionally managed trips to the garden. Endellion found herself clashing greatly with her mother’s family, as they were rather conservative and traditional. Her family took over much of her tutelage, trying to focus it towards religion, politics, and business specifically. Endellion quickly tired of these lessons, aching to learn something exciting like magic or fencing, or pursue her hobby of tailoring. She decided to run away, and began gathering supplies and planning her route. At 20 she snuck out at night and set out on the road. She travelled on foot, carriage, boat, you name it, through major cities and places she had always wanted to visit, but trying to never stay in one place too long as she feared her family would find her. Eventually, she ended up in Helena, which she had been told was the fashion capital of the world. She had lost most of her things on her way there, and only had the clothes on her back and some basic supplies. She began searching for a job as a tailor, but failed to find work. She made friends with Marlowe, a mysterious masked and costumed woman with bright red hair, who allowed her to stay in her hideout as long as they worked together and she swore not to reveal its location. Getting sick of being nearly homeless and constantly running out of food, Endellion began talking to important looking and well-clothed people, asking if they needed a tailor or knew anyone who did. By chance she mentioned her fencing skills as well, and was introduced to George Galbraith and then to Sir Arceus Of the Imperial State Army. She was interviewed and recruited, and went through some basic training and assisted patrols. She missed participating in battle and was late to the oathing and promotions ceremony held shortly after, however, as she had been learning to craft arrows and making a hat for Lieutenant Colonel Peter. At the ceremony she handed out arrows to her comrades, and even a few emeralds for the war heroes as an apology for not being there.


If you see Endellion on patrol, feel free to say hi and chat. Also, I can try my hand at clothing edits to skins to fit with her skill for tailoring if you want to commission something.


1st Picture credit: art by Pichichama, assembled by me in a Rinmaru Game

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