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Da Kirkja Dverga : Grimdugan

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~ ᚷᚱᛁᛗᛞᚢᚷᚨᚾ ~


“The sparks and embers of the soul-forge’s fire burned into YEMEKAR’s world, seeping deep within the rock. They became the gemstones and valuable ores, materials that YEMEKAR’s children may use in their crafts to make great works in his name. Sparks and embers that flew into the air became the stars, bright and powerful gemstones in the sky. As the treasures were deposited in the deep darkness, became GRIMDUGAN, Lord of Greed, who would guide the children of YEMEKAR in their search for objects of great beauty and hoarding their wealth.”


GRIMDUGAN  is the god of greed. He is patron to treasure, all riches and valuables, and also to miners, merchants, and anyone who uses greed to retrieve it. He firmly encourages his followers to seek riches, whether it be in the depths of a mine or through a shrewd deal made at the marketplace. While the greed bestowed by GRIMDUGAN  fuels the hearts of the living, it is he who acts as the guiding hand of those who walk in the darkness.


Teachings of the Hoard


The Teachings of the Hoard are a collection of moral principles based in the patronage of GRIMDUGAN. They serve as guidelines for those who seek to honor the Lord of Greed, focusing on using his blessings to gather wealth to your kin and clan.



Derkalimin, meaning greed, is the core teaching of GRIMDUGAN. Greed is not a malign force, not a curse as taught by some. Your greed is a tool, a guide. Let it lead you to prosperity, let it inspire you to do greater. A soul that learns how to utilize greed for the betterment of itself, its kin, its clan and kingdom will become a being with near unshakable resolve. However harm the dignity and prosperity of you and your kin, let avarice justify dishonor, then you compromise your soul.



Azgoth is the teaching of treasure and its importance to GRIMDUGAN. Using the blessing of greed, a dwarf is to gather to themselves things of great value and beauty. From jewels to gemstones, runes to relics, gathering and protecting treasure for kin and clan is a divine duty. Treasure however can mean more than just things of material value. Influence, land, knowledge can be hoarded and gathered for the prosperity of your people.



Uloon is the teaching of darkness, of the deception and danger of the shadows. It is within the darkness that the treasures of YEMEKAR’s  most valued creations are found, be it the sacred stars resting in the night sky, the rare minerals found deep in the delves of a cavern, or even the danger and mystery of holding a heist on unholy enemies of the BRATHMORDAKIN. Everything worth your greed is hidden in darkness, seek only the spoils exposed and you will have spoils few in worth.


Paragons and Heroes of GRIMDUGAN


Due to centuries of misportrayal of the lord GRIMDUGAN as a patron of petty thieves and bandits, few dwarves have ever chosen him patron, and none have been declared his Paragon and none his Hero.








~ ᛞᚨ ᚴᛁᚱᚴᛃᚨ ᛞᚡᛖᚱᚷᚨ ~

Da Kirkja Dverga thanks Kragdin Starbreaker for his remarkable assistance in writing these teachings.

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Gorm Underhammer nods sternly “Dis es vereh good, Grimdugan es a vereh important aspect o dwarven society and oi ‘ope more dwedmar respect es domain wit this new document”

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The Hearth Sister would gaze upon the short missive curiously, enthralled by the words scrawled on the parchment.


"The more I learn of the Brath, the more respect I gain for the Dwarven people."


She would nod, once again returning to her studies within the depths of Morsgrad's library.

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Dorimnur Goldhand would walk into the temple, as he would each week. He’d walk to the shrine of Grimdugan, and set his bag down, but notices a missive that is not usually there. He reads this, and gives a sly smile, mumbling to himself “Ah, new t’ings ta loive boi. We’ll see ef t’ey work loike t’a last met’ods did ta bring me gud fortune.” He reaches into his bag and pulls out a shiny ferrum ingot, and places it before the alter, before heading out of the temple to continue blazing the fires of the forges of the dwedmar.

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